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@gabrielhopen To paraphrase someone I shouldn’t be paraphrasing: We go to celebrate with the beverages we have, not the beverages we want @gabrielhopen Correct in spirit! (but in reality, since lockdown actually prevents me from just going to the shops,… @finchiekins Seiko surprisingly poses with watches of all brands 🤣I started a separate watch Instagram account just so I could post shit like this with impunity @Im_JustJim Appreciating a 968 is a pretty secret club. Yeah, every Porsche person knows what it is, but it’s prett… of 2
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Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporation足が棒になったネコ
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter CorporationI just want to say this is the greatest thing that was ever invented, please use it for good
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporation @supcat wtf
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter CorporationLeft: abolish the police Liberals: we’ll rename the Pentagon the Maya Angelou War Center
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter CorporationThe future we were promised
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporation @metaly Why they so longThe California Air Resources Board hates him! One weird trick to avoid biennial emissions inspections. @L_Chupacabra @itsvantime Yes but @mikurubaeahina @svcheats_0 @BCBrownell Honorary 3rd gen CRX:'m jumping into a pipe. #Guaranteed
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporation @LukeMusselman @Schwinnchester @dogfishbeer 40 minute IPA 🤣
@Othoqvladimir Highways are this game’s version of “emergency lines”/ghost lines in mini metro @Othoqvladimir @D1C0MM Excellent! Knew he had done some work with Honda but never seen these!SYD MEAD
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporation @kmccauley @mikurubaeahina @BCBrownell @StatesOfMotion @kurtbradley The good color bump is real. I always thought 9… @mikurubaeahina @BCBrownell @StatesOfMotion @kurtbradley @kmccauley The 996 for sale now sold in 2018 for $24k. Lot… @Gbeebz3 @JoeFultano Corona Familiar comes in that 32oz brown bottle but I'm eight years late for that ;POn-brand reply Motorways is great, but you have to laugh at the abandonment of Mini Metro’s dream of creating a beautiful tra… of replies here, High Life seems like it like it could be the winner, although Cap’n who is both a wise man an… @JoeFultano So far it seems like high life is the runaway winner for this format @Captain7bag @Courier429 Some wisdom here @L_Chupacabra @Courier429 I’d have a 40 of the champagne of beersMy brother poses a birthday question... got these gametapes on the Apple Entertainment System @StinkyCate Good! Seiko says, “Hope your eye feels better!” @Cycleboredom I cropped out the name for no free advertising, but since you asked it’s “archiesfootwear” 😬 @observingjapan ‘BBC Dad Truthers’ I love it. I finally have a slogan worthy of our post-truth Trump era. I too…
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporation @naughtysecrets @metaly That gif never failsグランツーリスモ2のサントラ
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporationシリーズ№11はストラトス😃最も好きなスタイリングの車で気負い過ぎて、あーでもない、こーでもないと最後はワケ分からなくなりながら造形していました。ラリーカーを作る前提でまずはロードカーを作ったのです。 #ネコワークス…
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporation @Lotus110Club @Silodrome @McNewbie1 I was going to ask, it sure smelled like one of those things @mlroach I think it’s never been a better time to be buying printed kit that doesn’t suck. Even Primal actually rea… @beethaniel Meanwhile just bringing the SPD Sandals up has resulted in a probable incoming birthday present (lol)#カローラスポーツ オーバーフェンダーは写真の フラットブラック(シボ有り)以外に 純正ボディ色 ▶ホワイトパールクリスタルシャイン ▶プラチナホワイトパールマイカ ▶アティチュードブラックマイカ と ▶素地 があります…
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter CorporationDo a few searches on SPD sandals and suddenly my IG ads are like @bgluckman Well I put them both in the reply version of that tweet, at least @mlroach Solution: Design your own? (I've so far failed at this for like 10 years) @mlroach @cosmocatalano Excellent @mlroach Hmm, in terms of doing designs one at a time? I actually don't know it! (although @TWINSIX has been dippin… @ahpook Lies. @Silodrome @McNewbie1 And here I thought the @Lotus110Club was the only two-wheeled Lotus in townThe Lotus C-01 - A Rare 200 hp Superbike - Only 100 Were Ever Made Link: #highlights
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter CorporationTIL: If you take the headlights and bumper off of a Mitsubishi 3000GT you get a Jaguar XJS @metaly Yeah seems cat#サイドショットを晒すとRTが来る
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporation @redactedtext That's what we did with BevMo and it was good but at some point (6 weeks ago?) we just started gettin… very loved first Macintosh mini.
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporation @redactedtext I found out they delivered and lockdown hasn't been the sameHe is feelin' it more strongly than most's suggested topics for me, I just like that Streets of Rage is up there. @agrabau @resultsboy He's been at it for years though, she is breaking a bit later. @DavidOfromNJ TIL a 3000GT/Stealth with the headlights removed kind of like a Jaguar XJS up front 🤣
#feelinYamaha @ookla13 The only time I've seen one in the wild was a dealership service bay. It wasn't turned on so I could read… @ookla13 One of my favorite brand names ever, it just says what it is.Another week of not going in on my friend's attempt to re-start the weekly night ride (albiet "socially distanced") @TamerlaneBlog I noticed bars shut down for "all operations", I was surprised to see that they were open when I rod… doesn't tweet much, but when he does:, the gate is on the other side of a bridge over the creek. And there's already some kind of dirt track on prem… @EvMcCee Amen! I think there is at least one person with the 1.0EB in Caterhams, but let's encourage that behavior.… @ahpook It’d be Lies every day screw it, let’s get opened up. Alabama: hold my ventilator
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter CorporationWhoever is writing the series finale of America is a dark comedy genius
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter CorporationI want to live here so bad @BCBrownell @midnightdorifto @greatistheworld The link in the article goes to RMSouthby's but it doesn't work :-[ @BCBrownell @midnightdorifto @greatistheworld I haven't tried to click the auction link yet, hopefully there's an a… @BCBrownell @midnightdorifto @greatistheworld They booked tons of wind tunnel time and needed like five crew member… (last time they did this I bought the hell out of some Myrone albums) @greatistheworld @BCBrownell @midnightdorifto ...Then you can watch the Netflix show "Dirty Money" which has a whol… @greatistheworld @BCBrownell Oh man, you have to listen to the (paging @midnightdorifto) was it Dinner With Racers… @NateMing Okay here’s the weird thing, I thought I saw it on HBO max and it was actually “LEGO Batman The Movie DC… @NateMing Double feature with lego Batman which is on *checks nktes* The TBS App @NateMing 27 years late but I guess I’ll watch it now (by now I mean soon?)When my grandmother was applying to medical schools in the 1930s, she was advised to change her last name because i…
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter CorporationThis... existed? @uhalevi @AAPLTree No argument there thoughゆるい動画を😺 #アバちゃん
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporation @VSamson_DC @andizeisler The only thing better is if this had also been a Double Wedding @andizeisler @naughtysecrets OMG @mikurubaeahina @svcheats_0 @BCBrownell You also don’t know how hard I googled to find one simple stinking picture… @mikurubaeahina @svcheats_0 @BCBrownell @mikurubaeahina @svcheats_0 @BCBrownell Also there have been 5 generations of CRX. Here’s the second, third, fourth…初代会長 関重作さんの告別式に参列して来ました。 JCJ&ジムニーの思い出の品々がたくさん飾られており改めて関さんのジムニーに対する愛情を感じた葬儀でした。
Retweeted by What’s Supcat? @ Laperopter Corporation @stevenewing @BCBrownell @mikurubaeahina (...these discussions were in the 90s) @stevenewing @BCBrownell @mikurubaeahina I wanted a 2nd gen even though the grey-hairs on the CRX forums all agreed… name is checking out @mikurubaeahina Whoa, I wanted a CRX so bad when I was in HS @therealbikenerd Actually I ought to compare the sizes, I can only say that I've ridden in kei cars and they're not THAT small. @therealbikenerd Well that is good but these vans are already even smaller, they really are Legends size from the l… @tariksaleh I won't claim the T8000 is better than that but it is still the most lux "hybrid" pedal Shimano makes, and that's a good thing. @BCBrownell @ColeMeetsCars Honestly the first time I saw somebody talking about a K5 today I assumed they were talk… @GeekyGearhead99 @Ben_Wojdyla It's weird cause the Stinger is one (and this is one of the number one reasons why the Stinger rules)