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I keep getting messages about how there are plenty of "good cops." I agree there are. It's not about good or bad it… video really got to me. Thanks @SupDaily for sharing this story. It’s true, the example you share is something…
Retweeted by SupDaily on Twitch @Veggie_Guy I could also show you all of the protests where cops are kneeling next to black folks. People laying at… do I get you to actually research something before you speak? While I don't agree with assault. The man chased… @Veggie_Guy btw he is a alive and was chasing them with a machete before this @Veggie_Guy that was a lotI've been REALLY busy with my farm and haven't chimed in on what is going on right now. I took a moment, sat down,…
Retweeted by SupDaily on TwitchIt feels like 24c in my garden today so it’s a sunbathe day and @SupDaily ‘s Millenial Playlist on @SpotifyUK - let…
Retweeted by SupDaily on TwitchYou can’t put out a fire by focusing on the smoke. #BlacklivesMatter #blm #riots2020
Crazy how flat earth looked during that launch.It is stream time! Come chat and play games! #tweirdo #twitchWhen you vote in November I hope you remember that while cities were burning and people were dying that Donald Trum… at twitter or the news right now is scary and sad. So much violence and anger. So much I want to turn off t… made some headers for you all to use to support #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by SupDaily on TwitchTo know that no matter what I stream the #tweirdos will come through is so liberating. Just grateful. Thank you @SportsCastSquad There he is
@RajjOfficial hey man! Sent you a DM @Alanna_Sterling Haha it’s almost like I’m hatching a plan for pride monthHI! Sent you an email about an opportunity for next month!Who are your favorite LGBTQ+ streamers? #twitch #twitchstreamerThe people you watch on the internet are human too. Going through the same tough time most people are going through…
We are live on twitch! Come join us! #tweirdo #twitchWhat shows used to say to let people know it was available in spanish where available? What was the sentence? @Vitamiinpee phew I need more Denver streamer friends @Vitamiinpee are you a denver friend??While we are cancelling everything can we cancel facebook? It's terrifying.Regardless of how you feel about the #minneapolisriots Riots are the reaction of the unheard. Start listening. @sugrawth8 @gloopdawg @xnormalxoxo CAN I BE ON??Be better
Celebrating the birth of one of my mods @mrrosa527 come sing to him! #tweirdo #twitchWoo-hoo! I won a Dr Pepper lipsmacker with my Dad Joke! What does a girl need more? Thanks @SupDaily 🎉❤️ #TikTok
Retweeted by SupDaily on TwitchI feel attacked haha @ChillboBagginzz Anytime you need some help let me knowWhile we are at it here is #whiteprivilege explained. #blm #BlackLivesMater #AllLivesMatter always comes up when people say #BlackLivesMatter. Maybe if a while person explains you will u…
Unboxing and chill stream! #tweirdo #twitchI have been compared to @ricky_martin since I was 19. I feel extra Ricky when I get my hair cut. I have to meet him… only thing that has changed about racism in America is now more people have cameras to document it. #ICantBreatheBad people doing bad things in a problem. The indifference of good people is the epidemic. Rise up. #ICantBreatheThe murder in Minneapolis has nothing to do w/ training. I don't need training to know if I hold my knee on someone… SAYING THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM. This is murder....I am about to raise some hell. Forget your "bad apples" BS thi… @MissAliCatt Haircut for the first time in 3 months. Tiktoks,business calls,TikTok live,twitch,discord movie nightI saw Jagged Edge trending and was so happy to see they weren't cancelled. a dono goal to get a @RideOnewheel and we reached it immediately. Prepare for #onewheel content haha
Celebrating the last day of my quarantine hair! #tweirdo #twitch it hug:30 yet? because this is getting silly...I have been a fan of @SupDaily for years. This man is pure kindness and beyond wonderful, this post only just solid…
Retweeted by SupDaily on TwitchWe exist #BodyPositivity
Stream is live! Keeping it chill today! #tweirdo #twitch @SupDaily And in the OR we wore them for up to 12 hours at a time. Last I checked I was still alive.
Retweeted by SupDaily on TwitchI keep seeing people say that it’s dangerous to wear masks because someone’s lungs collapsed. Y’all know people hav… @Veggie_Guy Haha isn’t that how it goes? How cool though! @GrantHinds Haha child...fuckin dibs @TimothyDeLaG Her and “the situation” From Jersey shore. I might need security at playlist next year hahaI can now retire
Streaming! Come join! #tweirdo #twitchTaking bets on who else is getting cancelled today.Today was the best stream I’ve ever had thanks to @SupDaily and the tweridos! Chris thank you for always believing…
Retweeted by SupDaily on TwitchWant to say Congrats to @KingGummies for hitting 2k on twitch. Keep grinding brother.heck yes!
Last Summer we tragically lost a community member. Today is her bday and we will remember her with song and stories… @karlamaez_ same come to federalIn 8 months TikTok has managed to become my most popular social media. Thank you for accepting me for me. Thank you…
Stream is live! We have consensual hugs then will be watching cruel intentions! #tweirdo #twitch @breadwitchery this made me lolI want to give a shout out to a couple people on my moderation team. Without people like @mrrosa527 always on the s… @Wai_ttv can we go here?
Come hang with the #tweirdos we are a good time. #twitchJamming with new friends! from other streamers. Are there any ideas you are willing to share that helps you turn gifted subs into pay…
Stream is live! Come chat! #twitch #tweirdo
It's monday! Time to open some mail! #tweirdo #twitchIf you are part of a marginalized group you can still be a bully. That's how equality works.If you like a good old fashion unboxing tune in at 5pm MST
I want to understand how voice chat is an unfair advantage in gaming. Curious your perspectives either side of this argument.Yesterday while I was streaming my community surprised me with a video of gratitude. If you want to see something w…❤️❤️ could tell you about subs or donos from today but The part that hit me the hardest was the 12 min video the tweir… @slowburnstudio That’s my girl
We maxed out in the first 5 what?Subathon today! Possibly 12 hr stream! Come Join us. #tweirdo #twitch @DyllonKG Eh harassment happens. Now there is more memes
Stream is live! Come hang #tweirdo #twitch @DyllonKG People think I wear grey sweats for attention and views. I wear them because they are comfy but I got tir… still telling you to #stayathome I the shaker of bon bons
This was very exciting to me what a stream!🙏 @reinamy @Mikulsk1 @MelissaLammMus @crescentine kibzymusic for the raids! Felt all the love;…
Retweeted by SupDaily on TwitchGlad to help!
Stream is live! #tweirdo #twitchI love long distance collabs wholesome for your timeline @LoriiPops I don’t know you but it’s over for us 😡 @Malkarii_ Haha oh wow I actually already have the first one @WeetieTV @OfficialPLT I’ll take it
We are live! Keeping it chill then watching a movie. You in? #twitch #tweirdoThank you for this @CoachWat miss youWow thanks!