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@Femboy_Garfield @garfieldpicture usually it has to do with Garfield's body language @KingRui_yo @garfieldpicture This was before they got lazy and started copy and pasting pre-drawn posesNARF! شكرا لك
Retweeted by Connor 64#TrumpSeriesFinale Leaked footage of Trump being dragged out of the White House on January 20, 2021.
Retweeted by Connor 64 @spongecaps2 Hello Bikini Bottom, Goodbye Season 8 @ninja_muffin99 and of course, they're both remakes of the classic Atari 2600 game
@spongecaps2 these two characters weren't designed by completely different people guys I swear @Grubhub Grubhub intentionally made the most obnoxious ad ever to get people talking about it, those people make it…
Retweeted by Connor 64 @ChipsMilky @thecartooncrave Roger Rabbit style, the humans are Live action and the animals are 2d @stupidringworm How is Kirby in the SS tier How do people make porn of a literal pink circle @BrawlerShade @PinkYorudan @Lucky38ssb @stupidringworm don't remind me. @ScrubTastick @Strymesdoesart1 I mean Ultimate is practically a replacement @EmpBB But Annoy Squidward Day is on February 15th @RathourYuvi @3428566O That sounds like the name of a vampire
Retweeted by Connor 64Tom Kenny (Voice of Ice King) should be the new voice of classic Dr Eggman. Here’s a set of storyboards showing you…
Retweeted by Connor 64 @SbFramesInOrder "get da fuck outta here" @VAP0RWEEB @sevengranddad92 @SB2749 I'd start over but... I never want to do the poison lake mission ever again. @ArtofSpongebob @CrashFan03 @JayLender1 This is it it might be a stretch but it's followed by Jay Lender and some o… @ArtofSpongebob @CrashFan03 @JayLender1 I could've sworn I saw a Twitter account that looked like it belonged to Mr… @bignosebug Did you go as Donald Trump to go with him @IggyBestBoi @TisASchoolNight MLK Jr day on Monday that means Sunday isn't a school night @VAP0RWEEB @sevengranddad92 @SB2749 no. I painstakingly checked each and every episode of the level for each of the… @TisASchoolNight Hooray for Martin Luther King Jr for fighting against racism and giving us an extra day off from school!
@RottenTomatoes They couldn't afford the licensing to FNAF I suppose? @sevengranddad92 @SB2749 I don't know it's just I checked every single mission on that level for ONE little blue co… @sevengranddad92 @SB2749 yes, but if he was like me he got locked out of getting one of the blue coins in Ricco Har… @toketsuu oh still crazy they even found a way to do that though @toketsuu I-- in the middle of a class or??thinking about the time someone completely deconstructed Jimmy Neutron as a character on 4chan
Retweeted by Connor 64 @ammickyb @SpongeBob They just released Season 12 (which includes this) on DVD, that's always an option @PeterKnetter Build Luigi notes: * Added new Blue
Retweeted by Connor 64 @TheLampDude I've been eyeing the "Almost Complete Series" for a little bit now it's only 20 bucks rn which is a pr… @Ullskay Hard to believe Baby Nut is less than a year old, time was such a slog last yearIt’s been a year since Mr. Peanut liked my Joker drawing before meeting his grim demise not long after
Retweeted by Connor 64Randomized Garfield comic #12740 using Random Last template
Retweeted by Connor 64 @NuttyBlueRice How is it literally a perfect mirror @ADAMATION @ArtofSpongebob @TweetinV At the very least, they're available on DVD now still weird they'd just.. not… @ArtofSpongebob @JayLender1 wait, did chum really not show up in the series until then?? I guess it's just become s…
Retweeted by Connor 64 @mystman12 don't say 21 or else Baldi will get A N G R Yshut up ,check out this big ass turtle
Retweeted by Connor 64There's this video of a guy who gave a ride home to Mrs. Puff from SpongeBob voice actress and its really sweet
Retweeted by Connor 64 @TomasGajes10 @SB1FNC Kollege Koral: SpongeBob's Mid-yearsI miss when Sonic was just Sonic
Retweeted by Connor 64 @InnenLovemail @NotAnOtaku2 @WickedBowserJr @_kairy_draws_ Well, notice how they happened to cut out the BLACK Yosh… @bagofmysteryman @dccteog @_kairy_draws_ @Guait_Jertless @smudgebap *yyaaaawn* "Well.. another day, another kidnapp… @vintdoo @Eddsworld I fear him @SuperMarioJord9 @Sb1frame Thankfully it is now, on the Twelfth Season DVD @SB1FNC posting the title cards as frames feels like cheating to me @SB1FNC The very first time Fred's leg got decimated @DavidMe21879178 @AnimaniacsQuote Even Brain admits it- "Surprisingly no, Pinky." @RealGamerduck Mr. Krabs @DeerKingdomNeon @madjackrabbit Come on now, don't you know the laws of physics? The universe depends on The Simpso…
@RebelTaxi You harassed that goth cowgirlif theres no character customization in a game i immediately lose 50% interest
Retweeted by Connor 64You already know what’s up, doc 🥕 More tricks, more laughs, more episodes of #LooneyTunesCartoons streaming January…
Retweeted by Connor 64 @WhiteDarkness3 @DownrightShoddy Probably just because of how cheesy and low budget that era of cartoons was @garfieldpicture @ArloStuff @TheMuppets Will you be joining the Muppets? I feel you'd get along well with emCalling all Muppet fans! Get ready for a major and important Muppet announcement coming soon. What is it? We have no idea.
Retweeted by Connor 64 @Sb1frame You will NOT LICK ME! @thecartooncrave I hope they make an Animaniacs movie some day so they can have Yakko Wakko and Dot burst out of th… @Prochan51 I swear that Mario gets faster every time I see this
Retweeted by Connor 64Observe
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Retweeted by Connor 64The Flintstones episode "The Big Bank Robbery" was originally released to HBO Max (and Blu-ray apparently) with the…
Retweeted by Connor 64 @DownrightShoddy have you already done one based off the CGI cartoon?
Retweeted by Connor 64Don't try to hide history. This cameo - and everything else he did in entertainment, such as The Apprentice and the…
Retweeted by Connor 64 @GeoffRBennett It's really depressing when celebrities are as old as her"you're childish for having so many stuffed animals" you fool. you utter fool. i am raising an army
Retweeted by Connor 64Okay. I'm going insanely mad about the time that my original sprite mockup was stolen countless times. Now, I final…
Retweeted by Connor 64Nice one, Channel Awesome
Retweeted by Connor 64 @TomAndJerry February... I love your optimism.This will be Super Mario 3D World Online
Retweeted by Connor 64 @fuffat @ArtofSpongebob Well SpongeBob is 10 years old in this series, while I'm assuming Pearl is between a couple… @Wierd_o78033920 @LukeVaughnV5_ @AsukaSuzuki360 @truongasm He's storyboarded a lot of the newer eps I believe but t… @Hankbarfliege @ArtofSpongebob It's on websites like Amazon (that's how I got it), or if you're looking for a real… @ArtofSpongebob @Akrenix My Two Krabses hasn't aired in the US either @Michael45673837 @duck_twacy One day if I ever get to be a cartoonist of sorts my dream is to work on the SpongeBob… production drawing of Wizard SpongeBob from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie featuring SpongeBulge.
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lol they didn't even bother removing Kwarantined Krab off the credits in the Season 12 DVD
Retweeted by Connor 64I guess we need to clarify something after Nintendo's recent takedown of the Super Mario Bros. Commodore 64 remake.…
Retweeted by Connor 64 @eraofdecline No Nose Knows"How many fingers am I holding up? "....B?" "Good SpongeBob, I had the same answer!" @internvivien "How many fingers am I holding up? "....B?" "Good SpongeBob, I had the same answer!"I understand that you've realized what you've did wrong and have rightfully apologized for it, but to the people wh…
Retweeted by Connor 64as much as I want Trump to get impeached or leave the idea of Pence being president, even if only for a week or so, makes me want to crywhoops will make a fine addition to my collection, purchase #SuperMario3DWorld + #BowsersFury and complete 14 additional Mario themed missions to become eligibl…
Retweeted by Connor 64Activision may have CANCELLED a Crash Bandicoot cartoon which was in production. There's a show bible and animatio…
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@AllSourceGaming Whatever, I'm still gonna be calling him New Super Duper Ultra Hyper Killer Mecha Death Pussy Dest… @Tordle8 @MattLobster I... I DON'T KNOW AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @Tordle8 @MattLobster The Big Bad Cuttlefish @jorgicle Yes. And bring Pepsi Man back (and to America) as well.