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Author, historian, and teacher. Co-creator of @MemCardShow and @PlayBarkMagic. Graphic novel in the works! Check out my featured article in @APWOTmag issue 2 🥚

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I enjoyed both the sauces, but I think prefer the Cajun. Doesn’t help that Bethany hogged the Sweet Chili 😤About to give these BTS nuggets a try. Will report back. @Nirbion Uh... I meant the game. Yeah. The character is obviously Samileen. @Bizcuthammer Maybe they’ve only played Metroid 2 for the Game Boy. I regretted buying that game as a honor of juneteenth, here is a thread of charities/go fund me’s that benefit black people and target issues that…
Retweeted by Ben BertoliDoing important video game history research. @Nirbion Sir, that’s MargaretroidDid they show any more of that TMNT beat’em up at E3?? That’s been at the top of my list for a while now. retro video game magazines? Consider subscribing to @GameHistoryOrg’s mystery vintage video games magazine se…
Retweeted by Ben Bertoli @kobunheat @GameHistoryOrg I’m surprised how many people weren’t aware of this already! It’s such a cool idea.
When that “E3 is over” feeling washes over you
Retweeted by Ben Bertoli @PushDustIn NO HOTWHEELS?! @PhilipDrobar Oh, definitely worth it. I’ve never felt so smart haha @PhilipDrobar Beat it! Didn’t realize it was so short, but it was certainly a wonderful little game.I promise you, I did not make this image. It is an official Nintendo image.The best announcement of E3? Gotta be Waluigi’s Really Big Pizza 1993 collaboration between Sega and Keebler had consumers checking the inside of their cookie packages to see if…
Retweeted by Ben BertoliRhythm Heaven Megamix was released on the 3DS in North America on this day in 2016! The title featured tracks from…
Retweeted by Ben Bertoli @DamienMcFerran But who took that picture of you…Only the truly cultured will understand this joke 🌀’m enjoying Loki much more than WandaVision and Falcon. @AlanWritesStuff More like talented jail @TheHOchies @Vitela92 It only seats two tho… 👀Apparently there’s a rental car shortage. I’m about to settle for this big boy 🤷‍♂️ @charlesd_art The boy cries yuh a sweater of tears… and yuh kill’im @Vitela92 @nonchalanthello Sparks of Hope and Golf didn’t show that they were part of the deal for me! @Vitela92 @nonchalanthello What six games did you get?? @kazoodac I’ve played it 😄 @Sa2vador They sound pretty different… hmmm @Sa2vador Yeah but like… are the two colors obviously different? Or are they like blue and purple or red and green? @Sa2vador I never understood how this game worked… would my colorblindness be an issue? @PhilipDrobar @Gorogoa It’s only like $5! I’m gonna grab it. @Zarnyx @Vitela92 I have a feeling he was doing side quests. I’m like plowing through. I’m on the sixth chapter of 12, so… we’ll see 🤷‍♂️ @Zarnyx @Vitela92 The game actually shows I played for 49 hours, but I think I just left it on overnight or something 😅 @Zarnyx @Vitela92 Hey! I’m like 15 hours into DQ11 @Vitela92 How it play What you do Do I have to grind @RerTV Then I can play it and decide if I want it. It... doesn't quite look like my jam.What's everyone picking up in the eShop, PS Store, and Microsoft store sales? Any great games I need to snag for cheap??As for the games Nintendo showed today Will Buy: Mario Golf Mario + Rabbids 2 BotW 2 WarioWare: Get It Together Ma… still Mario + Rabbids 2, haha's a good girl, loves her mama Loves Hyrule and the Master Sword too [🔊]
Retweeted by Ben BertoliThe Sable demo was a bit rough around the edges (issues with camera, clipping and frame rate at times), but it look…
@Jamatarmusic How could you forget… @holchasaur Hmmm. Interesting! Might wait for a sale.Live shot of me throwing my money away into the Nintendo abyss
Retweeted by Ben BertoliThe enemies in Metroid Dread after they kill Samus
Retweeted by Ben BertoliThis Smash art is everything. Loving existential crisis Donkey Kong. @holchasaur Never heard of it, but I’m gonna check it out! @LeBlancWes’m sure it’s been said, but I’m not sure this is Link… 🤔 @Vitela92 @Zarnyx @TheHOchies @RerTV @nach212 @nonchalanthello I willllll @RerTV @nonchalanthello @Zarnyx @TheHOchies @nach212 @Vitela92 Ummm it’s actually just “Advance” Wars. A real fan w… Advance Wars series began life as Famicom Wars in 1988. In fact, the first SIX games in the series were exclusi…
Retweeted by Ben BertoliInteresting that Tony Hawk 1+2 is $40 and Advance Wars 1+2 is $60 🤔 @leahjewer You need to play Monkey BalllllllSamus is done playing around I hope they announce a new F-Zero game! Nintendo:
Retweeted by Ben BertoliThe new WarioWare title in Japanese is おすそわける which means "to share with someone" Will Wario finally share some of…
Retweeted by Ben BertoliWAHAHAHA! Lightning-fast microgame mayhem comes to #NintendoSwitch in #WarioWare: Get It Together! For the first t…
Retweeted by Ben BertoliThe Boston Dynamics robo dogs are coming for Samus @Sa2vador Dang you weren’t kidding. This sewer dungeon is rough @Sa2vador Like it’s a hard game?Gonna kill the next 50 minutes with some of these Xbox demos. Tunic looks adorable! @NintendoAmerica OkCraig of the Creek don’t miss. One of the best animated shows out there. @invadingduck Bees are way more important than E3 tbh @PushDustIn But I only saw the one bee 🐝yeah yeah yeah E3 hype or whatever Look at this bee tho Chief or Crash Bandicoot would be a dream, but I’m gonna go with Waluigi. 🌹
Retweeted by Ben BertoliMight do a limited podcast series on McDonald’s character lore. It’s so weird and I can’t get enough. know, I’d love to see Pikmin 4 tomorrow, or Mario Kart 9 or some sequel to a series I love, but I’d much rather… @Daley_Kong @grantkirkhope Grant could have retired after DK64 and he’d STILL be a legend. What is this man on about.I’m calling… BotW2 in March Splatoon 3 in June Rabbids 2 in August @ethangach Mario + Rabbids 2 (so far) @heyphilsummers How much did he run you? (no need to answer if you don’t want to)
@CraigedyCraig “HAL Labs dog” Their name… is Inutamago Mario + Rabbids 2 remains my most anticipated game shown at #E32021 thus far 🤷‍♂️I hope this is a remaster of Monkey Ball 1 & 2 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 Capcom just talked about all the stuff they said they would? Huh.Oh, hey, Capcom. Don’t forget to announce the Power Stone Collection for Switch. Thanks, babe. @DaveScheidt Powerstone Collection coming to Switch 🙏Our local library had a bunch of new manga—including some big ol’ Junji Ito collections! 🌀“That’s right, Baby Mario is now in Smash Bros Ultimate. Now here’s a 35 minutes showcase on The Legend of Zelda: S… @NintendoAmerica I was actually hoping for @luulubuu Exclusive Macklemore skin with preorderNintendo #E32021 Dreams: - WarioWare and/or Rhythm Heaven - Something puzzly (new Panel de Pon?) - Mario + Rabbids…
Retweeted by Ben Bertoli @AlanWritesStuff Wowie zowie. DM me if you want 👀 @AlanWritesStuff Like a phone text? Or a Twitter DM?? I need to know what he said!You’d have to pay *me* $30 to play Balan Wonderland your hand if you’d like to see some BotW2 magic tomorrow ✋
Retweeted by Ben BertoliWith Nintendo E3 approaching, it's important to remember:
Retweeted by Ben Bertolihad a dream i drew this guy, so i woke up and drew him for reals
Retweeted by Ben BertoliWorking is for chumps. Weekends are for playing too much Super Nintendo and eating Bagel Bites at 1am. late digging into the connection between Insane Clown Posse and Faygo soda 🤡 @justinwlacy YesWho's winning #E32021 so far?
Ahh shucks! I thought Nintendo’s E3 presentation was tomorrow…