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It's been 21 years since Pumping on Your Stereo was released 🥳 What are your favourite memories of the track? you hear us pumping on your stereo? 📻 Tune in NOW for the premiere of The Making of Pumping on Your Stereo as t… celebrate the 21st anniversary of 'Pumping on Your Stereo', tune in at 11am today for the premiere of The Making…
Making Friday that little bit better ⚡️ Beautiful People and Lose it (4 Track Demo) are out now! Listen and enjoy v…
Throwback to a time without social distancing. Before the show in Glasgow, February 2020. #TheStrangeOnes94_08 📷: v…
"Kiss of Life" was released as a new single from the compilation album Supergrass Is 10, in May 2004, reaching #23
What songs would be on your dream Supergrass setlist? 🤔
'Time' Live at @glastonbury in 2004 ⚡️ Who was there to catch this performance? #MoreThanAlright'We're Not Supposed To' Live at the White Room 🤩 Celbrating 25 years of I Should Coco #MoreThanAlright'She's So Loose' live at The Avalon in LA in 2008. Celbrating 25 years of I Should Coco #MoreThanAlright'Sitting Up Straight' live from @Yourallypally earlier this year your viewing pleasure - Episode three of the Story of 'I Should Coco' to celebrate 25 years of the legendary al…
Supergrass performing 'Strange Ones' Live on VIVA Overdrive in 1999 ⚡️ 25 years of 'I Should Coco' 🎉 Taking you back to 1995 for the Story of 'I Should Coco' - Episode 2. Wat…
Tonight! Head over to Instagram at 8pm for a chat to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ‘I Should Coco’.… this day 25 years ago, 'I Should Coco' was released 🎂 Take a trip back to 1995 and enjoy The Story of 'I Should… again @Tim_Burgess. I'm on for 'In It For The Money' #TimsListeningParty sometime if you'll have us.
Retweeted by SupergrassTuesday June 16th 9pm (UK time) Mick @MonkeyBasket Quinn will be our host for a trip around @SupergrassHQ’s ace al…
Retweeted by Supergrass.@SupergrassHQ burst onto the British rock scene with their debut album 'I Should Coco' 25 years ago! What's your f…
Retweeted by SupergrassI Should Coco. It’s more than Alright... Celebrating 25 years of this iconic album today 🎉 Listen, enjoy and share…'How would you know if you never ever saw me?' @SupergrassHQ's debut album, I Should Coco, was released today in 1…
Retweeted by SupergrassHappy 25th birthday to a legend. I hammered this album from day of release, and It’s a real honour to now be part o…
Retweeted by SupergrassToday we feel alright! We look forward to joining @SupergrassHQ at 9pm CET/8pm BST tonight to celebrate the 25th an…
Retweeted by SupergrassI Should Coco by @SupergrassHQ was released May 15th 1995. You can replay our listening party featuring…
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Join Supergrass LIVE on Instagram tomorrow at 8pm for a chat and some laughs to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ‘… performing 'Lenny' Live on Top of the Pops in 1995 🕺 Watch the performance here: you missed yesterday's premiere of the previously unseen 'Caught by the Fuzz' acoustic video, don't worry, you c…
This week is the 25th Anniversary of 'I Should Coco' 🥳 What's your favourite track from the album? Listen & share… than an an hour until the YouTube premiere of the the unseen 'Caught by the Fuzz' acoustic video directed by D…
Tune in TOMORROW at 11am for the YouTube Premiere of the the unseen 'Caught by the Fuzz' acoustic video directed by… performing 'Lose It' live at Glastonbury in 1994 🕺🏼 Celebrating 25 years of ‘I Should Coco’… performing 'Alright' live at Glastonbury in 1995🤩 Celebrating 25 years of ‘I Should Coco’…'Time' was released with 'Alright' as a double A-side single in 1995. Watch the official HD video for 'Time' via th…
'Mansize Rooster' live in France on NPA Canal+ in June 1995. Celebrating 25 years of ‘I Should Coco’…‘Caught by the Fuzz’ Live at Reading Festival in 1998 🕺🏼 Celebrating 25 years of ‘I Should Coco’ #MoreThanAlright W…‘I’d Like to Know’ performed on New Year’s Eve on Jools Holland’s Hootenanny 1995. Celebrating 25 years of ‘I Shou…'I Should Coco' turns 25 this week 🎉 “Lenny” was the third single from the album & Supergrass' first top 10 hit in…
Mansize Rooster cassette from 1995 📼 Anyone else still got their Supergrass cassette tapes? 📸: via IG /…
RIP Florian Schneider, musical titan.
Retweeted by SupergrassToday's rotation 😎 What's your pick? Stream The Strange Ones 1994 - 2008 here: 📸: (via I…
Anyone else been getting creative at home? 👨🏼‍🎨 (via IG / @blouk57 ) is playing a big part in getting me through lockdown, and I'm particularly enjoying picking favourite songs o…
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In It for the Money and Sun Hits The Sky - Bentley Rhythm Ace Remix are out now! Listen and enjoy:…
Evening entertainment sorted 👌🏼Sit back, relax and watch this collection of TV performances and interviews from Sup…
“Diamond Hoo Ha Man” was the lead single from Supergrass’ sixth album of almost the same name 💎 The video stars…
Some highlights from the show at Alexandra Palace 🧡 Were you there? Relive Supergrass' triumphant greatest hits:…
A big Happy Birthday to Rob Coombes 🥳🎈
#TBT Caption this 👇🏼
Cheapskate was a US/Canada-only single from “In It For The Money” 23 years ago ⚡️ Now available in HD for your view…
In It For The Money' turns 23 today! 🎉 Travel back 23 years and watch this behind the scenes interview from 1997, f…
Missed the I Should Coco listening party on Saturday? Experience it in real time again: #timstwitterlisteningpartiesMonday evening entertainment sorted 👌🏼Take a trip down memory lane with this selection of Supergrass performances o…
Here's to In It For The Money on #timstwitterlisteningparties
Quick Survey: Please click ‘like’ on this tweet if you have joined in on one, or more, of our listening parties. Thanks Tim x
Retweeted by Supergrass @ShaunAlexScott1 @Tim_Burgess @GazCoombes What a photograph!Well that's all folks. Thanks for listening along. Thanks @Tim_Burgess for hooking us up.
Retweeted by SupergrassBrilliant! Huuuuuuge thanks to the one, the only Mick @MonkeyBasket Quinn 🙏✊#timstwitterlisteningparty
Retweeted by SupergrassTime To Go. About to go down the pub & waiting for everyone to put their coats on. Picked up the guitar and banged…
Retweeted by SupergrassTime To Go - got a last track feel and title. Wow. I’m getting emotional. The credits are rolling.
Retweeted by SupergrassBig paper and comb trumpets for the choruses. #timstwitterlisteningparties
Retweeted by SupergrassKind of got a Charlatans-y feel. Not like a particular song. More of a vibe. It’s a good thing ; )
Retweeted by SupergrassThe big long jam at the end that no-one knew how to end. This is probably only about a tenth of it. #timstwitterlisteningparty
Retweeted by SupergrassOr is this my favourite? Yes. This #timstwitterlisteningparty
Retweeted by SupergrassSofa (of My Lethargy). A slowed down version of Alright. It’s the same chords I practically. #timstwitterlisteningparty
Retweeted by SupergrassTime. Love @gazcoombes changes on this and always fun playing it live and hearing the vocals float out into the roo…
Retweeted by SupergrassTime. Recorded a few versions of this before getting it right. Great distorted Wirlitzer from Sam and that’s me on…
Retweeted by SupergrassFlippin hell, it's finished already!
Retweeted by SupergrassTHIS is why listening to an album all the way through is so good. As crackers as it is, this song is a gem (We’re N…
Retweeted by SupergrassWe're Not Supposed To. Always liked the version we did live when we could afford a horn section.…
Retweeted by SupergrassHave you got any mandies? #timstwitterlisteningparty
Retweeted by SupergrassStuck for how to end the middle 8, got one cello to slide all the way up the neck while the other one slid down to…
Retweeted by SupergrassFour word reviews of the album. (So @MonkeyBasket can put them in his scrapbook) GO!
Retweeted by SupergrassShe's So Loose. Blew a small part of the budget recording live cellos on this. Late night session at now defunct La…
Retweeted by SupergrassOn the back of a bus...
Retweeted by SupergrassSo many songs under 3 minutes - no excess baggage here
Retweeted by SupergrassNo idea what “Sitting up straight on the back of the bus / mimicking time as the evening terns to dusk” means.
Retweeted by SupergrassSeeing as you’re asking Sitting Up Straight is my favourite track on the album ; )
Retweeted by SupergrassSitting Up Straight, this song got faster the more we played it. If we’d started writing it at this speed I could p…
Retweeted by SupergrassStrange Ones. I recorded the Carfax bells for the end of the song; the sound of knocking off work for a night and e…
Retweeted by SupergrassBackwards reverb!
Retweeted by SupergrassThe cheeky demeanour sometimes distracted people from realising that they are absolutely brilliant musicians #timstwitterlisteningparty
Retweeted by SupergrassStrange Ones is loosely based on the homeless regulars from my café job before the band made it. They’d spend most…
Retweeted by SupergrassLets go. #timstwitterlisteningparties
Retweeted by SupergrassMore shots around Sawmills '94
Retweeted by SupergrassDanny & my flatmate Daryl waiting for the tide to unload the gear from Sawmills studio. '94
Retweeted by SupergrassGo! again!
Retweeted by SupergrassWhile we’re having a little break. What’s your favourite Supergrass gig? Mine’s Glastonbury. Was it 1994? When did they first play???
Retweeted by SupergrassMick is definitely wishing they’d writing longer songs #timstwitterlisteningparty @MonkeyBasket
Retweeted by SupergrassOur first show at the Co-op on Cowley Road. Wearing my girlfriends glittery top which was a band requisite in those…
Retweeted by SupergrassKicking off Side B with 'Strange Ones' at 9:30. Hold your horses everyone. #timstwitterlisteningparties
Retweeted by SupergrassI'm knackered. INTERMISSION till 9:30 so we can hit the bar. Good so far? #timstwitterlisteningparties
Retweeted by SupergrassA firm set list favourite right from the start, writing this kick started I Should Coco. Before that we’d just been…
Retweeted by SupergrassTony Wadsworth at Parlophone pushed for this be a 3rd single. They were keen to appeal to Americans, we’d probably…
Retweeted by SupergrassQuick INTERMISSION at the end of this song (Lenny). Everyone can hit the bar for refreshments and we’ll start Stran…
Retweeted by SupergrassTwiddling the studio radio on longwave for the middle 8. Easier to play than a theremin.
Retweeted by SupergrassGolly, you've got to be fast with this record 😅
Retweeted by SupergrassLose It. Bit of a style shift. Wrote this riff on acoustic guitar and it used to go into the chorus chords of ‘In I…
Retweeted by SupergrassGaz is smaking the piano, I'm bending the notes.
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Retweeted by SupergrassAlright. What can I add here? #timstwitterlisteningparties
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