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Becoming a more #sustainable business is a collective effort. Check out @RSComponents recent post; People, planet &… of workers have been allowed to return to offices and factories in China, following the coronavirus-induce…
Retweeted by Supply ManagementNEW DECADE, NEW LOOK, NEW AWARDS Introducing… Excellence in Procurement Awards, brought to you by CIPS…
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Adidas, Ikea, and H&M have been recognised for efforts promoting #sustainability in the cotton sector.… of workers have been allowed to return to offices and factories in China, following the coronavirus-induce… Wall Motors has signed a deal with US car giant General Motors to take over GM’s Thailand manufacturing facil… sector use of AI risks undermining #transparency - but better #procurement could re-establish trust.…
Apple warns iPhone supplies will be “constrained” as fewer than expected Chinese employees return to work.… you've been reading: UK halts funding to Commonwealth body amid procurement concerns. GCC countries face urgent and drastic water shortages within just the next three decades.… has been ranked as the most attractive country to users of #logistics services, freight forwarders and shippi… is trialling a new road surface that charges electric vehicles as they drive over it.… Property Services has announced 100% of its energy needs will come from renewables by April 2020.…
Mining giant, Rio Tinto, has commited to pay its small Australian suppliers within three weeks of invoicing.… @CIPSnews
Retweeted by Supply ManagementAmazon wins US court injunction on JEDI contract. @cipsnews #sustainably can benefit your #reputation and boost your #profitability. @RSComponents recent post "Peopl… of rock lobsters are set to be released in New Zealand as Chinese demand is impacted by the outbreak of… Lauren has successfully completed a pilot project to produce a sweatshirt within 16 days as the brand seeks t… business commissioner slams Bombardier's payment practices. @cipsnews maker, Fiat Chrysler, has halted production at its Kragujevac plant, Serbia, due to a lack of available Chinese… #sustainably can benefit your #reputation and boost your #profitability. @RSComponents recent post "Peopl…
Environmental degradation including #commodity shortages, droughts, flooding and rising food prices is likely to co… plans to cut production as it faces a shortage of parts due to #supplychain disruption caused by the…
Ocado is preparing to spend around £600m this financial year on opening a series of robotic warehouses for overseas… African president Cyril Ramaphosa called for preferential #procurement legislation for women-owned businesses… purchasers can strongly benefit from having specific data usage guidelines for partners and subcontractors when… you've been reading: Fiat Chrysler production at risk due to #coronavirus. @cipsnews secretary of state Mike Pompeo has urged the EU to completely exclude “untrustworthy” vendors from its 5G networ… action is needed to tackle swarms of locusts in the Horn of Africa that threaten crop production and…
Some of the world’s most famous brands including Amazon, Tyson foods and Samsonite International are ignoring… Rubber Industries, the firm behind Dunlop, has set up a #procurement subsidiary to ensure a more stable su… you've been reading: Hyundai Motors and Airbus hit by the #coronavirus. @cipsnews UK government has suspended funding to the Commonwealth Secretariat after an audit found #procurement rules wer… warn supply chain operations are yet to return to normal as shutdowns and quarantines remain in place in C…
Samsung has signed a five-year deal with miner Glencore for up to 21,000 tonnes of ethically-sourced cobalt.… will use a new type of solar technology to produce drinking water with less contamination than normal desalina…, timing and presentation are among the crucial factors that go towards determining success in the CIPS Supp… you've been reading: #coronavirus hits supply chains and commodity prices. @cipsnews by GCC countries to shift from a dependence on hydrocarbons may not be enough and they could find their wea… is seeking depositions with US president Donald Trump and secretary of defense Mark Esper as part of a legal…
A “new procurement ecosystem” will emerge as #technology becomes more involved in the function.… rain and flooding has hit areas along the New South Wales coastline causing power cuts and disruptions for u… quarter of firms believe more transparent finance and #procurement processes would lead to cost reductions of up… has declared a national emergency as vast swarms of locusts destroy crops across East Africa.… to 10 new freeports are set to be opened across the UK in the wake of #Brexit. South Australia Government has announced a new #procurement body to centralise and streamline processes.… Chrysler warns it could close one of its European plants this month as it struggles to source key parts from C…
How much of the earth's resources does industry use each year?
Corporate travel and accommodation #buyers are failing to consider the impact their choices are having on their emp… has declared a national emergency as vast swarms of locusts destroy crops across East Africa.… cost efficiency has moved to the top of #procurement professionals’ agenda for 2020.… nations must put more emphasis on building skills to make economic growth more inclusive.… worked closely with bidders to ensure #sustainability was embedded throughout the life of a facilities manageme… predictions about the future turn out to be wildly inaccurate so can we second-guess the supply chain of 2050?…
Hyundai Motors and Airbus are among the latest businesses to be hit by the #coronavirus. activity in the UK #services sector rose for the first time in five months in January.… you've been reading: #Coronavirus hits supply chains and commodity prices. @cipsnews largest #solar power project in Southeast Asia has been constructed in Vietnam. packets for UK #procurement and #supplychain sector roles rose by 5.2% on average in 2019, compared to the nati…
What you've been reading: #Coronavirus hits supply chains and #commodity prices. @cipsnews firm Astellas Pharma carried out a #procurement #transformation “underpinned around risk” to resolv… has struck a deal to sell 55% of its shares in its Egyptian business to Saudi Telecom Company.… #construction sector has seen a boost in demand due to “receding political uncertainty”.… you've been reading: Jaguar Land Rover targets £1.1bn savings. @cipsnews countries could cut production by 1m barrels per day in order to mitigate the impact of #coronavirus
The UK’s #manufacturing sector has steadied after eight months of contraction. @cipsnews Australia will install around 6,000 #solar panels across three of the region's largest hospitals to boost… has begun a pilot project using #blockchain to measure CO2 emissions in the #cobalt #supplychain. you've been reading: Airbus agrees to pay €3.6bn over bribery. @cipsnews Victorian Government is to trial an internet of things platform on around 600 farms to improve farm management… has issued voluntary guidelines to ensure all #fashion labelled as ‘vegan’ is free from animal-derived material…
Evolution is central to how the #procurement operates at Sheffield City Council. @cipsnews you've been reading: Free-range egg supplier investigated over poor hen welfare. estimates the UK government’s decision to restrict the use of #Huawei in the 5G network will cost it around £50… you've been reading: Coronavirus is disrupting businesses from carmakers to tech firms.… has announced it will be targeting £1.1bn of #cost #savings over the next year.
A coalition of public and private organisations has launched the world’s biggest impact fund to support smallholder… you've been reading: #Coronavirus disrupts business across sectors. @cipsnews African nations have signed an agreement that commits them to introduce legislation criminalising the traffic… UK government has announced it will take over the running of the Northern rail franchise from operator Arriva.… King has been appointed interim small business commissioner with a focus on championing measures against lat… you've been reading: £4.9bn of HS2 savings not achieved, says NAO. @cipsnews Africa’s special envoy on investment Jacko Maree said the country must 'up its game' to compete for foreign…
A coalition of fashion companies including Adidas and Ralph Lauren have called for improved #labour rights in Cambo… you've been reading: Whole Foods hit by supplier closure. @cipsnews's take-home messages for #procurement. @cipsnews you've been reading: US Navy paid $200,000 to sham company. @cipsnews has reached an agreement with the Serious Fraud Office that will see it pay out €3.6bn to settle allegations… #coronavirus has disrupted businesses from carmakers to tech firms following lockdowns across Hubei province –…
Supermarkets have halted sales of free-range eggs from Hoads Farm following allegations of poor #welfare conditions… 6 February is your final chance to enter the #CIPSMENAAwards! Spanning across 15 categories there are many…
Retweeted by Supply ManagementEtihad and Boeing are collaborating on a ‘Greenliner’ project to explore procedures and initiatives that reduce… telecoms market is “broken” and needs to be diversified to ensure the #security of UK networks, according the N… you've been reading: Ted Baker inventory value overstated by £58m. @cipsnews consultancy Unaoil paid $6m in bribes to help its clients secure #contracts to build oil pipelines and termi…’s has announced commitments to become net zero by 2040, including collaborating with suppliers to achieve…
Investors have called on fast food firms to take “faster and deeper action” to manage #climate and #water risks in… and Mitsubishi have recalled 42,000 vehicles in Australia due to “potentially deadly” airbags.… US man has been charged with conspiracy to commit theft of government money after allegedly setting up a sham com…