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2 life long darts fans. We’ve travelled all over the world with the darts for years - it’s a passion #SupportWorldDarts #BullyInSpace #BipolarUK Zoey / Bigworm

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@EnconaOfficial Sweet chilli with sushi. Hot sauce with. BBQ and red meat. Extra hot and Cajun with fish @thedazzler1984 Respect x☀️Good Morning #Twitter ☀️ Up and at em !!!! #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts Have a nice day 😊😋🥰LOL #funny #texts will ever beat the fresh Canadian lobster 🦞 we had at #DeerIsland back in June 🇨🇦 Cooked from fresh in a c… @MonstersOfRock This and Master Of Puppets ruled 1986 @oyovegas RIP hooters @MonstersOfRock G. O. A. TAwesome 💤 😴 Heavy Thunderstorm Sounds for Sleep & Relaxation | Thunder & Rain A... via @YouTubeGoodbye @Hooters @HootersLv
@thepump74 @cineworld Seeing it tomorrowThe best ! @EnconaOfficial 🌶 @philmcd1882 @EnconaOfficial @philmcd1882 @EnconaOfficial @philmcd1882 @EnconaOfficial It’s sweet but hotter I love all the rangesThis is FOOOOOKING gorgeous. Just had some @EnconaOfficial #ReaperChilli 🌶 @Miss_Poulton I believe in itUpdate on the fundraising card for the @JamesWade180 9 dart board. Only 19 more squares to go. Thankyou to everyone…
Retweeted by #SupportWorldDarts 🎯 #BullyInSpace #LiveDarts @walessuperfan @robertm72589070 @OfficialPDC @paddypower @LeicesterArena @MvG180 @RobCross180 @Superchin180 @juliannarvivas @illestThug_ Stay classy ! @walessuperfan @OfficialPDC @paddypower @LeicesterArena @MvG180 @RobCross180 @Superchin180 @GaryAnderson180 @Andyroo241G Why didn’t u @ladypen13 Brummy born and bred @GIFChaseH @Hooters Kim talking about BBC LOLOn Insta here for all of you that do that kinda ting lol.
Retweeted by #SupportWorldDarts 🎯 #BullyInSpace #LiveDartsFor those who live for the #weekend - don’t worry, only two days left then you can do it it all over again lol 🥃🥃🥃… @Tee_Reel YepAVN Hall of Famer Jessica Jaymes Dies
Retweeted by #SupportWorldDarts 🎯 #BullyInSpace #LiveDarts @Charl0ttewood When u said 17th July I though surely not coming back for the WM Blackpool ‘20 x 18/7 @laura_prior Lol @laura_prior A white guy 😱😱😱😱CheerzzzzIT’S HERE! Available for Pre order 1.10.19 Released 14.10.19 2020.....The best year yet! 📅🤩✨
Retweeted by #SupportWorldDarts 🎯 #BullyInSpace #LiveDarts @Davescouse3 1999/2001/2 @Davescouse3 Met him 3 times man. Amazing. Nothing like u see in public @Jordan_Forbes7 Did u get my message about ur bday @thedazzler1984 Looks sweet Darryl @Chris180Mason That will be class. @OfficialPDC @paddypower @LeicesterArena @MvG180 @RobCross180 @Superchin180 @GaryAnderson180 @BullyBoy180 @RyanPalmer180 @JackDanielsUK @PimmsGB @sophy_lui Cheers 🥃The academy have been given this one of a kind dartboard by PDC marker @Mikesdogwash on which @JamesWade180 hit a p…
Retweeted by #SupportWorldDarts 🎯 #BullyInSpace #LiveDarts @lukewoody180 Top of thumb and index finger was stitched back Valentine’s Day 2018 and Boxing Day 2018 @jetze_jan @TheSilencer170 this still hurts ! @lukewoody180 Lol happened many times woody 😂 @PgnDartsAcademy @Mikesdogwash @JamesWade180 Done @Chris180Mason Lol. Don’t drink Iced water for a while after that#INSTANTgram - The first online beak delivery service @PgnDartsAcademy @Mikesdogwash @JamesWade180 Put me down for 10Get that daaaaarrrn ya ! #RumpSteak @MfnH No. How many platinum tickets ? Is there more than 1Sweet see you there guys ! @LeicesterArena @s8n No he’s black. Apparently @Davescouse3 It works if you squint @Davescouse3 Lol.I love going on awesome holidays and far away destinations but you know what I don’t like ... when u pay a fortune… @lisathecatlover War cry !!!!! I spy a bird lol @The_Volume_180 Ffs 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ @JedmacPhee @reddragondarts @snakebitewright @Gezzyprice Fun @eggington_sam Let’s have some of that tomorrow brother. Good luck Brummy. All the best 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇮🇹 🥊… @myth_vs_facts If that turned on him 😦 @Chris180Mason @DAMAGE180 Not a whifff of squidgy black @Chris180Mason @DAMAGE180 THC gets ya baked. CBD doesn’t. Lol @Charl0ttewood You girls Coming back for the world Matchplay ? 😈Amazing piece of kit. Sharp as razors a toupee
Retweeted by #SupportWorldDarts 🎯 #BullyInSpace #LiveDarts#APPEAL | Do you recognise this man? We want to identify him after three women were attacked in Birmingham’s Soho R…
Retweeted by #SupportWorldDarts 🎯 #BullyInSpace #LiveDarts#VIP meet and greets of recent years work like this - whoever’s got most money wins lol. I remember when being… @BullyBoy180 happy birthday Mike @MfnH How many platinum tickets are per show @MfnH You forgot the prices ;) @DAMAGE180 Yeh fair play to em
@TomWatson1971 @BarryHearn @thrasherdarts Stubhub are thieves .King of kings @WYP_CNewsome 🥺😢 @EubankDancingTo @NoContextEubank The don @DAMAGE180 They are target by the CBD companies to share their products online to their large audience numbers and… @laura_prior Very expensive @billyj180 @OfficialPDC @BarryHearn Sorted. You’ll love it. @billyj180 @OfficialPDC @BarryHearn SeeTickets will send em 1-2 weeks before mate. @GENDERTAG1 @LGBTQueue What’s a gender tag @20CenturyFoxUK Ahhh cool. Guns on the moon 😳 @OcheBalboa1 @JustEatUK The worst was the ONE HUNDRED AND TASTY one @thedartingnerd @gilbertdaz1971 I was 20. Great lakeside that wasNext Sat night, the Men In Black hit #Newcastle and we've only a handful of tickets left... @FittonDarryl
Retweeted by #SupportWorldDarts 🎯 #BullyInSpace #LiveDarts @90sdecade Done itOiiii oi. @Jordan_Forbes7 Whens your birthday gig ? We need to book flights @oyovegas @Hooters And the bar opposite ??? @TomPodolec @flightradar24 @AirCanada @PearsonFire4382 What’s happened @oyovegas @Hooters So you’re keeping the hooters restaurant @CaptMikeYates @CaptMikeYates Did u go sabbath @landofthe80 No @PaulLaugh43 LMFAOThese sparking candles are awesome ! #buddha #relaxation #aromatherapy @ladbible Bellmets @popsicle_____ Lol @TheTigerGin Bottle for a audience plug. That’s an even better swap @BBCSheffield ..... says the vicar @ScottyDaglish @TonyDabell Lol. Crazy man. @LittleMix__Jesy Call me lol