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@ikaveri yass my tummy is happier with anticipation @wolfmomz 😌 @priyankasacheti 🥰 @QTalker :)) me too @gauravsabnis yesss so good it's like you could have done that food tour you did all sitting in one placecrafts and food mela face 😌 @sayantansunnyg hubby and wifey boththis beautiful curry was scented with some stunning ginger and garlic i scored at the aajeevika mela 😌 @anantha @ShashiTharoor @KudumbashreeNRO no no i really saw (i hope so otherwise this will be yet another very emba… @Poojaspillai ayyo what a miss mani thought @ShashiTharoor had tweeted about the mela and @KudumbashreeNRO food stall. did i imagine it, can't find it only 🤔 @bigtimefoodie 23rdthe goan stall is superb as @Poojaspillai can vouch excellent crafts and food festival aajeevika mela at india gate lawns. do not miss. i plan to be there ag… @codelust hugs. thank you shyam. maybe someday, when my relief overweighs the can be done. i did it. it's nothing to be proud of. it simply has to be done. give yourself no choice.we don't think enough about the violence we pass on to loved ones. the way we break those we love because people we… @peeleraja @i_v_i_d hahahaha at least it doesn't make you cringe. i think a nice cuddly phoopha could be a thing of joy.the biggest takeaway for me from this, though unstated, is how we tend to forget all the good things we have absorb… you are prone to violence, as i am, you must spend time with this piece. if your unpleasant past has leeched int…'Your body will move on. But memories are like soft teeth marks on your neck.' this exquisite post on unattainable… @Soma_G it's so smart! @iamrana :) 🥰 @TheRestlessQuil ah understood 💜 @Soma_G :))) and i love your black and white :) @TheRestlessQuil why unpopular 🤔this photo of abhijit banerjee and esther duflo in anandabazar patrika is my favorite ♥️ grace from esther duflo ♥️ overall a very nice interview."you know, the key is i think of food all the time" 😭🥰i kept wondering why i was so happy about the abhijit banerjee news. turns out he is an excellent cook and also fou…"The core message earlier was that India is doing great. Now that we are obviously not doing so great, then the dan… prefer the painting ♥️ @svaradarajan he must be more embarrassed by the amount in the allegation than being jailedKudos to students of Pilibhit School for standing with their Head master who was suspended for allowing them to sin…
Retweeted by SurekhaHi! If any Dalit Bahujan Adivasi students would like some help with mentioning/ writing SoPs/applying for American…
Retweeted by Surekhapoor newspaper guy who not only has to carry this load but can't even roll and throw these especially to top floor… which @priyaramani tells sabbah she will never forget her and kashmir @HavaldarShinde imagining this conversation in a gif of your face @npueu i miss the rdags phase but not because this phase is less or more intense but i at least got that intensity 😭 @doesntswallow you should have hollered i would have done the honors @prats_39 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 happy birthday loveliness. thank you for your quiet calming presence on my timeline, your gentle… @RakeshThukral 🤗 @iswaryaval you did it! best news to wake up to. congratulations and good luck to namrata 🤗
@khalooo arre explain meaning no @khalooo wut @SamanSutiya @doesntswallow hahahaha @Bhavdeepnama @MasalaBai @MasalaBai lolwutsay hello to the sound of crab curry @QTalker athimber is nice. @doesntswallow see this. shayari it seems. @doesntswallow hahahaha @QTalker the tamil equivalent is aththaan. idk if it's used in other regions but at least in naanjil area where i c… @doesntswallow lol @doesntswallow some of the worst form of harassment comes in the guise of jija jokes. ive heard the 'saali aadhi gh… @doesntswallow lol wtf is behnoi i thought it was son in law variant or somethingeverytime someone jijus should declare jiju the worst north indian termnational jiju lololol @nickjonas National jiju for a reason..
Retweeted by Surekha @geetaj @shahnazb @kishiarora it's arranged thank you :)pretending to be very busy as there are guests in the house mom is entertaining. i should push myself to people at… @npueu i saw these at an exhibition recently and for some reason thought of you's so weird how a simple stupid fav from a person you really like can leave you happy and buoyant. this is how li… @ritukapurmehra awww 🥰🥰And @surekhapillai keep this for midnight cravings 😍
Retweeted by Surekha @ritukapurmehra omg how dare you do this to me @npueu where you went mancurrent status: craving cake @peeleraja @ikaveri here's my mini tiktok @abhijitkadle ayyo. hug? *sends you a rainbow of bugs and critters and a bottle of himalayan scent and a pot of the… only those who use only one social media (and only one account in that social media of choice). in other word… she's called a therapist and you better fking pay her
Retweeted by Surekha @abhijitkadle no need to seriously reply 😒 @abhijitkadle how to confirm we are not already deadMy window sill is the Sparrow salad bar. I make trail mix for Kuruvis every 4 days. Mix of rice, crushed dhaniya, paasi paruppu, some Sama.
Retweeted by Surekhato whomsoever concerned: i will not watch tiktok or tuktok no matter how hard you try poda deiThis delicious sweet #Mango pickle from #Rajasthan takes alot of time & effort to make but the results are worth it…
Retweeted by SurekhaTake a journey to the traditional mural art form of Gujarat’s #Lippanwork, which will take your breatg away. One of…
Retweeted by Surekha#SHG member turned #BankingCorrespondent Sakhis are delivering services at #SarasAajeevika2019. These rural women h…
Retweeted by Surekhathis is on till the 23rd and timings are from 10 am to 9 pm. put one weekend trip dilliwalon do not miss. @aryamala28 hahaha i'll try on saturday and report back @frantumaglia look at your stupid grinning face you're so beautiful lav ♥️had one tiny trailer terrifying nightmare which was thankfully overshadowed by one full length very happy dream. the day has begun well 😌 @barbarindian y
@surekhapillai @MoRD_GOI Both #Patrakardidi and #Samvaddatasakhi are same cadre. In jharkhand they known as…
Retweeted by Surekha @onlineJSLPS @MoRD_GOI how is #samvaddatasakhi different from #patrakardidi? i will be back at the mela on saturday… @barbarindian okay i will have kabargah for youbreaking news: we are the ones living under a rock. @MoRD_GOI @KhabarLahariya @Rubikha06185228 you can learn more about them and the stories on ajeevika mela they have… @MoRD_GOI @KhabarLahariya i was interviewed on camera for a story on ajeevika mela by rubi khatun @Rubikha06185228 @MoRD_GOI patrakar didi is a media outfit run by a women SHG in jharkhand. they publish a newspaper called panchaya… @MoRD_GOI @MoRD_GOI @MoRD_GOI go with family and enjoy excellent food at the food court (non vegetarians especially don't miss) saras ajeevika mela at india gate and support women artisans from rural india. this is a fantastic initiative… @deepakmsrinivas nothing is unconditional my friend sigh @barbarindian currently im in delhi and working this is definitely not basic mode life foolstarts at 11am for sure, i think in the evening it's until 7 but check online if it goes beyond 7? it's called sara… @sidagarwal had ragi momos and rice pudding (can you make out from his face how happy he is!)