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@Chad_DeLuca @AlixxaPlays @MYSTIC7 @ChicaLive @Mr_iKeepitreal @negaoryx @SamsungMobileUS So excited!!!
Oh yeah car reveal tomorrow 👀 @duckybtw @Formula @MisfitsGG @Sauxy @IntelGaming @PracticeServer Wait ayo can existing members sign up??? @MisfitsGG @IntelGaming @PracticeServer Massive W @FullFrontage @SamsungMobileUS @Twitch Thanks brother! @DitoRox Aye thank you!!! HahahaToday was so surreal and such a dream come true. Thank you so much to the amazing people in the background that mad… @imgoldenyt You're trolling @Chad_DeLuca @SamsungMobileUS LOL @ProK00zie 🥺❤❤ thank you!! @Chad_DeLuca @SamsungMobileUS You're the best to ever do it @AMGinfluence @Twitch I love yall!!20k live viewers on @Twitch front page!!?! Just another day in the life of the great @Surfnboy - keep up the great…
Retweeted by MSF Surfnboy @Surfnbot Ayo wait a minute @RESPAWNProducts Here for the chair @benspoont ❤❤❤ @bIockzer @MisfitsGG Fr @MisfitsGG @CWA @SamsungMobileUS Thank you so much for being there and for the gifted subs ❤❤ @LadyPantherLPP @AMGinfluence @Twitch Thank you for being there and for the sub!! @CWA No you @CWA @AMGinfluence @Twitch GOAT @MrxFlip @AMGinfluence @Twitch Thank you dude! @TheMobileMatt LOL NOT THE GIF HAHAH @HAMMERSKIMA Thanks!! @nznfnm Thanks for being there! @imgoldenyt @SamsungMobileUS let's goooooo @HappyPower @SamsungMobileUS Thank you!!! @MisfitsGG @SamsungMobileUS Thank you!!!! Love yall!! @SamsungMobileUS Thank you for everything ❤❤ @duckybtw @SamsungMobileUS You next???? @Kingdom_Soldier @SamsungMobileUS Ty! @Vraxooo @SamsungMobileUS Thank you man means a lot @PackAPuncherYT @SamsungMobileUS Thanks so much!! @BigJStef @SamsungMobileUS Ty!!Unbelievable stream, peaked at 21,000 viewers, was on the twitch homepage, and announced a dream partnership with s… TWITCH FRONT PAGE LETS GO DUDE 13k VIEWERS RN @Surfnboy W #MSFWIN
Retweeted by MSF SurfnboyToday on stream I’m launching a new partnership with @SamsungMobileUS as an official Mobile Hero. Mobile gaming is… MINUTES TILL ANNOUNCMENT @duckybtw 👀Will be going Live like 3 minutes before the announcement on my twitchMy HUGE announcement is in 1 hour @ItzArifff The outside setup is what mobile is made for! @Sauxy @Mutineers youre gonna make @PackAPuncherYT so jealous
@MedalCore W @Formula Woah it workedDrop a picture of your mobile gaming setup to be in my video 👇Don't forget to watch the new @GameOn_Amazon Titans episode today 👀 #Ad #GameOnPartner #GameOnTitans Watch here-… @RESPAWNProducts Goat @NovaaWtf I think it would be easier to name a mobile player that didn't fall off lmfao @duckybtw What a goatAye tysm for 1.3m on tiktok @ElThiccc In your dreams 🤣 @suprxmerr NoOne of My biggest announcements ever tomorrow! What do you think it is? 🤔What games have caught your interest the most recently? @Allenownz @Twitch Yeah twitch notis have been SUPER messed up for me for over a month now and same with a lot of people I know @DipDeity ONTX 😶
So @RayndayGaming had an awesome tweet about TikTok creators not translating their numbers to YT subs and @Surfnboy
Retweeted by MSF Surfnboy @Kingdom_Soldier @MisfitsGG @sayholden 🤔Ayo @MisfitsGG is doing a merch giveaway right now, 2 big winners 👀 Enter- @TikoFn WLive now playing some @PUBGMOBILE and gettin some chicken dinners on the new map 😳 #PUBGMOBILEPARTNER #AD Watch h… @Vodible @GoldenboyFTW @RayndayGaming The biggest pro and con of tiktok is the wide spread user base, takes a while… @FlashForce4000 @GoldenboyFTW @RayndayGaming Thanks for the kind words, glad my rambling nonsense could have some value haha @Vodible @GoldenboyFTW @RayndayGaming It's hard for tiktok to find that niche and target audiencr for stuff like th… @GoldenboyFTW @RayndayGaming Thanks! Doing some dances and posting memes will not translate to cross growth and hon… @GoldenboyFTW @RayndayGaming Thanks! Doing some dances and posting memes will not translate to cross growth and hon… @GaladonGaming @ClashofClans @Devourlick @supercell Hi my name is galadon and I have a gemming addiction 🤣 @RayndayGaming @GoldenboyFTW I blew up on tiktok with mobile news and fortnite so it only made sense for my audienc… @RayndayGaming @GoldenboyFTW Tip- focus on each platform individually without the other in mind. Each platform is a… @RayndayGaming @GoldenboyFTW There's more to it but I've rambled and probably lost anyone's attention by this message 😂 @RayndayGaming @GoldenboyFTW That being said tiktok is evolving and I can see it in my own stats showing majority o… @RayndayGaming @GoldenboyFTW More of your content which in turn creates cross promotion. Same idea with twitch. If… @RayndayGaming @GoldenboyFTW It's essentially turning into the same concept. People are now going there for content… @RayndayGaming @GoldenboyFTW However, this was a while ago. U can 100% say tiktok is more turning into more so ente… @RayndayGaming @GoldenboyFTW My guess is their niche or type of content doesn't match their YouTube content. Also s… @MFelms I would still feel the same, they added tires to cars what is there to be hyped about @4R1KK_ They added tires to cars and a grapple bow that's not even in the game yet, what is there to disagree about @jakazolo Now that's pod racingNot even gonna lie this is the most boring fortnite update since the game came out 😴😭 @Allenownz @MisfitsGG @breebunn @PackAPuncherYT Vouch @MisfitsGG SHEEEEESH @Allenownz Thanks Allen when's the hot tub stream so I can tier 3Daily uploads on 3 channels and daily streams started today ✅Sheesh almost 1k views on the first upload on the new clash of clans channel 😳 @DabPlayss @Wynnsanity I swear if you keep calling them longs
@vokest1x Sheesh @Kingdom_Soldier @AMGinfluence WIVE BEEN SO BUSY SORRY @W7NGS @DigitalStormPC So happy for you!!! @GaladonGaming Those resources thoughOperation clash of clans channel in full effect- just uploaded my first coc video on my third channel and will star…
Omg this c8 wide body kit is perfect😍 @Sceptic You quit clash of clans tho:(Ngl The new clash of clans update coming out in a few days looks really good and has me thinking about starting bac…’s your last day to vote for this weeks fan favorite! I’m voting for Tanya! Cast a…