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1/3 of @Continuepod. Mobile game enthusiast. Doors and corners. Co-founder of Take This. Your horror movie concierge. She/Her

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If you need someone with exceptional communication skills, as well as extensive writing/editing experience, hit me up. @WillJPowers Instablock if someone sends me that.I guess it's time to announce this! #TheExpanse #ttrpg
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @jamesmielke @GrahamAllen_1 Children need sleep both to grow and to learn. There's zero downside to starting school later and ke… were an ancient deity I would be the Goddess of Worry. My feast day would be randomly selected each year, without…
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC🖼️TANGLE TOWER GIVEAWAY🔪 To celebrate the launch to Tangle Tower on Steam on October 22nd, we're giving away a $10…
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @RaphLife I'm so excited for you! I saved my replay for after release so I can just go right through the entire exp… @PunkrawkBbob Ah, I see what you mean. The culture definitely wants you to have played everything so you can have a… @evopsychgoogle I mean...even assuming it's true that you need to be divergent to be that brilliant....does that al… @PunkrawkBbob I hear "backlog" with regard to tv shows a lot. Or at least the same idea, maybe it's a "list" or som… @nscottg NOICE @DanielleMcVO @DanStapleton Oh. @EvolveTom Your feed isn't good enough because it does not have enough pictures of your dogs. Otherwise? You're perfect as is.Why are more people not talking about Down in Bermuda? WHY? ... It's because you can't find the damn white sparkles, innit?Life hack: if you buy everything you need from online it feels like a Christmas present everyday
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @Michael__Benson Holy bonk. @Peeardee Oh, wow! Very glad you're ok. @Michael__Benson That works surprisingly well.That goes triple for writers
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @Michael__Benson Outstanding. Now do The Chain :D @kodra22 Welp. @trixie360 Having to get up to change the channel on the tv! (Also, our extra TVs were black and white.) @D3wizl HAHHAHAHAHAHHA @SusanArendt for you
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @Michael__Benson PerfectionThe P5 hoodie that cost me serious bank can be yours for a mere $15 right meow:, but with Wannabe. ok ok! Our selection for Day 21 of #Susanween is not for the faint of heart: American Mary. CW: sexual assault… @GreyTheTick Yeah. Yeah. @OUberLord @Kakmize Oooo, that's a good one. @GreyTheTick @WebcomicsAreBad No, I like that it's a sequel. I really, really don't need the story of Night Owl et al told again.
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @Kakmize Right? Nerve. Courage. Resolve. Guts. Or even "DGAF". There are SO many other ways to express that thought.Unbridled Goose Game It is a beautiful day in a village and you are a horrible goose and you have fucking LOST IT…
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @Leahbjackson Uh. Uhhhhhhhhhh.Shout out to the writer who stopped speaking to me because I asked they use something other than "having balls" (as… @tbarribeau the WORST"It's your fault for giving the ESA your personal info" is the new "it's your fault for going out dressed like that.""It’s only those dumb enough to have listed personal details who might be worried." Go, and I cannot stress this enough, fuck yourself. @BenDaviesVO @CaelynEllis According to my mother, it's something I can't do because I'm not willing to make sacrifi… @StrivenGames @betterthemask It's in the thread! And they do! @NShekerev Ah! Yes, I agree. @Caenhillccphot1 YESPack it up, pack it in, let me begin @E_Vaan I don't have that much, period. Well...I mean, I have a house, but I don't own it outright. @GreedyRaven Oh, I can't ever retire.I have a SOLID seven hundred bucks saved. That's it. @Caenhillccphot1 That is very clearly a Stuart. @NShekerev Not sure what your point is.I saw a mud crab the other day. #oblivion @LisetteBaxter Oh, I doubt I will. The Banana Splits isn't something I need to carry into adulthood. I won't enjoy… female workers with respect and decency is emasculating? Hmm. HMMMMMM. @amandadeibert I was at the airport for an early flight. Bought some snacks for the plane, and the cashier ringing… @CaseyExplosion
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @LisetteBaxter I do not. But they were messed up when I was a kid so...why not?Well this is disappointing.’m whatever it’s called when you think people have the right to enjoy their hard-earned money but also believe we… @HistoryMuppet Bear in the Big Blue House was the absolute BUSINESS. @hilgoldstein I say yea. I’m intrigued by the setting and lord knows the race relations stuff is relevant. @marshallhonorof WOOFI see Tulsi is campaigning on the “if you hate Hilary, vote for me” platform, which, hey, worked for the last Repub… @numb3r5ev3n Oh, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. It’s...I’m not quite sure what to think yet.Ok, let’s see what Watchmen is all about. @pop_primer I am here to help with spoiler-free tips and hints!
@pop_primer Absolutely. But! I will say being a fan of Master & Commander is a huge help. :)I used to have a job in a Hydro dam where I had to locate all the first aid kits and restock the bandaids and stuff…
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLCLooking behind the scenes at a startup that looks like it’s crushing it
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLCi put my pronouns in my bio to show solidarity and all that jazz but it also works really well as a deterrent for p…
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @mhcovill @snapwilson Is there? I brute forced it.We’re on Day 20 of #Susanween, and I’m here to suggest a double feature of Ghost Ship and Triangle. Triangle is rea… are bullshit. @BLCAgnew @the_moviebob Ah, if it calls for violence than he can just get in the fucking sea.This Resident Evil 2 mod turns Untitled Goose Game into a honking nightmare.
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @the_moviebob Naw, it’s wonderful. I mean, putting aside personal taste and stanning for that movie, of all things,… @The4thCircle Mine is not inaccurate. that’s Obra Dinn with all fates complete. Man, what a brilliant game.Eddie must be protected at all costs.’s what I love about Obra Dinn: I got to 15 fates and was convinced there was nothing else I could glean from t… starters, Coppola makes better wine than Marvel
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLCThis perspective lacks a basis in reality. Companies use freelancers exactly, precisely because they don’t have hea…
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @LisetteBaxter Crimson Peak, Happy Death Day, Ghost Stories, Monster House, As Above So Below, The Conjuring#Susanween Day 19! I love environmental horror - where the terror comes from our human fragility. So today’s choice… @betterthemask There are some VERY fucked up straight girls in the US. Like “my man wore a dress on Halloween and I… one of our Halloween set-up. (We’re doing a mad scientist theme. These are some of my...less successful experi… @betterthemask Right? I was thinking pink and metallics! Those are just very tasteful outerwear. @betterthemask They’re not even shawls, they’re ponchos. Not that a good man wearing a shawl is a problem, but ponchos are menswear. @nscottg I didn’t think it would work after that point, but it does. @nscottg YEP @ajohnagnello @KyleOrl I love you, too @KanjiLikesBoys Oh, I’m getting that, too. Used trade ins to pay for it. @roblef I won Nuclear Winter once so I agree :)What’s the night before Halloween called where you’re from?I decided to come clean and write about my reality as a parent. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I promise I am, too.
Retweeted by Haunted Susan Arendt, LLC @GenePark Ok, glad it’s not just me. I’m blocking all of them.
@Hypnocrite That said, the more you do, the faster you get, soooo....maybe 7 hours? @Hypnocrite I played for four hours and only solved 25% of the “fates”.So Obra Dinn is as brilliant as everyone said it is. Absolute genius. Out now on consoles, so if you didn’t play it… @mistermegative @PJCPlays Also, “blue checkmarks with 6000 followers”? That’s cute.