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1/3 of @Continuepod. Mobile game enthusiast. Doors and corners. Co-founder of Take This.

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Chloe is sleepy. @EliasToufexis @ryenna Libraries are the BEST on rainy days. I love being in a library when it's pouring out. @TillyWoden @GalledGiatric @AshleyEsqueda @sarahthebeef @Kintinue @geminibros Yeah, I have many favorites.Gee. It’s almost like creating content on a regular schedule is a job. And a hard one, at that. @KyleOrl Because it wouldn’t have mattered. His supporters don’t care.Same ship. New terra. This #SDCC2019, experience The Expanse like never before.
Retweeted by Susan ArendtThere are SO many great Stubbins. My personal favorites that I have are Aloy and Sly Cooper., wow, the challenge in Ink Master this week is cross stitch tattoos. Hmmmmmmm..... @Jordan_Mallory @Shoibox You know, I did not expect that to be as well considered and smart as it was. What a surprisingly great article. @DaliDimovski @netflix Dali. @GalledGiatric @AshleyEsqueda @sarahthebeef @Kintinue @TillyWoden @geminibros The DescentI nominate @AshleyEsqueda @sarahthebeef @Kintinue @TillyWoden @geminibros another display of inaccuracy from Netflix's Witcher series
Retweeted by Susan Arendt @pettycommajared @johntdrake 1. Dogs 2. TV 3. Video games 4. Encouragement 5. Trying to get @9_volt_ to notice me. @mistermegative Very sorry you had to go through that. If it happens again, the pharmacy will sometimes give you on…’m watching a glass blowing competition show and it’s really wonderful. I have zero artistic ability, so watching… @clarkkaren @Laralyn Too much to hope y’all are on PS4, isn’t it? Also, the Scorchbeasts are all named Gary.Alex Trebek: And our last category is “Ends in ‘Art’” - every answer will be a word that ends in those letters. Me…
@clarkkaren You playing 76? @the_cinemabliss @FemaleCritics I second the motion. @KanjiLikesBoys I demand it.Don't thread on me.Friends! Do you have any favored way/app/service for collecting a large amount of data? Example: a catalog of video… @JAsanmateo Chernobyl was incredible, and deserves every award it's nominated for, and then some. I'm just saying t… @JondareHM Pretty sure it's a nom for the cumulative achievement of the series, which to be fair is extraordinary.It is GARBAGE that #NOS4A2 isn't nominated, but Chernobyl is going to win anyway. @CaseV7 Thank you! @CaseV7 Ah, thank you.New bed, who dis?, do they not do effects/makeup Emmy awards? I'm not seeing that on the nominees list. @MisterRez Exactly. Is he nominated for supporting?Yep, I'm in. @CouchShouts I certainly wouldn't have called it a comedy, but if The Martian is, sure, Russian Doll is, too. @CouchShouts It's a comedy, apparently?Sorry everything that isn't Chernobyl. everyone who isn't Jared Harris. I legitimately love this song. accidentally saw some of the pics being made of @AOC (think Jade Raymond-style harassment from back in the day) a… did not realize this wasn't common knowledge. The memory loss was part of what finally clued me into the fact tha…, good. I apparently get to revisit my love/hate relationship with Super Monkey Ball. Cool.Are you (or someone you know) a talented pixel artist currently available for work? Tweet me your portfolio! I've…
Retweeted by Susan Arendt @KyleOrl @DaliDimovski Yep. Kyle has it. Black Friday-style posts generate way too much income. @DonnaLe91656270 @NyleDiMarco Hearing people tend to believe a deaf person would rather not be deaf - it’s a fault… @KanjiLikesBoys Yep🤚 I only got around to trying it after @joshscherr guilted me about it. Sooooo glad he did.🐭
Retweeted by Susan Arendt @Condrarian The 911 operator is a nightmare. No empathy at all. Horrifying. @AdamSessler Oh, wow. I can’t imagine.I’m watching The Staircase, about a murder trial in Durham. There’s a lot of really bad stuff in it, but so far the… dogs are all being huge buttheads this week. The big one is stealing the tiny one’s food, the middle one won’t s… Quinto is *so good* in #NOS4A2. He doesn’t play old Charlie Manx as young guy with a raspy voice and shaky… @mistermegative Can someone bring them to you? @armoredrobot Depends on the situation. Unfortunately, the two triggers in this scenario - heat and immobility - ar…
Tastes of Summer | Anthea Butler: Philadelphia's water ice is the most delicious way to stay cool in a sullenly hot…
Retweeted by Susan Arendt @dailylinuxuser @Will_Overgard Oh noI just realized that people get stuck on the subway in blackouts and I can’t think of anything more perfectly tuned… @SmithsonianMag But also @trillwillyB @TwitterGaming Ok, but telllllll me how you did that font! @TwitterGaming Oh. So that’s why you turn a blind eye when women are treated like shit. @andrearene So so happy for you both! Very exciting stuff headed your way. @Mike_Laidlaw I choose to believe he workshopped that in a Denny’s while he was waiting for his order of Moons Over My Hammy.Ok, I get it, he’s going to miss some super obvious song everyone kno— oh, he won. Then I don’t see OH MY GOD, I would like to go back to my country. The one that isn't run by a senile racist. If anyone can figure out… the massive disappointment that was The Golden Circle, I am very here for this. parents are replacing their coffee machine, which is 7 years old. Me: that’s not that old, I have sheets older…
Retweeted by Susan Arendt @Syfyfangrrls I’m Robin’s Band-aid. @mikesuszek But also @mikesuszek Personally, @AmandaFarough Hard same. Suggestion: pillow fort in the living room.Hi friends! I’m launching a Kickstarter tomorrow 🐶 and my feed will be *really loud* about this delightful dog game…
Retweeted by Susan Arendt @KanjiLikesBoys I can go by, but I doubt anyone else could. @JAsanmateo Oh, yes. As soon as the door opens, she looks at you to make sure you’re ok, then wanders back to whate… of the cutest things Bridget does is guard people using the bathroom. She wants to make sure you’re protected d… @gamebits I don’t think I’ll play it again. Or at least not for a long time. I have the Limited Run PS4 edition. @garywhitta Go on... @chadalyx Welp. I followed the “penis cloaks” link. That’s on me.
Watching an episode of CSI where someone slashed someone’s throat by throwing a playing card at them. (It’s possibl… @crecenteb @EricVBailey Yeah, I know. I’m just so tired of people who *want* to be upset.Dude starts complaining about a black woman being Bond. I counter his point with a reasonable observation about h… @jamesmielke Dude! Happy birthday!So I just found this gif while I was looking for something else and friends, I have questions. @sarahthebeef @mistermegative That seam work! @talentedguy2819 @mistermegative @MrAgentStrange As originally created, you’re absolutely right. But the character… @sarahthebeef @mistermegative It’s so unflattering!When the 10AM soundtrack hits 🍃🕙
Retweeted by Susan Arendtwhy cant i play in the abandoned copper mines, mommy
Retweeted by Susan Arendt @aeric90 Yeah.And now we meet in an abandoned studioGee, I wonder if the guy named “Malroth” will turn out to be a bad guy. @sirithre @RoguexStitches This was great! Although it definitely doesn’t capture my xstitch experience, which is mo… @TripleDaddy *chef kiss* @armoredrobot Well holy shit. @TheSpeakman Eh, it’s just a mental exercise. I don’t really think the magic of the original could be recaptured. @armoredrobot Uh...why not? @TLatshaw Kinda, yeah :)
Mr Boddy: Brad Pitt Cop: Morgan Freeman Motorist: Tom Hanks Singing telegram: Lady GagaShamelessly stoke this from @scottEweinberg. Let’s recast Clue! Wadsworth: Michael Sheen Mrs White: Kate McKinnon…