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Historian, EM gender & race; Episc (alt GC21); cats. Women's lives matter. Tweets personal. Gender, Culture and Politics in England, 1560-1640 (2017). she/her

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@SharonH1892 That's an amazing cake. @LDBurnett @school_tales Yes and I'm @Prof_Donegan Growing up in NYC, the landlord was obligated to provide heat between October 15 and April 15. Tough… @historianess Oh, I did these last week and I was so wiped out by them... @LDBurnett @Crosbie1564 @ZacharyLesser Sigh. What I get for using my phone.When a letter to Dead Abby starts “My partner is great but...” you know their partner is not great at all. @drewmckevitt @LDBurnett @LATech Yes, that’s what I was thinking. They assume they will deal with local press, not… @LDBurnett @w7snk @AshaRangappa_ @chronicle @campusreform @LDBurnett @drewmckevitt @LATech I think it’s interesting that they are targeting lesser none, local serving instit… read this important piece by my friend and fellow historian @drewmckevitt, whose college leaders at @LATech
Retweeted by Dr Amussen: end patriarchy & racism @LDBurnett @JLongtorso @AshaRangappa_ Good luck. @KatieEBarclay I think @GarthineW series of articles is the most sustained early modern work. My hunch would be it’… If the GOP really thinks the families of the candidates should be an issue, then lets do it. Let's talk about t…
Retweeted by Dr Amussen: end patriarchy & racism @hagenilda Also a 3. @TenaciousFemnst @melanienewport Yes, this is what they look like. @TenaciousFemnst @melanienewport These are pieces of apple in a donut batter. I haven’t had them often. @rmason717 Weren’t they always? I’ve always been struck b6 how much neighbors know! @melanienewport Hmmmm. The donut place down the street has apple fritters which are divine. Maybe a trip?Always a good day to listen to the Diggers Song. @DrSamiSchalk That sounds delicious! @dvdpeters With difficulty. And lots of zoom drinks. I talk to the cats. And spend time here.I have voted. (There are also important propositions on the ballot. It’s California- the ballot is long!) @MikkiBrock I was just talking to my mother and she was making me even more anxious!This. We need to keep telling the story, and exposing the funding. I don't want them fired, but I do want… is an excellent unpacking of how @campusreform conducts information warfare through selective quotation and ta… @JanetSKWatson Yes, it helps that my brother lives a 4 hour drive away. Goodness knows when we'll next see my sist… @JanetSKWatson I'm thinking mid-2021, but that's only if the right thing happens in 2 1/2 weeks. But I see my moth…
@NicholasGuyatt Yet another source of anxiety for the next few weeks! @mccormick_ted Also, self-contained in terms of the good, while anything bad is external. @Laprofmme @MeghanKRoberts @profmarylewis I mean, it’s crazy. Athletics as a route to college is bad, and people th… @MeghanKRoberts @profmarylewis @Laprofmme You could narrow it down with which colleges have the sport, but... I fel… @LauraGowing Is that different from the VLE? I’m really curious about the language!
@emigre80 I feel so snobby when I think this lacks class. @jbf1755 My mother (age 89) now zooms... still learning. And yes for missing hugs. @erinannmcc And sitting at the bar with someone I'd never talked to before and learning something.The people in this article made me ill. Are your kids happy? That should be the main question.
Retweeted by Dr Amussen: end patriarchy & racism @Historiann @profmarylewis It's just insane. @KatieEBarclay @MtrKDJoyce Oh, I'll remember that for our convention in a few weeks! @activisthistory Oh, Jen. That's so hard. (I mean, getting information from doctors on the phone is always hard, but now...)Voting is your opportunity to be in the room where it happens. Don't throw away your shot:
Retweeted by Dr Amussen: end patriarchy & racism @ChristineDBaker That's quite a double whammy. I hope your mother recovers soon. And 25%? But 33% in history? I'm… went into the editorial manager for the article I'm reviewing, only to learn that I'm reviewer #2. @TallPaulOregon @drvox I think (from what I can tell) that Hillary is in fact just as likeable: but from '92 on she… thought this morning: is the difference between the US and UK usage significant re. "learning management syst… @LDBurnett @campusreform @mn_turn Glad that the College has figured out the right response! @Lady_Historian Finishing does that. @caddington11 @erin_bartram I don't look at the grocery store, but at the farmer's market we have all these (and mu…
Editing the captions is always interesting. @school_tales @SimoneKolysh Ph.D. in early modern British history at US university took 6 years. Majored in histor… @nate_oman @ccjones13 @patrickqmason But this assumes there was one agreed "original public meaning", and one thing… @LDBurnett @tressiemcphd Hoping this all ends quickly. I keep thinking about the word "execution" which sounds so ominous... @jensfnative650 @katieporteroc She is amazing! @jensfnative650 I'm sorry. (And I'll DM you info about my office hours 😉) I always like gossip.Glad to see @LDBurnett's account of her experience at the center of a troll storm. Opinion| Right-Wing Trolls Attac…’ve been doing individual conferences with my students, and the report that I and my fellow faculty in History and… @AndrewGraystone @Psephizo @churchofengland @JustinWelby @CottrellStephen Samuel Seabury, the first US Episcopal bi… this thread reminded me of the epic conversation between @paulapoundstone and Michael Pollan on @waitwait glad that @SavannahGuthrie checked him on this. He's been peddling this repeatedly so let's put it to bed. Th…
Retweeted by Dr Amussen: end patriarchy & racismreally trying to understand why some accounts on here are trying so hard to find ways that trump & biden are simila…
Retweeted by Dr Amussen: end patriarchy & racismOn Nov. 2, Amy Coney Barrett will be a federal judge for 3 yrs, & is being interviewed for a seat on the Supreme Co…
Retweeted by Dr Amussen: end patriarchy & racism
@jenmacramos Also, such high moral standards that she consented to be nominated before her predecessor was buried,… @HistoryCarys @mishaewen Or fonder pleasure? Either would work. @HistoryCarys @mishaewen The second word looks maybe like pleasure? I don’t think the first letter is an “s” @ProfArnoult @DrSKBarker My feline alarm clock went off today at 4:30. @thehistoriann @leighthinks That was descriptive, not prescriptive. But insofar as first name usage obscures the p… cats know what time it is. Good night! @LDBurnett have been offering commentary on the #COVID19 pandemic since February. But many of the wisest observatio…
Retweeted by Dr Amussen: end patriarchy & racism @jjponcevazquez @HDTCallmeDrT @andykesson @neepd Touché @leighthinks My advisor had us first name him when we came up for exams. That's when we became colleagues. @ProfKFH Oh, yeah. My SIL works on the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and it's clear that the Apprentice tapes were wild. But they all have NDAs.My students are just amazing. Also, a colleague just sent me a gift that included wine and chocolate, so I'm good.…
@ShakespeareBT Since when was slugabed not in use? I grew up with it. @joekrulder Well, every few months I would call, and the manufacturer delivered the wrong door twice, & eventually… @joekrulder I once ordered a custom door that took about 3 years... @mnitabach Zoomed-out shortbread @MissJennyofMAKT @70s_party That looks like a Gunne Sax dress, which were expensive (to young me) and I drooled over them. @abfrancois As if interpretation is objective! (Historians screaming...) @Maleficarum76 @DrEricaJohnson @TheTattooedProf @greg_jenner @jackiantonovich @LDBurnett @KevinMKruse @jbf1755 @WillReidWeb @hagenilda There was a place in (IIRC) Martock called "Curl and Die". What is it about hairdressers t… @conversiontales I see it! @megankatenelson This, so much this. (Also, guilty as charged. Even when I write my comments.) @andykesson @neepd No, the 17th C started in 1529 and ended in 1660. Then the 18th C began. @HoustonMargaret Maybe the cat will have an opinion? Or a name already?My story is one that’s tragically shared by so many Americans. It’s a story of gut-wrenching and complicated decis…
Retweeted by Dr Amussen: end patriarchy & racism @LauraGowing @JessicaCapelle @LauraGowing @JessicaCapelle Ice cream on top. It’s probably a US diner thing. @LBiggie16 @RebeccaJShapiro @crystal_b_lake @JackLynch000 Add even 17th C British historians. I mean, we know abou… @LDBurnett @Ben_Alpers @AAUP @AHAhistorians Like all good teaching, you never know what people need to hear! @KB_Neal I'm a great believer in epilogues rather than conclusions, and I often kind of make up what I think happen… @JessicaCapelle Yes. 66. @LDBurnett @Ben_Alpers @AAUP @AHAhistorians This is a classic case of people remembering something you said that yo… @hkellerlapp @nelsonk365 The things I'm learning. That's good, right? @madiaz2 Who says I'm sane?#AcademicTwitter #twitterstorians #teachinginapandemic I've assigned my undergrads (28 students) posters as part o…
@txvoodoo @TxDMV At the DMV, no less! @DrDadabhoy The intellectual vacuity of originalism is mind-boggling.