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Virgins Have Powerful Imaginations.

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A shower, a shave and BORGAR. I'm ready to tackle the day (night) in the living room, this time I can stay up longer thanks to the power of NOT HAVING WORK TOMORROW♪★HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT★♪ My debut EP, “DEAD BEATS” is now available for streaming, everywhere! ✿▿LINK▿✿…
Retweeted by 1373Me, getting like 5 new plot points for my campaign in my head at once:
Retweeted by 1373 Saw this and head to test it out myself! Can't believe Korone has an easter egg in doom et…
Retweeted by 1373Tomorrow is free taco day for me. I got two free tacos due to both my reward and baseball @PsychedCrow World Seriesoh fuck (becomes psychically linked with my crush nine years in the future so he can help me do a sudoku)
Retweeted by 1373Gonna be home alone tonight so after I rehook everything downstairs I'm gonna shower and eat.>"Oh but they had to dub the game surely that justified the wait" Did you know the version of GBVS that SEA regions… might ask me why exactly I own the Japanese and Singapore versions of GBVS but not the American one. Well the J… @Rycaster Danny wrecks it cause Technus possessed it so you're half right. @PasokonGal That's just the magic circuits crackling with mana @Rycaster It didn't help that Danny had A LOT of negativity to go around at that point.
@Rycaster Differing circumstances @oscar_get @Nanohabro As a Ram main I never did much setplay anyway, some people got thrown off by that. Glad to se… @Lupin4thRiko Guess Riko-chan got...BONED @JaysonsRage It's a great idea but adding consumable gacha cards you have to buy was just...not great. @horror_pixel It'd be a good mode if not for the REQ cards. The story is a fucking mess though for sure and anyone… @JaysonsRage The problem is the REQ cardsThe Multiplayer is alright if you avoid Warzone. Avoid the story, it'll make you lose 20 IQ a hole in the recently fixed wall because my sanity is at an all time low todayToday is one of those "my head feels like a sack of bricks and I really don't want to deal with people" kinda days.yang: losing it over this picture of my uncle with my sister
Retweeted by 1373Promare Park. @CPTSKIM @HeyItsKITAMURA @Lukasz_19 @StarTsurugi @SurlyNurseJoy The UN-O System is truly powerful
Retweeted by 1373 @Escap3st @TristisLupus @BitchyAmi Don't forget the same person who made Oreimo looked at that mess and said "WHAT… @JaysonsRage Tomorrow we should try to do Zero Hour Heroic, I think we only really have this week and the next to g… picture isn't from me but it can be useful if you have this dumb quote retweet update on Twitter!…
Retweeted by 1373Today in Dragonball Super: Goku's stupid fucking dumbass bullshit ruins everything @animenyc You're a day late, friend @pynkbites @SurlyNurseJoy @HeyItsKITAMURA @pynkbites @HeyItsKITAMURA @SurlyNurseJoy Only CLAMP thing I ever read was Tsukasa Revenant Wings and I never finished it @SurlyNurseJoy @HeyItsKITAMURA @pynkbites what kind of goddamn families is that friendly for @HeyItsKITAMURA @pynkbites @SurlyNurseJoy It's fine, I'm more shocked by that being a thing than anything @pynkbites @SurlyNurseJoy @HeyItsKITAMURA excuse me what @pynkbites You are adorable and a precious friend of mine @SurlyNurseJoy @pynkbites It's all about phrasing!When you're stuck in the endless nightmare of Silent Hill but you remember that Halloween is 1 minute away
Retweeted by 1373 @Lupin4thRiko I sure hope so, my hazy recollection of JP LB1 is that it gets real fucking bullshit around the point… enter, one leaves @Lupin4thRiko Ok but I promised I'd beat the lost belts and participate if I pulled Sitonai and I pulled Sitonai on… @Rycaster I have some mild control over my dreams, not to the level of lucidity but I always seem to eject before a nightmare revs up @Lupin4thRiko I am half way through LB1. I fucking hate story locks @HeyItsKITAMURA The shark come at ya and says "a" and gets a billion subs @SnarkyShion @Code_Nova_0 Ah. Well good riddance. I still have several gigabytes I can't get freed up because their… @Code_Nova_0 I guess cause En Masse are fucking shit. @Code_Nova_0 Yeah, Naddic Games are re-releasing it on new servers with a new client. You get rewards if you transf… @Code_Nova_0 Hey so good news, CLOSERS is being re-released by not fucking En Masse @watsonameliaEN
Retweeted by 1373Source: @watsonameliaEN
Retweeted by 1373YES OF COURSE YOU FUCKING MORON A SINGLE LEGENDARY SHIELD MEANS WE CAN TOTALLY RUN INTO A FIGHT WITH LIKE 12 PEOPLE… @Kiyobi People are dickbags~>Apex match going decently, even got a vault key >Ping teammates to take the jump tower with me so we can crack the…
Retweeted by 1373 @Escap3st @PasokonGal Alchemy 'o ClockI'll probably get the DLC Friday when I pre-order Kamen Rider MoH.Sled on, Cagliosled @PasokonGal The world's cutest alchemist @PasokonGal She'll probably mock you as she steps on you with an incredibly smug expression. @PasokonGal That's Cagliostro for you @ZetKarute @SnarkyShion I'd assume for an entire session at least @SageWolfZenith .w.rkgk grim reaper
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@softchassis @SurlyNurseJoy Too/BigCommission for @EpicLinkSam More kamen rider crossovers #仮面ライダーシンフォギア #symphogear
Retweeted by 1373 No it's not download the VN
Retweeted by 1373Now I am in bed.Had two close calls at the DMV today prevented by forward thinking. I needed that pink inspection slip and I happen… @Lupin4thRiko EoR was a side story, Lost Belt is main story.FIRST PULL HOLY SHIT GUESS I HAVE TWO LOST BELTS TO DO's weird, while I fear death I also feel my sense of self-preservation is about on the level of Hino Eiji. @Rycaster @Delibird444 Yeah I was gonna say that it's hard to sleep because the existential dread visits me wheneve… night is an existential crisis and if a weed gummy can make that go away I'd eat a whole fucking tub of them a night @Rycaster @Delibird444 Does CBD help with keeping the thoughts about time slowly ticking away behind me and having… @Rycaster If she has expressions in the rig but rarely uses them it may be for comedic effect. You know, the discon… @Rycaster That is a limitation of the software and possibly the Live2D rig as well. Usually in order to change expr… @KaroshiMyriad SecondedYou might wonder why I still use Argonaut Bell in my party and the answer is because he gets a Combo with Shido whi… hell yes they finally added this to the digest @StellaNoxEclair Here, this is what I use to get around. I'm on Leviathan and the City-Stat… @StellaNoxEclair I bring it up because FFXI is very old school in how it does things, and as such very little gets… @StellaNoxEclair Psst, what server are you planning to be on. There's a free login campaign so I can access the gam… this pretty much while watching Mori and Kiara's debut stream but forgot to post it :^) (Only did the characte…
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Retweeted by 1373 @Rycaster What did you have in mind?The stage belongs to a new CSM now! More info coming soon! #KamenRider
Retweeted by 1373 @Adoratroll @CasualClau I still want to get into game development! @softchassis The Chefclub exclusively work in the Gluttonous layer of Hell making dishes that would make Epic Meal… @Alberio Yes. @Zerglinator "Who's joking?" @Adoratroll The maniacs are gonna sell a CSM Kachidoki Arms Lockseed that comes with the fucking DJ Gun Sword. I'm… is the food they serve in hell. @Adoratroll DON'T SAY NO, JUST LIVE MORE【お知らせ】 ユグドラシル・コーポレーションから 新たなプロダクトのお知らせです。 2020年10月25日(日) 「CSMプロジェクト・アーク」始動。 CSM戦極ドライバー and more... ※詳細は当日の情報解禁までお…
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