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Writer of things for the page and screen. Editor at @nytopinion @nytimes. My book WHISTLEBLOWER is in stores now! (Tweets delete)

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@CaitlinPacific 😭 @loudmouthjulia I’ve been having this problem since I upgraded to Catalina and nothing fixes it. It drives me nuts.
@rachsyme @emilynussbaum And Trey 😂 @rachsyme @emilynussbaum Also lmao at house 2, the funniest house. Skipper, pee guy, and Smith Jerry Jerrod all in… @rachsyme @emilynussbaum Steve would never quarantine in a penthouse though! He’d be miserable which would defeat the whole point! @emilynussbaum @rachsyme And Richard Wright!!! I cannot!! @rachsyme It’s a work of art @rachsyme I cannot stop laughing at this 😂 @rachelsklar I don’t remember Joseph King of Dreams having anything scary in it though, so that might be a good one to watch instead! @rachelsklar I love it but it has people killing babies so it is a bit scary @JessicaHuseman @netflix I am taking this to The Hague. @byjoelanderson This is so true. Chili’s is so good. I recently re-appreciated it and now I miss it.
@jdesmondharris 😂the prestige (2006)
Retweeted by Susan FowlerThe Hugo Awards are the most prestigious award in the science fiction genre, honouring literature and media as well…
Retweeted by Susan Fowler @ratracegrad Appt with DoctorAlso, it feels very weird to share this via social media but somehow less weird than writing a ton of weirdly perso… @ebruenig She’s so cute it’s illegal @mariskreizman Thank you Maris!! ❤️ @sarahbuhr I’m totally fine! It’s mostly just annoying and frustrating because I have to be separated from the husband and toddler 😭Hi friends! I have been sick for a little while and am awaiting my coronavirus test results. I will be totally fi…’s my take: write write write write write! And if the novels suck, so what? Tons of crappy novels come out all… conspiracy theory about all the people complaining about pandemic novels and telling everyone not to write pande… Alice!!!!! am all for scrutinizing politicians' finances but the "Trump is recommending hydroxychloroquine because he has a…
Retweeted by Susan FowlerYes, patients do recover from #COVID19 #ARDS. And yes, my #ICU team does do an #extubation dance every time we libe…
Retweeted by Susan Fowler @4evrmalone Also I need merediths pants @4evrmalone Ive been screaming the whole time and I’m only two episodes in @blm849 btw I have a package of books for you! it is sitting in my office waiting for the world to go back to norma… @blm849 They are the dumb ones @4evrmalone Okay, boom, I’m jumping in.... @4evrmalone Wait what season is this??? I am in forced isolation and need something to watch. I will watch it with you!This piece needs more puppet photos and details. I would watch this horror movie.
Just awful :( @AngieCoiro Same!!Yes @RitaWilson!!! Wilson, who has recovered from COVID-19, belted out the National Anthem on Sunday ahead of NASCAR's iRacing Pr…
Retweeted by Susan Fowler @iFrankAbney So amazing! @CarolineMoss greatest movie @ebruenig I...would eat these right now... @stuartathompson This is amazing @stuartathompson Pulitzer @SarahNEmerson it's so amazing!! @stephaniedk96 This is fantastic:
@AlmBardy A city near San FranciscoAlso there have been block parties in the neighborhood. It's infuriating.Two days ago a woman in my neighborhood effectively cornered my family as we were walking on the sidewalk and refus… piece by my colleague @eleanorbarkhorn. STAY AWAY FROM OTHERS WHEN YOU'RE OUTSIDE, PEOPLE!"We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our f… @rhbBSE @HuffPost they do forced redirects to malicious websites and it hijacks your browser. it's like that "congr… @rhbBSE @HuffPost yeah the point is that these things don't get caught in adblockers, that is why i am pissedCan't believe I have to waste hours of my life today resetting my phone after the weirdest string of pop-ups and sp…“They’re really pinched,” Margaret Atwood said of writers now facing canceled book tours. “People are scrambling ar…
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@knguyen 😂 @knguyen the mid-90's would be ideal lol. things were reasonably lighthearted then? right? @knguyen but it's also so lighthearted that it feels weird for it to exist in this time @knguyen haha yes! it's a wild ride @stealthygeek Yeah, I think that's the right call. Plus I'm so sick of thinking/talking/writing about the pandemic.I wrote a book that was supposed to take place during 2020 and 2021 and now I am wondering if I should revise it to… reminder that when companies that intentionally ship malware and exploits to their users get caught, they…
Retweeted by Susan Fowler*Google hangouts, skype, facetime, whatsapp video, or, better yet, a phone/signal call!Somehow we all somehow collectively forgot all the problems with Zoom and now we have this crap. DON'T USE ZOOM.… @stevemullis @robwhart @nkjemisin @marthawells1 omg thank you!!! @ebruenig same ughthis new homeland season is so good 😭
@amelapay He looks so much like Claudia!!
I used the neural net GPT-2 to generate some April Fools pranks. conveniently they're all pranks you play on yours…
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@daiwaka My toddler loves duolingo. It's not specifically for kids but she likes to do it with me.[New York circa 1919, middle of the Spanish Flu Pandemic] PUBLICIST: Hey! I know it's a weird and scary time, but…
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Ok this is a very weird request but I need this movie and cannot find it anywhere! Anyone know how I can watch/find… normally avoid explicitly political posts, but Congress recessing now (House last week, Senate today) is a shocki…
Retweeted by Susan Fowleromg our favourite family have returned to bbc world news
Retweeted by Susan FowlerHere are some of the things keeping me sane right now: 1. @alomoves - amazing yoga classes 2. @c25kfree - run ar… is so broken right nowQuarantining at home with two tiny kids when your job requires that you read and write about a devastating global p…
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@bethanyshondark I have a similar regret. Why did I not buy any sweets??Everyone should read this right now: @Rainesford Oh no, I'm so sorry. I hope your mom is okay!!WHY DO WE STILL NOT HAVE WIDESPREAD, READILY AVAILABLE CORONAVIRUS TESTING2. “A lot of screenwriting is just really kind of disciplined daydreaming. It’s like you’re trying to put together…
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@coolgrey This is great! Thank you!Unsettling pandemic habit thought: disinfecting all groceries and washing all produce with soap and water and not k…
sending a bunch out on monday - if you would like one, dm me! @SopanDeb 🎉🎉🎉🎉 also, me working at the times is the twist nobody ever sees coming loloh man @susanthesquark’s “whistleblower” is an outstanding book. just flew the heck through it.
Retweeted by Susan Fowler @SopanDeb omg thank you so so much!!“With all the coronavirus patients, we’ve had to restrain them. When you’re in that mindstate... you’ll try to rip…
Retweeted by Susan FowlerShoutout to all the parents juggling watching the kids and working at the same time. We will survive. I don't know how, but we will!Wow it's a bad time to have to exercise outside. My allergies 🤧
@christinathink I sent a bunch to other countries but ran out of international stamps @alicegoldfuss omg this is so coolThis is the town that reported Italy's first death. A new study says they've stopped the epidemic there, cold. Ho…
Retweeted by Susan FowlerPeople keep asking me how life under "shelter in place" is going here in the Bay. It's going exactly the way your l…
Retweeted by Susan Fowler @TimHerrera Omg hope you are okay, get well soon 🙏♥️
@alex IT'S SO GOOD!!! @MarkVee10 Yay!! @hiretechladies @midnightartist I do! Will send you an email later today! @JessicaKRoy That's awful. I'm so sorry. Sending you love ♥️The signed bookplates have been a big hit, so I bought more US stamps and notecards to send along with them! If yo… @AparnaAswani Yay I'm so glad it reached you! Thank you so much for reading!! ♥️