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lil jon vs t pain makes absolutely NO sense.shoulda been Scott Storch vs Jim Jonsin & Mannie Fresh vs DJ Paul & Juicy JWe had Young Dro “Shoulder Lean”
Retweeted by Su$h! Ceej @stevozone4_ @OGxTP scott’s can’t stand nowhere near mannie’s. these folks hell @RealKashii neptunes can only go against ye or timbo. only fair match up. either way they win though. nobody beating them @SpreeWilson yea i’m officially too old for this shit. they got itJust saw a tweet that said “Back that Azz Up” wasn’t a hit when it dropped and is only popular because of social me…
Retweeted by Su$h! Ceej @RealKashii they certainly do. idgaf bout numbers or “hits”. pharrell & the neptunes can’t be mentioned in the same… still a clown. i’m outLMFAO 🤦🏼‍♂️ match ups not making sense. they gotta tighten up.LMAO STOP That Ass Up & Bling Bling killing any 2 songs Scott Storch produced. and no he didn’t produce Cry Me A River. try again. @EsskraLoaded man such a cornball @RealKashii you too young for this one brolol stop storch didn’t produce that. L no dimension or other universe is scott storch fuckin with mannie fresh. never. @OGxTP @OGxTP timbo produced cry me a river. scott helped write it smh
“toosie slide” bout to be the biggest song in the world easily. proud of you @TheRealYvngQuan ! you outta here @EsskraLoaded 100% . fuck that dude & every song he ever made. ima miss “I wish” forever but it’s ovw for bruh in my book @charlieINTEL we need to be able to disable crossplay on xbox ! @HiggoUK 😂🤣 @PRINCETHEGREAT smfh @JackmasterATL and the bad boys II pistons w chauncey rip tashaun sheed & big ben are the second most underrated! my fav team of all time @snubdogg one of my fav verses of all time smh that man used to go crazy😤😤😤😤😤!
Retweeted by Su$h! Ceejthis remix i’m workin on for @ChildishMajor “wife you” is crazy 💃🏾🕺🏼 @SushiCeej playing the old loloU tape right now this was a wave 🌊🌊
Retweeted by Su$h! Ceej
@maddladtroy wtf did I just watch @abra happy birthday mama! @sushiboymexxico @OriginalFani 😂 @OriginalFani lmfao wyatt ass trippin hard cuh @brandometry @nypostsports 🙌🏼🙏🏼 @nickdierl this shit is CRAZY
@YoungCorey excuse you sir! @AleSharpton hahaha sour beers my new obsession. def an acquired taste @AleSharpton bruv! when we’re free from this madness let’s go out for sour beers!this is one of the worst lists i’ve seen in a while @domallcaps smoking rocks @thechrismendez @ReniSantelises bro I screamed @ReniSantelises LMFAOimportant @mindofadragon are you ever releasing that dave hollister favourite girl dub? that one bangs!We need this @mindofadragon Gabriel dub
Retweeted by Su$h! CeejThe Neptunes vs Everybody
Retweeted by Su$h! Ceej @maddladtroy ready to die best rap album imo but I ain’t care for life after death so I can dig it
@shegonsuck 🐐 @domallcaps studio equipment 100% @C_Will @treasurefingers so goodmissing you so much today @aubsceneone words can’t explain how much I love you. forever my best friend.
Trios is ruining friendships I swear we need quads @CallofDuty
Retweeted by Su$h! Ceejbeen craving a sour beer but 2 weeks with no alcohol got me feelin is 14 days in the crib & I have to say... this is the happiest & most productive i’ve been in at least a year.What time the Cassidy vs Russ beat battle tonight?
Retweeted by Su$h! Ceejhappy birthday to the goat 🙌🏼 @019dexter they turnt out there @WE_ARE_HXV @JackmasterATL @C_Will @therealelp gotta peep this! my first time hearing about it @brandometry was bangin this earlier. dumb fye
@SangoBeats The Streets - Original Pirate Materialcopped! mpc next! @C_Will 8.99 😳😳😳 @ConductaUK @kiwirekords let’s have it!!!! @jammerbbk ok safe. gonna check it. I copped the roland tr-8 too @jammerbbk which one bro? mpc ting? @TrapMoneyBenny ugh go away @JoeFreshgoods @Chuckisdope 10 hrs. light work fellas. i’m a bingey ass dude 😂 @mookmanshawty tellin ya! @EsskraLoaded I gotta go w 5. but 4 is a close secondMonday Night Brewing “Currant Events” Orpheus “Nothing Left To Give“ Victory “Sour Monkey”
Retweeted by Su$h! Ceejhim & meanie from shop boyz 100%. 2008 !
this pollen out here is fuckin GROSS. @OGxTP lol you scratched his email out. you a better man than melmfao 🤦🏼‍♂️😂 🔥 @SangoBeats absolutely. and for the record I wish I wasn’t like this smh @itjustneeks bless!!#1 reason I retired from producing rap music @PRINCETHEGREAT lmfao @itjustneeks which one? @T_u_c_k_3_r 🙏🏼 @MoMa_Ready check dm my guybored with fl studio. want to get into using hardware. what’s the most essential things I should look into getting?… @LIGHTSKINMAC11 nobody harassing that man lol he posted a beat & it was ass. folks letting him know to do better 🤷🏼‍♂️ @LIGHTSKINMAC11 lmao that man could never beat my assmy bruv @stixjams snapping billups steve nash jason williams lebron kyrie already did that bro.
Retweeted by Su$h! Ceej @jerreau @DjOSH_KOSH a classic @brandometry dude is so wack smh @patthemanager absolutely killing it in season 3 of true detectiveASS 👎🏼 @XavierBLK @ArrrtAddict @MsJaimeePaige @BigJerryClark @GeorgeFoster72 @TMikaMouse @Bighugh53 @KarlousM @_slimm_3
@DjPrettybOyTank @70sluvchild 🙏🏼💙👼🏾 @WristFlickPMo @mookmanshawty @Icdamoney wow @SushiCeej @mookmanshawty @Icdamoney All A+++
Retweeted by Su$h! Ceej @WristFlickPMo @mookmanshawty @Icdamoney boy I used to be in echelon not seeing straight. drunk ain’t the word @LIGHTSKINMAC11 yes! watch Dog Day Afternoon when you’re done