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i am rissa off line and a stranger on line

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u guys gotta try dating someone thats actually nice to you it’ll change ur life i promise like look at me im not fu…
Retweeted by 🦋⃤ rissa from offline @_notyrvalentine yaaaa that does not seem fun. sounds good!! @_notyrvalentine Ok intriguing, this is wild. If you need any help finding research on whatever (or immunologists w… @_notyrvalentine Whoa how did u develop that if u dont mind answering?i can read my own tweet? damn thats crazy. goodnight me<3u know who should go to bed? the girl reading this<3 @dettahon no!!!! @whoahannahjo @its_saydi_here @Skoog boioooioioiiing
@KylePlantEmoji i love these reminders @GianmarcoSoresi ? tweet describes every single day on this bird app @arizonablueme A lot of ppl really like Behind the Bastards @TheHyyyype Get em hype man @dripothee u know too much @DstoeckerS Lmfao it really did happen and i did say “i want to physically fight you” and then backtracked like 10… @Skoog That’s one way to play cornhole! @2kool2kat There’s a makeover video on youtube where she puts her hair down and she looks so cute!!! I wish she wou… so good you start saying really weird shit and after it happens you have to come to terms with the fact that yo… @yik3sbitch He really is :(((((( 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @GrainPerson YOU’RE the giant rat that makes all of da rules... @Shenaniglenns Hav headache cant play @wh0re4amour yessss they r the best @_chelleshock @redditships this was incredible and your barn owl tattoo is dope. thank u for the brain clean<3
🤡🍟🍔100k special 🍔🍟🤡 world's largest entertainment mcdonald's / "epic mcdonald's" (1976) orlando, fl active (reno…
Retweeted by 🦋⃤ rissa from offline @hxc_clam grr... woof... bark??? @abernothing man. @Keally22 Meanwhile our texts are literally just “which soap will save the earth” and “does this symptom mean i am… stop imagining how much my life would be improved by an incredibly fluffy cat @2Saddington Hayley ur mind is an escher painting @Mas0nj4r Rat mode!!! @DstoeckerS Omg that’s so cute i love that for yall 🥺Waking up next to someone you care about is fun because you get to drape your body over their body like slinky lil naked mole rats @Coll3enG Love to tweet my thoughts about rodents onlinr! @flo_diti_shit Hello here is an offer i will literally ft u to drink coffee in the morning and talk about cashews cuz bro same lol @loganbarrybush I think they should just kiss and make delicious little cashew almond babies @bocxtop prances i specifically made this tweet to bully u, u r literally playing right into my hand rnCashews are some moon shaped little bitchesthis is twitter
Retweeted by 🦋⃤ rissa from offline @Skoog SKOOG TIME @notsuzal Fr @flo_diti_shit I am listening 👂🏼 @Coll3enG Canes wouldve won if more places had it and i stand by this
@ketki_pandit No I definitely meant concave @BigTucsonDad this just unlocked a hidden brain cell in my head wtf @sgtballsvevo the tolerant left? thank god it did, it's time to bully <3 @sgtballsvevo holy shit hahahahahah"you've reached your free article limit" ok then i will simply stop reading @CatOkayest @nadjadrost The second part answers that and follows up, here's the link @Shenaniglenns I'm not relieved I'm out of things to tweet lolI just had an incredible encounter. Our doorbell rang, so I opened the window to look below to the front stoop. Wh…
Retweeted by 🦋⃤ rissa from offline @Klovar i've been lying to the timeline for days. it was time to come cleanConfession: my butt is neither concave nor massive. It is very much medium. And that's ok! @okiecorri BEAUTIFULdoes anyone want to be in love so we can split rent
Retweeted by 🦋⃤ rissa from offline
@chinesegon LMFAO @lincnotfound so true bestie @sarahschauer u never miss. u literally never ever miss @CapriCornyCait the sparkles omg YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NO BODY ELSEEE @hermanbotha4 Thank u o7 @ah_llama each tweet is about a different buttcheek 😌 @okiecorri Yes you are baby!!!! My ceiling brushing queen!!!! @goddammitsarah they rlly let me say anything on this app @okiecorri @CapriCornyCait omgggg my throuple 😍we live in a society @okiecorri you've seen it a lot tonight in my lil among us space suit when u killed me from behind <3I love having a pixar mom ass, just an absolutely cpixar mom with BBL ass, held together by my hamstrings and tailb… @yik3sbitch ok points were made. @Keally22 REAL. RECOGNIZE. REAL. BABY.As a severe hypochondriac every single day I get more and more pissed that I can’t just shove a flash drive in my e…
Retweeted by 🦋⃤ rissa from offline @D4DDYL0NGD1CK69 ur life is fr a coming of age movie @Keally22 real recognize real baby!!!!! @bread_gein SUCH GOOD NAMES
@Quantum_King_ Iroh nation rise... @hxc_clam No. @Coll3enG @hxc_clam I’ll punch u back man @mrmatthouse LMFAOO @efizzysnaps @flo_diti_shit U were before ur time king 😔 @mrmatthouse Little do they know i use pics from 4 years and keep my behind hidden for this reason 😊 they cannot pe… @flo_diti_shit This is the most ***** thing i’ve ever heard hahahahaa @eff_yeah_steph Omg last year i developed occipital neuralgia that comes and goes and it suuuucks. I hope yours goe… @benicus_rex *inhales* OOOODDDIIIIIINNNN 🥰🥰🥰if it’s such a “quick apply” then why do i have to submit my resume and then fill in my work experience u stupid lying ass bi-
Retweeted by 🦋⃤ rissa from offline @jonestm97 Lol wait I always say this in my head I’m so glad someone else thinks this!! Acab 😊 🐈‍⬛ @JackWilliamRtF The amount of projection in these tweets could power a thousand elementary school classrooms ❤️this is why we need vision in universal health care
Retweeted by 🦋⃤ rissa from offline @MILFWEEED U can take the girl out of the illinois but u cant take the illinois out of the girl... @guo_away Omg rip lol. Well at least u have all those beautiful pants anyway 😌 @guo_away If u want a butt do hip thrusts and leg lifts! @bretcontreras has rlly good tipsI love having no ass, just an absolutely concave plane, held together by my hamstrings and tailbone, doing gods wor… @TheHyyyype This image exactly lol @aubviouslynot WJust wanted to share this
Retweeted by 🦋⃤ rissa from offline @taylordurden01 Hey just fyi for the future, dental schools and low cost clinics can help a looot with the cost of…
@crocfanpage Please do!! @crocfanpage Literally me hi please take all my cardboard @jazz_inourpants I want my brain to be shaped like his brain @Shenaniglenns When u turned 20 that’s called turning Glennty