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John Sutton @SuttonProfessor Sydney, New South Wales

Cricket, music, memory, skill, cognitive humanities, distributed cognition, remembering together. Prof of cog science, Macquarie Uni in Sydney.

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@Cricket_Ali @gigHaWatt Yes there was doubt, for the naked eye first up real time, on each. System working well all round. @CeliaHeyes interesting wee book on the history of this research from a different humanities world, by Ruth Leys, f…
and overview here start of play from Nasser Hussain by this from Holding, again so eloquent version here: has been at the heart of colonial violence. It remains deeply marked by racism and injustice. Powerful, cle…
1/6 My latest #research paper on #retweeting is out, and here's an open access link to it. The main question I ask…
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@NeuroYogacara @bicksnpieces yes! this one may be too hopeful @NeuroYogacara @bicksnpieces Ed Hutchins still has great material on his teaching website that will give some hints… @NeuroYogacara Cognitive (auto)ethnography, help the students learn to observe, document, analyse, and describe cog… @anthony_mcgowan absolutely agree, it is now barely worth noting, so good there need be no hint of avoidance or sha… @ArcensD @theramsaycentre time for my regular macbath now, chortling @matthewcobb @smellosopher @rmathematicus looking forward to this one! much on the quick and nimble fleeting animal spirits?
@wesbuc @SteveMDownes Bunnahabhain's also the most stunningly beautiful remote spot to visit, of all the glorious Islay distilleries
@SteveMDownes @wesbuc and Bunnahabhain ...Congrats @QiWang_Cornell, this is brilliant news for memory research! Best wishes to you and this wonderful journal…
someone will remember us I say even in another time
Retweeted by John Sutton @jonathannajens1 there is considerably more historical, cross-cultural, and cross-linguistic variability over 'mind… @jonathannajens1 yes, and all may also founder on the difficulty (and, perhaps, the unimportance?) of specifying ju… @jonathannajens1 @felipedebrigard the Churchlands are steeped in talk of (neurocomputational) representational stat… @jonathannajens1 as opposed to what - no to mental *states*, yes to mental processes? no to the dispositional mind,… decision-making, anticipation, sport, that rich overlap between technique and the mental game - really l…
Rarely say this but... think you should read this. Writing it shocked me. Huge respect for all who took part…
Retweeted by John Sutton @jeanburgess @nancybaym you are so welcome Jean, it was a pleasure to whip through it, enjoying the lovely hard cop… great twitter biography by @jeanburgess and @nancybaym was fab for me as a newbie, and is full of rich user ex…
@thestephmerritt Michael Pye, The Drowning Room; Jeanette Winterson, The Passion @thestephmerritt someone must've said Pynchon, Mason & Dixon ... then, Marina Warner's Indigo; Andrew Greig's Fair Helen @thestephmerritt Lawrence Norfolk, In the Shape of a Boar @thesonicyouthha, classic loss of lyrics confidence: pasting online lyrics for @leeranaldo's heartbreaking, driven 'Mote', I thou… your PhD thesis in 4 books you so much @leeranaldo @nowjazznow too!'are you gonna liberate us girls from male white corporate oppression?' Goo turned 30! 30 years nursed hard by…
@CountyChamp None given? Maybe two/ three woulda been out on review? Some tough calls there, who'd be an umpire?!memories terribly leaked away
Retweeted by John Sutton @SarahKRobins @jonathannajens1 I would love to see it too Sarah!
so sad to hear this, thank you Paul for the news - Anders Ericsson was a great, inspiring expertise researcher, esp… of our greatest, on dimensions of analysis, writing, and bookcases alike co-authors and I have made a decision on our recent Psych Science publication. See our statement below. Though w…
Retweeted by John Suttonalso on spotify, apple podcasts, iTunes, etcEpisode 10 is out! Reality Testing: Love and Loss, in the Philosophy of Psychoanalysis podcast with Doris McIlwain.…
while the Kate Greenaway medal for children's illustrated fiction goes to Australian artist Shaun Tan for Tales of the Inner CityWonderful news to wake to, that my friend and cricketing teammate @anthony_mcgowan has won the Carnegie Medal, the… @jasonintrator @m_j_kremer yes ... or, a rough hope and even expectation that things - feelings, thoughts, actions,…
@SRHAstraea @Adamdbulley @Lynne_Kelly @DorsaAmir @salonium @Kelly_Kirkland_ @flxsosa @emmahudsondoyle @andrealala89 researchers (eg sport, music, performance, tech) - newsletter out now from @CEPET_MQ! Enjoy, and sign up…
@rachelefraser ha, Mental Representation not 'Reresentation' ... although, ... @rachelefraser Deb Brown's two sharp, hilarious, brilliantly-executed interventions in naturalistic phil of mind &… @WilliamGeorgeQ @birchlse @Adamdbulley @lyn_tribble @ProfSteveBrown @MerjaPolvinen @AndrewBuskell ha! does Bell discuss Spring-Heeled Jim? @birchlse @lastpositivist @johannamthoma1 @emilytwrites @KKovaka @SteveMDownes @Seb_Falk Great set! Yes dammit my u… @AndrewBuskell @architraved @Edge_metron @aleshaporisky @emmpask @CommunicatMind @ehatmat My wonderful PhD student… @AndrewBuskell @architraved @Edge_metron @aleshaporisky @emmpask @CommunicatMind @ehatmat wow @AndrewBuskell great… @Ben_Wisden aargh, Ponting's run out!!! Just checked, coulda sworn we were closer than 2/217 chasing 546 ... I reme… @birchlse @Adamdbulley @lyn_tribble @WilliamGeorgeQ @ProfSteveBrown @MerjaPolvinen @AndrewBuskell @birchlse the six… @MerjaPolvinen @Escogar @SariPolvinen @EvaJohannaH @randy_fromm @MariaSalenius @markosuomi very neat @MerjaPolvinen! How is Always North?
@Adamdbulley have you seen this one? love to hear your take, I am only soon about to get stuck in @Adamdbulley thank you for the tag hmm #6books6people: the six on my table/ desk, 2 finished, 3 in progress, 1 f… @AidanJohnMoffat @Tim_Burgess just brilliant, thank you @AidanJohnMoffat and @M_Middleton_UK for all that, and… - toughest sweetest central belt stories of crimes to the heart #TimsTwitterListeningParty @AidanJohnMoffat @PaulPmcdaniel or in 'Pulled'? - same heartbreaking intensity, same pishtime options? @mnewington 'there's this other kiss' #TimsTwitterListeningParty @AidanJohnMoffatI only found the video last night for Here We Go, it catches it @AidanJohnMoffat #TimsTwitterListeningPartyHere we go. Set for Philophobia! #TimsTwitterListeningParty with @AidanJohnMoffat @M_Middleton_UK of Arab Strap @laetitia_mavrel @Tim_Burgess @M_Middleton_UK @AidanJohnMoffat @LlSTENlNG_PARTY also works at 7am here in New South Wales @curtsmith 'and something on your mind/ became a point of view' ... could not be more apt for our times @curtsmith side 2 @curtsmith @Tim_Burgess @Tim_Burgess @tearsforfears @curtsmith Hat Head, mid-north coast NSW, Australia, 6am Monday, enlarging my world wit…
@SocialHistoryOx Kenelm Digby
Latest in our #memorystudies book series: C19 practices of remembering, from India to Germany to South Africa, from… @Susanna_Forrest Sutton on the Dock of the Bayall from here, give yourself the pleasure of a couple of hours with @NTSonline here, you won't regret joyous sad lockdown fun for a top night? #ScenesForSurvival, magical short Scots works: tough love & hope w/…'expert surgeons compensate for a visuomotor perturbation more rapidly than naive controls ... minimally invasive… surgeons' skills in maintaining motor precision across rapid changes in perspective or camera rotations in m…
'I wanna shake people up so bad ...' yes! such power goddamn ... Can't you see it/ Can't you feel it/ It's all in the air ... Oh but this whole country is f… a book has to be quite good to be better than twitter, at times like these, right? @Lloyd_Cole 'and in the streets it becomes children singing' ... they can conjure a wee narrative distance from not… is history and historiography.
Retweeted by John Sutton"Statues aren't about remembering history. They are about memorialisation." @DavidOlusoga in our debate on statues…
Retweeted by John SuttonArtist Jason deCaires Taylor, wow
Tear down all the statues. Memory is contestation
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and then their classic German Girl (1996) Who Loved Her/ Raining Pleasure of @TheTriffids, try The Paradise Motel, stunning band 1994-98 and 2010 on, their debt explicit in extraordina… straight now to this glorious sequence from Love in Bright Landscapes, Red Pony/ Raining Pleasure/ Hell of a…'t want to drink at home again tonight ... Tender is the Night is the best closer ... *thank you* @TheTriffids are not seeing any visions/ you are not freeing any people from prison @TheTriffids #TimsTwitterListeningParty my memory's shot @TheTriffids #TimsTwitterListeningParty's been a hell of a summer ... @TheTriffids #TimsTwitterListeningParty use memory covered in estuary silt? @TheTriffids #TimsTwitterListeningParty we are, it's just getting light ... settling for Sunday brekkie with the stunning, life-enhancing Born Sandy…
2020'These days, the Byrne character wouldn’t giggle at “those people down there” from the airplane window — he’d inter… of a divided nation? The Big Country, wow closer of More Songs About Buildings & Food, 'I have learned how t… @Tim_Burgess @Tim_Burgess we will! Stay hungry, stay hungry, stay hungry/ Move a muscle ... Here's that rhythm agai…