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Mom of 3, Maureen’s daughter, Tom’s wife, San Franciscan. I rep Westside Dems and often lead justice efforts and/or the electric slide. On good days, both.

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If anyone could conceivably describe my organizational behavior as “radical incompetence” I simply would not attemp…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩“King did not respond when I asked if severance packages were contingent upon signing NDAs.” Hmmm.
I see you San Francisco. ❤️ Friday.
Devastating loss for our city. Thank you @honeymahogany and all of the owners who fought so hard to keep The Stud o… is a rescue from the @sfspca. But it kinda feels like he rescued us. #NationalRescueDogDay #biglove
I am delighted to shout out Tom Loftus at any opportunity. Tonight is Taco Tuesday at our house- I will make sure t…
Courtesy of Maureen. ❤️ @SalimZymet Absolutely. He’s already trending so, be ready to elevate ridiculous levels of cute. 🤣Breaking news: The Loftus family, after years of deliberation & consultation with experts (canine & human) took the…
Grace is living her best life. A bowl of chili, a cup of tea and the Sunday funnies. I love watching her hold a ne…
👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 your brother-in-law/teacher Zooms in from NY to help your 5th grader with her math homework. My blood pressure…
Devastating and unimaginable loss. Getting to know Courtney through his tweets and messages from friends and family…
The music tho. #LastDance
Hey SF tweeps! Do you have journalism experience? Do you give a damn about Muni, BART, and other SF transportatio…
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Today Public Health Officers announced an extension of the Stay Home order through May. We do expect some lower-r…
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Big thanks goes to @hknightsf & @peterhartlaub for giving us a reason to dress up & have a bit of fun. While we nee… @hknightsf Family island alive and well in Casa Loftus. What a movie! ❤️ #totalsf #sf’m not crying. You’re crying. #totalsf #SFRuinsPizza @hknightsf Feels like Riley is walking through an alley in Hayes Valley on her route to runaway. Ivy or Rose Street? #totalsf #SFRuinsPizza @hknightsf Sadness turned to joy in the fort. #TotalSF #SFRuinsPizza @suzyloftus danced on my podcast and now this. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 #TotalSF #SFRuinsPizza
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩 @hknightsf Disgust, Anger and Sadness in the house. And yes, our guinea pig is dressed as a sadness orb. Because 20… love @mindykaling and I happen to have a green wig, so looks like I’m gonna be ‘Disgust‘ tonight. Blanket fort c…
Good news alert: Parks & Rec Special is happening. Leslie Knope is going to make everything better. America needs… you Westside Dems for electing me to represent you on our @SFDemocrats. I was proud to be sworn in tonight -…
.@JoeBiden I accept but I’m a completely unqualified tv personality. Are you sure I shouldn’t be president?
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Who’s gonna tell him?
My delivery order from @efnypizza came with a free bag of microwave popcorn and red vines. Omg. I feel so seen.…
In the City of St. Francis, our neighbors are demonstrating that in giving, we receive. Please let me know the many… in our neighborhood are showing us every day how to come together and support each other. Wherever you are,… @FitzTheReporter @EskSF Like @esksf, his son is making an important commentary. Commercials are actually the worst.
Washing your hands is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and others from illness. Here…
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McDonalds Burger King Pizza Hut Duncan Donuts Wendy's Taco Bell Subway None give their workers paid sick leave.…
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“And I had to think a lot about where is the best place for me to go to keep fighting those fights because those pr…
Get out and vote today and make your voice heard! Good luck to my pals on the ballot including the current and for…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Never miss the opportunity for a good trans pun ;) I hope you will vote for me and my slatemates @katanderson111,…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Mood. #supertuesday 🔥 agree @JaniceForBART, my kids are the best. Thanks for showing up for your people and sharing the love. More of…
.@Philting's #AB2942, gives DA's the power to revisit long sentences & facilitate the release of people behind bars…
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Honored to have earned @eBARnews endorsement for @SFDemocrats!!! Congratulations to everyone who earned the endorse…
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Kicking off #SurvivorsSpeak season in Florida tonight! Beautiful people with vision and heart. ⁦@CSSJustice⁩ ⁦…
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@nadiarahmansf @revtword @SFDemocrats @wafoli @cynyurita @maryjungsf @mtugbenyoh Say when @revtword. Looking forwar… @revtword @nadiarahmansf @SFDemocrats @wafoli @cynyurita @maryjungsf @mtugbenyoh @revtword Ive been grateful for yo… definitive voting guide for electing leadership to @SFDemocrats in the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary elect…
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Please vote for me and my stellar & hard working @sfdemocrats slatemates on the west side on San Francisco! West S…
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Excited to turn out and support the impressive @suzyloftus in her run for @SFDemocrats leadership. Suzy is running…
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Grateful the incredible work of @lacasasf will continue for years to come
Last week an operation led by the District Attorney’s office, in partnership with law enforcement agencies across t…
I didn’t win the race - but we won the support of so many San Franciscans who are demanding that our city work more… am so grateful for the chance to run and serve as District Attorney. It has been an honor to campaign with all of…
Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our campaign for a safe and just City tonight—I hope you're proud o… all the volunteers, voters, and supporters who believed in this campaign for a safe AND just San Francisco—thank… makes me happier than voting EXCEPT voting for badass women, like @suzyloftus, who put the work in and make…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Hey San Francisco! Polls are open until 8 PM. Get out and vote for @LondonBreed and @SuzyLoftus!
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩 @suzyloftus = integrity + hard work + people first. So proud to know you and your heart, and good luck tonight!
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩🗳️🗳️Still two hours to vote, San Francisco! 🗳️🗳️ #BigLove #ElectionDay2019
Got a coffee with @theodore_gordon then made my way back to @suzyloftus’s office to rest and recharge before headin…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩There's still plenty of time to make your voice heard and vote today, San Francisco! friend @suzyloftus' election for San Francisco District Attorney is today. We worked together when I was DA to s…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩I voted! Did you? Polls close at 8pm. to vote for @suzyloftus and @LondonBreed!
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Your favorite mustachioed political Persian returned his ballot to my local polling place, I got to cast my vote fo…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Was out GOTV this AM @ 5am for @suzyloftus Lots of steps & hills climbed b4 7:30. View of @KarlTheFog from…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩"With Suzy’s experience inside and outside of the courtroom, we trust no other candidate for DA to champion justice…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩 @carolinehparker Some of my favorites! 😊This is why I am a big fan of @GavinNewsom - he knows how important these local positions are and steps up to suppo…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Lots of support out here for @suzyloftus this morning. Voters are ready for real change.
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Let’s go squad!!! 💛 is Election Day in SF. Go vote for @VallieBrownD5 for Supervisor, @suzyloftus for DA and all of our endorsed…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩 @TeriOlle @tamcarter @VallieBrownD5 @suzyloftus @LondonBreed I loved campaigning with you for @suzyloftus
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩 @Scott_Wiener @suzyloftus @alicelgbtdems @RafaelMandelman You are such an amazing feminist @Scott_Wiener - thank yo…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩What’s better than a trolley ride on Election Day!!? Get out the vote for @SuzyLoftus for District Attorney. It's Election Day, y'all - please vote!
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩SF friends, please vote today for @suzyloftus! Suzy is an absolute badass & a fierce warrior for fair, just, & safe…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Listen to Jen 👇 voted for: @suzyloftus for District Attorney @jennyhlam for Board of Education;…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩You know what today is!!!!! #ElectionDay #ElectionDay2019 #Voting #IVOTED #YourVoteIsYourVoice #UseItOrLoseIt
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩It’s E-day! So proud of the amazing and fearless women leaders in this town who bring honor to public service every…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Full #Squad out in Cole Valley! #DoTheWork
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩❤️❤️ Cole Valley, @suzyloftus and @RafaelMandelman talking with voters. #DoTheWork
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Thank you Rebecca!! 👊 @GavinNewsom has a simple message for you today, San Francisco: vote for Suzy! Find your polling place h… took 2/3 of my kids to vote. Glad to show them the importance of participating in democracy. Hope you all ge…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩The greatest!! don’t live in #SanFrancisco anymore, but if I did, I would be voting for @suzyloftus for DA today.
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Quality time with@KarlTheFog this morning and @HeidiSpeaks & @DebbieMesloh #GOTV for @suzyloftus 🔥👊❤️
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Hey San Francisco! Polls are open TODAY from 7 AM - 8 PM. Get out and vote for @LondonBreed and @SuzyLoftus!
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Proud to #DoTheWork to help elect @suzyloftus today!
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩rise and shine and vote today, SF! #ElectionDay #voteSuper early morning Election Day mobilization for our next District Attorney @suzyloftus! @alicelgbtdems stand with…
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩Bay Area Reporter :: Editorial: Loftus for SF district attorney
Retweeted by Suzy Loftus 樂素詩 @theSusyness @candicecd @LaurenEvelynn Grateful to have your support!!I voted absentee for @suzyloftus for DA because she is brilliant, funny and is a woman of action. She will listen,…
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