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Retail worker,volunteers with elderly. Animal lover.Into good TV, books, music.Loves coffee and shopping.

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@ThePledge @rachshabi @SkyNews It should be the most talented for the job. Also depends on the part. You can't cast… @ThePledge @Femi_Sorry @SkyNews Utter ridiculous. A child isn't mature enough to know what they want. There was a l… @ThePledge @Femi_Sorry @thecarolemalone Carole is always spot on. @ThePledge @thecarolemalone @SkyNews Well said Carole! @LuvverDuck @thecarolemalone I agree. Carole and Nick are the best. Always talk sense. Like Michelle too. @TomJ8899 @thecarolemalone @ThePledge I'm about to watch now. I like watching on a Sunday and it's better when Caroles on.They’re being very hypocritical going on about the stumbles. Joe was much messier yet scored an entire point higher…
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧 @dancingonice Unbelievable! Yet again Maura is undermarked. That was her best yet. Lots of variety and skated on h… giant poking device in Friends was to poke ugly naked guy as they thought he was dead. #thechase @PorteousMary @SundayBrunchC4 Ah yes. I love that show. Wish they'd get Nicola Walker on SB. I'd watch for her alone @JeremyVineOn5 I think when someone has made up their mind to take their own life its probably due to a lot of diff… @StormHuntley I wash my own dishes but if I had a dishwasher I'd rinse the dishes first for sure,otherwise bits of… @theJeremyVine Shockingly sad. We can never truly know what someone else is grappling with and, frankly, it costs n…
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧Just found this. God, the power of it. #CarolineFlackRIP
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧 @slashdotdashdot Would much rather eat that than some of the fancy rubbish they dish up in restaurants. 😂 @itsmhairic That's how I always thought it was pronounced. @NHSuk I doubt it as no one knows enough about it yet. I'm still worried. @PorteousMary @SundayBrunchC4 I do. Only know Nadine and Anne Marie. @SundayBrunchC4 Coffee. Also freshly baked bread. @Science_McTesty @Saz80 @vicky_shell @SundayBrunchC4 @AnneMarie Never even noticed. @SundayBrunchC4 @AnneMarie Great interview, so funny. Lovely girl. @SundayBrunchC4 @BenAgainThen @simonrim Used to love plain white bread covered in mince as a kid. @SundayBrunchC4 @NadineCoyleNow Great interview. Gorgeous girl. Love her. @bonny_lass_ @EwingAnnyse @thevoiceuk So I heard, yes. @EwingAnnyse @bonny_lass_ @thevoiceuk I agree. It would be nice if they changed outfits. @JeremyVineOn5 @theannediamond @iamradzi @RoryStewartUK Enjoy your holiday Jeremy. You will be missed but will also… @mermhart @GabyRoslin Well said Miranda!#ripcarolineflack
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧 @SundayBrunchC4 I know and like Nadine and Ann Marie. Good to have more female guests for a change, especially when… @SundayBrunchC4 @NadineCoyleNow Love Nadine. Gorgeous.
@giffgaff She was outstanding!Claudealia, we weren’t ready for that beat-drop 🤯 #TheVoiceUK
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧Amazing voice she's got! #thevoiceuk
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧 @thevoiceuk In #TheVoiceUK Wow! That opera singing girl was outstanding! Team Meghan to win. She has the best singers.Love Evergreen. They sing beautifully and are so cute. Thank goodness @iamwill turned. Some amazing singers this year. #TheVoiceUKOh come on judges, yet another brilliant singer no one turned for! #TheVoiceUKSo glad Will turned for the Irish girl. She was brilliant and only 16. So natural looking too. Lovely girl. #TheVoiceUK @bonny_lass_ @thevoiceuk The auditions are filmed on the same day. @thevoiceuk #thevoiceuk Can't believe no one turned for the first girl. She was amazing! Gutted!! @Meghan_Trainor @thevoiceuk You have the best team. You have to win this. You and Will are my fav judges. @Meghan_Trainor @thevoiceuk Me! Can't believe no one turned for the first girl. She was amazing! @johnneilbrown @thevoiceuk The auditions are filmed the same day. @BrionyBea I've only watched bits while channel hopping and I also knew it was her. No one else has such an amazing voice like that.The irony of everyone tweeting about Caroline Flack and mental health but then dragging Ant McPartlin into this. Do…
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧Caroline Flack, former Love Island presenter, has died, her family confirms
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧Such a tragedy! None of us should ever judge what we think we see on the outside, as all too often a troubled soul…
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧 @the_speakmans Heartbreaking. #ripcarolineflack @ChelleHardwick So tragic. 💔 @GabyRoslin #ripcarolineflack Oh my gosh! So sorry to hear this. @StormHuntley Awe, bless her. ❤️❤️❤️ @SundayBrunchC4 @Channel4 For once the female guests outnumber the males. About time. Usually it's a table full of… windy weekend thanks to #StormDennis Please don’t leave pets outside and be careful letting your dogs out t…
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧I know people will try to outweather people with #StormDennis. They will do things like go surfing or climb Ben Nev…
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧 @Kevenlaw @losttourist @Madonna Yes I love her early stuff. But again it's too hard to chose favourites, I love her… @rcollinslister @Kevenlaw @Madonna Love Beautiful Stranger.🔊SOUND ON 🔊 #Dolphins in captivity...just a bit of fun? @Expedia Group still thinks so. Tell them to stop profitin…
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧
@Kevenlaw @Madonna Yes, it's difficult to chose just one fav. Love all Madonna stuff. Queen of pop now and forever. @Kevenlaw @Madonna Exactly! Unbelievable! We barely got a full minute. My fav Madonna song if I had to chose just one.God!!!!....Why aren't #TOTP playing the whole Madonna video @Madonna #bbc4 #totp1989
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧Can't believe they only showed the last bit of #likeaprayer #totp1989 My fav Madonna song. Yet most of the other… A Prayer is still absolutely fucking outstanding. #totp
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧 @TOTPFacts My fave Madonna song.#totp Guess it's finally Like A Prayer making an appearance week
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧 @raqueIturner Add Jane Rizzoli. @raqueIturner Awe, Lorelai Gilmore. Yes! @BillyBurkeFansU 😍😍😍❤️❤️ @thismorning There's much more pressing things in life to be anxious about than climate change. Some people are st… @Crazier Seen her on it a few times and still no idea. @RealClareMac @loosewomen @SusanBoyle I'm Glaswegian and as a young child I could never understand a word my uncle… @BillyBurkeFansU Yes, hopefully. Will watch out for it. Wish he'd lose the moustache though. He's much hotter witho… @SueBB_71 @JeremyVineOn5 Exactly. You want people who will be loyal and help you achieve what you want to do as PM… @JeremyVineOn5 @officialJasonG @theJeremyVine It's a shame that some people can't deal with anyone who shares a dif… @LucyBeresford @JeremyVineOn5 @officialJasonG @MarianKeyes @theJeremyVine @StormHuntley Love Lucy's outfit. @LucyBeresford @JeremyVineOn5 @officialJasonG @MarianKeyes @theJeremyVine @StormHuntley Another good show and panel today. Love it! @BillyBurkeFansU Is that Rob Lowe too. Two of my favs together! We don't get this in UK. @loosewomen NO! Absolutely not. They should be diciplined to behave properly from an early age. If they behave ba… @JeremyVineOn5 Not at all. He just wants the right people in his cabinet. @JeremyVineOn5 Yes. You must be crazy going to Asia at the moment. And you risk spreading this virus further when you return.
@emmerdale My favs! @Parkiewolf I thought she was at the police station. @sallhype That's where I thought she was till I came on twitter. @emmerdale As, a Glasgow girl I loved this. So funny! @sallhype @SoapAwards Yes!If you're in a relationship tomorrow is Valentine's day. If you're single well,its Friday 😂
Retweeted by elizabeth scott 🇬🇧 @JeremyVineOn5 Not acceptable! @StormHuntley @KariAHabbershaw How can you have a crappy day working on the JV show. You have a brilliant job Storm… @JeremyVineOn5 Pretty Woman! Love Julia Roberts. @ozzylaab @Angie_Harmon @ParamountPics @ParamountMovies Gosh I'd love that! @Angie_Harmon @ParamountPics @ParamountMovies Brilliant! Will be great to see you on the screen again! x @DWynneJones @JeremyVineOn5 @theJeremyVine @StormHuntley Don't think you ever really move on though. I still can't… @JeremyVineOn5 @theJeremyVine @StormHuntley In not I'm. @JeremyVineOn5 @theJeremyVine @StormHuntley I'm one way it appeals to me but on the other habd it could be too diff… @theJeremyVine @JeremyVineOn5 @CarolineFlint @rubyturnersoul @danwootton @NinaMyskow Another great show today. Can… @thismorning @Adele @DrZoeWilliams They should give people advice on how to put on weight in a healthy way. Fed up… @wiljun59 @VictoriaLIVE @CathyMcRorie @RLong_Bailey Exactly. I used to always vote Labour but between trying to st… @loosewomen Stupid idea! @theJeremyVine @rubyturnersoul #JeremyVine Another great show today. Can't believe Caroline is 58? She looks about 44. @theJeremyVine Sensible I think. @the_speakmans Have a lovely day Eva and take time to relax. x @ScotPulse @BBCRadioScot @1025Clyde1 @forthone I listen to Heart or Clyde in the car, but I hate damn adverts, so I…