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I hate it here .
Retweeted by suedey @TYDRYN Lmfaoooo YOU CAUGHT 😂😂😂 @TYDRYN They was praying for my downfall Ima take some selfies now lolI really wanted to shake pussy tonight But I guess it wasn’t meant to be Y’all want some selfies ? @CazAntonio Lol it be so sad sometimesdon’t “bro” me. i’m tryna fuck
Retweeted by suedeyWest Indian parents are so toxic lolThese hoodlums !!!! @AfroJediii 😂😂😂😂 @fonzfranc Mind you that’s one of my friends name 😂Lmfao why did y’all make vision black ? What is wrong with y’all ? 😂😂😂So let me get this straight, wait, IM the vision?
Retweeted by suedey @MySavageDynasty 😂😂😂 @vincsmith I literally set a timer everywhere I go now. Even my moms house. Hey Siri please set a timer for 35 minutes
Retweeted by suedeyBootcut jeans w a heeled Chelsea >>>The exhaustion !!!!! WhewIs it giving Philly for the day ?Cooked tomato >>>>> @muvaAF Lmfaooo she cleaned up her act quicklyDAWG IM FUCKIN SCREAMING💀💀💀💀 joseline is literally me playing dumb
Retweeted by suedey @monieshiaa Lmfaooo energy ! @francisleebaker Thank you kindly ! @IamRellAnthony Lmfao MooodddddddClient acting weird as if her payment hasn’t already cleared lol Ma’am I will leaveYour work environment has been feeling more “every person for ... More for Cancer @KINGKADRIE Thank you my son ! @yeatre It’s always “I was bout to” *sucks teeth* @hoodopulence Thank you kindly !Dressed in all black like the omen if it’s one thing that is guaranteed with you It’s that, your phone is going to die !
@Yo_KayOh I’m so happy for him ! ride for my sister till the enddd okayyyy
Retweeted by suedeyanyway what y’all doin
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Retweeted by suedeyY’all rushed Doja Cat to put out another album. Hot Pink is not finished running yet. Smh She could’ve rode tha… Lmfaoooooo
Retweeted by suedey @KeithHollandd Lmfaooo 😂😂😂 I wanna be fake surprised like herI’ve worn sneakers and sweats for about a year straight , so to be dressed up in a full alphit right now with shoes on feels abnormalBeing such an empath, it’s easy for you to take on the woes of... More for Cancer @byewigbye Lol you don’t like the princess ?I wanna be at a concert All the lights go out And then a bunch of trippy light arrangements adorn the room A… Cat no police is such a gem.I will never forget “the Apex” & the “DC Star” @KINGKADRIE Son I could neverJay Z sells majority of Tidal to Jack Dorsey’s tech company Square for $297 million. Jay Z bought the company in 20…
Retweeted by suedey1 secks pls 🥺
Retweeted by suedeyTwo Wandas who had their lives changed by a stone
Retweeted by suedey @AlexUnmuted PurrrrrrIdgaf what y’all say. Nick Cannon is BadddddTHIS😭
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Oil change was high as fuck lol I’m sad @KeithHollandd “I did not know” 😂😂😂 yes she did10 years ago, Beyoncé was asked what she wanted to accomplish before she turned 40 in 2021. And she's achieved EVE…
Retweeted by suedey @_JimmyWave @waynes_ambition Lmfao kiss my ass D’Wayne @Brandivo 😂😂😂😂 @Brandivo This just made me so moistYou do all you can to support the goals of your loved ones, bu... More for Cancer I’m high @KINGKADRIE SonnnnnMade it home safe to good ole Waldorf
@KP_Official_1 THIS @mrzerotosixty That shit blows mineThe barber is not answering the phone ...I really don’t like when y’all do before and after and put the after on the left.Who gives a fuckanybody is allowed to send me $1,400 it doesn’t have to just be the government
Retweeted by suedeyMy niece Zaya got box braids !I like my room dark ..... no light at all
Retweeted by suedey @CazAntonio Lmfaoooooo 🥰A break from someone will either make u realize how much u truly care about them or how much peace u have without them.
Retweeted by suedey @SupermanEgo Happy Birthday Aaron 💕My anxiety these past few weeks @Jinxurself_ Throw it in the trashTravel... your money will return. Your time won’t.
Retweeted by suedeyEverything I want always comes to me! Amazing
Retweeted by suedey @KingAmiyahScott Ooohhh purrrrr @TheeSocialitee YesOne for you one for me when you break in half your gentle touch and my naked ass. @Hoodlvm Lmfaooooooo waiiitttttt @MahiaSinn PurrrrrrI haven’t eaten all day. Wtf is wrong with meNever met a big dick that was attached to a nigga with sense. Never.
Retweeted by suedeySo the likes feature is officially off Instagram
@nickystizzy !!!!!!! @nickystizzy Okay I thought it was just meif my child not like this take it back😂
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Retweeted by suedeyCowboy culture was brought to the US by Mexicans Vaqueros after the Texas annexation. Cowboys in Texas were mainly…
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Retweeted by suedeyI am literally begging you to move the Netflix logo on this image
Retweeted by suedeyThis interview hit a Lil different wasn’t about my looks or how I feel about the attention but why I do what I do a…
Retweeted by suedeyThis Chloe x Halle performance always speaks to my soul 🥺
Retweeted by suedey @Be_inTIMidated I love hazy ! The production is 🔥 80/20 I could’ve done without @fonzfranc 🤢 @fonzfranc Same. Idk how and or why I remember it so clearly but I do @Yo_KayOh Lmfaooooooo @DecolletageGawd Lmfao it’s the happiness for me. So jovial ! Wineeee uppppp and snap.