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@DecolletageGawd LmfaooooYour career begins to ramp up in speed today and you can see v... More for Cancer @ScreamJustin_ Yeah. A few familiar faces from money heist if you watched that @ScreamJustin_ Im watching Elite on Netflix @_Ricky_Raccoon Ponks is killing me lmfao @ScreamJustin_ That shit is awfulEvery time i see those big buff MFs doing the body choreo (doing it wrong and ugly might I add) I’m reporting i… @____Kollin *insert deep sigh here*Azealia was doing so good this year. Minding her business & then boom. @____Kollin Chow... @____Kollin I just did the big stupid Santa clause laughmy virginity grew back
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@Be_inTIMidated I hate when I get clocked lmfaooooDating to have raw sex >>> dating to marry
Retweeted by suedeyOkay I’m watching episode 4 of the undoing @_ll_cool_l Lmfao I’m outta here @_ll_cool_l I personally don’t like bacalao in general. So it was like blah to me @_ll_cool_l Had it yesterday ! @a_blizzle 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾 for her Skype acceptance @dapperjamal No @MahiaSinn I think she deserves it lol @a_blizzle Zerina, Rokael, sir John. Everybody is working outside of her camp lolI will receive 3 pieces of great news THIS WEEK. I claim it, manifest it & believe it
Retweeted by suedeyI don’t ever wanna be this grown. know Beyoncé really ain’t doing shit , her dancers are dancing with Megan her hairstylist is doing other people.… need Chloe x Halle in Valdrin Sahiti gowns for this WWSTOM performance. @____Kollin I had to get the fuck .... ASAP lol @Phour_Loko Same , & she will perform it. @____Kollin Lmfao I moved back to Brooklyn like two months ago.I hate to say this but just because they’re your favorite artist doesn’t mean they deserve a Grammy nomination
Retweeted by suedeyWhen I lived in Maryland , all I did was complain about how there were no west Indian spots and the Caribbean food… @cartoonegro She didn’t submitMe & you , vibing while I’m counting your tattoos I lost count after 92 Started over like 3, 17, 27, 39, 45… @ItsHilaryBuff I see every side of this. Just be courteous @urban_elegance Also very true. But no virtual content at all ! @urban_elegance Lol I’m so glad we agree. I was taken aback. Which is one of the reason I think I subconsciously… @urban_elegance His performances for this most recent album werent that good. He might’ve been checked out ? Idk… love how Beyoncé and her dawtas are nominated in the same category as well. It’s just all wins for Chloe x Halle.… @urban_elegance Very ! I loved his last project too. I’m a huge fan always have beenI loved Luke James project this year , I did not expect a Grammy nomination tho. Good for himDula Peep is definitely taking home at least oneBest new artist is going to Doja CatBeyoncé being nominated twice in the same category lol No rest at the kingdomRemix for my Aunts
Retweeted by suedeyI’m surprised Rihanna ain’t get no nominations for Fat Water. A snub!
Retweeted by suedeyI loveeeee a song with beautiful lyricsMe and you , vibing while I’m counting your tattoos I lost count after 92Lying naked in the dark Tracing bible verses on your heart @PriscillaRenea these “Nekkid” lyrics are sooooo fucking beautiful ! Can we can an official acoustic version ? &… @____Kollin Lol yes , that’s why I made sure to add “personally” @____Kollin That’s the thing I personally don’t consider it great. I do however really enjoy her. @ChrissyReeseee Lmfao okay let’s start in 20 minutes @____Kollin I’m impartial , jhene doesn’t give me “Grammy award winning artist” She’s just happy to be here lolIt has to be actual crack ... it just has to be. @ChrissyReeseee Me either friendProud of the nominees. Not going back and forth with y’all lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love my sis.
Retweeted by suedey @ScreamJustin_ I wish it got zero#GRAMMYs Best Traditional R&B Performance Nominees: Wonder What She Thinks of Me - @chloexhalle Sit On Down - The…
Retweeted by suedey#GRAMMYs Best Progressive R&B Album Nominees: Ungodly Hour - @chloexhalle CHILOMBO - @JheneAiko Free Nationals -…
Retweeted by suedeyIf Halle can whistle (which I truly believe she can ) I would’ve rather her and Chloe sing “Hair” from Ariana’s album.Oooh love language! @thomeography Thank you. This was so uglyIf you’ve been neglecting your health or your routine, things ... More for Cancer’m really some pressure
Retweeted by suedey @justshai__ @alinabaraz @chloexhalle @JOHNNYSWIM Put me on. What’s your favorite song ? @____Kollin It’s countless tbh , his pen would win him the battle.I will never forgive @KELLYROWLAND for not making “put your name on it“ a singleYou bitches was praying for my downfall and I still got some mint chip ice cream.Warm December is 🔥🔥🔥If y’all could go to a concert right now , whose would it be ? Mine are @alinabaraz & @chloexhalleMore than anything, I wish I could go to a concert.Victoria Monet might’ve released the most beautiful video of 2020 with momentYALLWHWHSHVABANAANBEBSJS
Retweeted by suedey @KingCharmng I’m just catching up. I’m on episode 3 @KingCharmng I do not !Lynn Whitfield reading a script about a main character who has a loving mother
Retweeted by suedeyMe telling every Sagittarius I know “happy birthday”
Retweeted by suedey @_ChrisWaldorf Lmfao right ?!! Im never doing that shit
. @SavageXFenty
Retweeted by suedey @JNTE The storeI’ve always had a love hate relationship with before and afters. This shit be embarrassing lol pretend like I’m okay but deep down I really want some of this OF money 🥲🥲🥲
Retweeted by suedeySilent lunch in Elementary used to be torture lmaooo.
Retweeted by suedeyI’m not somebody u find twice..
Retweeted by suedeyOkay , I’m tuned in. Episode one is good af ! #TheUndoingUsing sick time when you not sick>
Retweeted by suedeyI still have the retweet option when I tweet from my iPad 🙃Soon as you give a nigga the benefit here comes the doubt
Retweeted by suedeyOkay I’m trying the undoing again. season one episode one @reb3lboytroy Lmfaooo he did !!!“Aaight bby girl” 😂😂😂😂 playin wiff me Santanerrr
Retweeted by suedey @ScreamJustin_ Something about it is very high school dance show. Or high school fashion show. It’s very “almost there” She did well ! @ScreamJustin_ Should’ve asked you first ! LolIt’s this the Blanchard story ? really wish I could just drop my body off at the gym and then pick it up when it’s ready.I miss Kendrick Lamar , I’m ready for him to return. @_Sublime00 Lol it is ! That’s like the closest comparison @____Kollin You right , maybe next year