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Svennoss @Svenosss Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Pro Fortnite player - Qualified WC - IG = SvennossOfficial - Full-Time Streamer Business Inquiries:

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;jdglkshdfgklsfdgklfdballskfjdsklfslkjfs @anantman7 @JakeSucky Bruh @StevenSuptic I'm getting aroused
@Lexie_Mariex wow you've really blown up lately! you just become so much coolerNatural 2k viewers today... WHOOOAAA You guys are fookin MAD ❤️❤️❤️sdfghjfdwklgsdhnbgksfdlgnsdfklgbnsdflkbgndsflkgfd
@auxidental same tbf, just won't find enough time for it sadgeHI IM LIVE SMILE
@JesseSMFI You're kinda cute, keep on trucking on brotherHAFU LOBBY WITHOUT HAFU :( or sexist
@beehhive @benjyfishy Another golf tournament when?!?! @ZephyrGG @uhhDanny @bstategames bruh im dead ''get out u have my shit''''i skipped'' BEST GAME TO THIS DAY 1v8'd while i killed and stood on the body in round 1 :) :) :) :)
@AlixxaPlays Just gotta one up me every time huh🤗 lesgoo @KayWordley GRATZZZZZZ <3wow, early, hi @Brandon_Downes Apparently the dude on the left donated it for charity, and he just opened it. @Brandon_Downes I'm aware yes, and he should be FAR more experienced and careful with that considering all the stuff he owns himself LOL @dakotaz absolutely beautifull. good work 10/10 effort @itshafu @Alienware Huuggeeeeeee gratz & have fun! :D
@I_AM_WILDCAT I'm takin a poop but can defo come :) @AmongUsGame So what have u done this round @sigirasole Tysm :) means alot! and welcome🤗Thank you guys <3 3rd crazy stream in a row.. no hosts. even tho today ended with an internet cut-out it was my mos… @AmongUsGame BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG'll be on soon, just waitin for a spot to open up. EARLY SESH and then hafu lobby later! @JoblessGarrett You'll be okay buddy, take good care of yourself <3 speedy recovery to ya
My dumbass explaining the stuff i got to fight my strep throat.. thanks for clipping i guesss????????🙃 :) @Lexie_Mariex Surely you can get it by ordering from a diff place?
looks like people really enjoyed my voice while being sick😜1.4k viewers today no host.. do be kinda pog tho after such a long break.. THANK YOU GUYS YALL SEXY AS FOOK💖 SEE YALL TOMOhi were back alive :) we got a lil tourney today in 3 hours too pog
Still feeling horrible, but in the end the test came out negative :) Gonna need another day off to hopefully fully recover❤️ @Heelmike @G2esports GRATZZZ
@HarrieSilver excuse me, can i pay you to organise my setup please? holyyy that's clean @TwitchPluto You're amazing pluto :) @Vikkstar123 POP OFFFFFFFFFFFFF @AnnaSui16 i can :) @Twitch Hope this other dimensions got some better tools for their creators regarding DMCA type stuff :)I got to the covid test thingy, they gave me a tissue to blow my nose before they would swab it.. My dumbass tried… do they have to touch your brain with a cotton swab for a covid test, fuck me that felt horridGot a covid test in 1 hour just to be safe😳🤐 @SmurfStreamer hello? it's covid btw, mans hasn't left the house in literal months. Probs super allergic to fk knows whatWoke up with a Burning & a Swollen throat and a completely stuffed nose ontop of that Most uncomfortable I've felt…
@Giddawid @noblechairs That's so cool👌🏼👌🏼 @_MrDoorey @KayWordley Haha nono, I'd feel bad taking a win like that :) @pokelawls feeeeeeeeeeels 🥺 and i got my grandfather taken away cuz i broke my back KEKW FeelsGoodManIs this real life've been binge-watching SpongeBob this morning with the doggo. Don't regret it one bit.
@xQc Happy Bday ma dood @Vikkstar123 @ReKTGlobal @RoyalRavens @Rogue @CODLeague THATS HUGE LETSGO BUDLIVE :) AMONG US W RANDOM GRP INTO HAFU LOBBY :) @MrSavage Hbd u monster👌🏼
@Trainwreckstv WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW @MitchJonez It's filled with people trying to suck you dry unfortunately. Thankfully it's usually fairly easy to fi… @BonsaiBroz @Twitch @Twitch My Schlong got stuck in the blender while reading all this.poop @Wizzite If u can start a group 😏😏😏 @PerramCrowe "competitive" kekw but I'm only really asking for lobbies that are going at this time slot :)No one's running Among Us lobbies at this time bruhhh Mans tried to start 4 hours earlier but can't 🤷🏼 sadge @TaliaMar Rough times with Corona, mans gotta eat somehow
LIVE :) AMONG US POG @itshafu @LudwigAhgren Great & well put together imo. Propsss @OvileeMay @itshafu Good work! @cizzorz Gotta love being able to get dmca'd off of stuff already deleted.. 🧐 gj @Twitch
Day 7 of Warzone, atleast 3 wins today or i'll be eating my left testy taught me well.. @Trainwreckstv God I'm about to fail NNN @nashertv @OzzaWorld @NKyleM_ Damn I've got a big bone👀
@ZeRoyalViking @itshafu LMAO @dakotaz 😭Stream just randomly closed with this error, freezing my game ontop of that... atleast it was still 8 hours of fun… more cheeks in Warzone, day 6 of becoming good :) cheeks in Warzone before the Among Us BIG LOBBY @JonjonTV ❤️ @Ewok ok i laughed 🤣😳
@Agony Straight up porn right there.. damn bro nice ride! @theRealShooKon3 happens to the best of us🤣 @theRealShooKon3 LMFAO brooooo i'm deadPlaying Among Us now with a really cool group :) with Warzone before Among Us god lobby :) @auxidental Jokes on u, I played rs the last 4 days kekw @auxidental Psycho @OhJuganza Ayy we like to see that🔥
playing some among us with the cool squad :) the Forest with the gang - good vibes only :) footage of Biden entering his new workplace in the White House @TTfue LMFAO man got fuckin rolled @Trainwreckstv Goooood shit bruddaaa @kkevox banger, das my stream anthem @KayWordley Just do it! i'm sure people would watch you for you.👍
@FaZeClan @liljarviss @TristynLee @Teeqo @FaZeAdapt Holeeeee4th day of WarZone - WERE GETTING THE HANG OF IT BBY