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Traditional Catholicism - Aristotelian-Thomistic-Scholasticism - What appears to be the Catholic Church today is not. Since 1958, non-Catholics gained control.

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Warning. To seek glory from a man who's judgment is uncertain, is vain. If a man is certain he is right when he i… advice from a very wise faithful Catholic old man just now. "Remember_____, it is guerilla warfare right now." 😁Explanation of the Great Commandment, by Most Rev. Donald J. Sanborn via @YouTube
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGY @_alderman_ Well, we know the goal of Vatican II is to destroy, molest, devour, and take Catholic and potential Catholic's souls to hell. @schmitt4545 @_alderman_ @Lifesound22Ed and so it is true that the greater the pleasure or the concupiscence with w… @schmitt4545 @_alderman_ @Lifesound22Ed well that's scary because a consequent passion does not diminish a sin, b… @_alderman_ actions which areproper to humans, human actions. Actions with no thinking, are only actions of man. Y… @_alderman_ And the whole idea of "don't judge" is a dagger to the heart of the image of God in man. That's why t… @_alderman_ I think it has to do with the distinction between the imagination and the intellect. Being stuck in the… reason ppl can't see that the Vatican II Novus Ordo sects are a false religion. each rosary took 20 minutes, which is being very generous, that's 12 hours of praying the rosary! @stalin_great They don't believe. @votelandry It's obvious you believe in a god of your own opinions, which is not God. @DavidShafer Her entire argument is a diversion. The problem is that we are giving credence to having political phi… @CCityCatholic No one can ever transmit what they haven't got. @Alyssa_Milano Had such a crush on you when you from who's the boss. But is this the path you are really choosing f… 1. Whether the will is moved by a passion of the senstive appetite? may happen onthepart of the will's object,which is good apprehended by reason. Bc the judgement&apprehension o…
This is truly detestable theology.
@JeremyMcLellan @alexandrathimm_ Then go to St. Hugh of Lincoln in Milwaukee. Talk to the priest though first.Has anyone else seem this weird ad on YouTube? The man is pregnant, & while so, his woman is cheating on him w/the… @JoeBiden Science proves your perception is off. Science proves you don't believe in science. Science proves you don't know what science is.Yesterday at St. Hugh of Lincoln, @FrCharlesMcGuir told about the Rosary. Fr. Cekada always asked for his Rosary be…
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGY😳This is so disturbing.
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGYImagine putting yourself up as a Charity of Rabbi's with pawns for community leaders, then using it to launder cash… correction is not opposed to forbearance with the weak, on the contrary it results from it. For a man bea… On like manner one man can correct another in so far as he has a sane judgment in a matter wherein the other sin… in the physical order certain things act mutually on one another, through being in some respect higher than… as he who has the means wherewith to give corporal assistance is rich in this respect, so he whose reason is g… Apostle called the Galatians "senseless." Yet, as Augustine says (De Serm. Dom. in Monte ii, 19), "seldom and o… Just as it is lawful to strike a person, or damnify him in his belongings for the purpose of correction, so too,… If we have been guilty of offering a public insult to another, we must offer an equally public satisfaction; if… is due, & to w/hold it or to show dishonor to whom honor is due is a sin against justice,&entails the obligation… Among the goods which are external to man honor holds first place, above wealth & power. It is that which we esp… who are placed in authority in Church or State, and have the bestowal of public honors, are bound by the spec… @WajahatAli Very cool with it. You just picked up on black slang and think it's cool and trendy, but trust me son,… Novus Ordo. Please please please, say something that is pleasing to me🤣 "concupiscence is a craving for that which is pleasant." -ST @azbillfathauer @apostolaich @SteveSkojec Nobody looks to you for judgment on who is and who is not worth their salt. @LannyDavis What are you going call it? The Divided States of Homo? @Pontifex @UN The lilies of the field,see how they grow: they labor not, neither do they spin. Not even Solomon in… @Pontifex @UN This clearly shows that Bergoglio, or whoever is speaking through him, cares nothing about God. Seek… @thehill Breonna Taylor was shooting at that cops, or at least she was involved in the commission of a serious felo… @BernieSanders You're being a paranoid shyster Bernie. @IHScharlie1 @CruxSacra_9 How can you be sure? You could be in error saying that. You're of man tooSame thing with all ppl. If someone is irrational, they don't get special rules to figure it out. They'll figure it… is most beautiful. Our dignity is defined by God. Being that we are rational beings endowed with free-will. O… @TiAntonia3 Breaks are good too though🙂Exactly. Why do irrational ppl think there are only 2 options with that argument. There's more. suburbs of Chicago are mostly conservative. Not like the city. Many upstanding citizens are there. Kyle is… is written (Proverbs 27:11): "Study wisdom, my son, & make my heart joyful, that thou mayest give an answer to h…
Just as a thing may be apprehended as good, when it is not truly good; so a thing may be apprehended as evil, where… @FredSim69351984 @MartineYanez12 @kathleenlessma3 @Pontifex One can never really know, now can we? We'll have to wa… new mass for a new religion. The contrast is stark
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGY @Timmerie No. Abby is boring @NovusOrdoWatch The dreaded form and matter question🤣 @TheProcinctu I'll think about it @TheProcinctu I'm not saying don't vote. I just believe Trump has been selected to win already. Regardless of how t… is exactly true. We can delay or mitigate things some, but it’s waaay too late.
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGYI'm not voting either. Why? Because Trump has already been selected to win. @DD_amdg I drove through that area this morning. It's right in front of the Cinerama. A Geodesic dome movie theater… @CookDaddy5 It is written (Proverbs 4:19): "The way of the wicked is darksome, they know not where they fall." Now… can be concord in evil between wicked men. But "there is no peace to the wicked" (Isaiah 48:22). Therefore pe… profits the sinner, if he be converted, unto the expiation of his crime; and, if he be not converted, it profits… others than of their mending their ways. Nevertheless the judge puts this into effect, not out of hatred for the… When, however, they fall into very great wickedness, and become incurable, we ought no longer to show them frien… Ordites and in communicato Vatican IIista's take note. There are more movers and shakers pulling that trailer… @Michael_J_Matt No rest for the wicked. @BonifaceXPope @BishopBarron @clericalpod Can't say I'm aware of that. I'm just a moderate sedevacante. @montiniski this man doesn't look like the stereotypical Vampire Mortician and funeral director for the damned, then Idk who… @MarthaTheZealot Smile😀. They just don't know how it is actually possible to cheerfully put a commie in it's place.Why in the world am I getting auto-generated emails from @ChrisStefanick? Hanging out with Novus Ordo's like you wo… a communist's perspective, I'm not trustworthy. By choice. With full-knowledge and consent of my will. @EricRSammons @FredSim69351984 Never going to happen while you and your pals still give them the power they need.On Darth Vader Ginsburg The communion of civic deeds is impossible between the dead and the living, because the de… @crosshairsonyou its already happening to me, to work on a particular building site I needed to download an app tha…
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGYUr using too many big words Paul!😀 And the Nouvelle Theologie had been condemned by Pope Pius XII.
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGY"Happy to be called a Sedevacantist" Very happy😍, it is a glorious thing to be hated for His name’s sake, but hatred don’t get you very far, as they say In Ken…
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGYMontini, to whose office the betrayal of the Russian bishops was traced, was so close to the Pope that he was calle…
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGYDear ppl who cannot handle the truth & are full of their own hate. You can have peace instantly, by surrendering. I… @KHOLMESlive @NBCLA @elianamoreno Obviously it wasn't that guys truck. He forgot it had a lift. Fell flat on his face trying to run up🤣MOMENTS AGO: Prius drives through a protest in Hollywood, protestors then chase the vehicle down, smash the windows…
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGYSee? They say it themselves!
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGYThree years ago today: The much-touted ‘Filial Correction’ against #PopeFrancis was published. What did it accompli…
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGYDisaster warnings coming in for southern California. All the bad things usually originate there and then spread. Ju…
@MahoundParadise No way. That is not the same nose @EricRSammons You must be so proud! Of yourselvesI’m just going to leave this here lol. 🙌
Retweeted by CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGY5) or future, they all culminate in these 4. For this reason some have said that these four are the principal passi… the present and the future: for movement regards the future, while rest is in something present: so that joy re… appetite towards something: for in respect of good, movement begins in love, goes forward to desire, and ends i… other passions have their completion and end; wherefore they arise from all the other passions, as is stated in… Boethius (De Consol. i) in enumerating the four principal passions, says: "Banish joys: banish fears: Away with… faculty; viz. hope and despair, fear and daring, and anger which has not contrary passion. Consequently there a… But evil already present gives rise to the passion of "anger." Accordingly it is clear that in the concupiscibl… good not yet obtained, we have "hope" and "despair." In respect of evil not yet present we have "fear" and "dari… which, in respect of evil, is "sorrow" or "sadness." On the other hand, in the irascible passions, the aptitude…