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FaZe Swagg @Swagg Arizona, USA

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@kemosame_ VIBEZ @Aydren My bad brodie 😞 @mrdaft_ Aye, the people have spoken @RaidAway WLast year I kept it on the tuck, 2020 I came to fuck it up πŸ¦‰ vibes
@lildedjanet @JSmoothHD @JSmoothHD @lildedjanet Ur not buggin @death_vigilante done that 3 times @Tony_Flame me and 16k people are sitting here looking at an error message. I cant get into a game, whats good?WHY AM I GETTING AN ERROR?! GET ME IN A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Servers live turn me up @coolguey1 LMAONice guys always finish last 😞 @iTankid Its time @thisgreasy Put β€œUse Code SWAGG” and send pics when done. No bs fake tatttoo.YESTERDAYS HIGHLIGHTS FOR FAZE @Swagg ON @PlayApex HOW IS HE SO GOOD AT MULTIPLE GAMES???? @primegaming
Retweeted by FaZe Swagg @TheBoiSantana LMFAO!!!!! @TheBoiSantana @GDbooya LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @thisgreasy oh i gotta see this happen @IAmGreyA88 nah bro what shouldve said something, thats dope asf @IAmGreyA88 she still there or nah? @IAmGreyA88 LMAO No way deadass? @scump Bro it was viciousLove getting Stream Sniped woohoo
Faze twitch rivals tourney turn me up @TheBoiSantana @DiazBiffle LMFAO STOP @DiazBiffle YOUNG GOAT @TheBoiSantana 🀣🀣🀣 @HJDoogan Happy bday brodie πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ @KingBRADERZ BRO WHAT @KingBRADERZ bro, i wanna try Nandos @timthetatman the look on ur face when u tried Chick fil a sauce for the first time made my day. could literally snort that stuff @Munz_E he cancel the flight?I hear the sound of the origin in my sleep BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Right. Can’t always trust your heart beat because some will ghost youπŸ˜”
Retweeted by FaZe Swagg @quirozz88 Wow.... @Brimeenix W
@JSmoothHD WGetting in some Apex games with the boys thanks to @PrimeGaming. Pull up on me! #PrimeGaming #PrimeSponsor @OctaneSam hit or miss fam smh @prncssjosie 4 tries and im goneI'm the type of person to put a trophy system on my heart so no one can break it 😞 @LEGIQN @theithekay @Testyment W @dontatme95 oops @LEGIQN GLHF brotha$210,00 Vikkstar tourney with Testy @NICKMERCS @HawaiizYETI 😭😭😭😭😭😭 give it a day @Dame_Lillard @patbev21 LMFAO!!!! @JSmoothHD bro the clippers really lost. Kawhi does not even belong in any type of conversation LMAO @CouRageJD Im coming over @JSmoothHD Mindblown @dsnider90 W @itsHunterTV Lmao chill @DrunkNaka My b. He probably at the crib eating a glizzy @NSteezyy52 @davidnm16 The nfl joint was the nfl x faze collab @NSteezyy52 @davidnm16 We basketball, Lakers all day @ETRAiiN For sure @davidnm16 Nah hes good. More just like, my turn to carry the family name type shitI’ll carry the torch now pops
@NICKMERCS @NZXT LMAO aye whoever on this account BUGGIN. Talking about waffles @FaZeApex he plays Call of Duty he’s loyal, pay attention shortysTurn me up @Swagg!!! πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ🏽
Retweeted by FaZe Swagg @jmirandavisuals W @radrosa7 @JSmoothHD 😭😭😭 @TheseKnivesOnly im wetLEGGO @TheBoiSantana Damn. This one hitMood.
Retweeted by FaZe Swagg @TheBoiSantana LMFAO STOP @Blood__Shot LMFAO @theMostAmazinq Zero recoilJust had a 1 Shot kill cheeseburger, it smacked. we live though
@LuckyChamu LMFAO LETs GO @RaidAway Ask for A5 Wagyu. Best steak you’ll ever have, its not on the menu @TheOceaneOpz W @HusKerrs WOW @Pamaj wait what? where? @NICKMERCS 😭😭😭 @xPRKRx @FaZeClan Tough @SteenieBo_Beany 🀣🀣 @DashySZN UH OHStop simping and get in here"It's a glitched super store"
@mannie_zens LMFAO!!! @thetrue_Antonio πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½ @DizzleRick24 100% @iTankid 😭😭 @Munz_E @RhettoricBTW 😭😭Stop smiling at her texts king, she’s texting 6 other guys @erickbarajas23 That jersey goated @GDbooya u good? 😭 @gabbydm U got cooked today LULW @Blazt LMFAO i was like HOW 😭😭 @HusKerrs W @AverageJoeWo 11s size 13, she has a rule. no shoes in the cribSo I pulled up to shortys crib, boom. I’m surprising her with flowers and a muffin joint, but I see a yellow Camaro… and the Nuke squad got the drinks. Idk whats gonna happen but turn me up