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@mamba033_ These are my comfy shoes bro.Literally was called a Unicorn M4 lolWhat attachments you think I got on it? @PrimitiveAK W @iTankid OMG!!! So cute 🥰 @GDbooya ❤️❤️ @NICKMERCS Leave me alone @iTankid Why not messi. JcWho’s the best soccer player ever and why? So curious, been having this convo with the fellas @GDbooya i miss u @GFUELesports LMFAO!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@FaZeClan @Lakers W @ShawnJGaming ❤️❤️ @NICKMERCS @TheBoiSantana LMFAO I told you Dante 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @Repullze NO WAY @StableRonaldo Wait, wha-Up, never down 🗣
@SwaggGang 😭😭😭😭 @KevinmGunter1 Wuv u @Destroy_215 YES SIR @TheOceaneOpz legend @TheBoiSantana W @MLGPuckett 👊🏽👊🏽 gas from a legend, appreciate it @TheBoiSantana @JSmoothHD @MxneyB_ LMFAO @RaidAway ❤️ @imsimplistic Yes sir!! @NICKMERCS Tryna get like papa bear 🐻What a year 🍻 @Tommey How u do that @peterjdoolan ❤️👊🏽 all love brotha @aeanaya99 ❤️❤️❤️It's free my boy J till its backwards @JSmoothHD @Activision @ATVIAssist @RavenSoftware LMFAO WHAT @YT_APPFORTHAT what do we money for ya know. sometimes you gotta live alittle @zelie1010 MEGA @YT_APPFORTHAT have that taken care of bro dont worry lol @FaZeApex YES SIRTodays energy is different. Test drove my dream car, ordering it in the next few days. Big Sponsorship just closed,…
@TexasStarrr_ @FaZeClan @GDbooya @JSmoothHD @TheBoiSantana W!!!!! Happy for your successful surgery brotha!! @BloodShhot Wait what @itzzParadox ❤️❤️ @SupremeDreams_1 LEGENDARY @Shawn12399 W @NICKMERCS @CashApp 🔥The myth is true, @FaZeApex forreal a shorty 🤣 But he changed my life, love you brotha 👊🏽 @ZayyUhhFool wha-Sleep schedule is torched @TheBoiSantana W!! @Pamaj @TheBoiSantana @TcleanTv @JSmoothHD 🤣🤣 @GFuelEnergy @TheBoiSantana crazy
@ImJhex WOW @Jesseruiz_45 W!!!! BeautifulHarden to the Nets wtf... Lakers in 5 though @timthetatman LMFAO!!!!!!!!!A morning with @timthetatman I could get use to this @RavenSoftware buff cold war ARs and we UPNew Update baby Nicki x Swagg vibez. The content we need @NICKMERCS @mikelvna What he said Mike @RavenSoftware W @Blazt aye, dont worry. YT content YKTV @LegendOfCotton yep LMAO @Blazt unreal bro, and i was rocking an ISO lol @_fayeeem how u finna talk then try and say "not hating" lmao keep the same energy @_fayeeem yea ight bro lol lobbies can get it too @HusKerrs LMAO @jaydeny_552006 LMFAO @1reckless12 fuck spit on me thenMy bad took a nap. Everyone yells at me when im a few hours late to stream sheesh, relax we here my children
@CreatorSet W @sted10331907 Thats the shirt design lmaoHe got tissues in the booth, we getting a classic @JSmoothHD @TheBoiSantana Grrrrrr @JSmoothHD @AyannaMarcelin Aye bro at 4am we doing this smh @comehomeAM34 ❤️👊🏽 thats the vibe we wanna give off🤣🤣🤣🤣 @JSmoothHD raging gets me every time @ShadyG Loadouts and its not even close. I dont lose a match because some meathead found a level 3 armor in a chest @TheseKnivesOnly Wait wha- @Valkyrae 🐐 @JSmoothHD @TheBoiSantana @GDbooya 😭😭😭😭 @RavenSoftware no way yall dont put out a hotfix today🤣🤣🤣 @NICKMERCS @NICKMERCS i felt gassed and hurt all in one tweet. you have a way with words Nicki, enjoy the glizzy and the game papaIf i get stunned 6 times in a row im off
@jmarkk7 facts @FF_MuTeX unlimited stuns apparently lolIdk if I wanna play today with the Stim/Stun glitch. Is it bad? @RavenSoftware yall gotta update tonight, warzone is bad right now. Glitched and DMR crazy @TheBoiSantana @JSmoothHD @MxneyB_ TURN ME UP @JSmoothHD Lmao bro @Rallied No bs that was the highlight of the stream, then a stream sniping team chased me. Chalked brother Ral.OBS crashed, off for the night. Warzone kicked my ass for 8 hours Need a drink
@JSmoothHD LMAO @GDbooya U LITERALLY MADE THE META MEATHEADYES SIR WARZONE ADDICT CHECKING IN @Jaycerr_JH @JGODYT @awesoMeLee1829 @MxneyB_ "toggled" man Jake ur down bad LMFAO @iTempp LMFAO WOW. 7 years omg @JGODYT @Jaycerr_JH @awesoMeLee1829 @MxneyB_ lmfao yea Jake u got me!