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glup shitto @swagmage420 Auckland Region, New Zealand

he/him. Yes I’m a human boy! what do you want!

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female avatars (avatar the last airbender)
Retweeted by glup shittoCater to my man 😌 @Neb153 I wasn’t on board with the first but then they went to the second in Avengers AIM... I was livid tbhyes this is supposed to be the same human being, 2 years apart 😐
Retweeted by glup shittoNot even kidding I’m distraught that this happened lmfao like life really isn’t fair 😅😅😅I’m legit almost in tears remembering the year BGO was cancelled cuz of a storm and the stalls were still down ther… at this 😭
Retweeted by glup shitto @mr_estark Because she’s a queen 😓黄緑色が目にやさしいね
Retweeted by glup shittoMom, slam on the breaks doing this shit. Hang it up
Retweeted by glup shitto @Maxylotl 5C% and you know I’m right lmfaoI wanna slam my head on a table lmfao I just like your guys’z stuff out of support but I most assuredly do not believe in most claims lmfaoInstead of just paying for his tuition?
Retweeted by glup shittoI think will continue to ignore every lesson the universe continues to give me... property damage be damned lmfao of Brian Young casting Musa for 'Fate: the Winx Saga' 🧚🏾‍♀️ via @lovelylabrusca
Retweeted by glup shitto @sefardiwolf My only gripe is that the witch girls didn’t have individual colours for their outfits, but aside from…
@theafronerd Amazon could do a good job tbh, but it would be a smaller audience etc :/ @sefardiwolf Yes I think so as well, but if he slips up once Godzilla can seriously injure him @hnrysml Honestly I just want my girl Mothra back like really, the monkey and the lizard barely pique my interest @theafronerd Since they have Winx club now they probably won’t attempt it for a couple years so they don’t double u… @hnrysml I’m tired of this fluffy gay rep I wanna see two monster f words fight to the death thank you 🙄WITCH > WINX
Retweeted by glup shitto @sefardiwolf Yeah he can hit harder if he gets close enough, Godzilla has very small stumpy arms, that being said h… flare💗 #HadesGame #Zagreus
Retweeted by glup shittoWhat kong lacks in mouth lasers he makes up for in mobility and having opposable thumbs 😌[Forever And Ever] 2021
Retweeted by glup shittoIt's been just over a month and her design has changed a lot
Retweeted by glup shittothis is where the bara addiction began.
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Retweeted by glup shittoアスノヨゾラ哨戒班
Retweeted by glup shitto @SOKKAMI Dont worry they get them lmao it’s a serve @DanielHillsOk Shame and AnxietyWhy is lost in your light my sisters favourite dua lipa song... like out of all of them she refuses to even listen… we can finally include JoJo Siwa in the pantheon of legendary LGBT icons named JoJo
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this was a proverb
Retweeted by glup shittoDRAG RACE DAY!!!!!! @RuPaulsDragRace 🏁
Retweeted by glup shittonow why don’t i see more people addressing the fact that aisha took down a burned one and saved bloom in ep2 with b…
Retweeted by glup shittoWinx is like pretty derivative but well executed and yeah no I’m sold I want more lmao, the final ep is a gag lmfao @vvraite Just came out tonight, it’s not perfect and also the representation problems are now like immortalised in… reboot is actually really fuckin good lmfaoThey really make you wait for the transformation and the wings but that was so worth it lmaoWE HAVE THE BABIESYou might be cool, but are you "the Greek Goddess Persephone turning her eyes into skulls when activating her godly…
Retweeted by glup shittoi don't speak BOYSHIT
Retweeted by glup shittoHUHHHHHH im cryin
Retweeted by glup shittoDecode chorus STILL hits like a truck ladies... that’s what you call STAYING power tbhi need the full version so desperately
Retweeted by glup shittoI was alive and conscious enough to see how he treated our folks in New Orleans during’s scary how muc…
Retweeted by glup shittoGod I miss her...
Retweeted by glup shittoNot one of the choices but I'm gonna say Persephone.
Retweeted by glup shitto @KweenKy_ All I Wanted vs Bring Me Back To Life
Retweeted by glup shittoI’m so tired of seeing white tourists make TikToks about Vietnam and promoting price negotiating. Vietnam is cheap…
Retweeted by glup shittoCGSUSHCHCSK
Retweeted by glup shitto @Maxylotl Get your water badge sissy 😌the fact that mitski sat down and wrote "god's very simple and love doesn't burn" and its like.... the most true statement of all time
Retweeted by glup shitto @hnrysml @vvraite Is this a star war?😭 the way they tried to scare girls out of these thoughts by making villains say them
Retweeted by glup shittoWhy do I have to wait like four hours for Wanda vision 😞Has anyone done this one yet?
Retweeted by glup shittotwilight (2008)
Retweeted by glup shittoPERIODDDD YES GIRL
Retweeted by glup shittoif fire signs are really the best why do y’all need to keep telling us every day?
Retweeted by glup shittoRelevant article regarding Zuckerberg.
Retweeted by glup shittoThe implication here is that poor people are poor because they waste money on nice clothes while billionaires live…
Retweeted by glup shitto @GeekBomb Meh life carries on it’ll come out eventuallymadison beer isnt a hologram like lil miquela?
Retweeted by glup shittoWhy yes I think I WILL listen to fever by UK covid hopper pop diva dua lipa and her French friend she met at the airport Angèle😌 @hnrysml @vvraite State your case this sounds like an ape name @himbo_anonymous Totodile has moxie @vvraite Check me out? @literalsam I need them to feel dear and anxiety from wasting my time lmfao @hnrysml I don’t know you’re path you’re confusing to me @nofeetpics BetYour third @ has to change their Twitter name to Glup Shittou know what...... i agree
Retweeted by glup shittoChills all over my body.
Retweeted by glup shittoI hate people who walk in stand there for ages and walk out it’s just loser behaviour lmfsoIt’s been 7 years since @Tinashe released her breakout debut single ”2 On.“🔥
Retweeted by glup shittopeople who see problems in society and then go on about "hmm. humans/humanity huh.." without adding anything else o…
Retweeted by glup shittoSexy bitches?Work is so slow today tbh :/ like really where are my custies ???
thinking about this
Retweeted by glup shitto“how did you know i’m an Aquarius?”
Retweeted by glup shittoMcDonald's in Anime
Retweeted by glup shitto @booo_rad Did she??? Maybe In an alternate future I think @booo_rad Also just the utility of her portals and being able to take the fight to Limbo etcyou better hold on tight spider monkey
Retweeted by glup shittoI kinda wanna eat it @booo_rad I feel like Rogue could ride that out and do some damage, but after some thought I think Storm edges o on… @booo_rad I know I know I know but if Rogue absorbs her powers and then what??? Idk. I’d like to say it’s Storm but… @Doug_NZL She’s so good she’s basically playing a different version of the character Mr World who’s like the main a… @phantomphag Oop? Honestly she probably still has them, too many cooks in the kitchen they can’t keep it consistent… @Doug_NZL Nah watch the show it’s a fair bit different from the books, it’s not perfect and there’s a lot of proble… pick between what’s cool between fire fairies and water fairies like what do you want personally damage or utility? @phantomphag Rogue has flight permanently now... if she gets her hands on one of them it’s over lmao