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@leothingz Phoebe 😂😂 @AtLongLastOlly @whodatflowerboi users are gonna struggle with this album @loenlystar I would too in his position
@NonnieNarko Please tell me this is the cover @ryantheguyan PEOPLE THINK THAT??? @bluesuitabel Oh hi @streamtun_ Oh no @crawfish_xcx A zoo critic when they visit a new zoo for the first time @Kboi83 Nah that’s all time @solarastar 😮Follow me on Twitter @SwagPunchABWordYou can take the girl out of the country (genre) but you can’t take the country out of the girl.
Retweeted by Swag @bleedinghours Do neither spend Friday on twitter @richgangysI Wait they’re on the same team again how did I not notice this until now
Retweeted by Swag @DanielsLemonade Where’s the bad song is it behind the great one you put in the tweet? @ElChrisNvz Fantastic song unironicallyMigos are better
@heyguysitsmejm JACK ANTONOFF WAS IN FUN???? @raptalksk Wow so excited for this. Dax is a super talented and up and coming artist I can’t wait to see what he ca… @its_charlibaby Why did you put 4 in 3 you could’ve just put it in 4 @R888GER “It was probably an accident” 💀 @magdalenepop Pls i- DHSJBFKSJ 😭
“I don’t know the difference between triangles and circles” 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 @fkasomething I mean she sounds good but if she was singing like that I highly doubt it would’ve picked up as a hit… @DawnOfSawayama This is funny cause morgan Wallen also dropped a hybrid album this year and he’s already confirmed to be submitted there lol @sza Just breathe. Trust the universe. Oh nooo please don’t slap me SZA I definitely wouldn’t like that 😡🥺 @HowdyImAl Wasted on you was so much betterThe Beatles could never do this @sevvyur @ThisIsHipHop2 Biggest and most iconic are different things. His biggest song is sad but look at me and ar…’s the skill? Where’s the talent? Where’s the MUSIC? This dog know nothing about music theory and is just doin…
Retweeted by Swag @KBreezo77 @blondedtiff @PUTPByThugger I’m sure he tried his bestYUP
@yourstruIypov I thought Kelly was with chance the rapper for a second lmao @seigfriedhours “Camila Cabello young thug havana” @yvngsyrup 1Every guy who watched adventure time as a kid is a misogynist now @luxtalks We missed out on a great song being a hit ☹️ @xadamuk Idk they were pretty close @magdalenepop That’s her fault tell her to stop making good music @TeamDreamville @gothamcityrap Scorching hot take I cannot believe that somebody exists who thinks this @DarkTwstedSwtnr Rehab Family ties Leave the door openThis sounds exactly like what I would assume The Rock rapping sounds like
@ThaCarterSeries This is funny cause he literally dropped an album two weeks ago 💀 @wickedsope wickedsope @W8AS3C Great take @THEMORNINGSTAN He has a lower score than a marshmello jonas brothers collab 🥴Character development
Retweeted by Swag.@adele gurl i don’t collab with flops anyway 💅
Retweeted by SwagCoi Leray is the face of the label 🐐 @allysrep They both can dance they just choose not to cause it’s more profitable to do easy tiktok dances so more people can repeat them @allysrep Charli and addison are @WOBODY_ @dieg_guev7 Him and keem on a song would be good @ThaCarterSeries A boogie* @drakewaslesbian @whoreforanayeli WHAT THE FUCK LMAOOO @bleedinghours I’m looking at track 3 😳
A Dollar Sign AP Rocky not doing this I’m sorry @planetfuemejor Telepatia (ik it’s the basic one but it’s the clear standout #imo) @houseofdgx Rhythm nation Take my breath Hurricane Happier than ever Wusyaname You right Good ones @quietwyattlol Look at that broccoli just chilling in the hot tub hahaCan we start pushing the A$AP Ferg > A$AP Rocky agenda please? @herdarkesthourz @bellahadid I thought this was Millie Bobby brown for a second lol @daarshhan Pink is like the whitest artist of all time what did she do? 💀 @richgangysI I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a preference but there is an issue with flexing that you hav… @its_charlibaby I @MysticWRLD_ What do you have against lil durk? @yourstruIypov 🧡Seeing a little too many comparisons to What’s Going On and Thriller for an album that literally isn’t even out yet don’t jinx it @pinkvan666 I was hoping for a little more but it was more of an “ah man” than a “fuck Bruno and anderson for not giving us more”
@8TWIGS I don’t that’s her I think that’s the people that own her masters @luxtalks I have never heard me rehuso, in my mind, or Tusa (even though I know what tusa is) @seanfaywolfe Technically 4 cause he was on this is AmericaNot complaining btw I know it’s gonna be great I just thought it was interesting @ChildishTommy Anderson paak albums are usually longer. It could’ve gone either way @drakeavi Wish it was 0 fr @FactsandTruth_ @WowThatsHipHop Yeah it’s gonna be 6 amazing songs but we waited the whole year for an EP ☹️The Silk Sonic album is 9 songs long and 3 of them are already out 😐😐
Hoyeon Jung, Squid Game star, reveals in a recent interview to Vogue Korea that lately she’s been obsessed with "4L… if you love doja cat
Retweeted by Swag @charli_xcx Hi Charlie I love your song I’m so fancy @magdalenepop Magdalene Melodrama Nfr Folklore @airfuuka 💬50k ♻️ 100k ❤️ 500k @myfaverapper Throwback @chunsversace This is why. Hope this helps 👍😁
@dmoneymusicornr @ryantheguyan Aged poorly @7mistakess That wasn’t him lmao @HipHopAllDayy They have a different system for Latin songs. Mia is 26x platinum for a Latin song but it only sold… in the quotes are calling it rigged towards him as if award shows have literally ever shown respect to Tyler… @TheButcher127 Glad it exists though it’s very good @TheButcher127 It dropped like a couple minutes ago @knyayo_ He’s snapping right now is like guaranteed to be the best song ever @DanielsLemonade I put on my jewelry just to go to the bodega 🥰 @DanielsLemonade Ntm on whole lotta money it’s one of the best songs of the year
@lydiascomet It’s not great but people are too hard on it I think it’s fun @lydiascomet No because the tweet is wrong 😡 @KvillainyHipHop Bring it back @titanictwigs Dumb question you know they don’t