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@Zombie_Princess Ah, thank you! 🙂 @Zombie_Princess Who are they? @Momifornia1 were more affordable to live in.
@20committee The Lion Kink @20committee Sweat Charity @20committee Hello Folly @20committee The Ring and I @20committee A Chorus Dine @20committee Sweeney Toad
@mtracey When you say Bernie partisans created this fiasco, can you explain what you mean or provide references, pl…
@HoarseWisperer Deaf Kennedys @HoarseWisperer Bot Jovi @HoarseWisperer Jefferson Starshop
Soon, being fired or demoted under this administration will become a badge of honor. Pathological societies produc…
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @DrGJackBrown I've noticed that sometimes they don't even bother to rationalize it. @itstonybennett Thank YOU, Mr. Bennett! @DrGJackBrown @SpeakerPelosi Some have been up in arms claiming that Pelosi was "fat-shaming".
A lovely vignette by @hknightsf on the beauty inherent in our public spaces when opened for use and enjoyment by pe…
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @coolgrey I think he had a conscience and a tortured soul. @simon_schama's extraordinary film about @AshmoleanMuseum's 'Young Rembrandt' exhibition will be broadcast worldwid…
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔When you are tired, let yourself rest. When you are hungry, feed yourself. When you are angry or frightened, befrie…
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Happy 75th birthday to the legendary Pete Townshend (co-founder and leader, principal songwriter, guitarist and sec…
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @thehill Perhaps there is good reason for that. Ya think?"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Jiddu Krishnamurti
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @TheRightMelissa Also, any and all human beings who are morbidly obese. That should cover all political persuasions… is trending and @RandyRainbow is there with a song! #goodmorning #distraction
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @guardian Yeah, that'll help. @eugenegu I don't think pointing out drug abuse stigmatizes anyone who isn't abusing drugs. The issue isn't the dru… we're seeing mass layoffs in the US but not the UK via @YouTube
And if you're in a position to do so, please donate to these mutual aid funds or directly to the low-income artists…
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @petersagal Complicate Theatre’s The ENCOUNTER. Available only until May 22. Seriously, don't miss this. Listening… Constitutional Amendment: Inspectors General must be appointed by a 50/50 bipartisan committee from the House o…
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@DrGJackBrown Whadaya wanna bet he'd fail most any test?Let’s keep at least the beach-side part of the Great Highway closed to cars forever. Call it the Great Walkway as…
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔My latest: There have been some bright spots in San Francisco during shelter-in-place that should become permanent.…
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @BettyBowers Our own Nazi Youth Party. @FourRedShoes Looks like repurposed curtains. @RKJ65 I'm sorry.
@CaslerNoel At first, I thought this was photoshopped. 🙃 @shirleysand007 Perhaps you birthday tweet got buried amongst a deluge of Earth Day tweets? @JonFlan Happy Birthday, Mr. Flannery!
@atrupar Seriously, what is going on with these people?”The heavier the threat, the stronger we should find you to bear the threat. For every challenge, an answer. A king… @EAndracchio This is really messed up. I'm so sorry, Erica. I hope it gets resolved soon. 😧 @hknightsf @KQEDForum I'll be listening. 🙂
@IngrahamAngle Laura is apparently very much enjoying her COVID TV game show. @Kris_Sacrebleu People are joking about this disease? 😧
@CaslerNoel @realDonaldTrump Yes, David Cay Johnston (who also knows Trump well) has predicted that however Trump l…, Finborough. across this quote from @BarackObama to the media at his final presidential press conference:
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @VictoriaRaeSook @robmyles Yes, when one has such a mother. @RealCandaceO If she is not "a slave to the Democrat race narrative", I wonder why she considers herself not to be free?Under Trump, American exceptionalism means poverty, misery and death | Robert Reich
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @political_ellie "Boomers can have her"? As if.
@michellemalkin @NikkiHaley You apparently approve of murder.
So let me get this straight: Black men are shot for jogging, but white men can bring AR-15s inside state capitols?
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @trish_zornio I don't see how this is a defense of Melania. Obviously, she's complicit.San Francisco, let’s do this too!
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@peterdaou No. I am one of that strange phenomenon of human who doesn't have children.Yes! Too few streets are closed to cars, and too few restaurants have outdoor tables. Win, win.
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“I want to know who the men in the shadows are, I want to hear somebody asking them why, they can be counted on to…
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @leahmcelrath @kristinrawls @washingtonpost @nytimes Yes. Very important point. And this lack adds to the sense of disconnectedness. @casatino The whole thing is batshit crazy. The first thing that struck me was his statement that the makers of the… @DrGJackBrown I never believed that being a businessperson would make one better at governing. I don't understand the worship of business.The US market is flooded w/ over 150 #AntibodyTests that are NOT FDA tested or approved. Only 8 Antibody Tests ARE…
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @DrGJackBrown And why? Because he is a sadist?
@DrGJackBrown That's exactly what I felt when I saw a photograph of him there. His presence in that space is a violation.There’s Another #Pandemic Sweeping The Country: A #MentalHealth crisis:
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @SecPompeo The "Western World" has a history of scapegoating Asia. @CoffeeAndKink Okra.
@finlay52 @cit_uprising Of course. So was I. @cit_uprising @finlay52 Incoherent.. @ValaAfshar Darling. @AchmatX This is insane. @finlay52 @cit_uprising Thanks for pointing this out, but I very much doubt he would like to know.
@sandibachom @RWPUSA He always appears to me to be sneering.
75 years ago today. my view it is bad for the President of the United States to publicly side with the armed gunmen who took over a state legislature.
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔The point of the U.S. Postal Service is right there in its name. It’s a service, not a business. Its purpose is to…
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔It’s May Day - international workers day. Brave workers are these companies are on strike: ➡️ Amazon ➡️ Trader Joe…
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔NEW: CA has 50,442 confirmed cases of #COVID19: +3.1% from yesterday. 3,428 of those are in hospitals: -2.0%. 1,1…
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@hknightsf Love it! @ChuckWendig The word that comes to mind in this moment is "scrumptious".
@AnnCoulter The scapegoating of Asia has been going on for hundreds of years.
@EricColumbus @atrupar This is what happens in a country which doesn't value education. @DannyDeraney
@MollyJongFast OMG. 💔 @itstonybennett Bless your big heart, Tony Bennett. @JonFlan Nice hair! @LeahaSla @John_F_Austin @BandyXLee1 To gain basic understanding, I suggest you google the words “patronizing”, "pr… @LeahaSla @John_F_Austin @BandyXLee1 No sh*t, Sherlock.The best theatre and dance to watch online this weekend
Retweeted by ShakesScene 💔 @mckra1g @sturgishigh You got all that right. @PressSec @realDonaldTrump @wolfblitzer The damage done by this president is also unprecedented. @John_F_Austin @BandyXLee1 Given that this is the case, my question is: Why? Why would he want to cause the deaths of masses of people? @wokeSTEMteacher Not sure if it was second or third grade. But I remember her well because she was so lovely: Mrs.… @MotherJones OMG. @danielsgoldman I would say they don't understand it because they refuse to.
@John_F_Austin @BandyXLee1 Yes. And why? I wonder if it is simply because he is a sadist. @sillyfemaledust @John_F_Austin @BandyXLee1 I don't think the only issue is his "advice ". There has been shocking…