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@pinutos @cynic_liberal @jonallendc Ranked choice voting does not benefit establishment losers. Third parties could… @cynic_liberal @jonallendc So... you also agree that the rules are terrible and undemocratic? Why would your retort… @pinutos @cynic_liberal @jonallendc I wouldn't be fine with Biden as the candidate any more than fucking Jen Bush o… @pinutos @cynic_liberal @jonallendc How am I ignoring it when I started this thread by talking about that? Lol @cynic_liberal @jonallendc So democracy is only when there's a choice between two options? Think about your "solut… @cynic_liberal @jonallendc It's an unacceptable disgrace that the one with the most votes does not win. Period. Wh… @CrouchingPygmy @_SEO_UX_CRO @Chesschick01 He just blocked me too haha @_SEO_UX_CRO @CrouchingPygmy @Chesschick01 So they share the features of interest & credit? If you open up a dictio…
@_SEO_UX_CRO @Chesschick01 The only reason I can think of that you would equate a market to capitalism is that you… @_SEO_UX_CRO @CrouchingPygmy @Chesschick01 This is absolutely not true in any sense. If so, how could Adam Smith be… @_SEO_UX_CRO @Chesschick01 Some of them. Not all of them, otherwise profits would not exist. We've built a system w… @Chesschick01 @_SEO_UX_CRO Ever heard of market socialism? Mutualism? Do you know the fundamental ideological diffe… @_SEO_UX_CRO @Chesschick01 An economist that misunderstands these terms so badly? Communism is a theoretical class… @Chesschick01 @_SEO_UX_CRO On what planet is this a retort to what he said? Capitalism is not voluntary. Your reto… @jonallendc In what way is anything Bernie did coming back to hurt him? He fought to have superdelegates taken out… @BryceBucher Our childhoods are a 75% match
@karma_primo @LeggoMyGiallo That's just how secret it was I guess 🤔 @traphousecult I can relate 😓 not been an ideal few months. Or years lol but especially lately
@Phucat103 I heard (from Hank Green maybe?) that 1k views can translate to between $1 and (theoretically but rarely… @thetrillbillies "If this country still had balls" had BETTER be about Blair Mountain
@marthaj44 @startthemachine @drmistercody @Mike2020 Idk, the Boston Tea Party seemed alright @KyleCoroneos Sturgill & Isbell hate clicks are financing Kyle's next few Christmases @bombsfall This is such a Night in the Woods dialogueContinuing in a long trend of fairly useless and seemingly innocuous implementations, there are now functional mirr…
Retweeted by Swan @eigenbom I almost used it, but went with Flecs instead @dqpcivilenginee @1sttimetwitt @qpalfrey @RossVarner @AndrewYang @CNN So you're criticizing a position you've never… @dqpcivilenginee @1sttimetwitt @qpalfrey @RossVarner @AndrewYang @CNN I didn't say it didn't happen haha. I asked y… @dqpcivilenginee @1sttimetwitt @qpalfrey @RossVarner @AndrewYang @CNN Wow 🙄 They said the same in Rojava, the Free… @meme_war_ll @1sttimetwitt @dqpcivilenginee @qpalfrey @RossVarner @AndrewYang @CNN You are confused. FJG is the mos… @dqpcivilenginee @1sttimetwitt @qpalfrey @RossVarner @AndrewYang @CNN I like policies that help working class peopl…
@YangDailyCast @1sttimetwitt @dqpcivilenginee @qpalfrey @RossVarner @AndrewYang @CNN Yang is a capitalist, and he w… @YangDailyCast @1sttimetwitt @dqpcivilenginee @qpalfrey @RossVarner @AndrewYang @CNN I didn't say he doesn't have o… @1sttimetwitt @dqpcivilenginee @qpalfrey @RossVarner @AndrewYang @CNN I don't dislike Yang. I found him to be a ver… @1sttimetwitt @dqpcivilenginee @qpalfrey @RossVarner @AndrewYang @CNN How might one "move forward" from UBI? The en… Grande - 7 Rings In Handexpand to see why this is the most relatable pic of a presidential candidate u have ever seen in your life
Retweeted by Swan @jamesid I intend to!Halloween 3 except the children are all indoctrinated into a cult by their smartphones while their parents aren't paying attention
stalemate..👀 ..we're gnna be here a while🏹 #gamedev
Retweeted by SwanUntitled Goose Game sequel @LivPosting "Trump Cut Social Security" would've been so much weaker, I'm glad they went with this @KyleCoroneos Hahahaha You would need bed rest if you ever heard of what Death Grips did to their label. This isn… @MatthewLillard You really killed it in Scream @ADSason @imrankhan It didn't used to be like this. People used to have power over their lives. That's really all y…
@CombatDem @GlamDamorous The Chris Christie Effect @GyaragaX Just started watching. It doesn't seem real that they let that guy on stage. 😫
@johnschubert2 @CandiMathis @JasonIsbell Did the trade deals ruin Detroit, or was it because the office of Mayor wa… @RaeRevived Can we get one of those quote images of this? His face with the quote next to it That would be a sweet…
@tschaffe8 @KyleCoroneos Ah, you're right. I think "we don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee" is already a rough start… @KyleCoroneos Isbell probably meant that there are no good conservative songs. Look at the great political works fr… @MessengerSports @KyleCoroneos @CodyJinksMusic I'm not a Cody Jinks scholar but I think the jury's out on where he… Isbell fucking RULES 💪 @JasonIsbell Deleted tweet. Nice 😏
@lostinvegas83 Really impressive that y'all were able to come into this song blind in 2020 and articulate all of th… @DailySuicide @VanquishAudio @jackcalifano @MrBrendanJay I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Is it that,… like C# believe I'm too stupid to manage memory myself. Languages like C++ prove them right. 😫 @BadEconTakes When you define democracy as liberalism, then yes, billionaires exist where there is "democracy". If… @DailySuicide @VanquishAudio @jackcalifano @MrBrendanJay I think that money should come from work. I'm open to a lo… @skipnorth1 @VanquishAudio @jackcalifano @MrBrendanJay 7.25 x 80 = $580 15% taxes = $4.93 I realize now 15% was t… @VanquishAudio @jackcalifano @MrBrendanJay Work. They don't work for the money, their name is just on the business… @VanquishAudio @jackcalifano @MrBrendanJay Even with a $15 mw, that's about one week's pay after taxes. So you have… @VanquishAudio @jackcalifano @MrBrendanJay What do you mean where??? Federally, so in any state that doesn't have… @VanquishAudio @jackcalifano @MrBrendanJay $500 is more than two weeks' pay at full time minimum wage lol
@Phucat103 Your channel probably answered this at some point but: Is there much of a skateboarding scene in rural Georgia? @pixelfootgames
@Fleshsqueeze They're cowards @ScottyCasteel @KyleCoroneos Did you read my second tweet? Seems like Trigger didn't lolWhat should I name him? #screenshotsaturday
Retweeted by Swan @PuppetCombo YES
@SJVforVictory @hogboy17 @TeamWarren @ewarren Are you going to acknowledge what so many have pointed out: that the… I put all the items on in Smash Bro’s
Retweeted by Swan @celechii 😭 @ghostoffredt @Ungwhim_Gwhent @BadSunAK @RalstonReports Bernie's M4A plan demands that the cash goes to the workers… @OHDems @PeterHamby @JamesCarville An official Dem account is celebrating this? Is there any way to look at this t… @volcrazy89 @OHDems @PeterHamby @JamesCarville It's incompetence all the way down 😏
@glassbottommeg The "$75 on a house" number is still wrong bc it fails to consider the wealth of someone who makes… @andyrentz @bombsfall @BbqSaint "Heated Debate", aka "getting a little too stop-and-frisky" @OrganizingPower @LewdPolitics "It was 5 years ago" says 77 year old man I love how he says those racist remarks d…
@baker_thorne @traphousecult @blakemprods @Akselmo @ExoticButts69 @germfood @silenttowergame @ginose_p I forgot Met… @traphousecult @baker_thorne @blakemprods @Akselmo @ExoticButts69 @germfood @silenttowergame @ginose_p About a year… @spoonspoon_ @LewdPolitics Vermin Supreme would be the undeniable choice if he didn't seem to be all about capitali… @traphousecult @blakemprods @Akselmo @ExoticButts69 @germfood @baker_thorne @silenttowergame @ginose_p This is hard… @glassbottommeg Yeah I bought a 6 ft braided cable haha. Hasn't moved in years @docsquiddy Class warfare & consent manufacturing against the poor: I sleep The poors make mean noises: REAL SHIT @ibrahimpols He fell from 2nd place down to first 😢 tragic, really @BerniesHomie @JordanUhl @jwpetersNYT He was referencing the album Kid A by British rock band Radiohead @glassbottommeg I feel like the only developer in the world who uses an Xbox One controller @KingdomKlannad I think you are correct! In a sense lol LttP's APPEAL to me is different from OoT. But on paper,…
@eigenbom 1. Record the player's movements for the first half 2. Build the second half around that data @bombsfall Dude was literally a Republican mayor. He's absurdly dirty in every way & the DNC is welcoming him with open arms @zwredd92 @KyleCoroneos That's about where I land too @Phucat103 @Gigoorin @MicroHorArcade @The_Toonimator @OhJeyGaming @blakemprods American Wasteland 🤔 nice @HTHRFLWRS Checkers is the Mystic Quest to Chess's Final Fantasy @KyleCoroneos If the only two "political" songs of his you don't like are White Man's World and Be Afraid, why not… @KyleCoroneos My problem is that you didn't tell him to not be so political when he made Dress Blues, or Cumberland…
@pixelfootgames Steiner @jamesid I'm going to need, at the least, a qualifier that says "best 3D Mario game" @TylerGlaiel This isn't Wing Dings 🤔
@NewsCloset Because I don't hahaha. You only think I do because you have no idea what socialism is. I literally n… want to see a show where Gordon Ramsey visits game developers like Kitchen Nightmares. “This mechanic is broken!…
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