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Most of you enter arguments thinking the other person is stupid. How can you ever influence someone when you insult them first?
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORTi'm watching the 'those down cutting the top dog down" scenario playing it real wild. it's a crazy world if you think about it. @kingnnamdi_ i want that everyday too 😄 @kingnnamdi_ oga, on point on all fronts. highlight of my day @kingnnamdi_ yes bro..hurricanes by rick ross is an enjoyable read @jojo_thedj your man no be serioussaw the most beautiful locks ever today. @jojo_thedj 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣oh snap!! wish for mandem @Poetyk_Prynx kids of todaythe canadian guy wore a blackface in 2001? he deserves all the smoke. @Poetyk_Prynx delete the picMe acknowledging today that I need a break, amidst public tears, was refreshing. I will take that break...I will re…
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORThi say what? @NanaBaafiAgyei @Dahammergh a 3 day festival would be perfect. each day with its own theme. i'm sure if hammer pitc… for sharing! @theyawofosu
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORT @KWAKU101 @theyawofosu your interview with him on Kwaku-one-on-one is one i still can't forget. an eye-opener into… imma drive it for you, dip it for you roll it for you, for you you you until the dawn - @EFYA_Nokturnal
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORT @NanaBaafiAgyei @Dahammergh long overdue bro. this must happenBallantine's presents: True Music Accra on 5th October - 7pm at Carbon, featuring live performances from…
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORTa @kelvynboymusic_ x @Nonso_A playlist. check it out! to this folks!! @blackstarsfan i feel itonce again with the executioner on the scene, it's hotter than choofi & yam.. how cy lover mentioned choofi & yam is top notch slanging. @jakuuire recites hov's verse @delalibessa concrete jungle @ErskineSam street ha y3 huu ankasaIf someone can master this rope skipping game, what is a boy’s heart ❤️
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORT @5_Star_Hustler vimwhen life threw me a rod nigga, i started fishing - young maimagine thinking young ma can't rap
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORT @5_Star_Hustler panji worked with the talking drums. but with pae mu ka, it was yaw and hammer that created that legendary album.Extra Extra read all about it (always wanted to say that hehe).. @LaMemeGang for @NataalMedia Story by @stingg_ p…
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORT @NYboateng hmm...cancel culture @5_Star_Hustler it was rather yaw anoff, panji's junior brolife imitating art? in Malibu.
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORTwow!! sequencing is rivaled by kanye west's devil in a new dress & runawaythe intro tune on pae mu ka is one of the best ever openings to an album. listen to the production- the strings, d…'m interested me of rawlings era where similar stance was taken after a chraj investigation. history repeating itself heavy bassline beneath obrafour's "aden" is nothing short of magnificent.
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORTjay z has proven this the opportunity to work on this photo essay with Rihmeek and crew on the bike culture in Accra. S/O to the homm…
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new @BrymOlawale tape featuring live recorded songs. @uddlkn hi my luvs"trend setter/I set and make the trends better/ And pen more bars than Shatta Wale pens letter’' - @KOJO_Cue"There are songs that jumps at you the first time you hear it and ends up stuck in your head for hours and days. Ew… days to go! Maura is the very traditional Nana Katarwa in the satire "The Blinkards" showing this weekend in…
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORTein captions be heavy pass guy legs 😍 VIP ahomka wo mu sample has served nigerian acts brand!! your lips yet? You should be 😜 40GHC: 4 red velvet + 4 choc fudge brownies 60GHC: 8 red velvet + 8 choc f…
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORTenticing. me one eh? black. feel attacked @AubreyMensa it's part of our brand @OneMotolani that ''i can do it even in my sleep" laughif there was any jay z song i'd like to read its back story, it'd be song cry.Bye baby - @Nas
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORT @OneMotolani and he does it casually too."if I get shot today my phone’ll stop ringin’ again, these industry niggas ain’t friends they know how to pretend" - 50 centincremental progress.Wagwan 😙
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORTDon't pay an A&R to listen to your beats, and also... Don't pay a blog to post your song with 2 lines of text Don…
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORT#GHWednesdaysOnLive @live919fm - At 5.15pm I’ll be doing a double play off Ebo Taylor ‘s long lost LP #Palaver whic…
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORT @antoine_mensah @live919fm @bbemusic whiles we wait, here's a short review of this beautiful album those who dream will someday see their dreams become reality - che guevararegulated on not, gambling is no hobby, it is in itself a crisis. some of us watched parents squander their kids…
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORT @skidodoi18 send me the book 🤣🤣. now i can't wait no more
always going for the easy folks to blame..old trick in the bookOf all the things our politicians and big men dey do it be me my Ghc50 on anytime goalscorer it go collapse the economy? 3ne3 nka man ne ngu
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORTcan leave rozay's money dance on loop gor days @annertey_ at all. man picm in mind @annertey_ your man dey move waai dig how he spends its time dollar rozay season come, obey your thirst!ouch!! move from Boomplay & Tiwa today was actually mad!
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORTMGMT making “Electric Feel”
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORTAlmighty Trei (@AlmightyTrei) High School Tour begins on 21st September 2019 at Tema international school.
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORT @swayekidd Truth. Also I think he made a strategic effort with how the songs get's steadily aired. Some good, DJs h…
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORT @samcillabaakojr agree with all you've said. also tells you how if people spend time with an album and not only the… 🔥 @kingnnamdi_ i dey die 😀😀 @trotromate true. time to reapThat dude built for this . He is great !
Retweeted by IBRA 4 SHORTvery and i'm glad he's getting the attention @OneMotolani @AubreyMensa very true. we're keeping watchThe Blinkards is still the greatest thing to happen to Ghanaian literature
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