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The team at @sparkghana worked on our first print edition after 9 digital magazines. It's something I am very proud…
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mommy regrettably watched. abeg, stop watching. don't waste your time @ParisSaintJerry all you talk be fact. money dey make things happen, always @DDashazz i wonder why his producers/bosses don't point out these lapses to him. i don't listen to him anymore.🤣🤣🤣🤣 CHEE$E.
Retweeted by 6lack fulaniShout out to German journalist, @Silja_Frh for writing a deeply thoughtful piece on Germany’s colonial history and…
Retweeted by 6lack fulaniThe founding of Ghana National College by Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah. See leadership? Used his money to est. a sch for…
Retweeted by 6lack fulani🤣🤣🤣🤣 @maakumi 👍True Story
Retweeted by 6lack fulanithey can not see price quotes when man utd is involved. the team played themselves into itcrazy shit Roc Nation School of Music, Sports & Entertainment will begin enrolling students for the fall 2021 semester.
Retweeted by 6lack fulaniSuperstar @donaeo looking dapper! ✨ #boombuzzgh
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @swayekidd opana want the thing to drag like Oloni's TL for publicity and shirt sales
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @MrSaint__ oh say again. ends up affecting the whole teamReal queen is back! Taking back my thrown !
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @NYboateng the whiteman do in work finisheii abrahamovic jnr @Koranchevsky @MirrorFootball solid bench matters. leroy is gone. they need someone to take his spot. @Koranchevsky @MirrorFootball ucl oo, nanalove how man city do business. identify a player they like, move in, pay the cash and shake hands. no room for draggingMassive explosive in beruit. The number of people died is unknown. There is a massive destruction in the city. Ou…
Retweeted by 6lack fulanitruly honored to be part of the September issue of Vanity Fair. Can't wait for this to come out! via @VanityFair
Retweeted by 6lack fulani#FaceToFace 9pm 📺 @CitiTVGH @UmaruSanda
Retweeted by 6lack fulaniNew Arrivals - Listen on Boomplay For Free
Retweeted by 6lack fulaniGet you a girl who brings you BOTH blessings, Beloved. 💕
Retweeted by 6lack fulanias if the world is not in chaos already m, now lebanon had to endure such an explosionJUST IN: Lebanon's internal security chief tells reporters the blast was in a port area with highly explosive mater…
Retweeted by 6lack fulaniMy brother sent me this, we live 10 KM away from the explosion site and the glass of our bldgs got shattered.…
Retweeted by 6lack fulaniFootage from the massive explosion in Beirut Port, Lebanon
Retweeted by 6lack fulani✨Live • Laugh • Love 🍂 #LoveJemila 📸: @shotbyadoosey #NewProfilePic #TuesdayVibes
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @KofiEsikyire Ebi so. nothing better pass a clean housemore like a casual wear than a jersey job bomberdos @amsataar that is the way to go bro. me, i make my mind @KwameTha here it is. like NY said, it's a song by bak tyre ft samini like a fun-filled day!
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @aphua_larbi they should tone down small 🤣🤣 @officialKWAME they have no choiceFollow @swayekidd! He knows the way!
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @KwameTha i tell you. she should be serioushey 🐥
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @KwesiiAsomadu i was waiting for this 🤣🤣🤣one of the best song's i have heard in recent times ALWAYS by @Joeyturks_ @swayekidd Lol Was seeing it this morn, slept like 10 mins in
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @asA__Re i wasted my time watching it. the storyline ankasa be wackI Reviewed The Delivery Boy And (Once Again, There Are Spoilers!)
Retweeted by 6lack fulanithis: unreal things you can do today: check out @HarmattanRain's website listen to @officialKWAME's podcast visit… #NowPlaying
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @nythetraveller seen this? is heartbreaking. I felt him when he said “our president, we beg you, this intimidation is too much”
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @swayekidd Exactly. We need not burden our children. We should work to leave inheritance to them. We are always tra…
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @nfreduagyeman bro, you couldn't have said it better. we start life with too much on our shoulders, so everyone aft…"wo di mi sika twa bet/boy don't be silly now"... @BRYANTHEMENSAH & @OKAIWAV went in!!'s #foundersday so I'm doing pro bono consultations (brand , business| marketing) for 6 Ghananian Startup & sma…
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @nfreduagyeman boom. very important message/text @_KooKumi hmm @swayekidd 😭😂I shouldn't be laughing.... Suicide is serious swayyy
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @stingg_ i know very well. not dismissing its seriousness. just say, it's becoming like a 'badge of honour'mo kyer3 bi’s wage bill has spun my head.
Retweeted by 6lack fulaniblue was raking royalties before she could talk. ewiase paa @kwesi_win asem o @NYboateng 🤣🤣 m'abr33wuo nsem y3 mu d3 @KwesiiAsomadu what's the story. i've heard some thingsyoung writers and 'when i failed at suicide, i found hope in my art'. hmm @senaanu @TwumTweets man of the year @senaanu @TwumTweets done wale @TwumTweets @senaanu once dem ban you from the pool, e mean say you are out of the crew @TwumTweets 🤣🤣🤣 maybe he's expanding it
@kwesi_win 🤣🤣🤣🤣New animation Short film. Background 1st sneak peek. (Beginning, mid-way & end)
Retweeted by 6lack fulaniw'abr3 oo wrote about 'Black Is King.'
Retweeted by 6lack fulani😂😂😂😂😂 ah
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @DeanClericuzio she deserves it @asA__Re y'all ain't ready @DEPEARCE Absolutely. @Yaw_Dan 🙌🙌 @Braa_Kusi i never knew the owner has passed. the fire also affected them but it's great to see the station still holding its spot @kojoayitey i have been told. bet, I have to check her out more. @edith_siaw i have to do sameShatta Movement. You know what to do #already.
Retweeted by 6lack fulani"i married my best friend" geng 🙌this bar dropping some classic highlife records.. kojo antwi, amakye, lumba, nana tuffour. beautiful gh records @kojoayitey yeah, of her acting @XVILLY 🤣🤣 she is the deal now @Yaw_Dan we dey open new frontiernot a fan of tracey ross but that pic 🔥drip mu ahenkwa Ellis Ross giving us BODY!
Retweeted by 6lack fulani @Braa_Kusi very true and it's working