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@burytomorrow getting me through my time in hospital 🙌🏻
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲDoggo enjoying his metal. Sound on.
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ @MadinaVickz Fuck everyone else. Live your own life honestly You’re awesome fuck them!
@Seapeekay Mine to homie
.@burytomorrow have announced album launch shows and in-stores to support their new album, 'Cannibal'! All tickets…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲTo get the new year underway Bloodstock announce 7 more bands for the event to be held once again at Catton Hall De…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲYOU GUYS. I’m seeing Bury Tomorrow at freaking Dürer Kert in June, HELL YES 😍😍
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ#ICYMI Top 10 Songs Of The Week #Playlist JANUARY 2020 – THIRD WEEK 🔥 feat: Bury Tomorrow,The Amity Affliction, S…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲBUDAPEST! We will be playing a special show on June 16 at Dürer Kert with @MIWband and @burytomorrow. Tickets on sa…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲBury Tomorrow return with new album Cannibal and launch video for the ferocious title track:
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ @clarkgirlcharm I know you do @rachsyme @__nca @EammonJacobsRemaking High Fidelity?? NahhhhhBerry Tomorrow do I love drag? Because drag is a world where weird, over the top, flamboyance is celebrated above all If th… @swearboxdj Weirdly makes my skin crawl. Body horror? Cool. Guts and intestines? Love it. Terrifying monsters and d…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ @Naysy @Miggie Least it’s a great pout on it @Bekkiboom @Leozaur @IAmDaltos You do not want me to edit thisI FUCKING HATE IT WHEN PROPLE LIFT MY MAC BY ITS SCREEN NAH SIS IT AINT COOL's NEW album "Cannibal" is out early April 🔥 Who's excited? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Check out the AWESOME track "C…
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To celebrate the release of Cannibal we’ll be in Kingston, Birmingham and Leeds this April doing in store signings,…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ.@burytomorrow, @hatebreed and more have been announced for @BLOODSTOCKFEST.
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ#BOA20 ANNOUNCEMENT! 🔥@hatebreed 🔥@burytomorrow 🔥@Sylosis 🔥@ToxicHolocaust 🔥@Winterfylleth 🔥@ExhumedOfficial 🔥NE…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ @burytomorrow added to @BLOODSTOCKFEST main stage 🖤🤘🏼
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@swearboxdj This is almost like stage invasion. Shame I can’t make it to this one 😩😩
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲFirst EVER headliner at The Underworld Let’s get weird @EammonJacobs Offffttt @NeilGortz So in!YouTube/content/Twitch Creators!!! If you are having trouble using our songs on your platform I WANT TO HELP DM… disgusting Let’s make the walls bleed I wonder how long this tickets will last when they go on sale 🤔 @R0binHood_ @R0binHood_ Just wait ..... there’s moreIf you see me smiling in public I'll be most likely listening to Cannibal by @burytomorrow
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲThis is wonderful. “Learn your lines so you can forget em. It’s not fair to forget your lines if you haven’t learnt…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲI wonder if my Limewire torrents ever finished downloading in the end?
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ @KaeyiDream Nah I fully back thisThe battle is on!! What will be crowned worst superhero movie of 2020 It’s gonna be close
BORN FROM FIREAre you jamming Cannibal hard?? Let me know your thoughts below 👇 via @YouTubeAddicted to this song! @DanBuryTomorrow @jackobt @Jasoncameron_ @swearboxdj @duwasbt Cannibal [Explicit] by Bury…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ'Rogue One' writer Gary Whitta says he wants to 'write [a 'Star Fox'] animated movie' after seeing this impressive…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲYup! Southampton pride is real EXCLUSIVE | @burytomorrow's Cannibal also comes on a very limited edition picture disc. Can't wait to give t…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲOh my glob @EammonJacobs I want to eat my own headNEW ON STORE | @burytomorrow are back following last year's Black Flame breakout. Cannibal is out soon via…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲAlbum: Tron Legacy - Daft Punk Single Track: Hans Zimmer “Time” from Inception @burytomorrow song made our day! 🎖 Novi album “Cannibal” je samo jedan od razloga zašto se oni smatraju za jed…
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Our fans are really cool thread of African Movie Posters... Due to licensing and printing costs, some African theaters gave the task to a…
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Holy moly Harry.....
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲPlease don’t follow biebs guide to number one success That shit is WHACK - let alone from a multi-million selling… is Wilfred dancing to the new @burytomorrow track
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲBury tomorrow say, do or release anything: Me:
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ#imagine Tomorrow return to Kingston on the day of release of new album Cannibal live pic:…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲGet a dose of heavy into your weekend with @burytomorrow's new single #Cannibal!
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲUKメタルコアBURY TOMORROWのニューアルバム『CANNIBAL』が4月上旬にMusic For Nations/Sony Musicからリリース! ニューアルバム・タイト…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲNEWS: Bury Tomorrow detail sixth album, ‘Cannibal’!
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲBury Tomorrow - "Cannibal" [Metal & X-Core]
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new @burytomorrow & new @codeorangetoth both are sick as hell cool day
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲC A N N I B A L
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ @UKBanterMemes @clarkgirlcharm @ShitAliceSaysLoving the new @burytomorrow song but can't help but hearing this...
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ @chlooeeeexo @burytomorrow Hope y’all were nice !!❤️LIVE!🥺 We’re blasting @burytomorrow on stream @swearboxdj came up in conversation 🥳 LOVE IT 🔴…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲPlaced my pre-order for @burytomorrow’s new album CANNIBAL & also ordered the deluxe vinyl ‘cause it’s beautiful 😍…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲDear @burytomorrow, I'm writing to tell you that 'Cannibal' is a fucking revelation, and I love you. 💋 Regards,…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ @swearboxdj i like the one with the Big Riff™️
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲThere are so many songs I want you to hear But there is one honestly that I cannot wait for more than any otherJUST ANNOUNCED | PRE-ORDER NOW The brand new album from Bury Tomorrow lands on April 3rd, 2020. Pre-order your cop…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ‘Cannibal’ - the new album from @burytomorrow, will be released April 3rd on @musicfornations! Pre-orders and a vi…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲBIG NEWS! @burytomorrow have just announced their brand new album ‘Cannibal’ is coming April 3rd! They’ll be playin…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲThis week SICK AND SOUND's #SongOfTheWeek category host @burytomorrow with fabulous new single Cannibal off sixth s…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ.@burytomorrow announce new album Cannibal and drop title-track.
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ @MarcosSOTS I’m as gutted as you pal ahhaha🔥 @burytomorrow have announced their new album, 'Cannibal’. Out this April, you can check out a video for the title…
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀Ⅎ I oop-
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲC A N N I B A L #CANNIBAL
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲBury Tomorrow (@burytomorrow) detail sixth album, 'Cannibal'.
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲEnjoy catching those feels when the lyrics hit 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️#imagine checking your music streaming service right now
#BT6 -
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I respect this gif use sooooooo hard @Karistocat @OGheavyshit Let’s tour together again inn2020 pleaseI miss you @OGheavyshit My bass brother, my mosh mate, my slap sisterNew bury tomorrow is getting me excited 😁 #BT6
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲBT6 is upon us my friends. Let's have it. @burytomorrow
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲI need BT6 in my life 😬😬😬 @burytomorrow
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Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲNew @burytomorrow is getting me so excited!! #BT6
Retweeted by Λ∀ᗡ ⊥∀ℲMy body is ready! Give it to me guys! #BT6
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