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unsolved mysteries season 2!!!! @thecooliestcat love u and as long as u cook me toast w yummy jam idc @thecooliestcat ok u r different, you’ll upgrade eventuallyexplain to people why their 99 civic isn’t worth $10k don’t know who needs to hear this but stop buying white appliances
@dom_sux wetturning the shower water a little too hot just to feel something @SannyDamet you mean spongebob at the bubble bowl @BookofDani @pewiodd damn @AmandaFiske and ya i completely get that. i used to wear my vans when I served and I was in so much pain lol @AmandaFiske they’re basically the marshalls for outdoor wear. one of my favorite places!! @AmandaFiske none??? damn that sucks I was gonna say the ultra ranges are incredibly comfortable and supportive. o… @AmandaFiske dude vans just came out with a whole winter line and they’re so cutefuckin unfair that once a month i have to feel like shit and my skin breaks out so sick for women right @RianacaitlinC @ajperdomo let me know if you want ideas of where to go!! im from Loveland/Fort Collins area Then I lived in Denver awhiletoddlers* @brandiiibooo Ya my entire family is there. I feel like there’s nothing I can do. My dad has been helping evacuate… @brandiiibooo right? That’s almost the worst part. My step brother is the main fire engine driver (idr the proper t… @brandiiibooo i guess that’s better than nothing. im just so scared for everyone. @brandiiibooo My dad says the winds there are like 50mph so the fire keeps jumping @brandiiibooo im so sorry :-(
hey so the media isn’t really talking about it, but places I grew up in are burning down in Colorado’s biggest wild… @__h0rse___ high @heyrebitcha @HoeMoanaFlowers love ya @heyrebitcha @HoeMoanaFlowers on brand @knyount Thank you!! You should text me Show my the link!!! @knyount dude it seriously is lol @knyount Ya!!! @tyszal @AdelTWL well if we don’t get it we don’t get it but that doesn’t mean I won’t be PISSEDwe put in an offer 🤢😳 @tasha_renee77 @tyszal you can buy mine @haibrittani my god this made me so happywhere are the fruit snacks
im watching iron man for my first time and wow wtf @rayd1475 @postlocal he basically just voted for trump so idk what he’s thinking @HashtagHarris sounds good. That’s eastons bedtime anyway so it works @HashtagHarris I’ll play!! @melgrier FINE @melgrier oh hush no way @ShannonKatD the casper pillow is great!! @melgrier right? like i know i cant, so why try @maryohhh love you, thank you. @runandblogthat 🤭🙂how it started: how it’s going: @emilyfrknmanuel Hahahah lots of kids are but I promise easton is the besthappy birthday, mama. miss you to pieces.
@BookofDani @tyszal @librachamps it’s eastons word @tyszal @librachamps pissed you said spoopy and not smooky u dumbass
@Chewy he’s a naughty boy that definitely does NOT follow the rules @frame_erin how do i do this @SusanBalkus @PapaDaveCJJC @AmerIndependent do you go into a job interview unprepared? @realDonaldTrump oh nice so you can fire others over the age of 70, including yourself. @Jordanaltergott vinegar, water, baking soda, and a little dish soap in a spray bottle ❤️ @Brayltron excuse you @cataIogue @BookofDaninoheaditary
@ahufff you, me, us @ahufff wasn’t it so good!!!! @goffokk it’s worth it!! @BrentCayson I liked it lolbly manor was really good. is slow, but the story is really good once you reach the endhate getting my hopes up :-( !!!! @Chewy Hehe! His name is Roe. (For his little Marilyn Monroe marking)
hey @Chewy, sponsor us pls @thecooliestcat luv u most 🎈🥰jus wanna say that @thecooliestcat is my bff
Is there an award for best signage? There should be.
Retweeted by tea @emilyfrknmanuel hell ya let’s chat about it soon! @emilyfrknmanuel make it a zoom event! @InTheNoosphere @KFClinton3 AGAIN..our tax dollars hard at work for the Con man! #DonTheCon
Retweeted by tea @katy_kin @GehYuhMS @LuckyovLegends ya but when animals come into play she can straight up get fucked. i don’t fucking care. @ashleyosborn girl we just got a ruggable and im stoked. they washable, stain resistant, etc @itscamillaxx @tyszal oh please text me updates i must know @nicole_mackey would you say... you’d be there in a jif?
@kingofthedonies are you watching emily in paris cause i love it @haibrittani ya joyce treats us well here @haibrittani lmaohomemade apple pie is in the oven. im so glad to just be home today
@Dreamsofskitch OHfacebook needs to make a marketplace app so i can stay off the facebook appwhy is the government more afraid of “antifa” than they are to real life domestic terrorists? what kind of twisted world do we live in?
The President of the United States tweeted “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” and now the FBI and AG’s office announce that they’…
Retweeted by tea @BlGCITYDES more like funnyWow, Pete Buttigieg.
Retweeted by tea @joshnomics @TheTweetOfGod @realDonaldTrump it’s also classist.Just to be clear: there is nothing “pro-life” about denying people comprehensive sexual education, making birth con…
Retweeted by tea @deathcabforcody glad I’m not the only one @StevenxTimothy come over @seuntheactivist @bocxtop I'm tired of black lives being brought up for political brownie points, but never brought…
Retweeted by tea @BlGCITYDES WEENis it just me or does pence mumble when he is speaking about something he doesn’t believe in but doesn’t wanna fuck up lol @frame_erin marry me
@brendan905 sips @brendan905 my coworkers dog reggie @brendan905 wanna see something nutsDO NOT LET THE POLLS CONVINCE YOU WE ARE SAFE YOU STILL NEED TO GO OUT AND VOTE
Retweeted by tea @lyelhsa these are my favorite stories of yours lmao @RyanScottGraham morning I don’t wanna get this bread it’s stale
Retweeted by teasaying you aren’t going to vote is ugly i do not care
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