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@josephcott Agree whole heartedly, but somehow its the most sought after cut. Its usually the driest and least tasty bit of the chicken.
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full video of @TheAmandaGorman’s poem today
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyWhen you experience a consequence
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Retweeted by Eryk Kennedywhy is this the cutest man i’ve ever laid my eyes on
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyToday we celebrate 🎉
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedywhen the supremacists heard j. lo speaking spanish at the inauguration
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyAmanda Gorman Captures the Moment, in Verse
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyWow Amanda Gorman was incredible.a person only needs one good coat
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyBernie dressed like the inauguration is on his to do list today but ain’t his whole day.
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedygood morning to bernie's mittens especially
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedylet's just stop this stuff right now.
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedy🌊 @KamalaHarris
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyNo he’s definitely white
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyFuck Trump, fuck his whole family, fuck anyone that chose to work with him and fuck every single Trump voter. The r…
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@Snowden HaEvidence you might be in a Cult: Your group has one leader - usually male. You revere this leader, and do what he…
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I’m excited to announce my next venture, DemocracyPillow. It offers all of the comfort of a free and fair election,…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyCome at Me
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The Pillow crackhead trying to get Trump to declare martial law in his last days in office is just too fucking perf…
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedy“If it wasn’t my job I would do it for free. It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrectio…
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedyboomers flat out cannot handle being online. the whole generation needs to go back to landline phones and handwritten letters. i'm serious
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyIt’s probably because schools have been closed for a while
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Alabama choosing Tommy Tuberville, a former football coach over Doug Jones, a well respected civil rights attorney…
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedy @ClimateHuman Minnesota doesn't even feel like minnesota yet and its half way through January. @andrewjeyman Yah what an ending, such a great show. They have made 2 specials on hbo max that are 45 mins each tha… is the most powerful image in human history. Even Kubrick at his best could not conjure something so indescrib…
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This is how a lot of people sound #onhere. 😭 Just saying words in no coherent order in the name of wokeness. 😂
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyHuman beings in a mob, whats a mob to a king, whats a king to god, whats God to a non believer, who don't believe in anythingThe Earth provides...
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Yo. Everyone watch @AOC Instagram live. Here’s a clip of the whole dang truth.
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyRemember that when Obama was inaugurated we were all afraid of republicans going crazy and murdering him, too. Mayb…
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedy*takes bite of Pringle* yes *nods at date then waiter* we'll have the tube
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ok now reduce your fraction
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyFrom ⛽️ 🥽gas masks to no masks 😷, i am incredibly angry at @GOPLeader @GOP colleagues for recklessly endangering th…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyIf the House acted faster and put itself in position to send impeachment articles to the Senate late last week - th…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyAnyone else listening to rage against the machine on repeat since the insurrection. Man fuck these religious zealot… can’t win if ya don’t play
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyI wish the horrifying assault on democracy would end so I could just get back to my devastating pandemic
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyThey gonna cast Mark Wahlberg to play him in Insurrection 2021
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@ChadBlue83 @nickguerriero1 you okay? Hope your tvs are in order bahahahahahahahaIt's only cancel culture if it comes from the Cânçelle region of France. Otherwise it's just sparkling consequences.
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyWhat I love about Twitter is you can go on here and watch a guy who is considered one of the smartest and most seri…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedySteelers have to be the worst team ever to have a record that good. Big ben i think its time to put on the boot.
We didn’t take advice from al-Qaeda on how to unify after 9/11
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyYou're saying this on TV.
Retweeted by Eryk KennedySupreme Court Justice Thomas should resign because his wife aided and abetted the sedition by paying for buses to t…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyRaise your hand if you realized before January 6th.
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a seventeen year old murderer hanging out maskless at a bar in a state he still does not live in wearing a shirt th…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyI keep watching this over and over and over and over and
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyIn light of recent events
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyGollum has lost his precious.
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedy.@jack please take me next I need to get the hell off of here I have things to do
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US Justice Dept says it has NO indication Antifa played any role in Wednesday chaos at US Capitol
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyRepublicans confirmed Amy Coney Barrett 8 days before election but say you can’t impeach Trump 12 days before inauguration
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedy @liberty_deity Fuck this, those idiots attempted to harm our elected leaders. Raiding a target is not the same as p… we talk about the fucking BOMBS
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyI don’t think we’re talking enough about the very real security breach?? like these people had access to confidenti…
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedyif you can put a Supreme Court justice on the bench in a week you can impeach in a week
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedy @JoeManchinWV you are a f***ing idiot give stimulus to the people of West Virginia.Economic anxiety about jet fuel prices
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyIt’s been quite a week for MAGA media.
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyLmao
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyTrump signed an executive order over the summer that anyone who desecrates federal property gets an automatic 10 years. 😂
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyY’all mad a woman is shot dead while storming a Capitol building but don’t care when a woman is shot dead while sleeping in her own house? 🤔
Retweeted by Eryk KennedySome of those that work forces are apparently the same that burn crosses.
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedy2016: Maybe it won't be that bad 2021: the Axe Body Spray Corporation stands firmly against the attempted overthrow of the US government
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyI wish I could implant this into everyone’s brain
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the dismissiveness? the "he was just exaggerating" "come on now that was a joke"--that smug condescending-eye roll?…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyI warned you in 2019 that Trump was calling for a civil war, and they laughed at me for saying that.
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyBIDEN: "No one can tell me that if that had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday that they would…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyWhen countless citizens lost voting rights to criminal offenses over marijuana possession, a White man trespasses o…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyRemember... Confederate statues had greater protection than the people's house... That's a value statement
Retweeted by Eryk KennedySome senators were giving false hope about an "emergency audit" of the election results and delaying the transition…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyA few short years ago, Capitol Police arrested Rev. Raphael Warnock for praying in the rotunda in protest of GOP ef…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyGreat work @mattgaetz
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedyto grow. You can no longer question thier allegiance without saying everything is a conspiracy or antifa. I dont kn… has ripped apart this country, my family as well as many other families. He has garnered his precious few to… I'm sad. This hurts, it feels like a 9/11. For those who had protested this summer for all the injustice. We s… the difference in America and now no one can deny it
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyI feel like we are downplaying the “a couple of bombs found” part of the day idk
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyWhen I drew this over a year ago I honestly couldn’t fathom how frequently I’d need to repost it.
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyWe in a panny...barely got a the beginning of a...civvy?
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedy @SpeakerPelosi go back to congress now! Or you are complicit in the insurrection.hey remember when a bunch of people were playing a violin vigil for Elijah McClain in a park and got tear gassed by…
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedybut but but but it was antifa!
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyStop saying history will judge them. Judge them now. With judges.
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyA reminder that the people who breached security today at the Capitol find what @Kaepernick7 did to be offensive.
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyRemember when they shoved a senior citizen so hard he cracked his skull on the pavement and he started bleeding out…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyNew: Fed authorities preparing to announce multiple arrests later today. FBI’s digital media team has been combing…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedySCOOP- The devices found near the RNC and DNC headquarters on Wednesday were actual explosive devices, not phonies,…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyStop saying stick to football like that’s our only purpose on this earth. We (football players) have every right to…
Retweeted by Eryk KennedyI really wish someone would call my Dad, a retired Capitol Hill police officer (37yrs), to talk about the differenc…
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedythe person with the nuclear codes has been deemed too dangerous to have a twitter account
Retweeted by Eryk Kennedy @mollyesque Antifa is the other group, the scapegoat of a authoritarian. Trump took this play straight form the Hitler playbook.