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My favorite non basketball video of Kobe #KobeFarewell
Retweeted by Swiff D ™2.24 💛💜
Retweeted by Swiff D ™At 2:24, pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and tell them you love them. Give peop… Dear Basketball hits so different nowMan I needed this laugh lolololVanessa Bryant is one strong woman.2/24 🙏
Retweeted by Swiff D ™ @wattsStix 😂😂😂Aye man...GREAT win, but let’s not leave my guy Danny Green on anymore islands alone again please. Tatum had us all… @AskTheManager Bro I’m crying 😂😂😂. It’s cool, you can celebrate this one with us, too.
@wattsStix All good, you can celebrate this win with us too. LA is a family lol.The Laker hate so real y’all start cheering other teams on to beat us lol. #Lakeshow @wattsStix Bro stop smh. You couldn’t wait to clown us after this one huh lol. #Lakeshow @AskTheManager Man don’t start that. L is a L.Tatum is COOKIN us. @AskTheManager You know Bron don’t be wantin no parts of the eliteTyson Fury is a star bruh lolThe better fighter won. I hope this was the fight that makes Wilder really dive into his craft and become a better… God they stopped it. It’s one thing to lose but another to get humiliated and injured while doing it? Nah bruh.I should’ve bet. I told everybody Tyson Fury bout to win this fight and I dang near got chased out the studio lol.Don’t let em steal your joy. @AskTheManager I got my money on Bron when he’s aggressive. @AskTheManager And they have too many PGs so we’re even. We’ve been doing something right to be “Lounging” in 1st place. @AskTheManager You and I both know it’s ring or bust for us. Y’all can have that division champ shh @AskTheManager Lemme know how many games ahead we are. You the first person I’m calling from the Laker parade. @AskTheManager What’s that? They loading up on unnecessary players cuz their team is hurt and bout to kill all their rotations. @wattsStix @MrJlindsey All a part of the IE. I feel you tho @wattsStix @MrJlindsey I’m from the IE...I always support people from the crib. And he from Riverside bruh stop that. @wattsStix @MrJlindsey Kawhi from the IE...I can never trip. @wattsStix No, we don’t. A L is a L. And y’all have enough talent. No excuses. leaks. New vibes on the way. #Studio #music @ Los Angeles, California @MrJlindsey 🤡s lolClippers lost to another below .500 team 😂😂😂😂
An ex-mafia boss rates 11 mafia movie scenes on their realism
Retweeted by Swiff D ™ @Ye_Ali Sho doMemphis got em.Why we didn’t get rid of Dudley? Not Boogie dawgDang we waived Boogie. I was ready to see him back on the floor in the playoffs.
Since we taking about range
Retweeted by Swiff D ™
Dang man Kyrie can’t catch a break. At least he’ll have KD next season @MarcoFootball_ Drano from Sunset Park shreddin that boy 😂😂😂This Starbucks green tea latte be bringing me back to life.Throwback to 2002 when Shaq wore #8 while Kobe Bryant served a 2-game suspension from a fight with Reggie Miller 🐐🐐
Retweeted by Swiff D ™
I wish we wrote congratulations more than RIP these days smh
Retweeted by Swiff D ™KD looks great in those workouts....I pray he’s not persuaded to play this season. Come back next year and be the best in the league.That man was a star dawg smh. Shh is disgusting man.There’s an epidemic on us.
Retweeted by Swiff D ™We gotta stop this jealous BS dawg foreal.Wooooow POP Smoke RIP 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
@KHRYSIS 😂😂😂 @phontigallo 😂😂😂😂😂
That formula was way better than anything the NBA did for all-star in a while.Love this Kawhi Giannis matchup. That’s the only way Bron’s team will winWestbrook’s break light has been on since his UCLA days lol @iesha_irene I’d put my moms against anybody in the world lol @iesha_irene Man that shh look great lolThe NBA fixed this quickly!! 😂😂
Retweeted by Swiff D ™ @Skarofalltrades He mid 🤷🏾‍♂️Rudy Gobert is so mid to meKawhi won MVP already. @RealSkipBayless Man just enjoy the game dang smhCP3 still sneak bouncyKawhi’s jumper is amazingThis was the best intro ever for an all star game by the way. It ain’t even close.So much soul and Crisco in that Chaka Khan performance. I’m full.
Derrick Jones Jr practicing a good way to Pay Dwayne Wade after the Dunk contest #NBAAllStar
Retweeted by Swiff D ™Jeff Ross is the Jennifer Hudson of comedy roasts.NBA capped on that score too. the shhhh that’ll keep the best dunkers out of the contest next year watch. It’s gonna be Quinn Cook, Trez Har… NBA acts like they can’t give 2 trophies. They used to give 2 MVPs....what’s the difference?D Wade and Pip ain’t NEVER cleared anybody in their life. And Chadwick....c’mon dawg.Y’all should be ashamed @NBAAaron Gordon is still a 2x Dunk Champ regardless.I can’t believe that.Man hell noooooooooooooTacko Fall been shopping at the 2K NeighborhoodOhhhh this is rigged.Give it to both of themMan that’s Sick!!!!!!!!!Man wtf!!!!Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!That’s TOUGH!!!!!!Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Man he got so much bounceLet Pat, AG, and Derek in the finals pleaseOh my god that was amazingMan c’mon. They showing out right now.Woooooooooo!!Damn that was impressive!!Man listen....Dwight for a 34 yr old guy is still an impressive athlete.Aaron Gordon bout to win this. He’s hype.Pat got BOUNCEThis better be a good dunkThat’s a dope 1st dunkHe’s healthy, I feel like AG bout to show us something we ain’t seen before.Aaron Gordon better win this.
Y’all ever just be chilling and then be like damn... KOBE tho!!?
Retweeted by Swiff D ™Love walking in a session when nobody knows me. I’m bout to blow these speakers up. @SLAMonline