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guys chanel is getting better thanks to y'all but i haven't been able to pay for her hospitalization for the last t…
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My go-to song for the #AppleEvent was supposed to be the first single from RED (Taylor’s Version) since it’s still… note to the new followers: Becky Smith is a tech junkie, who comes around at Apple Events, to show her excitem…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweets @stateofgreysm It’s Becky Day🍏Do we think Taylor’s getting a cameo at the #AppleEvent I mean iPhone 13?📱🤔💭 ask before i forgot, who plays fortnite🧍‍♀️ @adriansupercut <3 @keylimegreentay I KNOW @adriansupercut define we twt iceberg !
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweets @coneyluke @serpentarq omg memory unlocked we’ve created this account to post daily pictures, gifs & videos of Taylor, hope you like it!! rt this so it re…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsHere's my cash app if anyone wants to give to my surgery fund. I cant keep up with the medical bills. I'm in the h…
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Taylor Swift joining tiktok when it's banned in my country is my villain origin story.
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweets @me_namjooning her tiktok videoit’s more embarrassing if you think it should’ve been her bday
just wanted to say my homeland, Afghanistan is currently the most deadliest place to live in but a lot of people re…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsA thread of resources to help displaced Afghans #SanctionPakistan #SaveAfghanistan 🇦🇫 Retweet raise our voices!
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsThey tried to silence us but our voices are much louder. #SaveAfghanistan #SanctionPakistan
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsas well as spreading awareness and amplifying afghan voices, we should also make dua for them and pray for their pr…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsWith Taliban’s rapid advance, many women in #Afghanistan are fleeing their homes, fearing murder, rape and forced m…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsfor any of my followers who don’t know what is going on in Afghanistan right now… #PrayForAfghanistan 💔
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsplease try and educate yourself on what’s going on in afghanistan. i’ve linked below some places i’ve found where y…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsafghanistan is currently the deadliest place in the world to be living in — ppl are being displaced, innocent child…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsA thread of ways that you can help people of Afghanistan in this current nightmare (mostly donation links)
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@spookyghostyyt we’re gonna go to the one today and idk about the others yet @spookyghostyyt omg it’s midnight for meswifties, who’s coming to the rift tour?? pals, you guessed the titles and ft. artists on Red (my version). The vault tracks will ft.…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweets @redtvaotd that’s on red being versatileokay, but i really appreciate taylor for finding actual country singers for vault tracks that aren’t problematic or republican’s holy grail.different men, same fontchris stapleton is pretty much giving me justin vernon, but make it yeehaw energy. @agstslippedaway @tayonspotify HELP’s the lie
Phoebe Bridgers watching Taylor Swift sing the whole song from the back of the booth 😭
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetswait, is the new version of babe gonna be a solo song? sorry for being dumbhas anyone decoded the whole vault yet? @shanadorestay omg, that's nice !! i just read he openly support BLM, so like i was guessing he must be a good oneinternationals rn'all am i the only one who has literally no idea about who chris stapleton is?💀 @swifferstruggle i found 3 “feat” on the crossword (also, Phoebe Bridgers, Ed Sheeran and Chris Stapleton) so i don…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetscall it a solar power treatment.what if phoebe only does background vocals
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsWHAT IS HAPPENING IN TURKEY? please spread awareness and don’t turn a blind eye on this situation. to my turkish mo…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsOur country is on fire. We need your help. Please use your voice for us. Please don't stay in silence.…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetstw // fire , disaster even spreading the tags would help us pls don’t ignore what’s happening in turkey right now…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweets🚨 What is happening in Turkey?! 🇹🇷 There are several fires happening in the south of Turkey, many people and wild…
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folklore by taylor swift is one year old today
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweets1 year ago, Taylor Swift released her pivotal, era-defining, record-shattering album “folklore”. With an astonishi…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsno body, no crime @taylorswift13 ok, but can i get ur go-to latte order?It’s been 1 year since we escaped the real world together and imagined ourselves someplace simpler. With tall trees…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetsLAKES ORCHESTRAL VERSION LET’S GOOOOOO, I FEAR WE STILL NEED TO PEER PRESSURE HER TO DROP THE ROCK WILLOW BTWBLONDIEEEEEi have no idea what is going on, but the swiftie minecraft server just opened again and it looks so fancy LMAO? an… SMP: cliffside pools season is OUT NOW! Important links: Discord: Java IP:…
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taylor writing a bridge for ready for it @1989dress REALLY?why did taylorisloved13 go priv-JOIN NOW, if you want to i could live tweet what song we're at so you can stream too, i just don't wanna be more an… @heavenssnat sadlytaylor releasing new merch for the folklore anniversary but not restocking the cardigan
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweetssame energy jeff bezos should've stayed in space also swifties: omg new folklore anniversary merch💓🥺🤑💥💳we could also hold karaoke in case anyone feels confident, do rankings or simply just discuss the past year and stuff (:hey guys, we're hosting a little #1YearOfFolklore listening party on the discord server in less than an hour (8 pm… @swifferstruggle i got a struggle for you
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweets#1YearOfFolklore @tiredtiredash i have news @tiredtiredash NAUR @notsukkinocrime *the dude from fearless tvY’ALL isn’t this the dude from fearless tv?’s anniversary made more noise than the olympics
2021 TO HALSEY🧵🧶🧸🤍 @fearlesslyandy as it should
2021 i wasn’t busy, i just forgot this account existed😩again
We're proud to officialy introduce the Taylor Swift Museum website, featuring an exclusive VR museum with all Taylo…
Retweeted by swiffer struggle tweets @hrrycornelia happy bday :)
@SOURtoBurn beneath the sun, wishin' i could write my name on it