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Your pub isn't reopen unless I can sit down in it and have a pint in a clean glass. Anything else is just an expensive off-licence. @phlaimeaux Disappointed the water holder hasn't got a banana in it tbh @tripkat Yeah we'll hopefully be hitting a flooded market at least @dancondon89 Haven't started looking yet. I'm sure we will be ok though thanksOur lovely apartment is gone up For Sale today after 5 beautiful years renting there. Really gonna need you all to… my T-shirts finally go up for pre-order on Bandcamp. I will also be doing a bundle which includes the new… lovely letter of note from one of my favourite Irish bands from the last decade. I empathise with so much of this… @aikenpromotions You didn't even take care of your own staff when they needed you most. @ChrisMasonBBC Don't get caught out with the 1 minute 25 second time difference on a late dash to a studio! @alan_maguire BOO! @LankumDublin @OtherVoicesLive @RTEplayer "I wonder if he knows he has a vid with a proxy head"BBC announces cuts: - 450 job losses and £25m savings at BBC England. - All BBC regional bulletins will have only o…
Retweeted by Swimmers JacksonJunior Brother - The Good Mixer, Camden. 07.03.2020 #LetTheMusicPlay @JuniorBrotherIE @scottygb @haynesdeborah @gregjames The kid has obviously been talking to my granny who used to say "Take two, a bi… @scottygb Okay, I'm not sure why, but I added myself into this. I also want biscuits.
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@LankumDublin @OtherVoicesLive @RTEplayer I'd love to watch it but that link is bringing me to some awful crapWhat Alison said. The thought of buying a book or record off Amazon. Shop local, now more than ever. little bad boys are going to be available for order this Friday 3rd JULY over on my Bandcamp. Thanks for all…
Retweeted by Swimmers JacksonEarly Weezer-esque sunny bop x
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Pre-save my new single "Birthday Girl" on Spotify: (powered by @distrokid)What's the most immature thing you do? Mine is definitely saying "I can't hear you" to Gill when she is any further… @wearevillagers Well, it would be rude not to @AnnieBirney @gbisland Great! Take notes on first impressions. Will be an interesting read. @RichieMcCormack Caught two of them and had a conversation with Stipe about the song "Horse to Water" backstage tha… dropped everything to watch a Carl Reiner flick. Have plumped for 1985's 'Summer Rental'. As @barry_macneill j… @Carriagesband Well that's them ruinedWas only thinking of him on Mel Brooks birthday the other day. A legend. @OduOfficial If Rivers isn't gonna write them anymore I may as well.Pre-save my new single "Birthday Girl!" on Spotify: Out July 17th @DaveLaFaro @SanchezLarue Here's to a speedy recovery Dave/xdEUS - Little Arithmetics now playing on @nemonemetaxas @BBC6Music At one stage dEUS were on MTV every single day,… @altirishmusic @loftysnds Happy Birthday man @witholeary @bbcglasto @SpacemanT @milesmendoza @Davidpru @geeyoonit @elliebuckatron @TillyDunk @andrewd23wk @NellydaSilla @jameshendicott Wow! It's tough to get a handle on all the stats, but that is mad. I suppose it's the… than a quarter of all cases and deaths so far are in the good 'ol United States of America.
Thanks to @8RadioIreland @budgemusic for playing this super-old version of 'Lose Myself', back when I had bandmates… @seanearley @ItsGillen He still oozes Celtic Tiger excess. He used to walk in to the studio for Ireland AM at 7am l… @hazechu @Costellop A fellow Firhousian, Carrigwood born n' bred. Congratulations Hazel, delighted for you. @AnnieBirney @gbisland Love it over there, best of luck,will ye be keeping a blog? @budgemusic @8RadioIreland Thanks manA very early version of 'Lose Myself' being played on @8RadioIreland tonight from 11pm. Solid playlist.… little bad boys are going to be available for order this Friday 3rd JULY over on my Bandcamp. Thanks for all… @fiachmchugh Will mark you down. Cheers Fiach! Link will be up on Friday. @Enaregina I thank you!*July 3rd. This Friday 😎 @JoeMFurlong Thanks Joe!These little bad boys are going to be available for order this Friday 3rd January over on my Bandcamp. Thanks for a… helpful thread here for recalibrating your business to the new normal. Breathe @phlaimeaux First week day in 3 months without Inspector O' Doherty checking up on us all like some sort of Big Bro…'s our latest show to listen back to. Playlist features @silverbacksFOUR @ailbhereddy @irewomeninharm
Retweeted by Swimmers Jackson @BigDirtyFry and their's a hairdressers on Fade Street so perfect end shot with the sign too. @BBCNuala @BBCOS Enjoy Nuala, 1 photo of a creamy pint of Guinness with a random old man singing, and a load of she…
@DawnHFoster I for one will miss the Futurama/Red Dwarf style heads. #Holly #Hilly interview with Eoin about the documentary on Conor Walsh he made for RTÉ, not for the first time the opening… to 1 say No to travel outside their current country this year. NOW ON @ThisisRiverside - We're in the #LockdownLounge with @KnoxvilleMorn covering @alazarussoul Listen Live…
Retweeted by Swimmers JacksonBack at the hotel pool (work roof) again, dreaming of people-watching at some foreign markets today, looking and li… Twitter the only social media platform where people follow people they don't like? Why? It's quite unhealthy, I… ARE LIVE RIGHT NOW 😀🇮🇪🤟
Retweeted by Swimmers Jackson @WingNutGalway @AuldBlueEyes @rte Recently watched it all again in one go. Perfect. I was interviewing Brendan Coyl… this picture of Adele being driven around by Noel Gallagher
Retweeted by Swimmers JacksonAs Israel moves forward with the annexation of the West Bank, and mainstream British politics is gagged of the righ…
Retweeted by Swimmers Jackson @Lillylatelee That one doesn't annoy me as much as they are A.) Mostly quite good at it and B.) It's P.M in the Eng…, ME-HALL, ME-HALL, ME-HALL, ME-HALL, ME-HALL, ME-HALL, ME-HALL, ME-HALL, ME-HALL, ME-HALL, ME-HALL, ME-HALL… @roqueandrolle No, not at all, and I'm a travel addict. Completely understandable right now. @IrishMJ Possibly, I don't have a hall anymore. I just mean the harsh light someone might subject themselves to on a night on the couch. @IrishMJ Depends if you're in the hall or not.If you leave the main light on at this time of night instead of a lamp or candles, you're a weirdo.
@JoeMFurlong Yeah common sense plays a huge part. The upshot has been the terrific weather London has had for most… @JoeMFurlong Ah man sorry to hear that. Yeah I get anxious in shopping centres before this whole thing so the thoug… survey of thousands of Irish people here @yellowpackjim Gas craic #GasCraicThis roof is the closest thing to a holiday so far this year. You can dream big up here. @tvinspector Beer helps @HVaughanJones @LVaughanJones I probably do have a bell and whistle here somewhere. The things we have to do to get… @tvinspector Sorry to hear that. I'm probably closer to going to a Eurostar destination than to Ireland at the mome… @HVaughanJones @LVaughanJones Funnily enough I'm in a really similar feeling playpen behind his main camera. @jameshendicott Yeah I really want to go home to Ireland for the same reason but don't want to fly just yet. Thinki… you travel outside the country you live in this year? Don't worry, poll is anonymous. Feel free to add comments all the same.I...just....made a plan! Looking forward to cancelling it.Without creme border it is. I'll be in touch with all you lovely people interested. Should be up by Friday. 😎 timing for Martin as his first speech as Taoiseach was planned to be a Public Enemy cover version. He is… @QuietOldJim @beansonboogaloo Thanks folks, seems to be the general consensus alright
@TracyClifford Cheers Tracy. Seems to be the consensus alright. Will mark you down for one 😎 @AerLingus Hi still waiting on my voucher, couple of months now. When can I expect it? Will accept cash. @Ryanair hi, still waiting on my voucher from months ago. When can I expect it? Will accept cash. Ha, imagine @OSEoghan @mubi yeah loved it!Any @mubi recommendations?Speaking of t-shirts I just took delivery of this little beauty from @marywallopers #BringBackDialUp @lindacooganB Thanks Linda. I agree @Enaregina I'm thinking the name underneath in orange will give that some balance. @chunky66 Thanks for the feedback (and RT) Gary. Will be screenprinted too so should look class either way. @mostlydrinking @RuairiLBantum @popepopemichael in le galaxie far, far away! @Rory_G1 Ha, thanks man. Let's see what we can muster up. @Rory_G1 I'll look in to t-shirt colour disparity too. All the colours already in the image are really driving the… @joshclarke When ya thinkin man? I'm in dire need of a dipOK lads, look at these beauties! It will say 's w i m m e r s j a c k s o n' underneath BUT I want to know from yo… a fucking manager. ✊🔴
Retweeted by Swimmers Jackson @BBCNuala Am I allowed yet? Wanna do it minus the frowns. Maybe I'll swim back and kill 2 birds with one stone.