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@jonathanstark @theChrisDo @blairenns @davidcbaker @ronaldbaker @edkless @TimWilliamsICG Life is so much better whe… @swombat 😂 how’d that go?
Do software engineers “work with their hands and build cool shit” 🤔 LEGO stand off Amazon works great Now where can I put this so the bird doesn't knock it over 🤔 head feels lighter else feel like social media has slowed down lately? Feels like everyone went offline to get away from the politics @chantastic @kyleshevlin There is full transparency. Political donations are public data @kyleshevlin @chantastic Folks have been saying this since the 1880’s why is it still not a thing? @pinkpushpop @jhooks Not sure I watched that far, is that the cage dude? Cage dude was creepy. The black baby sitt… @raae Looks like the plugin I use already fixed this I just haven't been paying attention Docs mention an "accessT… @jhooks @pinkpushpop I stopped watching halfway through. Was getting un-entertainingly tasteless. You could tell e… @_developit 😱 complaining on twitter saves the day yet again! @__jakub_g Yeah but my sprint ends on Tuesday 😂 @kyleshevlin I feel ya
@_developit Are there? Never seen oneLooking for a React date-field-picker widget because Desktop Safari doesn't support html5 date fields. Extra 50kb… @emjayess Credit is important. It lets your product survive right now so you can deal with debt later. Software th… @hugotox What is?Sometimes you write a PR comment that's like a small blogpost. What do you do with those? porn shows you how to pack more stuff into your day. And it works. But it's wrong. The way to grow i… engineering is a type of technical we go again ... hope I'm not writing an instagram embed plugin this weekend 😅😛 @mzadravec @stivnov It’s useless. That’s what type systems are for. @jonathanstark I have a SEP IRA does that count? @ryanflorence You don't even need to return since you're mutating `memo` in place 🙊
I often think about building a SaaS-in-a-box framework/startup. But honestly that sounds painful and orgs seem hap… live in the future 🤯 @stivnov Files full of constants like this COMMON_SENSE = “common_sense” No.A lot of programming common sense is wrong. @raae I did not know that @brianleroux At 1000 lambdas in parallel and 40ms response times ... yeah easiest way to get lots of oomph. I for o… @tannerlinsley @jaredpalmer @vasilii_kovalev @kentcdodds @remix_run @ryanflorence @ReactStaticJS I'll have you know… so you've refactored your useReducer into an XState state machine and validated it works. Now what? You can pr… @tannerlinsley @jaredpalmer @vasilii_kovalev @kentcdodds @remix_run @ryanflorence @ReactStaticJS Gatsby plugins I d… @jaredpalmer @tannerlinsley @vasilii_kovalev @kentcdodds @remix_run @ryanflorence I have this in Gatsby. File-based… far I've triggered build 10 times today. It's always a different embed that fails. failure mode of most oembed plugins for Gatsby 👉 make request every time. Put 20 instagram links on your site… @chantastic @kyleshevlin Wealth is fun innit? Imagine all the things that aren't worth doing when doing nothing gen… @Ithora Yeah Aristotle went on record that kids these days are ruining the world because they’re all dumb and frivo… @PaulieScanlon noooo don't tell them!! this is how I hide dumb mistakes hey this is cool @Ithora Democracy has always been about lowest common denominator and pleasing the masses. It’s a popularity contes… @idangazit Oh just think of it as black - jail white - no bail @whitetechbro Way better than what we got now. Might even get rid of the old people!PREDICTING ZE FUTURE! mwahahaha I am *so* ready for politics to become fun. AOC streamed playing video games and i… a popular opensource library useAuth to XState, pt3 #CodeWithSwiz 13 @AdamRackis @ladyleet @ladyleet's original tweet did in pt2 @AdamRackis @ladyleet Also why wouldn't you let people google stuff during an interview? We invented computers so… @acemarke @tannerlinsley Depends primarily on how much you avoid adding/fixing things in my experience. @acemarke @tannerlinsley I've been converting a project from jQuery to React. So far I'm 3 months in without a prod…
@acemarke @threepointone @kyleshevlin omg this smells like an idea for my dataviz blogWhich of these would you wanna read this Friday? - Engineering philosophy trumps technical skill - How I use delegation to get more done @CompuIves Amazing! One of my best $10/mo spends. Codesandbox has been instrumental to my courses and workshops @philipyoungg @threepointone 1) not officially an immigrant yet, just a visitor 2) my own LLC sponsors my current… @Kobrowsky @Tiagojdferreira PASSES! shouting into the twitter pillow solves all problems, yall should do it more often @hnshah Don't write if you can't not write. @Tiagojdferreira I’m told a feature had to launch *tomorrow* and the flight to New York was just long enough. @MihaRekar oh for fuck's sake that's gorgeous How are you getting these vibrant colors on all your photos?When you know the bugfix works but it's so convoluted you can't get the test to pass and you ain't got time to refa… workshop launching next week 90% of people who intended to purchase bailed before purchasing that's ridiculous 😂 39 uniques made 145… clicks on the big fat buy button since Oct 1st ads and funnels are working! 🥳 4 purcha… I realized React Query cache works *way* better if you remember to wrap in ReactQueryCacheProvider 🤦‍♀️ Sud…
@barkerja_ Oh my god now I wanna vrooom my bike through that landscape 😍 @belorussian Bet it’s gonna be nice and toasty inside though @urbanskudnik 😍 @chrisachard Oh wow that’s gorgeous! Where is it?I miss fall. SF is evergreen and I have no windows. Send me your fall pics Here's the sunset last night, best I c… this is true for kids and pets too. Let them grab the hot thing and they'll never do it again. Tell them not… fastest way to train a junior is to watch them make a mistake, know it's coming, and say nothing. *They* have t… @paulg published about this topic just 1 day after me (or that's when it hit HN). Something must be in the air.… @Smotko Yes. I received a warning that my "monthly rent payment of $0" will be deleted. After 1 year of this silly… @eveporcello Hate yu, SF doesn’t do this 😭The great encouragement from @Swizec newsletter "Team members. They want to help you. Hiding in the basement tryi…
Retweeted by Swizec Teller @hugo__df I mean it’s both right? Git is an obstacle but there’s drag&drop. Hosting a php site with modern tools now that’s tricky @hugo__df I somehow doubt this LinuxApachePhpMysql site is static ;) @ryanflorence @sarah_federman Correct. This is exactly how it went for me @chrisfujino This particular case is for an app that hasn’t changed in almost 10 years. Now their host is failing and they need a new one.
@LuizAdolphs Yep. Built an app 10 years ago, it worked fine, now they need to move hosts. Rebuilding from scratch w… @LuizAdolphs Point is there’s a whole sector of the industry who finds LAMP easy and git hardOH: "Netlify is too hard because you need Git, where's the modern easy LAMP hosting??" 👆 your regular reminder tha… doing this without XState 😅 Even made a custom hook to drive the state machine based on form fields @SatansDeer @HookForm Looks like it might be a bug in useWatch repro: good engineer has caused a production bug, deleted data by accident, screwed up an important demo, and lost t… @HookForm experts around? Is there a correct way to render-unrender-render a field so @HookForm internal state… ever feel like you have no idea what you're doing? Everyone feels that way. What you do about it is what matte… @raae Haha ya first time was way too easy! after 1 hour and is now trying again these are the days I miss wordpress you shouldn't enable "Optimize my site" option on @Netlify Deploying for 37min+ ... after @GatsbyJS cloud bui… @erikras But plenty of coffe!even the big apps have obvious bugs, don't worry about it @tannerlinsley This is like when you first learn regex. You now have 2 problemsAnyone else feel weird choosing their country on a form? I'm from Slovenia but haven't lived there in 5 years and… @codefolio Interesting. In my part of Europe it’s not only required, the type of high school you graduated defines… @codefolio How does that work? I don’t think they let you into college without a high school where I’m from @CharlieYouAI @patio11 The US cardboard box industry is bigger than all the US sports leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, etc) combined. @agentm831 It does make visa shit easier … but I don’t have it 😂 @flybayer @ryanflorence Isn’t there a library for making impossible states impossible? Where have i heard that before 🤔