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@Nat1Nerd I have.🤣🤣🤣 I'm dead. This talk show is epic. @ogrebanani I need one of those games to come to PC. That's the dream.This morning I'm have the booking agent info for a few famous voice actors I wanna shoot my shot at. Then I'm gonn… @KP11Studios RIGHT. LIKE WTF MAN#Swordsfall Twitter Deal of the Day 💥Minos Portrait Racerback Tank on sale for $23.00 Grab it now while you can!… @GlossandGadgets "Burnout? Here have a nap." Oooof I FEEL that one. @CDGuanzon Oh shit, "six-month smoke break". 🤣🤣🤣 I'm gonna be using that one for sure.A really good Grace Breakdown on the Khabib sub. And...umm. Can we talk about Eva Torres? Cause I had *no* idea sh…'ll be honest. I've had to mute some people since March because I can't take the persistent cries of doom from (wh… grow up a certain way and it makes none of this surprising. Makes it normal even. I had to learn long ago that… pandemic is one of the few times where I was grateful for the all the shit I went through by being black. Feel… @Shes_deathProof For real though! Nunes just sparks people and I love it. @Deutscher_Rurka 😉 @Shes_deathProof Yup this is from when Nunes knocked out Cyborg.The Link'm coming for one fan in particular. They know who they are. Tank Top
@WallE132 Hell yea!#Swordsfall Twitter Deal of the Day A Watcher Under the Moonlight Framed Poster 👌 Now selling for $26.00! 👌 👉 Sho…"You've seen the previous one, the Ida Sabertooth, the first Ida but not the only one." @tinytarynn PLEASE PRESIDENT PASS STIMULUS SO THEY MAY BUY MORE SWORDSFALL SWAGGonna miss you Khabib.To SLEEP. #UFC254Till then, start following so I can gauge interest.
Retweeted by Swordsfall - Drift of Dreams Release 10/31!"Come for the Art, Stay for the Blocks" Premium Hoodie then, start following so I can gauge interest. I'm gonna sit on this until the right time. But consider this your formal notice of its existence. Tank Top @riz_kilkenny That's more or less what a shovel fist is, but instead of coming from your shoulder power you bring i… @Robo_EP @riz_kilkenny I like how with Rose you can also see the effects of training. She has that 1-2 kick muay Th… @riz_kilkenny It's a right cross that Nunes hits her with. It's just a short one and from the angle it looks like a… @riz_kilkenny Elbow?*turn the sound on*Fighting in slow motion is art. The speed of these hooks even in slow motion 😶 Shout-out to Blaster9347. (They pul… @Zaion_Solaris @Zaion_Solaris's in the shop.Drift of Dreams offset print pre-orders close on MONDAY. Pass the word. @scorchtheground Oof I feel that last line too hard. @SatanSolarist We put the fear of god in our cat. He knows better.#Swordsfall Twitter Deal of the Day Romantically Apocalyptic T-Shirt is now selling for $22.00 💰 Grab it ASAP… are people missing what she is posting??? About to start blocking folks This is unreal
Retweeted by Swordsfall - Drift of Dreams Release 10/31!Member Exclusive | Ida “Shroud” Concept Sketch @OwenStge Yea I don't know about that one either. Like *everyone* uses the top of the frig expect for like the super rich. @M_to_the_Cee 🤣🤣🤣 @LibrarianLizz The original shelf 🤣🤣 @Scierraa LOL, now that's the truth 🤣🤣🤣Lol, the hell it ain't. Cereal, chips and paper plates were made for on top of the frig. Someone has never lived i… @TangentSpaceRPG And that's assuming it's a real situation, and not like that lady in New York. A lot of women are… @SarahQuerry *white people blame everyone else.I'm just as uncomfortable in a room full of white women as I am a room full of white men. Some of you aren't reall… can't learn how to improve if you think you have nothing to learn. And you have much to learn. I know a couple…'s a whole lot of, "Well I'm not part of the problem!" And it's not supported by facts. I'm really, really no… don't like how since Trump has come to office white women are now acting like it's been white men's fault this wh… @littlestgremlin I fucking hate Cleopatra. @HTTPaladin Great point! @Blackfang108 @ItsTumo It's godly power. @Lynne_M_Meyer @ItsTumo 🤣🤣🤣 very true!If you need him to keep warm...I have blankets 🤣🤣🤣😘 Hawken, cause it's that time of the night. #Swordsfall @Exist9 I LOVE THIS SO MUCHN o v a s t a r ✨
Retweeted by Swordsfall - Drift of Dreams Release 10/31! @ADMGoldfish @KrystinaArielle Not funny. Even mentioning it is not funny. I didn't RT Krystina for my followers to… you reword what a Black person, POC, or a woman in general just said for applause, as if you reiterating the poi…
Retweeted by Swordsfall - Drift of Dreams Release 10/31! @POsbaldeston It's just a recap of a larger story. They made it sound like it was an open call but it's really just… @notthatsparrow Cotton is human cancerI guess I should say America but the way the world is reacting I have a feeling it's a big case of the US. @DendingerJerad Like a breath of fresh air. @praymonroe They literally bought the game so they could leave a negative review and then return it. @Vaxxish @HillaryClinton @politico I'm not taking you task over anything, but I forgot how your this way whenever H… can't wait for all these old politicians to go away do we can focus on the future. This election cycle has been… @Vaxxish @HillaryClinton @politico I'm fully aware of how white men act. But here we are. @Vaxxish @HillaryClinton @politico Lol ok. @Vaxxish @HillaryClinton @politico And you can bring up white men, but white women voted for Trump in huge numbers… @Vaxxish @HillaryClinton @politico Except it's not patently untrue. Democrats thought she won, Republicans think he… don't get too excited cause it looks like they deleted the article. @MothLands Just for you.🤔🤔🤔 @Vaxxish @HillaryClinton @politico But what does that have to do with the article you posted...she got mentioned on…
@JefferyDuke That's the truth. @breeedo_ Literally the best model ever.LOVE IT @ammourazz Ewwwwww @alonelabyrinth @Xmiramira Every day with you is the "Don't be horny on main" challenge. here's the real question. Is November/December still a deadzone for Kickstarters? Or has 2020 changed that as w… Twitter Deal of the Day Hawken Suit and Tie Batwing Top selling at $34.99 🤯 ⏩ The Link!… @Aras_Sivad Looks good!Moments like this I wanna pull my Alpha Gamer card and be like, "I own more Steam games than you. Have been on it… @joqatana Good story. Thanks for adding nothing to the tweet. Bye now. @James_C_Mccloy @CandybagCJ Damn right! @ian13stewart Ooooh no I didn't! @James_C_Mccloy @CandybagCJ Bruh. That scene changed my life. Anime had so few women heavy hitters. It was instant fucking love. @CandybagCJ On a good day I get 6 hours. 🤣🤣🤣 Been up since 3am today. @QuaintAmerican The biggest truth.The Seeker (Kid Form) Tank Top @calebread524 It lets you choose pronouns! Horror! And have non hetero romance! THE HOOORRRRROOORRRR. @Gid_Rhys Agreed. @joqatana Lol did you really find a way to get your feelings hurt by this tweet? Really? So your pulling the whole… I could Kage Bunshin y'all would be in trouble.