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@gruber Interesting! I'm so used to it I didn't think it could be any different. The similarity to links is a probl…😱Hey it's @Rich_Harris, @ryanatkn and yours truly talking about @Sveltejs in @WIRED! 🚀Sneak preview of my upcomin… @nickytonline @storybookjs @timneutkens so that Storybook can use the same preact, Tailwind, and typescript setting…✍️Want Better Design/CSS Skills? Spot the Difference! Reflecting on my poor "Design Eye",… @jalendport @tailwindcss @Apply ya there's no disagreement here. if you have a customized `a` tag, delete the unres… @jalendport @tailwindcss i don't think we disagree as much as you seem to think? i did make judgment calls and left… @adamwathan @donavon oh man... and I just wrote a blogpost titled "A World Without Plugins" 😂 this is probably Too… @jalendport @tailwindcss thats what i'm doing. `unreset` class. @adamwathan @donavon context for why I thought I wanted SCSS: (i really just needed the nesting bit)✍️How and Why to Un-Reset Tailwind's CSS Reset @TailwindCSS' Reset is great. Here's why… @adamwathan @donavon i was about to say "i just renamed the file to scss in Next.js and it Just Worked™" but from r… that was good for about 30k views! @donavon i'm on the Tailwind + SCSS train. I don't like CSS modules. I will use CSSinJS but only when i can't do it… @colbyfayock @peterc that actually is definitely a point in favor of SCSS. but still doesnt explain why people sti… @flaviocopes ask this on instagram and see if the result is flipped @peterc it's really the familiarity of braces it seems. i wonder had Prettier existed back then (making it easier… @mikebarkmin @storybookjs @timneutkens fantastic work/fast turnaround!!! 👏👏👏thank you!! @swyx @storybookjs @timneutkens Here it is:
Retweeted by swyx @kwuchu oh amazing. so even though braces were optional, the community decided that they wanted it anyway. i wond… @robocell who thought this was a good idea and are they in charge of any more decisions @wolfr_2 syntactically crappy style sheetsI still don't know why we call it SASS but then write .scss and at this point I'm afraid to ask @djm_ @AlexClark_NZ @tailwindcss @refactoringui @steveschoger @adamwathan oh man the text warmth matching thing is… @wolfr_2 for what its worth they design to Inter font, which does have 9 i just wish for n… @flaviocopes this helped me today, thanks @SubDeveloper @storybookjs @timneutkens I mean I'd put it in the same framework bc I'm proposing it to be the same toolchain @AlexClark_NZ @djm_ @tailwindcss @refactoringui @steveschoger would you like to fork my code pen and show me what y… @JCofman yes this action uses doctoc under the hood. the plus is, i can edit markdown on my mobile and not need husky @JadLimcaco sure, i can see that. but Tailwind puts basically everything on a 100-900 scale so i was hoping to use…'m 99% sure the font is all kinds of wrong - my eyes aren't that sharp yet - i swear I'm font blind or sth. I co…👼First time doing a "PSD to HTML" of a design from someone on the @TailwindCSS Discord! I… @mikebarkmin @storybookjs @timneutkens any interest in making it a standalone demo and a blogpost? i'd be happy to… @nickemccurdy @storybookjs @timneutkens something like that. I'm just making wild speculation here btw idk what I'm talking about. @hexrcs no, that battle is lost :) @nickemccurdy @storybookjs @timneutkens (im somewhat subtweeting the very big claims made by the webpack 5 team, no… @nickemccurdy @storybookjs @timneutkens inb4 webpack 5 solves this lolTried adding @storybookjs or #docz to my Preact + Next.js + Tailwind app today but failed really hard. I think hav… @DavidWells yes but since it is a gh action i can just copy and paste without thinking haha @kylemh_ lol holy shit I'm #2 right now wtf I just did it for fun I was accumulating a list. and gruber said it was a good list lol @simonw I have no dog in this fight (but work in the "cloud distros" industry) and ofc totally respect if you have… @teekatwo left a really nice comment for me today :) its a small thing but i really like leaving nice comments… @fortelabs @TreTuna @realBenWajdi actually right after replying that I got your email about the Asia Pacific Group… @KyloIsSad @KyloR3n I don't even call, that's how much I love her @QuinnyPig @Quinnypiglet @bequinning aww! congrats! she looks absolutely thrilled 😂 @tolmasky looks like theres a firefox/chrome extension for this? does it help? mobile andr… @andrewray aww hahaha @cassidoo @sarah_edo @jlengstorf @TensorNo i do appreciate @algolia search in docsites though. also embedded tutorials like the React Router and Svelte docs. @TreTuna @realBenWajdi @fortelabs well i bought the course and have the videos.. but i think i just missed the cuto…👍TOC-generator GitHub Action to automatically maintain Table of Contents in your READMEs. @kentcdodds @dhruv_gupta sorry what is ESB? the only acronym i know for that is Empire Strikes Back 😂 also i dont feel like t… @aweary hey siri how do i delete someone else's post
@Aaron_Powell @adamwathan @rauchg (that's technically Appsync, not Amplify) also @Hasurahq, Postgraphile, @Fauna a… @MikeRiethmuller @basarat @benschwarz unburdened as i am by any deep knowledge of the React codebase - i would haza… @sgrove @johnlindquist @onegraphio @ThePracticalDev ya. i hesitated mentioning static typing because it does help.… I made a Zoom background of myself accidentally walking in on myself in a Zoom meeting.
Retweeted by swyx @amber1ey i always knew i liked Gatsby for a reason @sgrove @johnlindquist @onegraphio @ThePracticalDev well passing a nonexistent key would straight up cause bugs. no… @bsgreenb @sgrove @onegraphio @ThePracticalDev same as the "build" vs "buy" decision. theres no blanket answer. som… @sgrove @johnlindquist @onegraphio @ThePracticalDev ya. the chances of this happening increase with more arity. it… @erinfoox i'm so sorry. e-hug. @sgrove @johnlindquist @onegraphio @ThePracticalDev e.g. when you are tracking down `typeerror: foo is undefined` a… @sgrove @johnlindquist @onegraphio @ThePracticalDev that causes "wonkiness", sure, but all callbacks in js can acce… @stemmlerjs @ghmcadams @kentcdodds i dont like debating semantics @DavidWells #HELLODARKNESSMYOLDFRIEND @DavidWells i know i know trying to focus on the editor first since thats where i spend the most time @Swizec @sgrove @onegraphio @ThePracticalDev needs an api key from @Swizec @sgrove @onegraphio @ThePracticalDev for myself for now yes, but has been designed that it can be used by others in future👨‍💻📺 Instant GraphQL with OneGraph! 👉 Here's a screenshare I had with @sgrove! We pair pro…
Retweeted by swyx @brianleroux @kstewart @monkchips @jaydestro @wiredcanuck @WirelessLife @erinrifkin @jeremylikness @ShawnWildermuth @PapaBearCodes @zachleat ✅ solid portfolio with good looking projects presented well ✅ its on Netlify dot com @SabrinaTjeng thanks :) @hjharnis yes, better to be rich and unknown than rich and famous. however I think you can productize yourself wi… @robcobbable @zachleat thank you! yeah the blog still needs work technically but it doesn't matter if it doesn't have great content! @forrestbrazeal @Serverlessconf Kendrick Lambda @SabrinaTjeng I guess? idk I don't have to sign up for it to get news @forrestbrazeal @Serverlessconf that was a great rap! wow! @react_native_eu nicely handled 👏 @johnnydecimal @zachleat took me a while to get it but this seems a good idea! I like how readable the site is! @JoviDeC @cvaneenige @marnix_janssen @_developit OK thanks.. will try tonight. sorry to hear about the break in compatibility @ember_map just listened in. happy to do my "explain react in 30 mins starting from an empty file" talk for you if you want :) @samselikoff @cvaneenige @marnix_janssen @JoviDeC @_developit just to update - I ran into my first downside of using Preact - no… info from the ground for folks in the US who think everything is going swell in Singapore - check out this sum… @jtango18 @LJKenward hoo boy @quinnypig may enjoy @___zth___ was it posted yet?Step 1. Reply to this tweet with a link to your personal website. Step 2. Find a reply to this tweet and say someth…
Retweeted by swyx @zachleat ❤️"Productize Yourself" Found a defunct blog of mine - writing about it in 2017, a year before Naval. I was thinkin… Coffee grew from 0 to 4500 stores in 2 years in China (while Starbucks took 20 years for 4000 stores). Tur…
Retweeted by swyxDONE! ✅ 700+ hours and 6 months later. Landingfolio is live 🎉 Story and features in the thread 👇🏻
Retweeted by swyx @sergeykarayev @Altimor @EricRichards22 @paulg does seem like the exception among a generally true rule. does Teams… @basarat @benschwarz i think we’re all aware basic works but advanced doesnt work iirc it w…👨‍💻📺 Instant GraphQL with OneGraph! 👉 Here's a screenshare I had with @sgrove! We pair pro… @benschwarz hah, i was just on that page today! used WCs in my Preact project for the first time ever. I think int… @chrisbiscardi 🎮mee @rauchg @nkzawa @Daniel15 welp.. scrolling up a bit on the thread i linked.. actually @ajaykarwal called it a Modal… @jamonholmgren that keyboard tho! @BenLesh @vuejs @angular TIL people download JQuery 3.6m times a week through npm! @praveenweb nextjs has plenty of recipes! but good point, maybe plugin with eject is a nice middle ground @rauchg @nkzawa in case you want a name for this pattern - Ryan calls it Contextual Routing and @Daniel15 calls it…