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@karinesabatier wish I came up with it first! @michaelesterman yes but what great things are you hearing haha @haroenv @suchipi indeed! and it is adjustable. I tried them and found max weights suitable for me, but older people can adjust lower too @krafthu @tomaspueyo sorry to hear it :( hope the vaccines roll out smoothly. I imagine we will all be in a much better spot by year end.forgot that many might not know that I left NYC for Singapore last year. cases have jumped a bit in 2021 but nothin… @httpJunkie @johnnyxbell also didn't expect so many Americans on Twitter at 4am ET haha @auchenberg I used to say that everyone my age and up remembers SARS so we knew how seriously to take this. that sa… @rossipedia amazing that on-demand came for video before audio @krafthu I don't think it matters at all. if cases spike, we shut down more, if they flatten, we loosen. the Hammer… rockets don't go straight up. They go up, and then they turn. Rockets do this to transition from "mostly going…
Retweeted by swyx @bradbaris im not sure whether I'm happy about that or if I would rather they just buy Spotify. competition is impt… @auchenberg yeah I forgot that the US shutdown included gyms. as far as I can tell gyms just never shut down over h… @mgechev those houses are so pretty! @muelvenables no I don't think so, this is from a third party research firm @0800LUCAS come over we have good food and warm weather🤯 Podcasting has grown by ~15% *of the total population* in the last 5 years Helluva mega… @krafthu we're doing alright over here. hope you folks get thru the worst of it soon @buildsghost doubtful - my country is locked down, cost of leaving for a December jaunt is increased by mandatory q… @monicalent that was fast!! @johnnyxbell am not in the US @haywirez sg baby my gym is *emptier* than it was in December. what happened to new year's bump? @dai_shi @0xca0a TIL that James Nelson already wrote this down with illustrations years ago (thanks @acemarke)
Really having fun running the @Coding_Career community - it's a side project that is helping others run side projec… @code_nutt @SaraSoueidan wow nice job Twitter algorithm @Nutlope @shanselman goddammit i should have set a higher number haha @anthilemoon i keep wanting to make a blogpost title that references The Unbearable Lightness but have yet to find the right opportunity 😹 @Nutlope @shanselman also consider "Do they deserve the gift of your keystrokes?" @regardingaudio @jaredcwhite ayy why you snitch tag my subtweet lol no problem, i like people that can disagree on… Tailwind Is For Me: podcast interview with @swyx about the ups, downs, career placement and interview questions for a dev a…
Retweeted by swyx @JasonEtco github "be kind" browser extension that reminds people to be kind if they use swear words or all caps or… the term "Strategy Turn" from @swyx for the idea of changing focus as you get better/more experienced in a giv…
Retweeted by swyx @m1guelpf right - do you then postprocess to create <figcaption> or what is the final html output?🆕 Blog: Strategy Turns There's a big difference between "noob game" and "pro game". You c… doesnt have <figcaptions>, but this is a GREAT "hack" around it using CSS sibling selectors!!… @christoomey aw great rec! added to the list @CorbettBarr @pjrvs @chrisguillebeau do you have a source for Chris considering deleting as well please? this was news to me.Ever wonder why incredibly hyped startups like Groupon and Gilt soared and then fizzled out? I always put it down… @rothgar the 3 stages of programming frustration - use general purpose language (GPL) to prototype - GPL is error… @levelsio distributed work, distributed income, distributed customers distributedness is antifragile @philipyoungg there are "pair focusing" apps like focusmate that I hear are doing well. i think the mvp of it woul… marketing tactic: Hire the kind of customers you want more of. @philipyoungg random idea from peanut gallery - how to introduce network effect/competitive element to gamify/addsocial pressure? @Contextify1 this is really good! thank you! haven't made my Google query builder yet but will use this if I dothis is neat - a chrome extension to undo the Google Images change from last year. I also… @JackEllis @stauffermatt @wesbos M1 mac mini here. Docker dev preview working fine, and screen flow 9.0.6 works to… @philip_kiely @__mharrison__ *patio11 intensifies* @satyadileep thanks for the shoutout Dileep!
.@mattdavella on the @jayclouse podcast says that we should spend 80% of our time working on content, and 20% on ti… @frankdilo @mailbrew the @JanelSGM bump? @robhope defo looking forward to it then :) and you know ill be hyping it up when its out @TrungTPhan he's not even trying that hard holy shit @TheCoolestCool @BrowserPerson for example, @BrowserPerson, i am still reading @copyblogger posts from 2009 - becau… @Paxxi @RealGeneKim @sveltejs @deno_land there is. i'd love your summary of it @TheCoolestCool dear lord so much this. also the 3:1 ratio of people who want to have a say on your content vs peop… to do better content marketing: 🤡 WHAT 80% DO: - Change the plan every quarter - Chase the latest trend - Set…
Retweeted by swyx @aronkor @jayclouse i havent figured it out either. i am a total noob compared to either of you. all i know is it's… @bcomnes @dietrich yea i get you. i'd basically cheat by using patch-package @robhope @markbowley @JanelSGM @MariusCern always love your honest LP feedbacks. would be great to put up a collect… @aronkor @jayclouse fun question to ask: what's the highest you would pay to have that done for you? @jarredsumner @andreysitnik @sveltejs @deno_land it is! turn off strict mode. @bcomnes @dietrich enforces meaning hard error instead of soft warning? feel like I can live with that. is there an… @warrensheesh unreadable @orta fwiw my comment was not really about JSDoc, I was solely only noting the counter-trend. still very much in fa… @warrensheesh haha thanks man. alliteration is good but mostly I'm thinking of @warrensheesh today, I would use "destiny" in place of "inevitability" @warrensheesh dear lord that was a blast from the past. how did you find that???i NEVER want to forget this gem: . . . “small minds discuss tactics, average minds discuss strategy, great minds…
Retweeted by swyxappreciate Marius for digging into the issues and finding the Deno core team's design doc for this decision… @TimvdLippe @sveltejs @deno_land @ChromeDevTools thanks very much for sharing! I wonder what's a good rule of thumb… @Florianrival @sveltejs @deno_land ooh, thank you for sharing! yea I also have an aesthetic thing against jsdoc. n… @maniflames @sveltejs @deno_land webpack has done it for the last 6? years. people just haven't listened. to be fai… @brianleroux @sveltejs @deno_land I know TS doesn't follow semver but how often does it break codebases really? per… @TheStalwart this makes me wonder if a total reallocation from gold to bitcoin would be good thing for the global e… @GreyShipsCode @sveltejs @deno_land deno interprets typescript but its internals dont have to be typescript. i am… @GundersenMarius @sveltejs @deno_land i don't know if you're right, but you may wish to speak to the deno folks bef… tips and an excellent checklist from @SamuelDataT's blogpost here: who are instinctively rolling their eyes and judging others - STOP IT. we're learning and evolving as we g… @jkup @ZoeSchiffer @cwervo still waiting for github to respond to how it acquired npm and immediately laid off all… @Cneude_Matthieu @sveltejs @deno_land do you think i disagree? @IamStan @brianleroux @sveltejs @deno_land in my mind @TheLarkInn is just chilling in the background going @venikunche i still really recommend it though! there's a big difference in the relative importance of tradeoffs wh… counter-trend - maintainers of large open source projects like @Sveltejs and @Deno_land are moving *AWA… part of the Asia stream for Global Diversity CFP Day Online on January 23rd, @swyx will be sharing his experienc…
Retweeted by swyx @dan_abramov @0xca0a @thesamdd ya very good call. we were solving within the assumption that waterfalls were unavoi…
@antony @PierB i think the nonconsensus success of the keyboardless iphone may have created a reasonable hypothesis… @0xca0a ya i avoided it bc i wasnt sure about performance and side effects of throwing so casually and so often.… @0xca0a @dai_shi idk man I was doing this in April 2018 lol @dai_shi @0xca0a yess imagine if we had the same setState paradigm for all kinds of state: - component state - ap… @dan_abramov @0xca0a ya the evolution is really great to see. like unearthing something that was there all along.… @de_stroy @0xca0a yea but Paul is cutting edge in everything, I'm intentionally normcore @0xca0a not sleeping, so much as obeying the React team's instructions not to use it lol i agree it's a very elega… *trying to work on a Friday before holiday weekend* My last brain cell: @briannekimmel wonder if there's some untold story after the "shipped things early users wanted" part. a lot of roo… @stolinski screenflow and audacity are flying on the mac mini. #nofanlife for cheap! @devictoribero software moves faster than hardware, have faith @devictoribero i'm using Docker dev preview fine on my m1 mac :) @mikeezzati iphone too with the return to the iphone 4 flat edge design after 6 years of telling us rounded was easier to pick up @mreinfurt_ @tpiros good news