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Retweeted by Syama Mishra @ultrabrilliant So *that's* the game the title of the film is referring to.
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @Franrekk @paniq @theomn @theomn @paniq *pulls out a floppy and turns it into a hard drive* @theomn @paniq You are the controller @taylorcocke 2020 gave us practice being in hellOptical illusions work because our brains are not perfect at translating information. Remember, whenever you see a…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @DisparityGames Exactly @baileymeyers @CassideeMoser Careful, if you cut it in half it multiplies.I wish Control's story was as good as it's aesthetics.Control (2019) @remedygames
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @polymonster @miniciv This is some good data @nothings Who do you think was hogging the addresses ;)This is how Australia’s ‘centre-left’ responds to the global movement against policing.
Retweeted by Syama MishraI sure do hate how service workers make it impossible to make a web app contained in a single file
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @unormal It's a gachaI home microsoft is just gonna make smash brothers but with wrpgs
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @Ben_Salter The best oneLast day to buy Forza Horizon 3 - the one set in Australia - before it's gone forever. It's great.
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @NESbot_feed I heard him give this comment in the bedrooms to billions playstation documentary in an interview that… @Mario__Bones Fantasy's Dogma HunterAny time I find myself starting to get excited about the idea of Microsoft Game Studios collective potential having… @Lunick_Fiore Wo
Solar has reached prices today that are 30 to 40 years (!) ahead of what the IEA had forecast in its 2014 Solar Tec…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @REALpunknews @RobotBrush Internett Roll. @MaxKriegerVG It's doom, doom, doomed all the way down? Always has been. @MaxKriegerVG And yet we keep uploading content into the free cloud via social media, which is also doomed but we can't see that far ahead.I found 2020 #SuperMario3DAllStars #NintendoSwitch writing this article I had the privilege to read the implementation of the `Drop` trait for `Box`, and, as it…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @ThatBShar don't think a lot of people understand Boston Dynamics is a military contractor
Retweeted by Syama MishraIf there’s ever a time to fight for universities to be free again - now is it.
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @ThatsDruidic A fancy nes from @analogue @Antony_Clements Now do it around the world and through and around city landmarks.Can't wait for November my next console that was incredibly hard to preorder to finally ship. @Antony_Clements That's starting to sound interesting.I'm in such awe of the work the community is doing to make Warcraft 3 playable, they've added a custom action to so…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @reptilescorpio No combat thoughWoah! @Ash_NR Forza Horizon is a few long steps closer to Burnout. @Ash_NR Nope, it's just regular Forza.I want the Forza Horizon of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Someone make this for m please.Bill Murray receives a legal demand from the Doobie Brothers. And it’s everything you’d want it to be...
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @SanatanaMishra @saygt They should set them to be muted by default, so you have to subscribe to them actively. @glassbottommeg Finally it makes sense why mooncheese is green. @heatdeath @mcclure111 Where did you get these pictures of me? @SassyCanadianCk @stellalune Living the DreamsIt was so smokey and loud it triggered a stack of alarms around the neighborhood too. @TwinkleParks @mcclure111 Love it.My house and everything in it is just going to be coated in this gross trash now :(I can barely breath in this and there's no escape.WTF Neighbors just rev'd a motorbike for 15 minutes as loud as they could and it culminated in a giant gross cloud…
@2DArray Only all the timeYike
Retweeted by Syama MishraEvery word and phrase in game development is so overloaded, it's a wonder we can even hold conversations.
Retweeted by Syama MishraWhat people think making games is like V.S. What making games is.
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @Aussie_Legend Totally RadPfft, couldn't even get $43M... @FlameRoastToast❤️
Retweeted by Syama MishraSomeone needs to turn this into a new terrifying VR experience for us mere mortals. @jasonimms It's a fair thing to be in disbelief of. @XboxANZ @bdazzle129 @DOOM @XboxGamePass Possession is 9/10ths of demonic law. @bdazzle129 @DOOM @XboxGamePass can't steal it if you own it
Retweeted by Syama MishraWe need a word for current-gen GPUs training the AIs that are then used in bots that help buy next-gen GPUs for tra… you see folks talking about game streaming services and you live in Australia. announces Amazon Luna, a new cloud gaming service - Introductory price: $5.99 per month - 4K/60FPS for sel…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra
The network privacy was virtual all along. @SanatanaMishra Software patents are bad for everyone everywhere (even the people who like to accumulate patent war…
Retweeted by Syama MishraThis is really bad for everyone in games.
Retweeted by Syama MishraI got confirmation from Sony that the official recommended retail price of Demon's Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Mora…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @Jack_Horrocks Non Fiction. @shinyspell @BarbaraAnneKerr Gotta no respect.Stop the Kirby on Kirby violence :(
"I bought this fan because I thought it would make me cool. And it did!" #fanfiction
Retweeted by Syama MishraMicrosoft should have preordered Bethesda so could get the physical pipboy and duffel.Todd Howard reveals that one of the tricks to combat low memory on the original Xbox was to reboot the console with…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @kylegaddo This is why movies are better than tvBig Data is any thing which is crash Excel.
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @McFunkypants Huge if true @SyamaMishra The games are all on there until 100 people buy the game and then it leaves the platform.
Retweeted by Syama MishraQuakeworld Battle Royale plz.*Goes out back*, Woah where did all these extra consoles come from? I guess we just missed them before! @JohnnyCullen Nobody will ever need more than 64k games.2K Games? Forget that ancient junk. 4K games? Pfft, boring, been there done that for years now. 8K games. Are you… @ironicaccount It's a fighting game, so this is just the meta "fighting the game" part. @nicktatorship @akbarjenkins @akbarjenkins
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @willmesilane Too lazy to work it out how to optimise YouTube for yourself I see. Here, I have some videos for that ;) @AeornFlippout @tha_rami This one says it's in stock and shipping even! All the others say they're out of stock. @AeornFlippout @tha_rami Oh cool, the new Xbox is out already!You know how game devs are always saying 'Ideas alone aren't worth much, it's the execution."? Well, what historic…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @Roleplay_James Lakitu was just trying to make new friends.Fun facts about Lakitu. Lakitu only takes payment if you can afford it and will rescue you for free in Mario Kart… please. only got paid in exposure before unionizing. #SuperMario3DAllStars #NintendoSwitch games need poles you can twirl down. #SuperMario3DAllStars #NintendoSwitch