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GTA games deteriorate with age. Marvel property, Star Wars. @new_waster @morganjaffit This thread remidns me I love that Japanese has here" = "koko" "There" = "soko" And "over… @delaneykingrox And to the left? @delaneykingrox ALDI Pee up. @AskPS_ANZ @PlayStationAU Always wear protection when performing a temporary activation on a friend.Kickstarter workers are now the first white collar workers at a major tech company to successfully unionize in the…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra advocating for videogames to make folks angry.'s fair. saw an Animal Crossing leak that Kapp'n has been replaced by Doom Guy and his cute singsongs are replaced by shredding guitars. @GhostTownGoldie We're going to re-plant the head from this one and hopefully get another in a few years! @GhostTownGoldie They do! picked another fresh pineapple we grew and let me tell you there's nothing quite like eating a fresh juicy pin… @NESbot_feed Lol!
over the past six years, tech has figured out that the margins on loans and cash advances are...quite good tech pa…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @mantafirefly Hindsight is 2.0+2.0 @mantafirefly 4.0 years?I'm seeing 'news' about FF7 Remake being 100 GB. That's gotta be around 3 CDs or so I figure.Industry 4.0 @ElPrezAU I'm just an innocent bystander - this is all on you and google :P @PetCollectiveTV @TheNetiYeti They're taking up undeserved room in their kingdom @ElPrezAU @CheeseBurgerson @dan_vogt don't look back in anger. @ladyaeva @paniq @shanecelis I too love microtonal and feel the pain of the 12 tone system @davescook I loved the nes oneSure, I mean you can fill any plot hole you like with retroactive canon and facts like this. Or how about you jus…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @Serrels It's still misleading and untypeable for my name so I just leave it off and accept the consequences @AlannaBennett @merryhGotta be especially careful to put the spaces in the right spots."Thanks, got it" is one of those really common but dangerious to typo phrases I write enough times in emails to get… @kylegaddo @BrianPShea *applause*The FF7 remake Nintendo Switch Edition is looking amazing.
@S0phieH I wasn't strong enough and now I've seen everything and my expectations are through the roof. @HarryAlisavakis Good tweet. @chrispewebb @lucyamorris There's only one thing I hate more than an unreliable monitor and that's an unreliable US… @delaneykingrox @FreyaHolmer (Video link for the curious @delaneykingrox @FreyaHolmer I found the example I was thinking of. Media Molecule made it look so simple taking th… @ElPrezAU I guess this is a compliment :P @delaneykingrox @FreyaHolmer I also wish all the neat equations published on sites like wikipedia were in copy past… @delaneykingrox @FreyaHolmer Same. @delaneykingrox @FreyaHolmer Same and likewise, I'm infinitely impressed but don't know the math to express it. @ElPrezAU Bojack Horseman @Serrels Hollywood Accounting @Jkooza Where is this? @HisCursedness I did and do not recommend.Today in the Oz: the surveillance state is good.
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @Envisager_ It's a Unix system, I know this! Here's the blueprint. @NoMansSky Neat game. I hope it does well for you. @0mikr0n yup @delaneykingrox The good kind. @Tegan_Writes @palmersaurusrex @Matt_KeanMP :( @Tegan_Writes @palmersaurusrex @Matt_KeanMP Will this be available in other states?After Musk agreed that the Model 3 cost seems high in Australia, I took a quick look at why Teslas are so pricey he…
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @scienceshitpost @zanderhulme *pats fish* @dphrygian Iterations are the key to success. @PerfectStormo This tweet is just Canon in D @Aussie_Legend Mario movie is gonna kill this record. @dphrygian Dire Straits brothers in arms helped me through some dark times so I'm glad they exist. @dphrygian This one: @dphrygian I mostly know the Dire Straights version, but am also grateful for my mum being responsible for her part… @ladyaeva @shanecelis Don't let music theory knowledge destroy music for you. @jamiemgalea @dippizuka @unormal Like this if you cry every time. @dphrygian How good is R-Truth exactly, David? @DrCurlytek @SanatanaMishra @dan_vogt @DangerCobraM @HardDriveMag This is also why it's a good thing for countries… @DrCurlytek @SanatanaMishra @dan_vogt @DangerCobraM @HardDriveMag In practice this never happens because the profit… Not going to End Well.
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @DangerCobraM @dan_vogt @HardDriveMag Some more info: It's shitty but Hollywood VFX studios follow the global tax b…’s my whole life here I love it so much
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @RainaMcGump Congrats!There’s a TIL here
Retweeted by Syama Mishra
@ElPrezAU I'll follow your advice but others won't @CaptPaulBlues @Lunick_Fiore That scene hurt me tooClose the privacy curtains one last time. @morganjaffit I'm loving it. @MataHaggis @mikeBithell Try the new strings version @thelindsayellis We should consider making response murder legal in embarrassing engagement video recording scenarios and make a new genre. @unfnknblvbl Government meddling in the chairwoman and budget @ItsJust_Buck @olafurw It's the same in music where too much hype build up causes the beat to drop @velocity08 I'm using an alienware 13 now @ScottRhodie We're all being robbed of our public resources in practically every country on earth right now. @ScottRhodie WTFThis is an absolute disgrace.
Retweeted by Syama Mishra @ChrisDeLeon I can dig it. I love that moment from gladiator so much and was stoked when this secret was found in c… @dphrygian This happened when I visited the Tokyo Nintendo store. I just wanted a cool jacket. @ChrisDeLeon The rest of the time need for the superfluous mention of Twitter either.Make this the scroll text on whatever the next star wars show or film or whatever comes out. @kylegaddo I'm a big fan of you. That's our relationship. @para8d @dphrygian Fans singing in the cinema is the worstRIP my old MacBook Air that helped @witchbeamgames test the @AndroidCactus mac builds. You had a good life. Off to the recyclers for you. @ElPrezAU Losing your eyesight as you get older makes games so cheap. @mspoweruser Can't wait for spammers from space @cityfires @RockLeeSmile It's true, I'm also some good music. But for real though, great work - that track is pure fire. @ShakaInc Im gonna buy it. @RockLeeSmile That's some good music @unormal @SanatanaMishra @Electrocutie_