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Syanne🖤🌻 @syanne77 Pobelters bedroom

Personal trainer💪🏽 ISSA and NASM certified! Professional simp for @pobelter 🖤 business inquiries

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@eaJPark GETTING TICKETS RN @bewbin I actually tried this @QuarterJade My nails look so cute in this pic🥰Grabbed something cute to show off my new nails🥰 I love @Mushyee need her to squeeze my head like a watermelon @Sugoi_Ash UWU
@juwiaTV SAME AHHHHHH @Zirene look at what Hafu tweeted earlier. How could something like that fly over thousands of peoples heads. It was known, just ignored."I can genuinely say that I never saw or experienced any of the harassment described in the allegations" Let's bel…
Retweeted by Syanne🖤🌻 @NALanguage Low Attention Span @jasminericegirl Honestly heart breaking this was going onactivision blizzard employees publicly boasted about their sexism & harassment for years. they called their suite t…
Retweeted by Syanne🖤🌻 @Tibzzz666 This is in regards to what’s happening at blizzard/activision @citriie frick, i better switch games then!damn today is tough. sitting at my computer trying to do work is so fucking hard. having participated in riots walk…
Retweeted by Syanne🖤🌻I fully support and stand in solidarity with the Activision Blizzard employees protesting for better working condit…
Retweeted by Syanne🖤🌻 @jeweul I wuv you and appreciate you too🥺❤️❤️❤️ ahh my heart @jeweul touch me instead??😍Crazy the things men can get away with @itshafu Disgusting how that was allowed @li_danika_m ??????? foot in mouth?????? @flexinja yeah, its pretty sadWhy is league so toxic right now. Was on a team with people telling each other to die because of cancer. Its so awful and it fr triggered me @RiotAugust @Mushyee @endercasts Okay 100 squats? Got it
@Mushyee Thanks for reminding me I need my milkies from you today @Mushyee HOTTY ALERT @eaJPark @Pobelter pain @kalieho_ My jaw dropped @W1shYouTheWorst @pokimanelol @AriaSaki OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING @nabiplay Literally had you in mind when I was tweeting this @LiquidSenders bahahahhah, youre so cute<33333 @TSM_Myth I’m a personal trainer if you wanna talk more!! @xChocoBars @TSM_Myth Thanks for the rec🥺❤️ @TheRealRyanHiga time to stock up my gym @Pobelter @eaJPark why dont you match with him instead @BasiilLeaf you guys are v cute<33333 @eaJPark tarkov?We cute or whateva
@SmolBoricua @Sean_Phi @slambarrel @emazuelle Me + you = love
I don’t know if it’s just me but I love it when a girls ear pokes out from their hair. It gives me cute lil elf vibes
@plooful 🥺👋🏻❤️ @keurinah And I love you!!! @tiffyluna_ Thankyou for the yummy oranges 🥺❤️
@plushydani Ahhh I love you, this is the best compliment I have ever received @shikixo_ Unagiiiiii @welyn @SmolBoricua The bestest dogs @BasiilLeaf @JhbTeam What? @ercjerkson2 Lol who were you??? Not the Syndra I hope @xKaotic_ I’m honestly insecure about my smile so this makes me feel a lot better🥺❤️ @MewooTm I will be your isekai boyfriend @li_danika_m Ma’am, have you seen your most recent selfie!? @Mushyee Sleepover tonight? In your bed? @scaryspicejr Who says we can’t?😳Orange you glad to see me?🍊🥰 @maicmspring @nabiplay 👋🏻👋🏻 @C9Vienna @Pobelter !!! He’s a pretty cracked playerCW suicide Wtf, the lawsuit brought by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing against Activision…
Retweeted by Syanne🖤🌻Gross
People only come to the gym for one reason part 101 @plushydani @pokimanelol I need a Pokimane anime pronto! Holy this is so good @portilho You’re already beautiful, I just wanna do your makeup😂 @SmolBoricua Cuuuuute @ruin_lol RISE AND GRIND GAMER @rottenmei Actual goddess 😍 @portilho Can I do your makeup? @OvileeMay hello, I would like to apply for a full time position @SmolBoricua Give us the booty!!!!!! @_Gutex_ It really does 😭 @AriaSaki Omg, this is so good what the heck. Youre so talented!!
@JhbTeam I get imposter syndrome and I wonder if I’m good enough at what I do but today out of nowhere a bunch of… @_Pandantics He’s the happiest with you🥺 @JhbTeam @Mushyee Like any were interestedPeople only come to the gym for one thing… part 100 @_Pandantics @scaryspicejr Wow😍😍😍 @scaryspicejr @Diosa_Qi Can’t wait to see the pics😍 @scaryspicejr FAIRY MUSHROOM PLS
“Why do you always record deadlifts from behind? You just want us to look at your butt”
Retweeted by Syanne🖤🌻 @JhbTeam @syanne77 thanks for the gym lessons! me and the bros are boutta be strong af
Retweeted by Syanne🖤🌻 @valinoreva Alphalete!! @leesherwhy @Pobelter I love you🥺❤️ @KarlJacobs_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! @itswoori Omg you look so ethereal🥺❤️League of legend players deserve love too @Evergreenily @lunalyxx
@C9Vienna @Pobelter This 100%. It’s so incredibly frustrating @Pobelter It’s insane to me how there is so much pressure on the players when it should be placed else where. Espe… @Pobelter I really wish you guys were listened to more and supported. You and the rest of the clg boys are extremel… was painful to watch, I know for sure the players on CLG are way better than that. I think the team environmen…
Retweeted by Syanne🖤🌻 @endercasts Oh boy that’s uhhhhhh, good luck with that @endercasts Early bird gets the worm @skipper You’re so hot😍
@JhbTeam DEEZ NUTS AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHHAH @JhbTeam You know what you can exercise? @WeirdGirl2364 Hey bb😘❤️