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anyway! going back to my cave! thanks for hanging! @woopelee WOW WE STAN IT @pastlifepiper @woopelee LITERALLYi need someone to hold me and tell me it'll be ok to be dramatic but the thought of spending this much of my life with someone for it to only end in heartbreak t…
Retweeted by sydexcited for maggie rogers to win that grammy and end yalls favs careers
Retweeted by syd @woopelee can i join @kDenise__ we stan @woopelee oh my god elena what is this @maggierogers today marks the one year anniversary of the record that means so much to me and so many others. maggi…
Retweeted by syd @maggierogers we love you more than anything n i know u know that
@tyherone @maggierogers HAHAHA THE BLUNT i love thissss @maggierogers good aestheticat the diner. upstate ny. 2019
Retweeted by sydim not crying ur crying ****BEDAZZLED MOM JEANS*****????? ive never seen anything so perfect in my life
Retweeted by syd @maggierogers holy fucking shit maggie i leave for 18 days and i come back to this STARING INTO MY SOUUUUL?????? someone help @maggierogers @fraserjones_tv thank uone year on from the release of her debut album, watch @maggierogers explain the story behind her song "Past Life"…
Retweeted by sydI FUCKING LOVE MISS MAGGIE ROGERSSSSS @maggierogers can we also just talk about the fact that 1 its my bday 2 its hiiapls bday as a whole 3 past life is… birthday heard it in a past life. what a year it’s been ✨🎈✨
Retweeted by syd @maggierogers thank u for the best bday gift ever. now i get to celebrate it and myself for the rest of my life. fo… womens march is happening in chicago today and i cant believe i missed it for the 123456789th year in a row. wh… @theknifebags @maggierogers TYYYYYYY 💞💞💞when u turn 24 and hiiapl turns 1, you know its a good day. happy birthday to us both 🙂🥳💜 @maggierogers morning its my birthday
@maggierogers i understand but pls just... not the man love u
just popping in from my twitter hiatus to say i love maggie and i hope shes having a good day @maggierogers #GRAMMYsAskMaggieRogers byethe only thing that matters is if you like it
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Retweeted by syd
big decade energy
Retweeted by sydWhatever the inspiration behind @maggierogers' Heard It in a Past Life, there’s something about the commiserate pai…
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- not _ oopsGirl, it's YOUR year.
Retweeted by sydadd me on snap 🤗 syd_kneerae on my watch
Retweeted by syd @BarLouie is NOT the place to go for NYE let alone any other of your party needs. We paid $60 for this and the boun…
@maggierogers @WrenneEvans 😍😭💜💜💜💜 (4 hearts for the Friends clap)Okay actually this was the best moment of the decade
Retweeted by sydthis whole new year thing is making me really emo and im scared for 20202019 was a big one for women in politics, entertainment, and sports. This is how women absolutely ruled the past ye…
Retweeted by sydoh boy have to go out more and make more friends in 2020 but smoking bowls on my couch all day feels too good
Retweeted by syd“I struggle with anxiety.” “Amazing!”
Retweeted by sydThis chilling Bloomberg 2020 ad calls out Trump’s inaction on school shootings
Retweeted by sydY’all swear gay people holding hands in cartoons is “forcing sexuality on children” then y’all do mess like this &…
Retweeted by sydMove over Santa, fad diet season is upon us 🙃
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I’m gonna fucking kill myself
Retweeted by sydHarry styles' most iconic 2019 outfits: a thread
Retweeted by syd2019: *ends* 2020: *begins* Swifties:
Retweeted by sydThe world is an awful place, so here’s 17 seconds of genuinely well performed physical comedy from a pair of raccoo…
Retweeted by syd @ashleyaevers @maggierogers @WrenneEvans Thought that was you 😂never forget this tumblr moment of the decade
Retweeted by sydrare footage of Britney’s audition for Cats (2019)
Retweeted by sydkim's buying his things with no problem while michael's CHILDREN are struggling to get literally ANYTHING that once…
Retweeted by sydThese photos just turns 8 years old TODAY.
Retweeted by sydLast #1 album First #1 album of the decade of the decade
Retweeted by sydomg this brought a tear to my eye
Retweeted by sydbitches be like “i’m fine” then stream ribs by lorde while laying in bed wishing they’d never aged past thirteen cu…
Retweeted by sydFrom hip-hop to country to The Boss, here are my songs of the year. If you’re looking for something to keep you com…
Retweeted by syd @laurastraus10 💜💜💜one day left til i cut myself off from the world on my no-social-media-for-a-year challenge. can i do it? we will find outplease 1: vote and 2: be smart about itHARRY DID! THAT!! @javiswift13 😍😍
Iguana on his back
Retweeted by sydSince the decade is almost over let’s all appreciate the evolution of the career of Taylor Swift
Retweeted by syd @maggierogers @WrenneEvans 🧡🧡🧡2010 —> 2019
Retweeted by sydelsa better be a lebian this time around
Retweeted by syd @OtherDanOBrien This is fucking cool🙏🏼🙏🏼
I just sent two “how high/drunk r u” texts to two separate friends are my people okFUCKING RYANNNNNN if this is the closest we get to a reunion that’s all I needUpdate: OG dance nerd made me cry AGAINWhy does the high school musical series make me cry I am 23 years old why does this shit still get to me lmao @hashtagcatie This video pisses me offYou guys are so lucky. You get to celebrate 1 year of hiiapl and 24 years of me on the 18th!! How exciting!!!!!2019 i learned to let go.
Retweeted by sydtime to bring this back
Retweeted by syd @maggierogers @WrenneEvans Ohhhh sweet baby noooo 😭😭🌺
Retweeted by sydHIIAPL at #8. thank you @nprmusic listeners 🌹
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2019 i learned to trust. ⁣ photo by @wrenneevans as i climbed the balcony at radio city.
Retweeted by syd @maggierogers @WrenneEvans More like truss* am I rightwhy is this the funniest picture ever im seriously about to pass out over this
Retweeted by sydFamilies should be able to get an education without being drowned in debt. They should be able to go to work withou…
Retweeted by sydGlad we got some palm trees cuz that was a LOT of me in one tweet really can’t be the ONLY ONE who hears ari say “bacon, eggs” instead of “thank u, next” ...?? @woopelee @maggierogers It’s what she DESERVESPolice have charged Colin Harnack in the murder of Julie Berman, an activist in Toronto. I’m glad they have the su…
Retweeted by syd @maggierogers @WrenneEvans This is so amazing 🥺💜2019 held my hand to the fire. glitter on the floor of the sydney opera house. by @wrenneevans.
Retweeted by syd“When everyone believes ya, what’s that like?” Listen to @taylorswift13’s #TheMan on the #AListPop playlist now:…
Retweeted by syd2019 i learned to rest.
Retweeted by syd @maggierogers I 👏🏼want 👏🏼to 👏🏼be 👏🏼you👏🏼idk about anyone else here but i have a FAT crush on Jacqueline Toboni