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“you changed” bro i’m a mirrorball
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMflies just go bzzzzzz bzzzz for absolutely no reason i do not respect them or their way of life
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM @ycloudt aka this song was made for megirlie really went from not wanting to leave a toxic relationship (if ur gonna lie) to forcing herself out of a goo…
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM @maggierogers girl u crazy @maggierogers lyric? leave me alone i am FRAGILE @findingfletcher still confusedshot by her 🤍
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMmy ex didn’t thank me for wishing her a happy birthday so i unfriended her on snapchatno one: twitter with one of the 73 dates in mamma mia:
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMWe wouldn’t be in this position if y’all would have just let us have Bernie
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMnothing else just saying hellohey @maggierogerslook i know its not my business but yall are confusing @findingfletcher @nowthisisliving🔥❤️🔥
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMcari writes nothing but gay BOPS @findingfletcherwatermelon sugar HIGH
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMHow can people watch vids like this and STILL NOT BELIEVE there is life elsewhere??
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMTaylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs:
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM“if i hated you” song out now THE S(EX) TAPES 9/18 pre-save:
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMi will be voting biden + harris, and i hope you do too. i know i have a dream of a different future, with progressi…
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM @maggiejclark honestly PLEASE give me that much space lmaoI will take EXTREME pleasure watching Kamala Harris eat Mike Pence alive in a debate. JUST SAYING.
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM“Add 30” is the only necessary microwave feature everything else is just being dramatic
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM
.@JoeBiden can unify the American people because he's spent his life fighting for us. And as president, he'll build…
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMYES
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMnow😭i’m😭fuckin😭sensitive😭 @lennonstella
Men’s graphic tees are always better than women’s
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMTaylor Swift and Harry Styles trading places at No. 1 on the Hot 100 makes my heart so happy it might burst.
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM @findingfletcher you did not just-I like hanging out with ppl who are comfortable with silence. Sometimes I just want to enjoy our presence.
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMsnapchat be like: A year ago today you were happy
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM @JeremyVineOn5 no? fuck thiswhen @LaurenSanderson said we dont want boys.... i felt thatfuck your favorite color i wanna know about your childhood trauma that turned you into the adult you are today💁🏼‍♀️my life before folklore: ☆☆☆☆☆ my life after: ★★★★★
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMwhen u gotta wait for the physical copy to come in but the rest of the fandom already has it memorized...... fuck trying. Get it done.
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM“you changed fr” bro I got depressed
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM @MattBusic you deserve nothing lessThe fact that colleges are going back to school is so wild. Like a single juul could wipe out the freshman class
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM @unseenclues honestly... i feel this. been holding onto a good one since new years and i don’t even look like that anymore, man 🤣avril lavigne was right ...... what the hell
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMdakota johnson kissed a dirty shia labeouf... hmm
it really just occurred to me that i don’t give a fuck. about you. or anything that ya do. or anything else for that matter lolout of respect for harry, i say “fucking” instead of “stuck and running” *elitists only*i wish i could take a picture of the vibe i’m feelin rni have to mentally prepare for sign of the times now, ever since The Shroom Incident @alexander23lol for a more cohesive look it shoulda been ❤️❗️jsi wanna live in the middle of nowhere and have lots of friends and be known for throwing ragers... so with that sai… @RIDGE___ @maggierogers thank u :’) @maggiestruggle is not having the cookie my struggle?painted my van subfloor today 🥺 just to have some love with me at all times, and of course, @maggierogers 💞 @maggierogers bless @maggierogers no offense but i wanna be that cookiewell i mean, when you’re living your 20’s through a pandemic what are we supposed to say stands for Why don’t men stAy out of womens business Please
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM“Injustice is not built to last.” — @AOC The new documentary, Seeing America with @mPinoe premieres tomorrow at 1…
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM👏🏼 Selling 👏🏼a 👏🏼pyramid 👏🏼scheme 👏🏼product 👏🏼isn’t 👏🏼owning 👏🏼a 👏🏼small 👏🏼business 👏🏼
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMif i didn’t grow up with the jonas brothers i’d probably hate them today, i’m sorry but their music kinda sucks lol @kraftmacncheese can you just? tell me the difference?oh we’re depressed-depressed now ok got it
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM2020 feels like the montage in new moon where bella sits in the chair for 4 months
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM @Taylorsswift_22 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 speak now and earlier must go to younger generations... if they don… can’t believe we thought she was gonna give us the feminist anthem of the century when she posted this
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMTax the billionaires' pandemic profits and pay for everyone's health care.
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMI respect people who have figured out how to use diva cups more than I respect the troops
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM"I don't think I'm good at it but I really like doing it" is an attitude I've learned to adopt and it's made me so…
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMif you're cis, white, or straight apologize immediately
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMno am quite literally wasting my 20’s inside right now... pls let this endi hate this pandemic, if i wanted to waste my early 20s i would have applied to med school
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMAnyone else not think they'd spend their adult years defending 'science' and 'the mail'
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMseems to be each woman i associate myself with isn’t over her ex and i’m wondering if that says something about me
magic shaving powder? it’s a yes from me @jacrcraig it’s ok me toowhat are the odds google will ever wipe out my drive? i’m trusting them with all my concert videos from 2015“ur so quiet” bruh y’all don’t even listen to me
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMi know my worth im just dumb
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM @L3402761H sounds gaycurrently thinking about how we used to share wine bags w strangers at parties & now we can’t even breathe the same air as other people
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMone of those “do u like me? mark [yes] [no]” slips from middle school but it asks “are u mad at me?” and I send it to everyone i’ve ever met
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMwhy didn’t the vampires in twilight stop the holocaust
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMif you don’t have a crush on her something must be wrong with you @jacrcraig HAHAHA oh boy!!the emotion we were articulating when we typed "xD" no longer exists in the current age
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM @unseenclues oh my god this whole fit is a serve but the SHIRT! YES 👏🏼obama is still trying to fix this shit, he’s probably so tiredsometimes i give a fuck and sometimes i simply do not
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMi can do much more than songs and things so... check it out pls 🥺💓if you like taylor swift or literally any celebrity or even just me... pls rt this and follow my instagram (@/threa…
been craving a hair dye but what? how? can i handle it?Taylor Swift’s New Album Outsold The Rest Of The Top 50 Combined (And Then Some)
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMand you’re right @RIDGE___ do it anyway!!!And when I grow up I'm gonna look up from my phone and see my life
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM @inagetawaybar you’re the best hype man. love u
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMokay look at what my friend made though ✨
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLMtattoos are simply stickers for the hydroflask that is your body
Retweeted by syd 🌈 #BLM