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Syd Large @sydlarge18 Milwaukee, WI

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Twitter can turn toxic quick. I’ll be taking a break until after Super Bowl to find myself again. Excited to move on and rebuild.Please be kind to one another guys. Life is too short to be rude to someone you’ve never met or will never meet on social media.
Retweeted by Syd LargeA personal note. do we preach that people can change but not accept that change...
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@OliviaPuttin @lanimeraz You're the best @OliviaPuttin 💕Want to grow your social media channels? Engage off-channel. Make time to retweet, like, and comment on posts t…
Retweeted by Syd Large @LonaPJ @estranges @MANCbasketball @thedukeofhoops @laurafrofro @bunch @chrisbosh @JeffEisenband @1PeterHutton @ashleydejonge_ Congrats! Excited to see what you accomplish! @saam_brownn Go pro!
@BozVisualArts Snap specs 😎 @kjramming @jskarp TBH I miss the specs, let's bring them back.Why do I have 3 cameras though? am the first person to support women in sports. But it’s also worth nothing, I have been belittled, harassed + qu…
Retweeted by Syd LargeJust trusting God's plan. @MenaTrey fav baylor bball player right there 🤪
@susanswong_ @lanimeraz @SupportWSports We appreciate you Susan! Excited to see your ideas come to the table!Took the @fast on this, but DMs are always open for ideas on how we can learn, grow, and become better at helping others.We're not perfect. We are learning and growing every day. We try to be community-driven as much as possible and we… goals for 2021: + Website up and running and paying creatives. + Become a non-profit so future profits can go… transparency of what goes into @SupportWSports. We're a team of TWO (currently onboarding our 3rd). Each sale… you Sam! @AliyahFun @_Hornik_ @SupportWSports @lanimeraz @ashmereprasad @aryannaprasad @ariivory You’re the best 🤩 @richieoreillyIV @_Hornik_ @SupportWSports @AliyahFun @dani_phantom10 @lanimeraz @megreyes_ Appreciate you Richie!Since we're on the topic of supporting women in sports, friendly reminder the @NWHL season starts this week. Take… time to think. There’s constantly so much going on it’s refreshing just to sit with zero distractions and ge… part about working Super Bowl in 7 days? I get to play a role in an event that truly brings a community toge…
Posted about 15 minutes after the clock hit zero 📈 @brianne2k @UFCJConline Just going to bring this back for a second. You never know how a Twitter connection will pl… @Shell_Ken DONT SLEEP ON GOPHERS 🔥 @caseyy_dobson @unbenched_ @lanimeraz @SupportWSports Legends is a strong word but we'll take it lol
Not all social engagement is good engagement 😬
@SaraCivian This describes @lanimeraz and I friendship. Pretty sure she wakes up to at least 5 texts from me 😂 @morganblankk @LLBean He only wanted the treat I had 😂Big @LLBean guy. @caseyy_dobson @baseballpackers @kaitlyn_lehbert @crinamm @mikaylaguarasci @mylastheaven @happyparx @lanimeraz @unbenched_ Thank you ❤️❤️Athletes: creating content shouldn’t be a chore. Have fun with it and be authentic. Your fans will appreciate it…
Retweeted by Syd LargeHaha never thought I would do the infamous @Gopher_Rowing leg circuit for fun. 200 squats later RIP my legs.
@AKnightleyMKT True thoughGen Z social media managers trying to use Facebook @AYakatally The best dog squadMy dog has a better social life than me jeez. people around you. Thinking curiously challenges everyone from peers to leaders to think differently. @HillMcGill That could be. I trying to stand at least half of the day but maybe I should stretch more.The 6-Step Athlete Marketing Plan A Thread ⬇️
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@hewynewton All of them are in dark mode and my brightness is like all the way down 😭Does anyone else get such bad screentime headaches they get nauseous? Blue light glasses ain't doing their job. @BaileyCarlin @_willcompton Peep that data powered by @opendorse 😉Noticing some crossover between top engagements and top-selling jerseys 👀
Retweeted by Syd LargeNo question is a dumb question. Never be afraid to ask. @chanelly37 @chelseabrooke It’s almost like a live podcast or a voice only IG live where other people can join in and talk. @ajmoyal Oh it’s for sure just has the appearance of casual. Gen Z likes to try hard but give the appearance they’re ~chill~ @ajmoyal Example: Brady vs. Claypool I would include graphics in the category of heavy filters/editing. @ajmoyal Varies a bit by platform but on Instagram Gen Z tends to have: 1. No heavy filters, instead light/natural… @abbyszlosek17 Of course! Thank you for joining!I’ve gotten to the point where I look at an athletes social feed and can immediately tell if they’re Gen Z or Millennial. @carlytfried @lanimeraz @susanswong_ @joinClubhouse Of course! Thanks for joining us on our first one. We learned a… has made it apparent how well connected the sports industry. @crolfing12 @NCAA @CanisiusCollege Congrats Chris!
Love this sticker and what it represents! @SupportWSports 💫 @sydlarge18 @lanimeraz 💛💛
Retweeted by Syd LargeThe NHL season starts tonight. Hear from @dnklatt on how the NHL connects athletes to content.
Retweeted by Syd Large @DakotaCrawford_ If @VicOladipo leaves the Pacers I'm gonna cryFitting as I'm currently wearing my Larkin jersey 🤩, I finally decided what my next tweet series is going to be on. Curiosity. It’s an important skill every m… @mjdesmo @SCCUnited @ayeshayaleana @Mac_Smith52 @brilewerke @adey_nash @Zackary_Brame @_TheRealJayWill @SupportWSports @WNBA @Nike @adidas @Reebok @UnderArmour @TeaCooper2 - happy you’re with @Jumpman23, but I wanna ro… else read scholarly articles for fun? @katenorum @joinClubhouse Drives great conversation and almost is like a live interactive podcast.Come chat women in sports with me and @lanimeraz tomorrow night! @trashsandwiches Just sled down a hill and let him chase. More of a way to get him to run up and down the hill.
My dog’s new preferred workout is sledding. I highly recommend. @bartman_john84 THIS RIGHT HERE ‼️There was a debate last week about what kind of content belongs on Instagram. It looks like Michigan is transitioni…
Retweeted by Syd Large @nbello8 Now that's a glow upLast week I got to meet and interview a #WomanInSports that I’ve looked up since day 1. @ariivory IS SO IMPORTANT!…
Retweeted by Syd Large @ProcopiEugeniu @SuperBowl I'm an operations manager! A lot more on the event side than social, but it always serves as a mental refresh. @Blake_Lawrence @KatieCavender 🐐 🐐 🐐 @Jferfish28 @NASCAR CONGRATS! So hyped for you!My list: @haley_crusee @JDOlson2 @McDonald_8 @MitchellPehlke @hunterwoodhall @tar___ruh @CavinderHanna @kailahcassidy @cavs @memgrizz 🔥BRINGING THE HEATTampa Bay in 14 days 👀 @SuperBowl see you sooooonnn.
@Bpaint The key to my productivity. to see so many @Browns players tweeting immediately after the big win last night. Hyped fans 🤝 hyped athlete… most successful strategies include PR and Social Media working hand in hand. Having an infinite set of social…
Retweeted by Syd LargeHUGE thank you to @ariivory for taking the time to hop on the podcast to talk about all things WNBA, the power of s…
@_jillbeckman Besides cardio they’re the only workout I enjoy 😭 @ChanelBevis For sure! DMs are always open!Social media managers: save marketing content and graphics for your organization’s Instagram channels. Keep the c…
Retweeted by Syd LargeYou don’t need to delete social media. You are in control of who you follow, connect & engage with. Stop blamin…
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No one can mess with my emotions like the Indianapolis Colts do. @corbin_meier ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🎉Thanks @mjdesmo, keep bringing so many creatives together. Going to keep this going. Some folks who inspire me:… 100+ hours of work, multiple trips to Hobby Lobby, and lots and lots of thread, our season and game day embro…
Retweeted by Syd LargeWild. Card. Weekend. If you need me, I’ll be on my couch.
Retweeted by Syd Large @saam_brownn You’re welcome!!! Congrats!! 🎉Hey #MarketingTwitter we need to talk more about B2B2C social strategies. I’m a big believer B2B businesses still… your fans. For fans, they want to feel like they’re a part of the team. Give them a shout to show your appr…
Retweeted by Syd LargeYou’re so kind Casey 💕