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Syd Large @sydlarge18 Milwaukee, WI

Social Media Manager @Opendorse ✰ Founder of @supportwsports ✰ Washed Up Gopher Rowing 📍 IND, MSP, MKE ✰ #smsports

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@HKtheTerex In simple terms data provides a why, psychology provides a how. @HKtheTerex Yes they’re for sure great for narrowing down and seeing patterns. However, numbers are a usually a r… is more about psychology than analytics/data. Want learn more about a target audience? Don’t turn to… @Zonozi Agreed. I think there’s been a stigma that Gen Z and Millennials don’t have a long attention and will only… @Zonozi I’m surprised more teams aren’t maximizing and YouTube. A long form content series would be a better way… what someone else does bothers you — and that person isn’t harming anyone else — the issue isn’t that person. The issue is you.
Retweeted by Syd LargeTrying to improve on: 1. Controlling my reactions to things I can’t control. 2. Focusing my energy towards actions I can control. @OliviaPuttin @MattHeyzeus @GoldytheGopher ‘Swole’phers @MattHeyzeus @OliviaPuttin @GoldytheGopher Gophers > Huskers Get outta here Matt
@AKnightleyMKT @JDOlson2 @StetsonBaseball @ClemsonFB NIL era is going to change all of that. That's why it's so imp… @AliyahFun @gabbgoudy Content we love to see: THIS. @ShaylieFawcett @JDOlson2 @StetsonBaseball @ClemsonFB I'm so deep into tik tok research right now and absolutely GEEKINGCan we just talk about the power of Tik Tok for a moment??? @JDOlson2 from @StetsonBaseball has the SAME amount o… people who bring value to your feed. @Gopher_Rowing I miss this 🥺 @aturnz11 Yes please @Blake_Lawrence @AleSticktalk Gen Z is the best generation. Revolutionizing how content is consumed and getting a… @erinnicoleh_ You absolutely CRUSHED IT on social this season Erin! Can’t wait to see what’s to come during the off… @Bush_JAB APOLLOOOOOOOO Where’s his new hat though???I've said it before and I'll say it again. The coolest part of people is they grow and change. A person today isn… @scottbraun @twofriendsmusic 100% -- my productivity level today has been through the roof because I've been jamming to it on loop 🤪 @AKnightleyMKT @JasonWRocco @jenncrim @jenalyson @liavaneyk @natbalda Immediate follow! Thank you!
@lanimeraz @twofriendsmusic The next podcast episode is just going to be us blasting itSomeone needs to come take big bootie mix vol. 18 away from me. It’s been 24 hours and I think Ive listened to it…“Reviving” content is underrated. Don’t be afraid to retweet something hours, days, or months after it’s posted to… @BozVisualArts Most on my phone for sure. I have multiple pre sets I use to keep my feed consistent @BozVisualArts The key is editing in vsco or Lightroom before hand. VSCO > IG @HuttonJackson @SupportWSports You’re Welcome! @TaylorFisher @CBake93 @Story_Time_Pod @dugoutdish @chelseabrooke @ehoffman21 @AngeloDeAngelo @InterbrewsPod is not achievable without support. Take time to thank the people who support you. @katenorum @alecpalmer__ I’m a big vibe check gal @LynneaPhillips @Twitter I’m needing out with you, this is insane!!! 📈 @alecpalmer__ Addicted to saying “bet” @opendorse cc: @erinnicoleh_ I know you’ll appreciate this. Have to love over 500% growth in less than 30 days.Shoutout to @Wachalytics for making this post possible @OpenlyHQ Constant creative thinkingThank you again to @jordancicchelli and @gabbgoudy for hopping on and having a really fun conversation with us!!
@_tujosh @nbello8 @OhioStateHoops YOOOO CONGRATS JOSH THIS IS HUGE!!!!!! @jennylynnfisch Best part of 2020 so far @ShahbazMKhan @SupportWSports HECK YES 🙌❤️ @amberkaygerdes @chvrlesjr Already following him and 10/10 follow for sure!On today’s episode of “Athletes are Media Companies” ⤵️
Retweeted by Syd LargeI’ve been wanting to expand my following outside of the #smsports space. Who are some social media/marketing folk… @WarJessEagle @IndianaFootball @LynneaPhillips & team is absolutely crushing it 👏 @Steven_Hudy @LambeauField @packers Snow pack snowThere’s so many people in your life who influence your actions. Sometimes, it’s hard remember that YOU are in ful… @WashingtonNFL @GEICO Yooooooo @AstasiaWill, @ryandisdier & team go off 🎯
Which social media platform would you want the most followers on?
Retweeted by Syd Largethings I miss: being a college athlete
Retweeted by Syd Largethe last thing a hotdish sees before it dies
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@MILLSarmbruster LETS GOOOOOOThe boat is finally back in the water. Now it’s time to start rowing. Let’s Go Gophers! #rowtheboat
Retweeted by Syd LargeROW THE BOAT SKI U MAH GO GOPHERS 〽️ LETS FLECKIN’ GO IT’S GAME DAY, Build your personal brand ASAP. Establishing your brand while you're still in the game will keep the e… @OliviaPuttin THE DEDICATION @LoreleiRitzert My toxic thought is always “Why bully other people when you can just bully yourself” 🙃🙃🙃
@laursilverstein I didn't even notice that omgHey #smsports: Discuss @KirbyWolff @mjdesmo @jennylynnfisch @caleb_natale @catswilleatyou @_tonyhuynh @emfails @p_vinn @fuzznacht @feve10 the opportunity to meet @zaroyse in person today! It's always great meeting twitter friends in person, especi… @HashtagSports @Blake_Lawrence talking about the @opendorse x @overtime announcement was pretty cool (not a biased… @bracehemmelgarn @Twins @TwinsPics @WojCreative @kolby_castillo @kfgwinning @OliviaPuttin @lanimeraz Thank you Kolby!! Appreciate what you’re doing with @sportsasajob @AliyahFun Would have met you (or a lot of others in the industry) without Twitter! @mjdesmo Shoutout to @lanimeraz for getting into the craziness of @SupportWSports with me. Legit couldn’t haven’t done it without her. @ChanelBevis @mjdesmo Thank you Chanel, you’re so kind 🥺 @Blake_Lawrence So ready to Row the Boat📍 Minneapolis, MN Weather was not on my side during the 5 1/2 drive but, worth it. First time back in MSP since… phone is one of the most powerful content creation tools. Use it.
@nbello8 LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACKLiterally every time I drive to Minneapolis it either downpours or there is a blizzard. I can’t win, MSP see ya soon. @lanimeraz I approve of this caption 🤪 @Jaymay35 @edmajorphoto @jaystancil Jamie, I get what you’re saying! 100% agree just be kind and treat everyone with respect.Culture-driving content 🤝 On-demand distribution. Together, we are providing athletes and programs with the tools…
Retweeted by Syd LargeChallenge yourself today :)I'm a strong believer that every person comes into your life for a reason. People will either help you or hurt yo… @OliviaPuttin @opendorse @BSchaben0 @JaimeRhi @allikuhlman @Sam__Weber @BJ_Enoch1 @chrisallenre He’s too busy sleep… look at the @opendorse marketing team this week 👀 cc: @BSchaben0 @JaimeRhi @allikuhlman @Sam__Weber @MiyaaaYo Well it’s better than my answer
@Jaymay35 @jaystancil It’s about making people feel supported. Imposter syndrome is real and people take industry w… just say something nice to a woman in sports today. Let's kill the negativity with some positivity :)Brining this back because we have to prove a point (again): RT if you Support Women in Sports
Retweeted by Syd LargeSeasons are wrapping up and athletes are back home. This means fans are shifting their attention from the TV to t…
Retweeted by Syd LargeLouder for the people in the back @BauerOutage @JaimeRhi @ZainaAtyani @BSchaben0 Giving @BSchaben0 & @Sam__Weber all the credit on this one!🗣 @_CeeDeeThree
Retweeted by Syd Large @brilewerke I’m driving up Thursday 🙃
@Blake_Lawrence @jaredaugustine @opendorse @BSchaben0 @BSchaben0 is the 🐐 🗣 DOPE CONTENT ONLY @bridgetperine @opendorse Thank you Bridget ❤️So how many @opendorse related tweets came up on your feed today? Asking for a friend. @brilewerke @Twitter I’m still in my rookie season when it comes to personal useAgain, @opendorse provides a crucial transition and innovation to athletes in the current market. Connecting more a…
Retweeted by Syd Large @brilewerke @Twitter I only have 2,534 Tweets and joined in 2014. I didn't really start using twitter until this past March though.The athlete endorsement ecosystem is expanding from 5K athletes to 500K overnight in 2021. But we're here to help.
Retweeted by Syd Large👋 @RaenahHawkins @SupportWSports You're welcome! @aseabolt7 Time to blast off 🚀Kind of a big deal #iykyk :) just changed the industry. Wow.
Retweeted by Syd LargeAthletes, Coaches, Brands, Sponsors, Agents, Athletic Directors, Social Media Managers, & more sports professiona…
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