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jordan @sylphmon non-binary/any pronouns :)

18+ i really just be here for attention ngl

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Why cartoon not make people stop criticizing me?!
Retweeted by jordanThis is super cursed and also the funniest goddamn thing I’ve seen all week
Retweeted by jordandamn that’s crazy :/ hollywood on the line rn they need this man exponentially
Retweeted by jordanI ain’t never seen two pretty best friends
Retweeted by jordanHow yo name Jergen's but yo handiwork ashy ?
Retweeted by jordan
Retweeted by jordannext wandavision ep gonna be based on LOONATV
Retweeted by jordanplease keep sharing and boosting <3
Retweeted by jordanI GOT ACCEPTED INTO MY DREAM NEUROSCIENCE PHD PROGRAM!! I’ve been manifesting this day since I was 12 years old 🥺
Retweeted by jordanMe and the girls acting mysterious at the first summer barbecue
Retweeted by jordanArched up for you 😈
Retweeted by jordan*google search* phenological similarities between belly buttons and buttholeshaquille o'neal photographed by juergen teller for w magazine
Retweeted by jordana scorpio and a sagittarius would be perfect leaders for a proletariat uprising. they run entirely off spite and ma… my name branded now look at you. my thralladmire my new maid da pain out da tattoo @valcaroI @avngerwasp 😭
Retweeted by jordanWhen I say my son laughs at his own jokes, this is what I mean...
Retweeted by jordanyes i’m part scorpio on my daddy side 🙄 @lilbarbx2 proof? jump up and down real quicki wasn’t even sneaking out i just don’t like people knowing my movements @Kamiron_ nothing too bad i just don’t like people knowing when i’m coming and going @lilbarbx2 u got powder cement booty? was so ingenious in my rebellion growing up id melt vaseline down using an ikea lamp and pour it on my door hinges so they wouldn’t squeak @lilbarbx2 prolly feel like powdered cement but i’m fine with thatyea...yea ain’t no back talk hair dyed by me 🧜🏿‍♂️
Retweeted by jordangod i want to see his lil basketballs get dribbled @maniladon i will shit on your chestthey set us back at least two decades
Retweeted by jordanHey folks! Black TransMen Inc. has an opportunity for the boys to apply for a top surgery grant of up to $1,000! V…
Retweeted by jordani will be filing a formal complaint @itadoreli it’s the ribs @maniladon say your gonna murder me plsnonblacks get full lips and decide they’re black adjacentDrew Barrymore absolutely losing it on the surprise birthday episode of her show
Retweeted by jordanHi! i am a biracial agender student asking for donations to fund my transition!! pls share, donate, and boost!! tys…
Retweeted by jordanif you get the vibes then you get the vibesexcuse the rough drawing but this is my design for more efficient lungs. i’ve stretched them so they grow all the w… they do a corseted waist too? if I was your Uber driver?
Retweeted by jordando white boys with fattys have the same affect on nig nogs as white women?white people so pink and smelly
Retweeted by jordanAINT NO WAAAAY 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by jordansecondhand embarrassment is the worst type of humor and it makes 90% of sitcoms unwatchable
Retweeted by jordanMade a lil mess🥴
Retweeted by jordanthese deadass look like my hs photography when they told us to go outside up version of getting your student of the month photo taken outside the front office THEY ONLY SHOOTING PICS ON THE CURB OUTSIDE THE MAGAZINE STUDIO??? are cool but annoying and aquarius have a holier than thou attitude #연준 #TXT #TXT_YEONJUN
Retweeted by jordan @maniladon so i’m supposed to let you smash for free??? i’m an entrepreneuri don’t see myself with a hetero/homosexual partner they gotta be for everybody, just like me @maniladon u paying me bae ion shit for freedon’t nobody got more audacity than an ugly man that doesn’t know he’s ugly @maniladon ill shit on your chest for $20 @maniladon when u get into scatplayugly people have so much fun (still ugly tho)sometimes i wish i was ugly so life would be easierDid this nigga just spit on me?
Retweeted by jordan @maniladon your face tryna pretend like you don’t smell the slow roasted asparagus @piminxp @maniladon he got a gas leak in his bussy and u tryna hit 😕why are celebrities having photo shoots on the curb like them dudes that be taking pics with somebody sports car parked outsidewhen i shake the ketchup bottle so the tomato precum don’t come out pic look like gas from the seafood boil phantom punched his dookie hole yr 3 mo
Retweeted by jordanBatman beat your ass and broke some bones & now you’re addicted to percs. He catches you buying some illegally to h…
Retweeted by jordanarea spring 2021
Retweeted by jordanMy bestie needs a little help getting her windshield fixed!!! - PLEASE DONATE IF YOU CAN! - - SHES AN ESSENTIAL W…
Retweeted by jordanLaw Roach pranks Tom Holland, Tiffany Haddish, Tommy Hilfiger and Kerry Washington for TikTok's 'I'm Busy' challeng…
Retweeted by jordanHot girl coach 💁🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by jordanRt if u wanna take it off👅💦
Retweeted by jordan @piminxp i stand by what i said!tired of living in a global pandemic.
Retweeted by jordan🍰🧸💌
Retweeted by jordankpop case you guys were surprised that the Grapevine is going to be playing into the Black vs. Asian racial abuse BS,…
Retweeted by jordanit should not have been birthed into beingI hope Lee Daniels know he going to hell for making the movie “Precious “
Retweeted by jordanKenya Moore on set for Smooth Magazine #17 (2004)
Retweeted by jordananime is an unnecessary evilis that why british people are like...that’all was really out here having LICE tl you dirty snow chimps doesn’t sit right with me.
Retweeted by jordanhi guys. my mom unexpectedly passed yesterday morning. I’m trying to raise enough money to bury her and help my 13…
Retweeted by jordanthis is their sokovia accords minute my sis stopped eating pussy and loosened those braids her singing went all the way left smh she stopped…
Retweeted by jordanAsanni is one of the most generous ppl we know. Pls help us support them with the love and generosity they show so…
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Retweeted by jordansynthesize the real.
Retweeted by jordan🥵🥵
Retweeted by jordanTbqh I’d approach me too!
Retweeted by jordanhardly smile
Retweeted by jordanBro sacrificed half of his HP to increase his attack stat only to get slumped
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