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rock wife in training, kebby stan account (she/her)

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Thinking about being handed a bottle opener and a lava lamp at the same timeKissletoe by 3oh3 is kinda good ngl,,Tove lo and rina sawayama @bratzbabe99 @yelyahwilliams I googled it and its the top linkTop 0.5% πŸ’…πŸ’… @yelyahwilliams
The bar is my heartHayley Williams and avan jogia walk into a bar @zippyliv Omg thats so cute @IlonaVerley Pixie terriI cant wait for the pandemic to be over so B can come visitMy tweet getting 92 likes just proves that I am a genius without an audienceHow is it DecemberI look cute rn and the only person who gets to see is ME @zippyliv Frog collection! @zippyliv Disco frog @ChelseaMayday I was always so jealous of their house like the little studio In the corner, the fire poles, the revolving guitar rack ❀❀❀ @ChelseaMayday I love u so much I started watching jonas on Disney plus its magicalI love Christmas but its probably because I've been pavolvd into it @Alma_Bitches @GurlMeadows Everyone wants an alma follow but only few achieve it @GurlMeadows My favourite is if you do follow them back and they unfollow you
@icuthecameras That was really when we did the blood oath so it makes senseIta still green obviously but not it has more blue than yellow dont even remember how josh and I got engaged it just feels like we always have beenI put blue on my hair gonna see what happens i love learningI love picking fights with men cause I win everytime. they either think im hot and agree or get mad and leave @horrorswhore Yeah I got it bbI helped my dad hang a door, hire me for any construction needs ❀ @mommadust Thats what I'm sayinMacy being so openly in love the jonas brothers in front of them is relatable @bratzbabe99 I'm watching the show rn I'm on the pizza episodeNo one wants to talk about the jonas brothers with meThe TV show is wild nicks DRUM SET LIFTING UP TO REVEAL A BED their house is so coolI fucking love the jonas brothers, just so much @GurlMeadows 😑 @GurlMeadows Make the joke I dare you @zippyliv @earthgrrrrl I meant ❀ omg @zippyliv @earthgrrrrl Aw πŸ’… @zippyliv @earthgrrrrl I'm all bark no bite honestly @zippyliv @earthgrrrrl LOL I DIDNT EXPECT THAT PLACEMENT
@zippyliv I would like to knowFull grown porcupine dead on the road itll take a big ox son to carry that load @IlonaVerley Praying for you @IlonaVerley 3? What are the other 2 LOL I WANNA SEEThe plot holes take me out of it i was hoping they would follow the diary exactly but its all out of order 😑 @bratzbabe99 Yeah I got emotionally invested mamma mia is one of my favourite moviesYoung bill is the best part of mamma mia 2 so farJabroni meadowsNext year I'm making my friends take photos with me for a holiday card, gotta start planning nowMy sister put a pea and my nephew put an m&mWhat did YOU put up your nose as a child? Ill start. A piece of foam and it was there for a weekN E ways cant do the only thing I was good at or enjoyed doing so guess I'm fucked for the rest of my life huhMy dad asked me what I wanted to do and I started crying πŸ€ͺI hate bald zuko what is his pony tail hanging on toI hate taking anti depressants but I also need them to function to essentially I should just go fuck myselfMy plans for the evening are, play stardew valley and dieWay to go autumn πŸ‘πŸ‘
Retweeted by Rock Doctor Meadows @icuthecameras LOLThinking about the time in 7th grade I sabotaged a project I was working on because my partner wasn't helping me an…
Retweeted by Rock Doctor Meadows*casually listens to jazz while ignoring my problems*
Retweeted by Rock Doctor Meadows @dck_whr Okay πŸ₯°πŸ˜ @dck_whr I am in a constant state of panic which is why I play minecraft with the cheats on @dck_whr Fortnite stresses me outComing in at number 1 cant sleep so im gonna be annoying on the tl till I get tiredMom hit the zongTime 2 scream @DavidTalksLots I'm 30 mins late but empire recordsOop feelin extra sad for no reason πŸ€ͺ how quirkyAmong us code come play πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° 😘 if you see this leave your wife please im beggingI had to scroll so far back in my phone to find this now im upSETThinking about rory culkin in lords of chaos feel like I have entered another dimension where nothing makes sense @dck_whr Come over you can pick which shoes I wear when I do it @icuthecameras ThanksGimmie ur lunch money u fuckin nerd
Oh my god hes gonna have a breakup album I cant handle this @peppermintphat SHE CHANGED THE WORLD and then i 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I was listening to it gets better and started crying cause they broke up @peppermintphat @horrorswhore Its a good excuse to get a human hair wig @horrorswhore It was the end of 2017 I think actually and kebby was like πŸ‘€ but then told me to get a sharp bob i remember it clearly @horrorswhore I hope soLemon stealing whore @horrorswhore Spank bank @KEBBYBAB Don't say this for freeMe on stan twitter
Retweeted by Rock Doctor Meadows @KEBBYBAB Masc eraI didnt even THINK about Jonas being on Disney plus but I am SO fuxking excitedThinking about link between worlds
@GurlMeadows Valid ily @matttbomers LOL @KEBBYBAB I would luv a hug and to go to Dennys @peppermintphat Yellow awe πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί @icuthecameras Can't wait @icuthecameras I WAS HOPING SLMEONE WPULD SAY ORANGE HAHHA thank youThis one is funny do it sculptures.
Retweeted by Rock Doctor Meadows