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sylvia @sylvisurfer canada :(

i do all kinds of stupid and gay shit ▪️ 26 ▪️ nb trans girl ▪️ she/they ▪️ ▪️ i'm on @friends_table & @emojidrome ▪️ 18+ ON

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i'm still on a twitter break i just realized we uhhh had a season finale and i should promo that stuff. okay bye lo… PARTIZAN post mortem stream is going to be on Saturday January 30th, 4 PM EST!! ➡️Send your questions to tipsa…
Retweeted by sylviawith the three finale tracks added, the @Friends_Table PARTIZAN soundtrack is now complete. 16 tracks of a crimson-…
Retweeted by sylviaOperation Shackled Sun: Act 3: The Stories Told About the Things We Do
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I have a few Your Character Here commissions available in time for Valentine’s Day! I’m good to draw humans and/or…
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i keep forgetting he's the patreon guy.... is very cool that the service i rely on to uh, survive is constantly doing things to make that more difficultThis is unbelievable. A few weeks ago, I raised my concerns to @Patreon about their awful communication and deliver…
Retweeted by sylviaangels and airwaves (who were opening for weezer) talk for a fella with a... nice cock😳
Retweeted by sylviai belong to a subset of girls called tall girls, or "t-girls" for short
Retweeted by sylviaI demand to know who did this
Retweeted by sylviaomg
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Retweeted by sylviaHey folks, finishing touches to this week's ep held up a bit due to illness (I'm okay, almost back to normal now).…
Retweeted by sylvia @butchbythefoot can i at least ask where she got her outfit @MikeCosimano i know!!!ok i will say one thing that sucks about the new resident evil and it is the merchant design lol @oldwitchsring i mean look im thirsty enough to have been sold on this when u said "mads mikkelsen" but im glad its actually like, good @xjeditrix @oldwitchsring oh my god @bonkey_bong @oldwitchsring haha yeah, @oldwitchsring i am not really a star wars person so i haven't seen any of the like, non-numbered movies tbhFucking the trap man for traps
Retweeted by sylvia @oldwitchsring .......... i gotta watch this movieresident evil village (2021)
Retweeted by sylvia @oldwitchsring wait what @Ice_Cream_Jones can't believe u would call me the e-slur.. @yrgirlkv no but give it timei am also infected with what some would call "the t-virus"FRAMING THIS
Retweeted by sylviaThe US can't make fun of any country's propaghanda anymore. You guys make Putin's political ads look like minimalis…
Retweeted by sylvia @oldwitchsring listen this was teamwork okoh wow cringe @oldwitchsring it stands for mother is living forever @hunktears yes!!! this is one of my three personality traits!Do you want to see my true identity so much?
Retweeted by sylvia @bland_gravy I'VE BEEN SAYING @ciswoman tall bitch rights now @leah_unofficial hiiiii 🥰all these resident evil fans claiming to be into tall vampire broads and yet I am not the most popular account on this site. seems fake.
Retweeted by sylvia💥my commissions are open!💥 Including all-new comic page commissions 😱 Have a great story in your head? OCs you’re n…
Retweeted by sylviaI’ve gotten the chance to do a fair amount of podcast album art lately! If you’re in the market for some snazzy new…
Retweeted by sylviathere have been sketches of nicolas cage and john travolta all over my apartment, please commission my partner so t… fair play, now close the dakota access pipeline
Retweeted by sylviaI'm proud that our President has his priorities right.
Retweeted by sylviaI love how the isekai genre became synonymous with incel power fantasy when it used to be more coming of age girl s…
Retweeted by sylvia @arealpup this is what im also aiming fori think people only have two opinions of me: you either think i'm cute and wanna kiss me sooo bad, or you think i'm…
Retweeted by sylvialowkey the funniest thing on this website has been people making fun of libs for being weird politician stans while… showing me screenshots of cringey posts i am begging you. i am BEGGING you to stop fucking with my precious vibes.
Retweeted by sylviastop promoting the hashtags of people who hate you
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Retweeted by sylviaLogging off for the day but remember that you should never argue with t*rfs on the internet because they have no in…
Retweeted by sylviaWOAH there bucko, equal rights is great and all, but what about high school girls track & field competitions, a spo…
Retweeted by sylvia @goblin_sorcerer fuck.. found out again @goblin_sorcerer it happened to my friend Erici cant believe joe biden is travelling across the country in a bus full of people wearing "down with cis" shirts an… ppl really think we're being unreasonable when we assume they're operating in bad no we just know…
Retweeted by sylvia @HiNRGlenin HELL YA @oldwitchsring they would deserve it!!jojo fans are now grounded until further noticejotaro exists???? how dare you best travis shirt so far
Retweeted by sylvia‼️hi everyone. i’m starting to lose traction & i’ve only gotten to 20% of my goal so please keep rting, sharing, &…
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Retweeted by sylviaGundam Advanced Operation // Family Soft // PC-98 // #pc98 #FamilySoft
Retweeted by sylviaHappy birthday, David Lynch 😂😂
Retweeted by sylviaabsolutely fucking seething at joexotic’s ram limo
Retweeted by sylviahaha wow i'm glad so many people relate. now which one of you is going to buy me a pair (: @oldwitchsring his girlfriend definitely does right @oldwitchsring sorry what i couldn't hear you @oldwitchsring i'm trying to get a screenshotdont like itwait does the court for this raptors game say "milk up" on ity’all are like “let people enjoy things” & the things in question are war criminals in designer suits
Retweeted by sylvia @apricotghost its a command to the gorilla slightly off screen
Retweeted by sylviatfw joe takes away your keystone xl
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How it How it’s started. going.
Retweeted by sylviathis is my new tinder bio
Retweeted by sylviawhen a cutscene is unskippable i consider it a personal attackme too
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Retweeted by sylviathank u to everyone who draws the pretty ladies from our podcast it makes it a lot easier to market to the lesbians that follow mehella & adelaide as a study of psyche revived by cupid's kiss #friendsatthetable
Retweeted by sylviait's tender sky! #friendsatthetable #twilightmirage
Retweeted by sylvialight partizan spoilers ep 6, 39 - 41 /// back 2 school means back to drawing concept art. this time u get some m…
Retweeted by sylvia @cursegoat i was waiting for wesker white houseFinally, we've got a REAL leader in the White House! 👏 Nothing but respect for my President 🤩
Retweeted by sylviaI am begging y’all to care about people
Retweeted by sylviayoutube poopers when they hear the words 'fun' and 'luck' in the same sentence
Retweeted by sylvia @tampabayvipers of course you are champ @tampabayvipers im always excited to see how u move the goalposts on this#wwe05
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Retweeted by sylviacomputer, enhance
Retweeted by sylviaWell I thought he’d last longer than THAT
Retweeted by sylviaif you don't have a playstation 4 there will be a form you can fill out to request an xbox one or nintendo switch c…