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@H2ODelirious remember this (by the way, I'm moving weird cause I'm holding the phone to record)
@HazyMazey Is this about identity or attraction?i will follow you if you retweet this
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@WillDARyan Definitely 2
@kingdeficit How do people with those nails get anything done @BovineBonita It could be someone supporting a friend of they'res that's in that category @gomotion_ Have you ever thought about using text to speech for these kind of things @TryHardNinja More studio acapellas @tomatomorta Y'all ever realize he never had his own section on the board, he always just stood between two sections
@HeavyMetalhead8 @ZackTaylorFA @ajvar_and_chill Maybe they could make them an allegory for someone accepting they'r… @I_AM_WILDCAT Me @netflix What freaks me out is you guys are still operating @sQuidN1ce__ @fake_patrykzx Yes, and they are always 15 unskipable ads, and there's 2 @NetflixFilm @netflix The actors being in cuties
@netflix You shouldn't be allowed to work with children @sunaisking This could be interesting @WadeCrosss Wish someone would remove her from the photo @ScruffyJoe187 @softvaleska @itsdannyneary Do the aniamted things count as DC films, cause those are pretty decent @pawpawchan48 (out of character) Can I fabricate the Body Playground interview? @king___Joseph @KatUltima My dad actually worked at that McDonalds
@Silvanatorr20 Ytp is SOS, Among us is sus @fake_patrykzx Bitch wood Although the tree we could've gotten from the swamp tree intrigues me @YinyangGio1987 I would like to hire you for my fangames icons, but I'm broke as hell @fake_patrykzx If you go on the Triple A Fazbear wiki, they have a gallery for endoskeletons
@fake_patrykzx Bish please I still use the circle tool to this day @LukaszOficial @KatUltima @thunderbob333 What does his head look like without the mask? @TylerDinucci Either annoying orange or this compilation of Mario skits a friend showed me, I don't remember what t… @OutOfContextEv Maybe they could use him as an allegory for people who go on with there lives with scars
@driedsquidfish If I remember being 14, neither do they @AckJigglen Either reincarnation or you start over, both of which you don't have memories of your previous life Th… @Eponge2L @Terriblerevor @A21starman @WholesomeMeme More like too much memes, I don't watch much anime @netflix Instead your crying about the lawsuit @doublepiss That William had a scooping accident earlier, which is where Springtraps endoskeleton came from, and wh… @dArLiNgzOuRy @KatUltima Thank you for the idea
@ScraptronicYT @cg5beats @OR3O_XD They probably aren't ever gonna do Mandopony if they know about his drama (he got outed as a groomer) @cg5beats @OR3O_XD Look at me now by Groundbreaking and Tryhardninja Tommorow's another day (I think they're name… @GrigLager
@pawpawchan48 Don't remember if I already did @GrigLager What happened? @steejenstyle @fake_patrykzx I just wanna know how this trap works
@saphicSpadassin Don't they just do that to show it's strengths @cromulon4 @Minecraft @Mojang @Microsoft They're making the release date distant so they have enough time to get th… @KatUltima @illymation I'll bite, why are you sans now? @kovox I thought that said finance @theblacktarr @Landonaustinmc1 @officialtrionix @Jonochrome Joe Fatha @uluvsuga ⚰️
@haybout @cpt_w_beard @AlredDr @jamjar_41 @VisuallySt 2020 started with Trump bombing an Iranian General, Area 51 was September 2019 @Allenistsken @KatUltima Well, you learn something new everyday
@Chuck12000 @KatUltima Casually approach child @pawpawchan48 Food? Is it an eating disorder thing? @WillDARyan @IAm8BitRyan @cg5beats @Trickywii Is he allowed to release the instrumental for this, since you didn't for yours @HazyMazey What show are you talking about? @pawpawchan48 Trust me, I'm the same way @gomotion_ Ultra Custom Night Five Nights At the Kristy Krab and Chum Bucket Abandoned At Disney Joy of Creation Animators Hell @pawpawchan48 I started writing original stuff around 12 to 13 @doublepiss *scooper @doublepiss That doesn't explain why the metal goes around the meat and it's super thin, and I was theorizing that… @Jestworks1 The glow squid kinda has a similar color pallete to the warden, and the glow squid and axoloto kinda go with each other @doublepiss Still have not gotten a straight answer on why he has both meat and endoskeleton UNLESS HE WAS ALSO SC… @MrMeatballl Here's mine (the Chrysalis picture was a result of boredom, I know almost nothing about the show)
@endquartz @Minecraft Aren't all the voting losers gonna be in a future update @yungsnaku They don't even look like that anymore, they're modern cartoon designs are pretty close to Japan's @KatUltima That could be an upcoming panic attack, are you breathing heavy and on the verge of tears? @PatMSeymourVA I think most games use jumpscares as more of a game over then an actual scare, since most jumpscares mean you failed @Minecraft I wanna say for the record I didn't even know dream said to vote for it, since someone brought up that t… @The_Funni_man @gomotion_ THANK YOU @Ant0on1000 No the fuck it's not @Sunnie64_ @ThatGuyMaso777 There's a video out there of what Freddy's move set would be @I_AM_WILDCAT Me, I've already commented on a few of your things @gomotion_ I think people voted the squid for the possibility of there being glowing dye, which would hypothetical… @sat_koi @ThatKid64948214 @Minecraft Because of the potential of glowing dye that maybe can make things glow, it wo… @iamjoegaudet @SethMacFarlane Oh, I thought he had some drama about Covid @blobbynfriends Doesn't Bastard mean you have no dad, or something like that? @blobbynfriends He kinda looks like the dad from Caliou @dinnerfortwice @blobbynfriends Interspecies is when they're in a romantic relationship, in this case they're reall… @dogblog15 @blobbynfriends Oh go fuck yourself @_SrPelo_ @iamjoegaudet @SethMacFarlane I don't get it, I've seen the movies, I just don't how why you @'d Seth MacFarlane? @iamjoegaudet @SethMacFarlane Why Seth MacFarlane, am I missing some context? @squimpus I always thought Plushtrap was in the box "terrible things come in small packages" @DomCellini_Art This is going somewhere and I'm scared @anathemavhs I'm sorry for being late for the weekend of March with you but you don't want another thing I'd like t…
@PinkieToons @_SrPelo_ Is it wrong I can still see cartmans voice coming out if that @cosmolumina_ @HazyMazey Maybe I'll do it @pawpawchan48 Oh thank God, I thought I was going crazy
@pixelmotor @Eddsworld Apparently it was plagiarized from a black artist? @Eddsworld Isn't Inktober super controversial? @PatMSeymourVA Maybe just the bedrock skins @netflix You shouldn't be allowed to make content for children or have children in them after that messIf crash gets announced for smash tomorrow I’ll draw something for everyone who rts this tweet
Retweeted by Syndrocrite @Terriblerevor @A21starman @WholesomeMeme Why did I think the chains were JoJo symbols? @lox_godess @Amessicle @iNaurto04 It means fear of animals, the plot of the comic I belive was a human girl gets sent to a world of animals
@TryHardNinja I've got a few Mechanical Nightmares (FNAF 1 guard) Cut the strings (puppet) Don't forget me (Elizabe… @jayvoru @swaglenny Sorry, I'm used to people using autism as an insult @AidanIsAnAmazi1 @BrainDumpTweets They did, two years ago, it just suddenly got popular @GrigLager What about giant douche? @HazyMazey @BazarFrazar Hey, as long as it doesn't involve fucking children nor animals, go nuts @jayvoru @swaglenny Is that supposed to be insult?