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Target’s Gig Workers Will Strike to Protest Switch to Algorithmic Pay Model.
books and records survive cause not every problem has a digital answer
Retweeted by Synekura AudioArt And Code : Interactive Art by Golan Levin and Collaborators.
Retweeted by Synekura AudioKader Attia
Retweeted by Synekura AudioL'Atelier National du Manitoba, "The Tragedy of the Winnipeg Jets" (2006). A surreal & ridiculous alternative histo…
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Retweeted by Synekura AudioThey did it again!
Retweeted by Synekura AudioI have to keep myself from overusing it, entangle for meetings for being together for growing for inhabiting it jus…
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Retweeted by Synekura AudioI AM DEAD
Retweeted by Synekura AudioHere is a text book example of one of the most common & insidious forms of propaganda used by the media: omission.…
Retweeted by Synekura AudioClub culture and guerilla/disguised marketing, a problematic tendency of the United We Stream campaign. the Premiere of Miles Greenberg's "Alphaville Noir".[i'm trying to learn to ride an elevator more artistically]a znacie taki mem: siedzi treser światła w toalecie, ma przed oczami ciemność a nad głową tekst: "rób kupę i pieniądze"? live in society - how to make an allegory out of this thesis?wyobraź sobie, że jesteś u dziewczyny, rozbierasz się, a ona nagle podaje ci piłkę na główkę i woła tatę: "tato, ch… are deepstate social engineering.if you have money, you can get sick comfortably. Raids Against Free Speech in Hong Kong Have Already Begun. far-right revolution was waiting for an opportunity. Now, it’s here. by @mazmhussainIf Twitter was an actual place, WTFFFFFFF
Retweeted by Synekura AudioIf you've been wondering whether or not LiL PEEP's Marxist historian grandfather ever published in Science & Societ…
Retweeted by Synekura AudioNew film poem: The Sea as a Metaphor for Death
Retweeted by Synekura AudioLa Monte Young MP3 archive:
Retweeted by Synekura AudioWatch David Lynch’s new short film "The Adventures of Alan R," which has a spiritual connection to ‘Eraserhead’:…
Retweeted by Synekura AudioThey imported the footage into Adobe Premiere Pro and used the "razor" tool
Retweeted by Synekura AudioAlert RCB
Retweeted by Synekura AudioMark Fisher (11 July 1968 – 13 January 2017)
Retweeted by Synekura AudioI did not fully appreciate the issue with "most cops don't live in the neighborhood they police" until seeing this
Retweeted by Synekura AudioIf Life Feels Bleak, It’s Because Our Civilization is Beginning to Collapse by @umairh Talk: Walter Benjamin and the Re-Enchanted World. dad, what's brutalism? dad: it's a style of architecture or art characterized by a deliberate plainness, crudi…, dżasta, ale nie ma czegoś takiego, jak "my" - małżeństwo to tylko wspólne poglądy, poglądy na temat samochod…"Jak ktoś się boi, że nie umie śpiewać, powinien śpiewać powolutku" Ojciec Leon Knabitvoice behind the wall: if you try to leave the room you are currently in you will stop existing.jutro wyroby, dzisiaj knysza wyborcza. (nawiasem mówiąc, natalia szroeder nadal wygląda atrakcyjnie, gdy reguluje ż… man marries computer-generated hologram in $18K wedding ceremony - National |
I'm just eating a donut and reading your fantastic Triptychs on The Brooklyn Rail. I don't want to eat a donut anym… an EXCERPT FROM 𝙏𝙃𝙀 𝙋𝙊𝙎𝙎𝙀𝙎𝙎𝙄𝙊𝙉𝙎 BY @german_sierra at SELFFUCK mag. LINK IN BIO. "...the brain takes too…
Retweeted by Synekura Audiogirls were invented by an ad agency to get us to buy bed frames
Retweeted by Synekura AudioTime displace #openframeworks
Retweeted by Synekura Audio @LukeLukullus niech ci najpierw ten ktoś udowodni, że warszawa naprawdę istnieje.This is a squirting cucumber, so called because of its ability to launch its seeds in a stream of mucilaginous liqu…
Retweeted by Synekura Audioit's here!!! You need to grab this. Now. Huge flailing congrats @funnomad!
Retweeted by Synekura AudioWitchcraft isn’t a belief, it’s a practice, and I’d say the same for love.
Retweeted by Synekura Audiolife comes at you fast. wear your damn masks
Retweeted by Synekura AudioPatriarchizm nie jest taki zły, kiedy jesteś mężczyzną.
Retweeted by Synekura AudioNba Twitter was a different place 10 years ago
Retweeted by Synekura Audio @EligiuszMazur memczarnie są za to mniejsze. @EligiuszMazur Tchibo @Kuba_Piotrowsk to nie jest transmisja bezpośrednia.If this is real, it shows how Trump is losing the military very rapidly.
Retweeted by Synekura AudioDoes neurobiology really explain everything? to leave smoke in the comments under tweets.smacznej kawusi, stara pizdo [jolka mikucka do teściowej]jak skończę siedzieć na kanapie to wyjdę na balkon powdychać ojczyzny [karolek cichosz do ojca]drinking expansive alkohol at breakfast is the domain of french postmodern philosophers - just for this method of a… @psychourzednik od razu słychać, że kroplą drążyłeś sentencję na niejednym nagrobku, podziwiam. are not associated with the earth - is that what deleuze wanted to tell us?agrarny postmodernizm zaczyna się w chwili, gdy doceniasz urok końskiej muchy latającej wzdłuż linii oddzielającej… good thing about science is that it's always right and always progressing.Why Mexican Cartels Are Shooting Up Drug Rehabs.“These men were scared, although what they were scared of was far from clear. They were defending ... @synekura_audio Back to my childhood all the time we were standing in lines everywhere: shops, museums, theaters.…
Retweeted by Synekura AudioA H R B Q D W E F L M N S X G I J K O P C T V Y U Z —the alphabet in alphabetical order (via @gray)
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Retweeted by Synekura AudioWhoever said, “life is infinite and improbable”, was right.
Retweeted by Synekura AudioOne of the most idiotic things I've seen on Japanese TV
Retweeted by Synekura Audiothree very moving comments on a YouTube upload of a Brian Eno ambient album
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Retweeted by Synekura AudioNie da się już ujść w emigrację wewnętrzną głębiej niż uszedłem, więc w niedzielę wieczorem po prostu trochę się skurczę.
Retweeted by Synekura AudioIs this the horseshoe theory?
Retweeted by Synekura Audioa small, beautiful description from "the voyeur" (1955) by alain robbe-grillet
Retweeted by Synekura AudioNic tak nie wyobcowuje z polskiego społeczeństwa, jak świadomość, że jest się jego częścią.
Retweeted by Synekura Audiochinese street is always fashion week ready
Retweeted by Synekura AudioDamn, son.
Retweeted by Synekura AudioAn Introduction to Jean Baudrillard, Who Predicted the Simulation-Like Reality in Which We Live.! Covid-19 Shakes the World, by Slavoj Žižek. behind my back: sweet dreams are made of się robi na cmentarzu w piątek? interesują mnie tylko rymowane odpowiedzi bez użycia czasowników.coca-cola for smoking [ready made] you spend your evenings alone holding your hands on the ground, we'll probably understand each other.historia twojego googlowania z ostatniej godziny: * jak dojechać do radomia nocą * bosak duda martyniuk zdjęcia * c… all moral, ethical, and religious absolutes in the belief that life is meaningless is cool but have you e… badań wynika, że kobiety częściej niż mężczyzni lubią być fotografowane podczas obfitego posiłku - doskonały powó… stands on the scale, he is ready to enter the poem.Climate-change denial and the coronavirus “hoax” are the same conspiracy theory. half the Twitter accounts pushing to 'reopen America' are bots, researchers found.'s angry swan graffiti is perfection
Retweeted by Synekura AudioNo dobrze, ale który ma dłuższego?
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"I want you to think of critique as a point of generosity." - Vievee Francis
Retweeted by Synekura AudioIsidro Ferrer
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