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Check out the top #socialmedia technology trends you can expect to see in 2020, from @VerdictUK: 800 million people in China use social media regularly. But brands often don’t know where to start. New platf… Potentially Massive Social Media Trends (And How #Marketers Can Use Them), from @Forbes: every person who likes or comments on #socialmedia, there are tons of people who don’t participate. 👨‍💻 But th… #Infographic on the best times to post on #socialmedia according to research, from @MarkWalkerFord and… are you supposed to know what #trends are passing and which are here to stay? Using #ArtificialIntelligence f…
#Walmart’s new social media strategy has boosted app downloads by 50%, says @kristinamonllos of @Digiday. Here's… how your brand could benefit from #SocialListening? #MarketResearch is one of the most powerful ways to… has proven to be the biggest marketing challenge for global brands. The #GreatFirewallofChina blocks global s…
Explore how market research can help governments, companies, and researchers alike understand the future of #5G:…
3 #DigitalMarketing Trends You Can't Ignore In 2020, from @Forbes:
11 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Audience, from Julia Campbell (@juliacsocial) of @socialmedia2day: to @Kuno Creative, 51% of all content consumption comes from organic search. We take a look at the most u… online discussions are emotional reactions while others lean toward functional feedback about your product. I… Reasons Why Social Media Isn't Working for Your Business, from Dhariana Lozano (@DhariLo) via @socialmedia2day:
How To Use #SocialMedia To Promote Your Product, from Evan Varsamis (@evanvar) of @GadgetFlow via @Forbes:“One analytics firm, Synthesio, found that Mr. Trump’s ad touting his record on criminal justice garnered predomina… @larrykim Hi Larry, thank you for reaching out to us. Which team/team members did you email? We will have them resp… global #beverage brand was missing out on exciting new flavor trends, so they turned to Synthesio for the latest… @TikTok_US Really The Next Big Social Media Platform For #Travel? @James_Asquith takes a look on @Forbes:
Between #LeBron James, #Cristiano Ronaldo, #Neymar, Leo #Messi, and #StephCurry, who do you think generates the mos… #vaping and #juuling, which topic has more positive sentiment from audiences? Take a look at our study of… and informative #infographic on the state of video marketing 2019-2020 by Irfan Ahmad (@irfanahmad1989) o… Tips For Reaching More Customers On Social Media With #Video, from Jon Clark of @MTMadagency via @Forbes: political ads aired during the #SuperBowl, which politician did more viewers have positive reactions to:…
@Synthesio back at it again to measure online conversations and reactions! This time around US candidates' SuperBow…
Retweeted by Synthesio, an Ipsos company25 Things You Should Never Do on #SocialMedia, written by @JuliaEMcCoy and featured on SearchEngineJournal (… Steps To Create A Social Media Platform That Quickly Attracts Users, from Ryan Robinson (@TheRyanRobinson) via…
According to @DMA_UK, on average, every $1 spent on email marketing results in a return of $42. Check out our lates… #SuperBowl ad was your favorite? 🏈📺 The valuable screen time during the game pushes marketers and politician… Tips For Using #SocialMedia Platforms To Launch Your Next #Marketing Campaign, from Carl Dorvil of @DogforDog
One of the best ways to boost the visibility of #toys is to partner with #kidfluencers. Why engagement metrics, n…“What influencers are performing well and garnering the most engagement? Which ones have the least engagement? Whic… Social Commerce Strategies to Win #Consumers' Hearts and Wallets in 2020, from @MeganDeGruttola from… Social Media Goals to Help Boost Your Strategy in 2020, from Aleh Barysevich (@ab80) via @socialmedia2day:
A great #infographic on 8 ways #socialmedia listening can help you grow your business, from @Anna_Bredava: day, people talk about what interests (or worries) them online. 👩‍💻 We broke down the conversations behind t… 49% of respondents in the UK post on @Facebook privately, only 9% in Russia do the same. 🇬🇧🇷🇺 Here are th… three key ways #sociallistening can improve your customer marketing, from @MarketTechNews:’s notoriously difficult to track the ROI of #influencermarketing. Today, that problem has been solved. Here’s h…
Social media intelligence makes it easy for #marketing teams to make sense of their own data, as well as that of it… you watched the #SuperBowl, you might have noticed the #politicalads from President Trump and Democratic preside… world of #sports is heavily reliant on its stars to build fan loyalty. 🏟 We measured the impact of sports star… has had a long and successful history of working with #healthcare clients. See how @CMI_Compas used the…
3 Ways #Data Will Shape #Marketing in 2020 and Beyond, from Stephen Mello of @Localytics, via @B2Community: @Snapchat Publishes New #Data on Brand Expectations Among #GenZ Consumers, from @adhutchinson via @socialmedia2day: takes an in-depth look at the impact of #SuperBowl ads, from Doritos and Google ad to #political ads from Tru… the #SuperBowl, @Synthesio analyzed 4,620 mentions of political ads by Mr. Trump and Mr. Bloomberg including…
Retweeted by Synthesio, an Ipsos company @Synthesio analyzes social media mentions of the Trump & Bloomberg Super Bowl commercials. Who won the ad game?…
Retweeted by Synthesio, an Ipsos companyDo you know who controls the online conversations in your industry? Knowing this information allows your company to…
Vox Pop: Is Digital #Consumer Intelligence more hype from #technology companies or will it really transform custome… Bowl commercials from President Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg provoked swift…
Retweeted by Synthesio, an Ipsos companyAds by Trump & Bloomberg accounted took over about 1/3 of online conversation about #SuperBowl ads, according to…
Retweeted by Synthesio, an Ipsos companyOur platform analyzed online conversations about Trump and Bloomberg ads during the #SuperBowl, as covered by the W… Steps for Developing An #Influencer Marketing Strategy With Celebrities, based on our example with the talented… @JulioVisko @Gartner_inc @socialmedia2day We did! Always on the lookout for industry news and innovations.Did you know which country’s @Instagram users tend to post publicly or privately? 🌎 We broke #socialmedia usage do…’ve (Unfortunately) Entered an Age of Ugly #SocialMedia Ads, says Lorien Steele of @Sparkloft on @Adweek:
In the competitive landscape of app #startups, how can you stand out? 📱 We explain by taking a look at #datingapps
5 Prevalent B2B #Marketing Myths to Abandon in 2020, from @TimAsimos via @B2Community here: for a great restaurant to try this weekend? We looked through social media to find #NYC's best #food spots… next at the #Polcomms event looking back at #GE2019 is ⁦@KnowlandTara⁩ looking at how #socialmedia shaped the ca…
Retweeted by Synthesio, an Ipsos company10 Colors That Increase Sales, and Why, from Brian Morris (@PsPrint) via @B2Community:
How to Succeed in Personal #Branding on Social Media, from @WendyMarx via @B2Community: is key when it comes to influencer marketing. ⌚Know when the time is right to launch a new campaign with a f…"AI is helping retailers customize their offerings, create personalized experiences, and make shopping more conveni… out how #healthcare and #pharma companies can get honest feedback about the patient experience:…
The #BigData Problem That Market Research Must Fix, from @MITSloan: #infographic explaining the way people in 10 countries, including China, the US, Australia, and more, use… #Grammys may be over, but the award show season is still up and running. 🏆 We dive into @Lizzo's fan base to e… #DeepLearning a Game Changer for #Marketing Analytics? Learn what the experts at @MITSloan have to say: companies can’t ignore #sociallistening anymore, says Express Pharma (@ExpPharma):
How Social Listening Is Revolutionizing New Product Development, from @MITSloan School of Management: problem that often occurs within #influencer marketing is the high variability of results. 📊 Our team explains h…’s top #influencers, known as #KOLs, often set up their own e-commerce stores and generate millions in sales r… makes it possible for small companies to compete with large #financial institutions. See how trend analysi…
An informative and engaging infographic on #influencer marketing, by @dotcominfoway via @B2Community: is in decline around the world, and #socialmedia conversations about it are on the rise. See our analys… #SEO Trends to Watch Out For in 2020, from @navneetkaushal at @B2Community:
4 key trends for communicators to prioritize in 2020, from @PRDaily:
3 Tips for Successful Reputation Management, from Laura Donovan (@thewordpro) via Business 2 Community (… your audience means using language and keywords that they feel familiar with. 👩‍💻 Explore how the voice o… it comes to allocating your marketing budget, you don’t want to make mistakes. ❌ Here’s how one global coffee…
#Nonprofits address a wide variety of issues in society. Here's how they can boost #fundraising efforts through opt… Tips on How to Address Negative Comments About Your Brand, from Julia Campbell (@juliacsocial) via… all make assumptions about our target audiences. But these can be dangerous. See how a leading #coffee brand di… creative examples of social content in #football, from @SeanColeEcon via @Econsultancy:"A recent Gartner (@Gartner_inc) study revealed that companies which are investing in online personalization…
Big thanks to @wccftechdotcom for including exclusive Synthesio data in their article about #HalfLifeAlyx and… impact of #technology and #socialmedia on the #music industry, from @SeanColeEcon via @Econsultancy: going through your pile of #holiday chocolate? Find out who the biggest #chocolatelovers are and what they li… #socialissues does your audience care about? According to @Forbes, 70% of US #millennials consider company val… may be pulling in #data related to your #brand or industry, but what if a seemingly unrelated topic begins gain…
It’s time to make the move from #sociallistening to social media intelligence. ⌚️ Learn what the crucial differenc… are the top advertising techniques for the world’s best #AthleticBrands? Using widely known #Influencers on so… you know that Twitter is removing the audience insights element from #TwitterAnalytics? Andrew Hutchinson (…
@DisneyPlus was the most searched topic of 2019 according to @Google, but where exactly were these conversations ha… #SocialMedia #Influencers Can Impact Your Customers' Purchase Decisions, from Shane Barker (@shane_barker) via… guesswork and assumptions about your target audience and use #data to make the best decisions when it comes… a decline in #socialmedia use is pushing programmatic into new channels, from Thomas Hobbs of @TheDrum: