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Deadly shooting in Austin, TX today.. I appreciate some of you reaching out, seems these tragedies are all too common these days.“Starting Monday I will no longer roast TTVs, YT, FN, IG, etc players when I encounter them. I will simply admit de…
now we're heading south-bound have this screen shot from 2015! marks 6 life changing years as a @twitch partner! Crazy how far we’ve come. 🤯💜 @aew_wwe_news Daily uploads. I said I was in a funk, not dead. 💪🏼Feel like I've been in a funk, tired, sore, burnt out. Time to reset over the weekend, get some rest and recharge.…
It's voting day! Here are our top finalists! You can vote live on stream today! Be sure to tune in, you don't want…
Retweeted by SypherPK @manishie_ Hey big head 😍Gaming all day! Warzone into Fortnite 👍 👹Gym stream, let’s get sweaty 🥵 🍆 @TSM_Commandment @ClixHimself @bugha @Stretch @Cented7 @Edgeyy @Furiouss @DegenFN @AcornFN @G2Jahq @Slackes_ remember I quit fortnite when I first played it because the building was lame. Little did I know that was the game.. 😳
Fortnite Balance Update, recapping it for a video! Then maybe some Warzone with the boys if there is a spot, Fortni… too late to make some progress, gym stream live! 👹
so much bad luck today but it really makes me appreciate the good days and good fortuneIs it just me or has Fortnite performance been really bad since the update? Game feels sluggish, not running smooth at all.6'5 Gaming Icon SypherPK who doesn't have icon skin is live, I've started rounding up my height btw. 👹 @StrawDesertHD 😳Enemy AC chicken above🐥 late night Fortnite stream, let's vibe out 👹
@NICKMERCS We need the Florida house asap @manishie_Sometimes I miss doing nothingPushing back the stream to tonight, I got very little sleep staying up for the update. I’ll be back on schedule tomorrow ❤️👹If you’re wondering, yes I was awake at 5AM and recorded two videos for the new Fortnite update. I’m built different. @PKHOOD @NICKMERCS He said get out the car so I did, he’s never satisfied with my actions...@NICKMERCS wasn't a fan of PK's driving 🚗 @SypherPK | #PKHood 👹
Retweeted by SypherPK @Bruh_Moment_Ngl Probably going live in 3-4 hours from now on some crackhead vibesI've noticed an uptick in haters donating money to try to insult me because they're already banned in chat. Life is… Cash Cup w/ @RangerMJP and @TypicalGamer Long stream night let's go crazy! 👹POV: Anime @SypherPK demands you give your life for the scout regiment. WWYD?
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Big shoutout to @SanchoWest and @TwitchRivals for making the show possible! As well as my team for organizing and m… YOU TO EVERYONE WHO TUNED IN! Had a blast bringing the SypherPK Trials to life ❤️👹 Missed the east cash cup… do you guys feel about the SypherPK Trials so far? I really wanted to do something fun since we have so many… Trials ft. Fortnite is live Let’s get it$10K on the line for the best trios in the SypherPK Trials feat. Fortnite, with @TwitchRivals & @sanchowest Today… @boi_leaks I’m planning to go live tonight at like 2AM for the update but didn’t put it in the schedule. 😳 @PKHOOD Aiko is best dog 🐶This weeks schedule! Don’t miss the SypherPK Trials today 👹
Faze Trio Cup w/ @NateHillTV and @NICKMERCS 👹 LIVE in 5 minutes!Only thing falling off is this weight. 58 pounds (26 kilos) lost so far in a little over 5 months. is going to be fun! Looking forward to it.’s nearly time to find the Trio that’s got teamwork on lock 🔒 Join us for @SypherPK’s Trials ft Fortnite w/…
Retweeted by SypherPK @MrBeast Love to see it
@JOHN_FN_WICK Practice MINDING your own business so you don’t get RATIOD so easily next time you tweet.I’m starting to actually enjoy going on runs, I might be a psycho @NICKMERCS So clean 😳Gym stream, leg day because it must be done, shoulders too. 👹💪🏼
Which Trio can conquer 7 rounds & win part of $10K? 💸 Find out in @SypherPK’s Trials ft Fortnite w/ @bugha,…
Retweeted by SypherPK @steveyylewiss @TwitchRivals "I would love to get them as a bounty" first 2 seconds of your clip Get who exactly?… peek at who’s confirmed: @NickMercs @Nickeh30 @Natehilltv @Bugha @mrSavage @reverse2k @chapFN Co-casted by @SanchoWest!Excited to announce my own $10K Tournament w/ @TwitchRivals: The SypherPK Trials ft. Fortnite Your favorite stre… Anime pack is lit but can we get a Naruto collaboration please 😳
We live! Diving into @outriders, excited to see what the hype is about! Let's get into it 👊🏼 | #ad 👹 @9LIVESgg_ LIKE UP GUYS PLEASE
Retweeted by SypherPKEveryone like this tweet so Junior gets a bonus your password and unlink your account if you used that website to check your locker stats. It doesn’t mean t…'ve spent a lot of money on Fortnite skins Sheesh 😬 stream so I can beat up the stream snipers 👹
If this tweet gets 10,000 likes I will click the button to bring back snipers in FortniteI took snipers out of the game, it was my decision exclusively. power yikes. Getting back on shortly.GAMING WITH THE BOYS 👹 @cloakzy Cloakzy had to clip this and tweet it out himself, respect 👍🏼Gamer nerd lifting weights on stream 🤓 👹 @divineqt_ @MsAshRocks @FortniteGame You must be scared of getting signed, getting views, or ever making a career i… @divineqt_ @MsAshRocks @FortniteGame Delete before I cyber bully you
😳 @PKHOOD Curved fingers are meta @Nepture_MNS Content powerhouseNew Junk Rocket weapon in Fortnite, heard some people having server issues so who knows. LIVE NOW 📺 👹That workout had me hearing colorsWorking out and getting sweaty on stream 💦 👹
This week’s grind! Let’s get it💪🏼 @SoGrizzy Definitely, very soon!Warzone into Fortnite, then short break into Gym Stream tonight! 👹 @PetraSZN @PowerGPU Weight fluctuations might make you think you’ve hit a plateau. If you’re consistent with diet a… @PowerGPU I think 195-200 I’ll be super shredded. Then I’ll maintain that weight by eating more through the summe.… @TheSnappyWolf Posting info in the PKFlex channel on my discord and I’m making an entire video documenting my exper… -> 209 156 days of healthy eating and working out. This cut is almost complete. 😳 @thegameawards The game that helped start my dream job.Baited 😈
Fortnite all day, recording some quick videos, Arena grind until champs for the cup tomorrow. TripodMercs might joi… end game felt like a mission impossible movie, Adrenaline pumping. Had to clutch it up for the boys… built my first house in Minecraft in today's SypherPlays video, who wants to move in? @manishie_ I love your big forehead
@spacejammovie LeBron James 🐐Every time this rat comes over he tweets on my account. @JuniorPK__ @JuniorPK__ passed me up when it comes to fortnite. @DeskPopDave @knockoutcity Most likely yes. We had a great time. Might be planning some dodgeball nights with the boys 👀Switched gears and played the new dodgeball game @knockoutcity. It was hilarious 😂 Share your plays in the replies… @manishie_ Yeah that spare tire is probably done for after what I put it through sheesh @manishie_ 😳 @NICKMERCS Forgive me ❤️please give likes
Some things came up so I can’t play the cup. I’m going to do a little arena grind on stream either Saturday or Sund… @GMHikaru Yes sir. Good move.oh yeah I'm live 👹Sypher Plays channel has been brought back from the dead. More Minecraft coming soon!