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Killing as a Crewmate
Running a little late but going live soon! Starting with Fortnite into whatever. 👹
Guess we’re going on a shopping spree in a couple months. Entire wardrobe gotta go.So I bought a lot of clothes that I would fit into once I lost some weight. I wanted to use it as motivation. Today… @SirDimetrious Yup 👍🏼 we thought about a mini but 4 dogs would be pushing itYuna also turned off my streaming computer while I was recording a video 😜They are so precious ❤️ still haven’t received my twitch recap. They weren’t lying when they said they saved the best for last.
@JuniorPK__ @manishie_ The auto host has her watching it without even knowing 😂Yeah I hit like on my own YouTube videos so whatIMPROVE EVERYDAY
Early access gameplay with the @TheGrefg skin! LIVE for the day! 👹 @thesquatingdog @Ninja @Loserfruit @LachlanYT @TheGrefg Thanks man 🙌🏼 would be honored @NYCLev I get crazy on Warzone 😅
@TheGrefg THANK YOU GREFG!GOOD MORNING ☀️ Fortnite Update! New shotgun, new exotic, and more! Let's check it out -> 👹Been really enjoying the streams lately, just playing whatever and having a good time. ❤️
LIVE FOR THE DAY! 👹I owe you guys a big 10+ hour stream tomorrow. Rust, Among Us, Fortnite. All Day, good vibes, fresh hair cut, see you soon ❤️👹 @HaytemMesrar Happy birthday 🎉
Almost 2.5M viewers now WOWCan't believe @TheGrefg is about to reveal his Fortnite skin to nearly 2M live viewers. That's absolutely insane, r… Arena grind to start the day! Rust later on with the boys. 👹Let’s get to it 👹 getting a haircut today, I'm changing it up I think 👀Also holy crap I lost fat in my fingers 🤣My wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore, used to be snug but now it’s loose. Might have to wear it less often until I get a new one. @manishie_ @Claytoncyre My motivation has been the viewers cheering me on, seeing progress, and knowing in a few months I’ll b… 71 ✅ I’m down ~30 Pounds (13.6 KG)
Retweeted by SypherPKDay 71 ✅ I’m down ~30 Pounds (13.6 KG) @MFAMCentral @NICKMERCS 🤣
ATX ☃️❄️💙 YouTube vids a banger go watch!
Retweeted by SypherPKSnow day, some hot coco, finishing up some videos for this week. Streams return tomorrow, Courage and Cloakzy have… in Austin tomorrow, it’s been a couple years since the last snow day. ❄️😳
Had to get the boots in the shot somehow for tuning in y'all, streams return Monday. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend ❤️1,000,000 on the Tiktok 😤 the Bragging Rights tournament w/ @RangerMJP and @TypicalGamer Content Squad Baby 👹
@FNCreate @PeterGGs Let’s go! Thanks for the feature!Slide, soar, and knock out the competition in these #FrostyFortnite mini-games! Join the party in @SypherPK's Part…
Retweeted by SypherPKRUST PVP SERVER w/ Tim, Courage, Cloakzy, and more! 👹6'4 Streaming content Machine vs 3 Cracked out Fortnite Arena players Literally Free 💀 tomorrow WITH THE BOYS @CouRageJD @timthetatman @cloakzy and more 👀 @Ninja Let’s go! W
I think we're back 👹ending stream for now, once it's sorted I'll be right back on.Twitch bugging out?Going live in 30 minutes! Pretty packed schedule today, Starting with Warzone, into Fortnite, finishing the day o… wife only has 2 moods IS @SypherPK SO FINE 🤤
Retweeted by SypherPK
LIVE in 10 minutes! Haven’t played Warzone in months, time to hop back on with the boys 👀 👹 @TheSommerset @TwitchRivals keep up the grind! you popped off in the kill race too. EZ wins. @Ewok so did you! you got me good with the charge shotgun impulse play2nd place in the Fortnite Twitch Rivals ($12,500) only the best players in the world were invited
TRIO ARENA DOMINATION 👹Time to move heavy objects repetitivelyI just wanted likes pleaseKPOP
First day playing Rust was pretty fun, learned a lot, still a lot to learn. Excited to play more on the streamer servers.First time playing Rust! OTV Streamer server 👀 👹 @NICKMERCS Let’s go, give us the angles we want 😳I’m back with some variety sauce this week! 👹 Rust tomorrow for the first time, 12PM Central! 👍🏼Happy Birthday to the baby bro @Ottohoops ! Follow him and wish him a happy birthday 🎂
My usual barber is away until the 11th, beard and hair getting thick. Cave man PK until then I guess. 🤔Got my brothers into Attack on Titan, my brother Omar started memorizing Levi's squad names because he was tired of… year I really will embrace the variety of games out there. Time to do more than just crank 90's everyday.Got an invite, I've never played Rust a day in my life quick tips and tricks please. Will try to stream it Sunday/Monday.I kinda want to get into the rust server is there still room? 👀I've decided I'm going to play minecraft for the first time ever sometime next week.It's 2021, how about we bring back the pump shotgun? @FortniteGame Please ❤️
2021 BEAST REWIND POGGERS year, new content, new goals, same passion. 👹 @BaboAbe Would like to participate in either one if there’s room!Will there be a Twitchcon this year though? 🤨 @manishie_ Why are you like thisFirst stream of 2021 starts at 1PM Central! Let’s start the year off with some good vibes 💜Cheat meal I will not regret. Happy New Year 🎆 🍣😳
@JackMelaschenko The daily grind is unmatched @AWolf391 I’ll give you one better. Skip to 9:45 on this video. wraps up the streams for 2020. GG 👹
@manishie_ @SupremeDreams_1 He’s already been following me why are you embarrassing me ladyAnother community tournament thanks to our sponsor @strongvpn $1,000+ Box Fight Tournament! Tune in, info in disc…
Going live in 15 minutes! Starting with some Fortnite into whatever we feel like doing. 👹 @jzpr 2,000-2,300 calories. Eating 180-210 grams of protein daily. Losing 2lbs per week after my initial big losses of water weight. @jzpr Repeat after day 4. @jzpr This is what I’m currently doing! @freytagb Best at home gym equipment you can own. Doesn’t take up a lot of space and gives you nearly every workout possible. @jzpr Thanks man! The diet as you already know is 80% of the results! I’ve already got a plan for when I start lift… to be 30 minutes late to stream, this work out is kicking my ass but I gotta finish strong 💪🏼 I’m down 27 Po…'m proud to announce @XPSports as our new energy sponsor going into the new year! You can now use code 'Sypher' fo… @NICKMERCS @drpi314159 lmaoooooooooo
LIVE for the day! 👹 Final streams of this wild yearWhat guns are people rocking in Warzone these days, might have to level up some guns.Fortnite 🤪 I’ll make time for some other games I just couldn’t think of what to play yet. Last schedule for the y…
Just Aiko living her best doggo life 🐶
Retweeted by SypherPKViruses attacking my Fortnite account 😳 a lot of great content recorded today, excited to finish the year off strong! Going to take tomorrow off from s…