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@thenorthaspoken Now I really want to know😂😂 @bluemagicboxes Uffff! I love their coffee cake(I should NOT be thinking about cake) @gpstar123 Extremely! @MildlyTun I'm getting a headache too:( @MildlyTun 🙁 @gpstar123 need to waste energy running after someone @MildlyTun Arent there apps that work as remotes? @_Sorbx Thank you🌸 Hope you are doing well @MildlyTun Everyones asleep😭The volume of the tv is very loud but the remote is too far away..kya karon @Mohtermalaila Thank you Laila❤ @SaarimMehdi Sharmanay ka time kis k paas hai aj kal? @FatimainLondon Yeah😂Fuck this shit
Retweeted by Zainab @SalehaJ Y'all need to sleep😂 @officer_bro Sleeping might be a good idea:p @MFChaudhryy This looks delicious! EnjoyHeroine sharma k aagay bhaagti hai..hero ussay chase karta hai hansta hoa..WHO TF HAS THE ENERGY TO GET UP AND RUN…! A child aged 8 years has a open heart surgery tomorrow. If anyone has A+ blood and is willing to donate bl…
Retweeted by ZainabIt's a shame that women in this country are persecuted and threatened for raising their voice against a harasser. B…
Retweeted by Zainab @mrizviii @_yazahra_ Urdu wala na? @illuminottee The office:pHigh on Adams meethi lassi🍻 @aawaaaraDOTexe Its a coffee pot @SalehaJ ❤❤I've misplaced my moka pot😕 @SsamanJay Thank you Saman❤❤ @Habbash @Islamabaddiee Thank you:) @LaMadreena Thank you❤❤ @LaMadreena @SalehaJ @_ItxLailak You too Laila❤ @_ItxLailak gets unbearable sometimes and nothing helps @FoodieSkinny Lol..biwi say tu poochain pehlay:p @_ItxLailak Not at all but it helps @loogkyakaheinge Thank youuuuuu❣ @pb6201 Thank you PB..hope you are wellHahahaha..I am sure your wife doesn't need any gharailo training @Islamabaddiee Great minds and all..haha @bawaqar Hahaha..thank youuuuu❣Chai and cake can mend a broken heart:) @chayebiskut Jee acha @ainee_2010 ❤❤❤ @Xpressopatronum Thank you😘💕 @chayebiskut un-udaas ho jain @thenorthaspoken Jee..I am doing okay🌸❤ @ZaineSays Just needed some time away..I am okay. How are you? @douxxfemme_ Not at all..Rs 300 was enough.Ghalat negotiate kar diya mein nay @shaxiajaz IA❤ @Shanyousaf6 Yes I am..hope you are doing good @TheKharateyKid I am doing alright❤❤ hope you are well @MFChaudhryy Thank you Mona❤ @PenduProfessor @CforChatha @TariqIzhar @sherepu30662018 @art1ista @LaMadreena @AzamJamil53 @BabarJalandhari You are very sweet! @ContagiousVibez @langahwhotweets How are you guys? @ContagiousVibez @langahwhotweets Lol @ bibi sainr @chayebiskut are you?? @douxxfemme_ Hahaha..come to think of it I shouldn't have paid my son waisay @Hexatiouz hai @Syyeda14 is back 😭❤
Retweeted by Zainab @SaarimMehdi Hahaha..sure @SaarimMehdi Bass done! @SaarimMehdi Yeh sahoolay sirf multan mein muyasir hai:p @myalternateego_ It takes only 15 minutes to make!!!!!!!Just negotiated with my daughter to make banana bread for Rs 200. Abb koi na kahay k yeh kam hai..samajh aai! @Bilawallllll Rs 500 is alot of money!! Bohat kuch milta hai @Red_Hussaini Ofcourse entire job!! Jee I am doing alright..hope you are well @AngryRedd Is twitter our home? Thats a cause for concern @DineshPahwa8 Hahaha..not just that..needed some time off of SM @Volvogradian Yeah! Waqai @Volvogradian Shabash! @enn_safe Ap bhi🌸 @Bilawallllll Rs 500 is alot!! It was half a days work @AngryRedd @myalternateego_ Hahahaha..not at allll @myalternateego_ Woh mera sar kha gaya warna I wanted to pay him Rs300..hehe @ChaiNotCoffee Jee,I am doing alot better❤ @enn_safe Jee,the break was much needed..I am doing alright @MildlyTun Yes we are:) @Ambarseriya Next time! @Volvogradian I'm talking about my own kids @myalternateego_ Hawww..pata hai kitnay hotay hain panch so rupayYour own kids* @Rant__Man Hahaha..yes, Make your kids do chores! Zarori hai @M_Kazmi110 you❤I started polishing the doors of my house a week ago.I've managed to polish three doors so far(don't judge..I'm laz… @SanoberZ is💕 @Rant__Man 🌸🌸 @nm1968 🌸🌸 @mrithejester Thank you Paul❤ @mziauddin25 🌸🌸🌸 @Ambarseriya ❣❣❣ @abhi_leo1 @AdamCravedApple 😘😘 @MildlyTun Everything is okay:) @Lady_Says11 Just needed some time off @myalternateego_ Good! I'm fine too😊 @SassiLannister ❤❤❤ @Bilawallllll ❣❣ @pyar_se_dekh 😘 @myalternateego_ How are you?