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@WedidOfficial Wym you played with @AYRINval @Yazzyxz @CylleneTv @AYRINval @PureRedfish @zekkenVAL We got the squad aim training 💯 @T1BcJ @CylleneTv @AYRINval @PureRedfish @zekkenVAL @PureRedfish died first but already paid for another life 😵Team Building with @SyykoNT @AYRINval @PureRedfish and @zekkenVAL. 🙃
Retweeted by XSET Syykoᴺᵀ @Upmind_ @CylleneTv Hair tied back gang 💯
@dephhgg @Cloud9 @YaBoiDre @TiGG_TV @Cloud9 Nice man, congrats! Love to see it. @dephhgg They can't make $ in Valorant off gambling addiction in children like they can in CS:GO. @RsN_cs @tawaAlx Absolute fire 🔥 @Meerko_ With good reason.
@mfmereu @RealStrongLegs Yeah lets do it! I'll set one up and invite you. @RealStrongLegs I just downloaded it today, going to start after practice. I want to be a healer but no idea beyond that. @frostyZK @zekkenVAL @valyngod @DerrekOW XSET contract says “no pugging tournies with fortnite players.”
@XSET @PercyyRL Hype! Welcome to the family. ❌ @FionnOnFire @msu_1965 @mfmereu @T1BcJ @XSET @AYRINval @PureRedfish @dephhgg @zekkenVAL Marco, Dephh and I are all… @RsN_cs @msu_1965 @mfmereu @T1BcJ @XSET @AYRINval @PureRedfish @dephhgg @zekkenVAL Fee fi fo fum. I smell a CS player. 🌱“If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” #VCT #xset2berlin #reptheset
Retweeted by XSET Syykoᴺᵀ @RealStrongLegs Golf @WedidOfficial @msu_1965 @mfmereu @T1BcJ @XSET @AYRINval @PureRedfish @dephhgg @zekkenVAL We stay hittin the links 💯Had a great few days meeting the xset valorant team, coach, and COO. Thanks for everything. @mfmereu @T1BcJ @XSET
Retweeted by XSET Syykoᴺᵀ
@GhostLifestyle Grape Ghost Gamer (Forreal when are you dropping this?!) @AYRINval Noti
@MikesHD_ But he’s oVeRpOwErEd!?! @followdusT Penalty shots.
@itsbririvers @ddkesports @Vansilli I'm honored. In Spain in spirit! 🇪🇸 @itsbririvers @ddkesports @Vansilli Currently #1 on the list of tables I’d like to be sitting at right now. @T1BcJ He means 9:30 CST 😂 @XSET @nosyy_tv
@Forcify_ It's hard to say, several of these groups are very competitive. But with everyone playing at their best,… @JessScharnagle With all the upsets last stage, anything could happen 🤯 @figmentOT First try every time. I have to admit it feels great (and relieving 😅) Also - Is that a leak? Spot Up revival 2k21? @notcryptix 4 Challenger 2 spots and the top teams competing for each one. (Sorry if I didn't include your team - Going of… @supamen @G2BixLe @AYRINval @PureRedfish True 💯. We need to get some games in ASAP, Haven’t played yet this split. @WedidOfficial Palm @Gucc107 @TheRealTriscuit
@Upmind_ @esports Joe Esports, heir to the vast Esports fortune. @rev0hh Dont forget to put on the cool spacebar keycap 💯 @_PLAYERR1 Good luck p1! @joellenagy Ill buy a set 👀
@supamen Thanks man, he killed it for sure 🔥 @WhoaApples @DoorDash E for Effort.New banner who dis? @ItsZzxq Congrats man! Best of luck in your new role. @sSef_tv 💰live on shooting heads on apex arena mode
Retweeted by XSET Syykoᴺᵀ @currydtx Been losing that battle for many years. @XSET @dephhgg @T1BcJ @PureRedfish @AYRINval @dephhgg had to #RepTheQueen
From everyone here at XSET, we want to thank you all for the amazing support through our first year. 🥰 Here's to m…
Retweeted by XSET Syykoᴺᵀ @supamen Happy birthday LEGEND @SpringLane_ You know someone from North Dakota? @Skoal_GG Looks peaceful.
@AYRINval Why is this vote so close... 😕 @XSET @RamBeauFPS XSET KidRock? @nateschanker @XSET Niiiiice spray control @AYRINval !! @cle_fairy 👀👀
@zekkenVAL XSET Santa came early this year. 🔥 @supamen Yessir! Deserved Big Phat! @RussDaddy @Yata_tv @AngelWalksCA This @DnorValorant @DarkZeroGG W
@theKingFPS_ @zekkenVAL Bro why leak SMH @caseyfosterTV @ZoroSeerus From what I'm seeing through google these LDATs aren't for sale to the general public ye… @witnessqq @ZoroSeerus GPro Wireless has been my go-to for a long while. NP-01 is slightly shorter, but a bit wider… @caseyfosterTV @ZoroSeerus G305 Internals. Unsure of delay, can you DM me how to test it? @witnessqq @ZoroSeerus The Zygen mice aren't pretty but they feel nice. 🤤 I have extra large hands so my options a… @figmentOT @ZoroSeerus Yeah I think its a g305 wheel, it feels much more crisp.Just received this custom Zygen NP-01 Wireless. Really excellent work from @ZoroSeerus. He can turn just about any… @dephhgg @ebifried1 @AYRINval @ChoboMe @zekkenVAL @Bankroft @zekkenVAL @Bankroft @ChoboMe Okay cool but have you ever played @Bankroft and @ChoboMe in Rarity Found finals bo5…
@Sk1mmy @zekkenVAL @PureRedfish @T1BcJ @AYRINval @dephhgg @XSET 🔥🔥 @zekkenVAL We like these. @Frozone @Jacob_MvPR Nice. @902Creed
@Envy_Graham Save your flight miles for Berlin.
Retweeted by XSET Syykoᴺᵀ @currydtx @zekkenVAL If @currydtx was here cheerleading it would have been an easy W1-3 vs Sentinels. @XSET take 2nd in Challenger 1 -> 2nd Seed going into Challenger Finals. Very close games today… to @Sentinels, take 2nd im so fucking happy dude i can play against the best and actually be confident its insa…
Retweeted by XSET Syykoᴺᵀ @zekkenVAL Come 2 TexasChampionship Sunday. 😈🔥 XSET Valorant vs. @Sentinels, Winner takes all at 3pm EST. 🏆🥇 #RepTheSet❌ #VCT 🔴…
Retweeted by XSET SyykoᴺᵀThe secret weapon from the north... @AYRINval 🇨🇦 #RepTheSet❌ #VCT
Retweeted by XSET Syykoᴺᵀ @XSET @AYRINval That's that BOY @AYRINval @Vansilli Gonna be a banger. @piethrouer Sometimes it really do be like that. @SicK_cs
@XSET @PureRedfish @T1BcJ @AYRINval @dephhgg @zekkenVAL @SLU_ARES @100Thieves @XSET @dephhgg @T1BcJ @AYRINval @PureRedfish @zekkenVAL Definitely. Soon(TM). @erinasimon @XSET #RepTheSet2-1 @100Thieves. Here's the winning moment from the @XSET Team House. Another strong statement for the new squad.… @AdrianColbert27 Vouch100 Thieves, we'll see ya fudging later. 🤝 Grand Finals bound. ⚔ #RepTheSet❌ #VCT
Retweeted by XSET Syykoᴺᵀ @Jerome_Coupez Jedi Academy was an amazing game. Haven’t seen a multiplayer lightsaber/sword fight game come even c… @ItzBoltzy @Dronecsgo @T1BcJ Definitely do not want them on Mono. 😬 @Dronecsgo Check if your settings are on Mono. Sounds crazy but I’ve seen it happen recently (definitely not @T1BcJ 👀) @SLU_ARES Feeding them @GhostLifestyle @GhostGamer @LouVLRT_ Thanks lou love you 2 man @SullyCasts In that case… thank you!! 🙏