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LMAO HUUUUH !? Y’all really showing the entire fuck out .. I love it and love you .. FOREEVERRRR 🗣🤝🥺💗
I can’t even spell nowhuurrrreeeeSorry this took me so long to realize my power was out all day and I live in the middle of now where meaning I had… to me .. I’m so fucking speechless I JUST WANNA SAY THANK YOU FOR TAKING US TO THE TOP FUCKING TEN I DONT UN… @TallAssMari I can’t even find a therapist . @Mupamombe3 @sullensparrow @luckymnelson @Forever21 Kinda weird ur judging a hard working kid for doing well in lif… can literally do anything . So can u . How tight is that 🥺 @luckymnelson @Forever21 She’s already worked there for 6 months lmao moved up to manager on her own allat . I jus wanna see my baby 🥺 @DonSouthSnow @Forever21 Lmaoo she’s literally a small town Texas working college student that produces ,writes and…
Lmao dis family buttt @Forever21 my niece is a manager at your store 2153 🥺 she said it’s the best job she ever had and is i… anybody deserved 100yrs of life it’s Betty White super happy to still have her 🥺Lizzo really jus played me the best song I ever heard in my life I’m crying lmao like really
I used to be into ppl who talked to me bad and treated me funky .. weird shit I’m glad that’s over 🥴
@deloreanyousef IM APPLAUDING YALL, MYSELF, AND THE REACH OF THIS SONG WHILE EXPRESSING GRATITUDE to whoever picke… FOUND OUT WE MADE IT TO THE INAUGURATION PLAYLIST 😭 WE DID IT JOE ✨🙏🏾🙏🏾 Thank you for this honor ✨ #GOODDAYS’all know I’m a scorpio why would ask me !?? NO LMAO 🗣🗣I’m tryna be a better person dated a Gemini “I haven’t blocked you since the last time I blocked you” 🥺 chihuahua riding on number 2’s duh older sisters a sag And really tore my ass up 😩 it’s been a hard time w chall lmao was the most aires tweet ever . U see ?? Lmao y’all like MEEE??? Lmao my BEST friend from home is a virgo .. she had 4 jobs by junior year def taught me how to hustle really !????? She’s so fucking pretty lmao I’m stressed jus thinking about it 😭🤦🏾‍♀️ usually vibe really hard w taurus women , women w Pisces placements , annndd Capricorn placements. Me n Aries is… I really was tho 😭 she changed my whole perspective I was like wait a damn minute 🧐 Uchis might be the first cancer woman outside of my mother to treat me w the utmost nurturing kindness 🥺... I love cancers ? Lol 💗👑✨
Played n dipped way to kill the mood .😔
Nah I jus be posting what I’m working on in the moment like a dummy and I get myself in trouble lol yes ? Specially from a snippet I had to change my entire trajectory to give it to y’all faster 😭 if someone posts videos of you that you’ve never seen w out ur permission .. u coo or u trippin I’m tryn see sumn 🧐Lol correct ballpark .. lol not the right base you have lmao I jus be throwing shit together in new order 😌 haven’t been clothes shopping in a year . Like not even a shoe ... I just realized that when I tried to do a home… fact that these are my actual friends 😭 poor Gina chile . Somebody tried to correct me the other day too lmao… 🥴
RULES: for best quality DOWNLOAD ALL VIDEOS TO YOUR COMPUTER TRY NOT TO TEXT THEM . Upload files to Dropbox or anot… @milliebandz Lmao it’s PART of the video .. jus part ❤️🤞🏾IN CASE YALL AINT WANNA READ LOL : all art by @fahmeedx 😌🤝 MUSIC VIDEO TIME !! SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO 🙏🏾 I CANT WAIT TO SEEEEEE 🥺
@_theeunicorn_ The acoustic is the remix love lolIon have any 😔it’s what I want lol Alfredo n quality time
People love to categorize trump supporters as rednecks with no education. That narrative lets people like this guy…
Retweeted by SZAIonno how but CTRL gained 20 million streams since January just on Spotify 😭 YALL MAKE ME NOT REGRET TATTING THIS A…
I was just identifying factors babe I ain’t say I had it 😭 @hopefullyahuman Lmao we jus happy to have u back on track loveConfidence and faith r not the same . Faith is like “ion see it but if God say so 🤷🏾‍♀️” confidence is like “bitch… have it but I hope he see dis lol 🤝🌻 TOLD YALL 🗣🗣🗣 nothing but cap a mean girl reallyyyy isn’t cute and i wish people would stop trying to normalize it. nobody wants to be arou…
Retweeted by SZAHonestly this gave me the energy I needed to put a bow on the album .. so thank you 🤞🏾🤝❤️ @BlGJ0INT Lmao our pure sales are GUUCCIIIIII we at like a quarter milli dont triiippp ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤞🏾✨🙏🏾I JUS WANNA THANK YALL FOR FUCKING W A RECORD SO HARD ITS BATTLING POP .. this means more than you THINK ANYTHING I… EXACTLY WHERE IM HEADED ACTUALLY 🤫 part of faith in urself ... lol’m shooting good days MV but I need y’alls help!!! I’ll explain later 🤝😉YES PLEAAASEE !! get some faith in YOURSELF at least babe lol😩😩😩 almond butter sweetheart baby bob . W dark secrets lmao TALKING TO PPL WHO LACK FAITH !! 🗣🗣🗣 they poison your energy . Insulate yourself . @cucvmbers I literally had to come see this tweet for myself I thought it was a fake screenshot 😭🤦🏾‍♀️ u deserve co… 😭🙂
@Mifuni21 It’s literally blue hair 😂 like brother please2016: Maybe it won't be that bad 2021: the Axe Body Spray Corporation stands firmly against the attempted overthrow of the US government
Retweeted by SZALol these the wigs Shannon helped me w the other day😭 since y’all asked 🌻
AHH DAT MEE !! THANK YOU SO MUCH @Spotify 🙏🏾🥺’s the stress free for me . jus said “pussy A5 wagyu” .. I’m going back to bed .This is the BEST TIME FOR CULTURE RN IDC WHAT ANYBODY SAYS 😭 DAYS FILTER AVAILABLE ON THE GRAM NOW IF YA WANNA 🗣! ☺️🤝🌻 it’s comforting to know u don’t have to be confident to be successful.. sometimes God is tryna SHOW u som… bloodstain is def more on brand 2021 🧐🤝 heard y’all named the tik Tok song “shirt”lol . I’m fine w thatSign this man .
they found a literal BOMB in the capitol and they're still calling them protestors...
Retweeted by SZALife’s hard and good service is rare!! Jus wanna s/o Shannon at the wig shop on Wilshire for taking time to look an… let them in. They calmly let them in.
Retweeted by SZA @btsvineyard @bornsinner_ant 😭 @sza emphasis on the almost
Retweeted by SZAI almost feel bad . Generations of enabling, delusion and entitlement have created true MENTAL ILLNESS .. to even t… are the prettiest weapons I ever saw lmao ❤️ @jahsboringlife Ahh see I never had credit cards ! All of my debt is as from school and medical (I was sick a lot a… @jahsboringlife Any way I can help u mama let me know my moms right here and she can answer all the questions 🤝🙏🏾🤎 @jahsboringlife I actually paid my college stuff off while working a job n bartending + deferring /asking for consi… WAS JUST TOLD GOOD DAYS GOES TO RADIO NEXT WEEK 🥺🤝🤎 I don’t even know but my mom said good job so I’m running w it 😤🤝🥴 a multi college drop out and a several time Macy’s card holder has finally gotten her credit up to 725 . Das all…
If y’all had a hotline to call and cry w me . Would u use it ?YES ABSOLUTELY YES . Fast . shutting the fuck up n minding my business Lol think I need therapy .. real shit . Lol I Canceled it a month ago cause I thought it was overkill and nobody wanted it 🥴 I was wrong . I’m shooting it A… @CantSeeMe_Cry Beloved !!! CHANGE COMES FROM DISRUPTION . Knock it off and get into universal truth . Not the fals… a reminder that This is a wonderful day to MIND YOUR BUSINESS AND STAY SAFE 🌻 no matter where u are in the world 🗣 @CantSeeMe_Cry Lmao bro why are you yelling at me .ANYWAYS HOW YALL FEEL ABOUT GOOD DAYS ON VINYL !?? 🧐🤒🤎😒Lmao I’m sorry this is funny 😭